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[sulphur+point [center [b The stone building towers over Cordelia covering her in shadow, a necessity no longer. Cordelia pauses, her finger tapping the blood-red gem that hangs around her neck and lands on the center of her chest. She takes a step out, feeling the warmth of the sun on her skin for the first time in years. The cool autumn air swirls around her, easing the warmth just slightly. She takes a deep breath, shocked by the sensation, losing all doubts that the agreement she made with the headmistress of the school was worth this pendant. Not that she had much choice in the matter, but it’s a relief that the grand promise wasn’t just another one of her traps.

Cordelia knows that in just a short few hours that she’s going to have to walk back into the school and give an introduction speech for all of the first-year students at their school, give a tour of the building and all around do her best to reassure them that this school is safe, that it’s secure and that there are no monsters under the bed, as for many of the first-year students this is there first time living away from their families. The new students from the other grades are also required to attend, to familiarize themselves with the location, though it's rare that anyone can transfer in. The transfer test is impossible to past, designed that way for a reason, as the truth is that this school is filled with monsters.

Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, even a few Demons attend this school as a part of a special class kept separately from the general population. Though they are forced to interact, as part of a training course for how to safely interact with humans and their world. Cordelia is a part of a prestigious family of pureblood vampires, having recently reached the peak age where her physical form slows it’s aging significantly. Though what keeps her trapped under the mistress’s grasp is her family’s clout. Within the supernatural community, her family is one of the highest-ranking families, having once been the ruling family of the nation before a monarchy dissolved into an Aristocracy several generations ago. A little blackmail about Cordelia’s older brother has caused her to become a puppet to the Head Mistress. Though it does have perks because it also means she has the mistress’s ear.

Today is the first day of her senior year, and all she wants to do is feel the sun on her skin. She has a few spare hours before she’s required to be anywhere, so she slips over to the campus greenhouse, which sits on the edge of an enchanted forest, a location off-limits to the general students. She lays down in the empty field closing her eyes and just feeling the warm light on her skin.]]]
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