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When she first had pulled her hand back, no waved his help away, the boy had been a bit dejected. Had even wondered if he had done something wrong. But then the explanation had been given and he gave the faintest of nods. At least she had let him know what it was. And he also knew to be careful of offering out a hand to others. [b "I'm sorry..I should have thought about it..So thank you for that."] And he meant it too.

Her next words made him chuckle and almost nervously at that. [b "Yeah, I am the only senior that would be among the first years.. So it would be awkward...that and just not exactly being good with new people in a new place. Having come up to you and asking for help like this is a new thing for me...But just something told me it would be okay."] Too many words and he seemed to fall into a word vomit of sorts. Just for some reason he could not stop the words and had an overwhelming want to be honest. One he did not quite understand himself. It DID however make the boy wish he could shut up and stop talking at the very least. Save them both from his awkwardness.

Silence fell as they walked and soon grand doors were thrown open to a grandoise and beautiful greenhouse. So many beautiful and exotic plants. It made him feel ALMOST like he had walked into a Disney movie and their enchanted gardens. So, so many plants he had never seen and yet they were all truly magnificient. [b " you have a favourite in here?"] He asked, turning his attention to Cordellia. Honestly he was genuinely curious and found he did not want to be left on his own just yet.
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[sulphur+point [b [center

Cordelia can’t help but find his immediate honesty incredibly charming for all the right reasons. Not to mention his obvious attention for detail with him immediately recalling her name. She can’t help but see why the headmistress might have admitted him on just a pure scholastic reason. When he extends his hand out to her, she has a slightly apologetic look on her face as she slightly waves her hands palms out [#FFC0CB “Sorry, you’ll find that a lot of the students here are germaphobes, myself included.”] She folds her hands together behind her back and joins Kade on the paved path. [#FFC0CB “It’s really nice to meet you Kade, and you are right. As student body president its my job to introduce all the new students to the school grounds.”] She says as she leads Kade down the path and in the direction of the greenhouse.

[#FFC0CB “Though I must admit that I am very glad that you happened by me before the scheduled tour. I can’t imagine being the only senior among first years wouldn’t be the greatest sensation to experience.”] She even winces slightly at the mere thought of going through that. [#FFC0CB “Now I can show you around and give you extra time to your day.”] She chuckles, bouncing ahead slightly to open the greenhouse doors behind her in a grandiose fashion.

Once she does so, it gives away to a massive greenhouse. This greenhouse is so elegant and filled with a vast range of breath-taking floral pieces that could almost turn it into its own botanical garden. If it weren’t for the constant flurry of students, mostly comprised of S Class students, the fae creatures mostly, caring for the plants and maintaining the breath-taking view.
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The girl he stumbled actoss looked so very different from those he had known back home. A cream colour to her skin and those eyes that when the sun had hit for the moment had appeared a golden tinted violet. Then not to mention the brown and gold of her hair. He had seen beauty, but just something about her had him almost in a tance-like state. Or it did until he heard the voice which drew him out of his head. Soft and lithy. Again nothing like he had heard before.

Slowly he shook his head and had overed out a hand to her. Which it seemed she did not need as she was on her feet rather quickly. Gracefully even. For a moment, Kaden had wondered about those fluid and unpracticed movements but then decided some were just like that. A talent he himself did not quite possess, though he wished that he had. Especially when around someone who looked and sounded the way she did.

[b "That would be nice. I find that I always get myself lost even when close to where I want to go."] Came mittered words. And RIGHT after he found himself facepalming as he could not even believe those words had slipped. God he was an idiot at times. This just proved that. [b "It's nice to meet you...though I might have seen your name before.. the one who was meant to give me a tour of the school and make sure I know the rules... At least that was what I read in the packet.."] Yet another smoothe move on his part. Yay him.

