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The following drafts, ideas, post, and writings our mine. Please do not copy without permission. But, for the most part; they are my old role plays and I'm reworking them here.

[center [h3 Cobalt:]]

A small town

[center [h3 Damsel In Distress:]]

Chronicles: The Sequel & The Prophecy.

[center [b The Unrequited Task:]]

[center [pic]]

Our story begins at your local pub.

Looking upon the old wooden broad pegged with nails and pappers; you find a quest searching for a party. Asking and seeking from like minded individuals alike to escort, protect, fight, aid, and travel along the side of the employer with a hue-mongst offer in earnings. Due to the starting grant, you take up the task without considering the specifics or consequences in the moment.

[right [i Signing your name away onto a sheet of paper...]]

[center [pic]]
[center [pic]]

[right [pic]]
Whatever the reason of which and why you have proceed to follow through; you find yourself walking [i astray] to the nearest town. A place told of which you were to meet [i a knightley figure]. But, perhaps- not as gallant as you once thought in your head. Drunk and slumped over a stump in the woodworks was a man in armor from head to toe.

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