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Hinata smiled a little, leaning his head until it rested gently against Kageyama’s. “I love you Tobio..”

Nishinoya cling to him. He kind of felt like a koala. Asahi was always carrying him places, not that he minded. “You should give me a piggy back ride.”

“All of it. You in general. I love you, Daichi. And anyways, half naked isn’t good enough,” he murmured, smirking at him.

Ukai let out a small laugh. “You sure are needy.” He said this but tipped Takeda’s chin up, kissing him roughly.

Yamaguchi blushed, his hand tightening around Tsukki’s in his pocket. “I believe you’ll protect me..”
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Kageyama laughed softly. “Me neither, Shoyo. Me neither.” He rested his head on the boy’s shoulder, closing his eyes.

Asahi stood up, Noya in his arms. “We’re leaving,” he announced. “Suga, Hinata, get better soon. Now my Kouhai and I are going to get some rest.” He bowed a little and left.

Daichi smiled sympathetically, cupping Suga’s chin. “Why? What part is embarrassing? That we’re half-naked, that I love you—what?”

Takeda pulled him into a small, empty closet and locked the door. He turned and pressed his back to the door, eyes glinting up at Ukai in the dark. “Please?” he whimpered simply.

Tsukishima smirked tenderly. “I’ll protect you. Don’t worry.” He kissed Yama’s soft hair, tracing his cheek with the pad of his thumb. “So pretty, Tadashi…”
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“I’ll never get tired of you,” he murmured.

Nishinoya nodded a little. “Yeah..”

“Because it’s still embarrassing... I never thought this would happen and I’m embarrassed..”

Ukai rolled his eyes a little, following him closely.

Yama looked up. “He’s scary when he’s angry. He makes scary faces.”
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Kageyama shrugged. “I wanna find out again. And again. And again. Until you’re sick of me.”

Asahi laughed softly. “Exactly.” He pulled Noya into a soft kiss. “You wanna head home and sleep?”

Daichi frowned. “You hesitated,” he said bluntly. “You hesitated before replying. Why?”

Takeda bowed gently and pulled Ukai quickly from the room, trying to hide his blush.

Tsukishima smirked. “He’s so adorable when he’s angry.” His arm loosened a little around Yama as he adjusted his glasses.
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Hinata let out a squeak again. “You already know.”

Nishinoya kissed his lips gently. “I like it. When I’m not tired.”

Sugawara thought for a moment then nodded. “Yeah...” Then he turned to Takeda. “Yeah, you can.”

Yamaguchi blushed lightly, pressing close to his side.

Tanaka pursed his lips, crossing his arms and stompin away.
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“I wonder what you’ll taste like in bed~” Kageyama hummed, savoring the sounds Hinata was making as he continued his nipping.

“Likewise,” Asahi whispered, resting his forehead against Noya’s. “God, I hate this kink,” he breathed quietly.

Daichi shrugged. “Why should it matter? We love each other~”

Takeda nodded, glancing at Suga. “You’ll be okay if we leave?” he asked. He couldn’t bring himself to look at Hinata and Kageyama; they were obviously making out. He felt that he wouldn’t last long if he watched them.

Tsukishima kissed Yamaguchi’s head, lazily smirking at Tanaka. “Now I understand why you are still single,” he remarked.
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Hinata let out a small whimper. “Kageyamaa-“

Nishinoya smirked again, kissing his chin. “I love you.”

“We aren’t wearing shirts..” he mumbled.

Ukai shrugged. “We should probably go back to the school. We never locked up and it’s getting late.”

Ymaguchi leaned against him.

Tanaka’s face turned red, sputtering our random excuses.
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Kageyama smirked at the small noise and bit harder, licking at Hinata’s skin. “You taste good,” he whispered.

Asahi tried not to moan or beg for more. He hated his kink, but I made him feel so [i good]. “Yuu…”

Daichi smirked down st the blushing boy. “Why so embarrassed~?” he asked, grinning.

Takeda blushed and looked up at Ukai. “Can we… um… find a room for ourselves? There’re a lot of people here…”

Tsukishima squeezes Yama’s hand, saying, “And so why don’t you try? I don’t think you have it in you.” He loved bothering Tanaka.
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Tanaka blinked, offended. “I bet if I tried—“

Hinata let out a soft squeak.

Nishinoya smirked, tugging slightly at a lock of Asahi’s hair.

Sugawara was finally aware he and Daichi both still had no shirts and his face turned a deep shade of red.

Ukai kissed the top of Takedas curly hair.

Yamaguchi started to snicker at Tsukkis words then made himself stop.
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Kageyama didn’t bother replying; he just nipped at Hinata’s neck. Asahi blushed and held Noya close, burying his face in the boy’s neck. Daichi kissed Suga’s soft lips, making sure not to press too hard. Takeda blushed even more, his hands creeping up against Ukai’s chest. Tsukishima smirked at Tanaka. “For all the drooling you do, you never can seem to find someone,” he tsked.
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( everybody’s just making out and tanaka-

Tanakas jaw dropped. “Is everyone dating someone but me?!”

Yama nodded while Suga gave a thumbs up and Ukai, Nishinoya, And Hinata all nodded, also saying Yes.
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Kageyama wrapped himself possessively around Hinata, kissing his neck. He didn’t feel like talking anymore.

Asahi rested his chin on Noya’s shoulder, smiling at his two best friends.

“Sugaaa,” Daichi complained playfully, climbing onto the bed and pushing Suga gently down as he kissed him.

Takeda blushed and decided that he’d better clear things up. He cleared his throat. “Um, just so all of you know… Ukai and I are dating too.” He buried his blushing, embarrassed face in Ukai’s shirt.

Tsukishima reached over and took Yama’s raised hand, tucking it into his pocket with a smirk. He didn’t bother replying to Takeda and Ukai’s news; just pushed his glasses up his nose and said, “Us too.”
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Hinata let out a soft laugh. “You two look good together.”

Nishinoya Let out a small gasp, craning his head around. “Really?! That’s so cool!”

Sugawara chuckled, playfully pushing him.

Ukai slipped his arms around Takeda, deciding he didn’t care what the others thought.

Yamaguchi glanced over at Tsukishima before hesitantly raising his hand.
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Kageyama looked up and smiled at Suga. “I told you you two needed to get together,” he chided, nuzzling Hinata’s cheek.

Asahi stuck out his tongue at Noya, then looked up in shock. “Really?! Congrats!” He grinned.

Daichi abruptly tugged Suga towards him and kissed him deeply. “Took you long enough,” he muttered.

Takeda blushed and his his face in Ukai’s chest, peeking out at Suga and Daichi. “Good for you!” he squeaked.

Tsukishima rolled his eyes. “Raise your hand if you’re dating someone in the room,” he said. He meant it as a joke, but no one took it that way.
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Hinata smiled a little, leaning his head back. “Yeah..”

Nishinoya snickered. “If I died I’d come back an haunt you as a ghost.”

Sugawara squeezed his hand tightly then turned to face the team. “There’s another couple on the team now!” He paused, looking around. “I guess there’s actually more..”

Ukai looked confused until he looked down, a slightly blush rising to his cheeks.

Yamaguchi didn’t go stand by Tsukki like he usually would, just staying in the doorway.
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