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Sugawara nodded, kissing his cheek. “Okay.”

A dad and his child walked out, oblivious to the two men. Ukai groaned. “Stop. The bathroom is open.”
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 8d 15h 58m 30s
Daichi smiled. “Sure. We can do whatever you want, yeah?”

Takeda didn’t pay attention, continuing with his actions.
  Kitten- / 8d 16h 24s
( bwahaha

Sugawara sighed. “I wanna go to your house. Are your parents home? Actually, I don’t really care if they are. We should just relax.”

Ukai groaned. Then finally, like music to his ears, the door next to him opened.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 8d 16h 2m 32s
Daichi laughed. “Good for you.”

Takeda laughed softly. “Ah, but I’m not in it, am I?” His heels dug deeper.

((I stg ukai may not last until the bathroom is free
  Kitten- / 8d 16h 5m 16s
Sugawara nodded. “I’ll break his reproducing system. He won’t be getting anyone after that.”

“I’d like to see you in this position, old man,” he grunbled.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 8d 16h 7m 46s
Daichi smirked. “Perfect. I swear I’m gonna break his arm.”

“Nope!” Takeda kissed the back of Ukai’s neck. “Just wait, mm? Don’t be afraid to let out your sweet noises, Ukai-kun~”
  Kitten- / 8d 16h 9m 22s
( yeah lol

“At a training camp maybe. We have one in a few weeks.”

“Can we go to the girls bathroom then?!”
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 8d 16h 11m 46s
((K thx :3
I knew kun but not rly san
Ukai is younger than Takeda lol

Daichi laughed. “Exactly. When can we get him, though?”

Takeda reached around, tugging Ukai’s lip from between his teeth. “Nuh-uh. No biting, hm?”
  Kitten- / 8d 16h 13m 23s
( lesson time!
( okay so we’re gonna use Kageyama and Hinata as an example
( Kageyama is Kageyama-Kun to everyone. Hinata-Kun is too. Except Kageyama. Since Kageyama is younger than Hinata he has to refer to him as Hinata-San
They’re honorifics. San means someone is older than you and Kun means they’re younger.

He nodded. “He deserves it so if he reports us we can report him back.”

Ukai ignores him best he could, biting down on his lip hard.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 8d 16h 15m 34s
Daichi grinned. “Maybe put his serving around out of order?” he suggested.

((I’m gonna be honest: not rly lol

Takeda pulled harder, biting down harshly. “I doubt it. Come on, let it out,” he urged.
  Kitten- / 8d 16h 19m 25s
Sugawara chuckled. “We can all punch Oikawa-San though.”

“Long enough,” he grunted.

( do u know he difference between San and kun
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 8d 16h 21m 5s
Daichi looked down sheepishly. “Yeah. I guess. Sorry.”

Takeda raised an eyebrow, hand tugging lightly at Ukai’s hair. “For how long, though?” he purred, nipping at Ukai’s ear.
  Kitten- / 8d 18h 9m 42s
( <3

Sugawara snickered lightly, patting his arm gently. “Now now. We’ll let Asahi-San be the one to punch them, eh?”

Ukai shuddered. “I can hold out.”
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 9d 4h 4m 21s

Daichi shrugged, still angry. “No one touches one of my baby crows and gets away with it,” he growled.

Takeda grinned. “So? Let them hear your beautiful, lewd noises. Let them get off on it, hmm?”
  Kitten- / 9d 4h 15m 28s
( awww come on ;;
( hmph
( I’ll see you tomorrow then, love

Sugawara nodded. “I think Asahi was planning too. I wonder if we’ve met him...”

“There’s someone in the bathroom,” he grunted, fingers twitching at his sides.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 9d 4h 55m 20s

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