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You were never supposed to get past the wall.

No one was.

And yet, you have, and find yourself hiding in the land of fae. If a guard finds you, you will die. Sadly, one does. But he’s not a guard, and you’re definitely not dead. Instead, you’re whisked away to the dusk castle by the lord of it himself.

Why have you come? Why can’t you leave? Will you fall in love with the Fae lord of dusk?

That is your own story to tell.


[b lord of dusk]

Name: Orpheus Vesper
Title: Fae lord of the dusk region
Age: looks around 26. Real age is unknown, even by him
Gender: male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 6’7
Build: slightly muscular
Hair: His hair is a sort of dark red mixed with black
Eyes: dark blue like the night sky
Skin: tan, with elegant swirls of red, orange, and blue tattoos on him.

[b your oc]

Species: human
Any family:
Any important info:


[b Rules]

Do not join if you haven't read at least the first book.

Please write more than 4 lines. This is a really good book series with lots of detail. You should be able to do this.

Use proper grammar. Please. No ** when role playing. I prefer 3rd person, but 1st is fine if you’re good at writing in it.

Try to post at least once a week. If you don’t, I’ll message you, and if you still don’t answer, I’ll delete the roleplay.

I will throw in extra characters just for the sake of plot. I will make them according to your characters gender and description.

This can be MxM or MxF. Please, no crazy genders. It’s not even accurate to the book. The craziest you can do is trap or reverse trap, specifically for the purpose of hiding your gender for some important reason you can make up. If you do MxM, there may be more length with their relationship.


PM me your OC form if interested. Yes, human is purposely filled out. Remember that your human will be normal like us current Homo sapiens. Keep it accurate to the books.

Name: Isabel (Izzy) Reid
Species: human
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 4' 1"
Build: She's kinda curvy considering her short stature but shes not like ripped or anything.
Hair: Dark brown messy curls
Eyes: Vivid Green
Skin: Kinda golden, shes white but she spends a lot of time in the sun.
Any family: Yeah no they're all dead
Any important info: She despises the Fae simply because what they did to her. She was taken across the wall as a slave and still has the branding, but managed to escape and was now on the run in Fae territory.


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She snarled at him, "you goddamned kind brought me here. I would much rather be back on my side of the wall."
  Jamie L. Perez / tic-tak-ia / 3d 23h 25m 55s
Hmm.... she wasn’t scared. Curiosity filled Orpheus, and he tilted his head, furrowing his brows. “You’re an odd one..... why are you not on the other side of the wall? If a sentry found you, you’d be dead~” it was true. It was against the law for a human to be in their realm. She was lucky it was him who found her. Who knows what would have happened if someone else had found her.
  Hazelnut / 4d 3h 54m 42s
She looked up at him, her only thought, 'If i die now at least Im surrounded by nature and not the hell hole I made it out of.'

She looked up laughing softly, "A high lord, come to save me" she said it in a sarcastic way, she knew what he was, and didn't care. She rolled her eyes continuing with her hair, "What can I do for you?".
  Jamie L. Perez / tic-tak-ia / 4d 4h 52m 45s
A human? Odd. Orpheus hadn’t seen a human in fae realm for a very long time. He once led a coup against human slavery, however, secretly releasing many of them. No one knew though. A lord couldn’t interfere in things like that.

Jumping from the tree, he landed in front of the human girl, smirking. “Well well well. What do we have here?~” he purred, crossing his arms. He kept up his high level appearance, power radiating from him. He was clearly high fae. Anyone would know.
  Hazelnut / 4d 4h 59m 20s
Izzy had gotten pretty far, she knew that she had escaped for good but she still didn't know where she was, and it wasn't like she could just ask someone. She walked through the woods listening as much as she could, but all she could hear was the wind blowing the trees and the various animals. She heard a soft rustling in the trees but dismissed it as yet another animal, she sat in the leaves, leaning her back against a tree trunk. She brushed a hand through her knotted curls picking at leaves and small sticks that had gotten stuck in her hair from one of her many tumbles.
  Jamie L. Perez / tic-tak-ia / 4d 5h 7m 15s
Orpheus trotted through his land, a finger fiddling with the silky hair of his golden horse. He was bored, having been lucky to get out of his kingdom and away from his duties as Dusk Lord. His dark blue eyes peered around at the forest he was walking in, not really enjoying the ocean on the other side of the land. Water wasn’t his thing. He preferred the gentle nature of the forest.

His horse suddenly stopped, ears twitching, and Orpheus instantly went on alert. “Uuna, what is it?” He asked lowly, narrowing his eyes. She knickered quietly and he jumped off of her, climbing into a tree. She had heard something, and Orpheus wanted to know what it was.
  Hazelnut / 4d 23h 55m 47s

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