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Daichi slips behind him and squeezes his ass lightly.

Takeda rolled his eyes and turned the corner, out of breath when he reached his house. He fumbled with the door and stumbled inside, too exhausted to do anything but strip and flop on the bed, glasses on the desk.

Tsukishima grinned. “Good.”
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Sugawara moves towards the counter, ordering.

“Might as well make yourself ready for me while you’re at it!” He called after Takeda.

Yamaguchi pulled away. “I didn’t want to. I already hurt from round one,” he complained, though Reaves his head up to kiss Tsukishima’s cheek.
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Daichi grinned. “Okay. Go ahead and order.” He gestured towards the counter.

Takeda stuck his tongue out. “Fine. I’ll go jerk off in the shower.” He took off running, heading for home.

Tsukishima raised an eyebrow. “We’re not going for round two right now.”
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Sugawara nodded, smiling brightly.

Ukai laughed. “What’s the fun in that?”

Yamaguchi let out a soft whine.
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Daichi kissed Suga’s forehead. “I’ll pay, Kay?”

Takeda wrinkled his nose. “Stop teasing and let’s just get home!” His pants were getting uncomfortable.

Tsukishima smirked. “Adorable,” he chuckled.
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Sugawara haut chuckled in response, pulling him inside.

Ukai leaned down, kissing his forehead.

Yamaguchi buries his head in Tsukishimas chest.
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“Because it’s good!”

Takeda glared up at him.

Tsukishima laughed. “Fine.”
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“You get it all the time.”

Ukai grinned down at him.

“Stop,” he mumbled weakly. “You’re gonna make my face explode..”
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Daichi grinned. “What? Salmon is good!”

Takeda gritted his teeth. “Fine.”

Tsukishima fixes his intent gaze on Yamaguchi. “Dashi. Listen. In my eyes, at the very least, you’re worth more than anything. You’re more beautiful than the starry sky. More sexy than any sex star.”
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( oh gosh

He rolled his eyes. “Okay.”

Ukai smirked. “I’m going as fast as I can.”

Yamaguchi’s face turned even more red. “No..”
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((Still. F U

“Mkay. I want salmon sushi.”

((I have a small obsession with salmon lol

Takeda sighed. “Just hurry up!”

Tsukishima leaned forward, cupping his chin. “Tadashi. Stop. You’re better than all of them, okay?”
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( this isn’t it though. it’s gonna happen later lolll

“I wanna try sashimi. It’s raw sushi.”

Ukai laughed again.

Yamaguchi shrugged. “Nah.”
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Daichi grinned back. “What sushi do you want?”


Tsukishima’s laugher died out. “…What? Yama, you’re much more beautiful.”
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( for what I’m gonna do to Yama

Sugawara smiles at him.

Ukai snickered.

“I’m not that hot, Tsukki,” Yamaguchi mitteres, blushing brightly.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 8d 10h 46m 44s

Daichi walked next to him, arm around his shoulders.

Takeda pouted. “We’re already going!”

“No, after he like shakes his jacket off, he bends his neck back. It looks exactly the same, oh my god…”
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