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Daichi glared at him. “Just get out. You can’t do anything for him, anyway. So just leave!”

Takeda glanced back, beaming. “Thank you,” he panted, stopping at the edge of the park.
  Kitten- / 9d 6h 1m 37s
The doctor blinked. “I have no idea what that has to do wirh this.” Sugawara felt like he couldn’t breathe, even though he was breathing. How could it be back? Had the doctors lied when they said it was gone?!

Ukai smiled down at him, happy that Takeda was happy.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 9d 6h 3m 7s
Daichi pulled Suga into his lap. “No one touches him,” he nearly growled.

Takeda laughed. “Almost there!” His cheeks were pink from the cold.
  Kitten- / 9d 6h 5m 15s
“I don’t know,” The doctor murmured. “This has never happened before and we only based him off the other guy that we had here.”

Ukai chuckled again, speeding up.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 9d 6h 7m 41s
“How long does he have?” Daichi held his breath.

“Then do it! I wanna get to the park!”
  Kitten- / 9d 6h 8m 39s
The doctor nodded. “It looks to be the same as before. I’m sorry.”

“I can walk faster,” he chuckled.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 9d 6h 10m 57s
Daichi cursed. “Dang it. How bad is it?”

“You’re not going fast enough though!” Takeda whined.
  Kitten- / 9d 6h 12m 43s
The doctor sighed. “I have no idea how, or why, but it is back.” Sugawara felt all the breath whoosh out of him. “Are you sure?”

Ukai laughed, following him. “You don’t need to drag me.”
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 9d 6h 13m 51s
Daichi frowned. “Your point?” He held Suga protectively.

Takeda smiled, grabbing Ukai’s hand and tugging him towards the door.
  Kitten- / 9d 6h 19m 21s
The doctor didn’t look at them, tense. “You have been led to believe that your disease was rare. It is. You and the other guy I have told you about had the rarest of the disease. Yours was the worst and not many are known to survive it. I have it, your disease. Not bad, though. I have no danger of dying any time soon.” Sugawara blinked at him, wondering why he was being told this. A heavy feeling settled down into his stomach.

Ukai grinned at him and nodded.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 9d 6h 43m 52s
Daichi whipped his head up and pulled Suga closer. “Hi.”

“Kay!” Takeda grabbed Ukai’s jacket, the one he wasn’t wearing, and shrugged it on, grinning. “Ready?”
  Kitten- / 9d 7h 6m 46s
Sugawara was about to doze off when the door opened again, the doctor shuffling in. He opened his eyes.

“I don’t think it’s very cold. Grab a jacket just in case though.”
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 9d 11h 5m 31s
Daichi closed his eyes, vaguely wondering when the doctor would be back.

Takeda beamed. “Mkay! How cold is it?”
  Kitten- / 9d 11h 51m 0s
Sugawaralet out a small breath, relaxing against him.

Ukai laughed. “Well, no matter. We’re going to the park.”
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Greyson / 9d 11h 55m 7s
Daichi wrapped his arm around Suga’s shoulders.

Takeda blushed. “I just wanna stretch my legs,” he argued.
  Kitten- / 9d 11h 56m 15s

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