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“Sex first. Then maybe living together. Or marriage. Just.. sex first.”

Ukai sighed, shuddering a little. “Fine,” he whispered.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 5d 1h 56m 57s
Daichi blinked, then laughed. “Of course,” he promised. “Which order, and when?”

Takeda giggled. “Why not? It’s cold; not many people are gonna be put right now~” He rubbed his heel harder.
  Kitten- / 5d 1h 59m 32s
( good

Sugawara nodded, looking up at him. “I want to have sex with you,” he blurted. “I want to live together, too. And I want to get married. N-not all now.. just.. sometime..

“I’m not gonna have sex in a public bathroom.”
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 5d 2h 1m 58s
((IK IK I was kidding anyway

Daichi sighed. “I know. I’m sorry. There’s really nothing I can do, other than be here for you. Which I am. But let me help you, mkay? Let me be here for you. Let me give you all the experiences you want before…”

((Thought So

Takeda grinned. “There’s a pavilion with bathrooms.”
  Kitten- / 5d 2h 3m 35s
( no it wouldn’t
( maybe in a one day rp yeah
( nor this one

Sugawara tightens his grip on his shirt. “I don’t want to live my life worrying if it’s gonna pop in and out.”

( no

Ukai groaned. “We’re in a park.”
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 5d 2h 6m 0s
((It’d be funny tho

“Uh-Huh. And maybe it’ll go away again?”

((Have they actually had sex yet or no?

Takeda rubbed his heel into Ukai’s crotch, smirking.
  Kitten- / 5d 2h 8m 0s
( no

Sugawara took in a shaky breath, nodding.

Ukai laughed, walking towards the swings
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 5d 2h 10m 34s
“Hey!” Daichi gripped Suga’s shoulders. “You don’t know. You might be able to live just as long as any of us.”

((What if Daichi gets into an accident and dies before Suga

Takeda hopped on his back, beaming.
  Kitten- / 5d 2h 13m 5s
Sugawara nodded, grabbing at Daichi’s clothes. “I had so many plans and now I won’t be able to do any of them.”

Ukai nodded, leaning down a little.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 5d 2h 17m 53s
Daichi let out a relieved breath. “Okay. You can talk. That’s good. And yeah, you’re dying. But we all are, right? And you lasted longer than that other guy already.”

Takeda grinned. “Piggyback ride over there?”
  Kitten- / 5d 2h 20m 26s
Sugawara forced himself from his thoughts. “I’m still dying.”

Ukai laughed. “Okay.”
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 5d 2h 22m 1s
((Sorry LoL forgot

Daichi tapped Suga’s nose. “Koushi. Baby. Say something, Kay?”

Takeda grinned. “Push me on the swings?”
  Kitten- / 5d 2h 48m 44s
( ah, you forgot uketake?

Sugawara felt betrayed. Was he ever going to be able to live with Daichi? Have heir own schedules, love each other. He was never going to get married?
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 5d 2h 50m 14s
Daichi immediately looked Suga in the eye. “Baby. Su. Talk to me. Say something.”
  Kitten- / 5d 2h 51m 57s
The doctor bowed to him, exiting the room quickly. Sugawara could feel his breathing quicken, panic setting in. He had let himself start dreaming towards the future and now all the dreams he had finally let himself create weren’t possible?!

Ukai grinned. “Anything for you.”
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 5d 2h 53m 31s

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