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Nishinoya and Yamaguchi hugged their partners tightly, Nishinoya tighter than Yamaguchi. Nishinoya was upset but mostly he wondered how Asahi was taking it, since Sugawara was one of his best friends.

Several minutes passed before the doctors left the room, Sugawara on a stretcher. He was still alive, but barely. The doctors still didn’t glance at Daichi quickly heading down the stairs. This time they weren’t going to let Daichi in the ambulance with them.
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The three taller boys did their best to comfort their partners, kissing their heads or playing idly with their hair or whispering gently to them. Kageyama did all three, feeling that Hinata needed extra comfort since he was recovering from his own injury.

Daichi turned pale and stumbled out of the room, trying not to throw up himself. He sat in the hallway, head between his knees as he tried to sort himself out.

((Okay I am literally on the verge of crying right now but I have no idea why
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Nishinoya felt drained, pressing his head against Asahi’s stomach. Hinata felt tears form and Yamaguchi didn’t even try to hide his shock or tears, though he did the same as Nishinoya and pressed close to Tsukishima.

They shoved something down his throat, pumping some strange thing into it then pulled the tube out. Several minutes passed and the doctors talked quietly to themselves. They started to move to do something else when Suga jerked to the side, mouthfuls and mouthfuls of vomit pouring out of his mouth.
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Takeda cried silently into Ukai’s shoulder. Kageyama, Asahi, and even Tsukishima held their partners close, no one speaking at all.

Suga, the happy beacon of light, had just tried to kill himself.

Nobody felt like talking.

Daichi stumbled back, catching himself on Suga’s desk. He watched the people around his sick, dyin boyfriend and tried not to cry.


Why Suga?
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Ukai couldn’t bring himself to say anything for once, pulling Takeda close to himself. He didn’t know what to say. There was nothing he could say.

Minutes passed by slowly. Sirens could be heard in the distance and just as Sugawara’s breath was stopping, people burst into the room. They didn’t seem to glance at Daichi, carefully pushing him away so they could get to Sugawara.
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Takeda looked up at Ukai, eyes tearing up. “I-is he gonna be okay?” he whispered, hand shaking as he tried to tuck his phone back in his pocket.

Daichi raced forward, pulling the boy into his arms and checking his pulse, heart rate, and breathing.

All were slow. Scarily slow. But there.
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All of their eyes widened. All of them were thinking the same thing. [i Why Suga? He was so happy. What happened?]

His breathing was still ragged but it was slowing down, as was his heartbeat. Even if Suga had wanted to there was no way he was going to wake up, dead to the world.
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Takeda was on the phone, panicking. “Yes, an ambulance. One of my students overdosed on pills. What kind? I don’t know. He’s at home right now.”

Asahi’s phone beeped, and his eyes widened as he read the text. He ran over and showed the screen to Takeda.

“—And he just passed out, apparently,” Takeda added urgently. “Yes, I have his address. Please, hurry.” He gave them the address of Suga’s house and stood there, shaking. “Oh god. Suga. Oh, god…”

Daichi threw open the door to Suga’s house; it was unlocked, thankfully. “Suga!” He phone was in his pocket; he’d ended the call when Suga’s stopped talking. He raced up the stairs to Suga’s room and found him lying unconscious on the bed. “Koushi!”
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Hinata followed him with wobbly legs. Nishinoya and Yamaguchi were all there, staring up at Takeda. Ukai walked over, grabbing Takedas arm and dragging him away from the team.

“I can’t,” he sobbed. “I can’t get up. I’m so tired. Why am I tired already? I didn’t take them that long ago. I’m sorry Daichi. I’m so sorry. I love you. I love you so much.” His eyes drifted closed again and this time they didn’t open. His breath was coming in uneven rasps.

( his time perception is off, by the way. In what he thought has been 5 minutes, was actually more like 15. Didn’t feel like mentioning it, but he stared at the mirror for about 10 minutes and it took about that long for him to take them all, so the pills have already started to wreck havoc
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Kageyama nodded, setting Hinata quickly down and running over to the team. “What’s going on? Where’d Daichi-San go?”

Daichi panted. He was halfway there. “Su. Don’t sleep. Keep your eyes open. Drink water, okay? Drink water.”

((Those aren't my tears they’re yours
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He shook his head, gritting his teeth. His concentration was killed as Daichi shouted and his head turned in time to see the captain run out. He glanced back at Kageyama. “I think we should go see what happened..”

His breath was starting to slow, causing it to catch in his throat and making him cough. “Why can’t I sleep? I’m tired.” Before he could stop himself he was crying. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Daichi. I didn’t mean to. I’m so sorry..”

( I’m not sad you are
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“Do you want me to set you down now?” Kageyama asked. “You’re pretty high up…”

“No!” Daichi nearly shouted. “Don’t go to sleep. Stay awake, okay? Stay awake for me.” He glanced at Takeda. “Call an ambulance. Suga overdosed on pills. Send it to his house. I’m gonna run over.” He scrabbles to the door as Takeda whipped out his phone, not bothering to change shooed as he sprinted away, phone against his ear. “Koushi?!”
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He nodded, trying to force his heart to stop pounding and his breathing to calm.

“Pills. I don’t know. I’m tired.” All thoughts of what he had done left his head, filling with the need to sleep. “I’m really tired,” he murmured. He also felt sick but he didn’t really notice it, eyes drifting shut. “I love you, Daichi.”
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Kageyama hesitated, but lifted the boy higher, until his arms were level with his shoulders. “Is this as far as you want to go?”

Daichi’s eyes went wide. “Su? Only a couple what? Are you actually dying?!” He scrambled up and over to Takeda.
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“I’m fine. I’m trying to get used to this. Are you going to lift me higher or not?”

His vision was dark for a moment then came back. “I wanted to hear your voice,” he breathed. “I didn’t.. I didn’t mean to.. I was just.. I was just going to take a couple. I was coughing and my throat hurt and now I’m dying.” He felt another sob rise in his throat but he pushed it down. He was suddenly tired. His limbs felt like lead and he wanted to close his eyes. He couldn’t, wouldnt. He needed to talk to Daichi.
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