[b "I'm Kaden..but usually I go by Kade."] And he did hold out a hand to shake hers. It was more or less habit to him when meeting someone new.
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[ Her Attire]
[sulphur+point [b [center Cordelia can hear someone approaching, but she assumes that it’s an upper-classman making their way to the S-Class dorms, as this area is relatively close to the dorms as well. However, when she hears an unknown voice, her eyes shoot open, causing her to find the sun being blocked by an unfamiliar figure. The guy standing over her has shaggy brown hair that the sun shines through, giving it an almost honey-like appearance, and even with his eyes being shaded, she can still see the golden glow that they have.

He clearly isn’t a first-year student, his jaw is far too defined, and his cheeks bone could cut diamonds. Cordelia can’t help but find him attractive, but one breath tells her that he’s mortal and off-limits. That’s when she actually processes what he’s asked. The GreenHouse… He’s asked her where the greenhouse is, and she is obligated to show him, even if it’s a bit earlier than she was planning on showing him around, she might as well get it out of the way.

[#FFC0CB “Certainly, you aren’t far from it, but I’ll take you the rest of the way.”] She says, her voice dripping with charm as it always does. As he’s mortal, she can’t accept his help with getting up even if he offers it, no physical contact allowed from Vampires or Werewolves to actual humans. The sheer difference in body temperature is almost always a dead giveaway. It’s a cliché in pop culture for a reason. Once she’s standing up, she tilts her head to the side, looking down at him from the slight hill that they are on, [#FFC0CB “My name is Cordelia, and you must be the transfer student, right?”] She asks, wondering if the paperwork he was sent would have included her name and the fact that he happened to ask the one person in the entire school responsible for showing new students around for directions.
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Kaden hadn't even wanted to take the test. He had been happy with his old school and his old life. Sure he had been one of the top of his classes and a lazy student, but that was him. The ONLY reason he had even applied for the school and taken the entrance exam was because his father had pushed him into it. The man was tired of him not putting his mind to use and this was his way to make him do it. Kade had agreed to get the man off his back, BUT the young man of eighteen had EVERY intention to fail the thing. And he really had tried. So when the exam results had comd back and it said he passed and had been accepted, the male's jaw dropped and he kept shaking his head thinking it was a joke.

That all had been a week ago and now it happened to be his first day of a new school. One that not he or many had ever heard of. Or if they had. They didn't think it was real. From the rumours that went around about this particular school it was IMPOSSIBLE to even get in. Everyone to ever try had failed the entrance exam and those who took it said it was the test made from hell. Apparently everyone but him.

[b "There's still a couple of hours before the ceremony and the rules. I can manage a quick walk and see some of the grounds. Maybe meet someohe who won't keep staring at me.."] The boy muttered to himself as he held a map, showing him a basic outline of the grounds and where each building and clas was. It took him a few minutes to decide where he wanted to be going because everywhere from their pictures looked almost nice and inviting. But the place that most happened to catch his eyes was a greenhouse. He had always loved plants and they always helped him keep a more calm and level, which he needed. If he were to be honest, Kade was nervous because he had ALWAYS had at least one friend there with him. But here he was new and on his own.. To make that better he was meant to be a senior too.

After finding where he wanted to go, he began along the path that he hoped would take him where he wanted to go. The whole map thing was new to him and ironically his sense of direction left much to be desired. So when he happened to come across a girl who looked his age laying in the sun, that didn't exactly shock him. She did look comfortable and he did feel bad to wake her. But he was assuming she would know where to go. [b "Um..excuse me? Can you point me in the right direction to the greenhouse?"] He asked as he made his way towards her. He didn't even realise how close they were to his intended destination.
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[sulphur+point [center [b The stone building towers over Cordelia covering her in shadow, a necessity no longer. Cordelia pauses, her finger tapping the blood-red gem that hangs around her neck and lands on the center of her chest. She takes a step out, feeling the warmth of the sun on her skin for the first time in years. The cool autumn air swirls around her, easing the warmth just slightly. She takes a deep breath, shocked by the sensation, losing all doubts that the agreement she made with the headmistress of the school was worth this pendant. Not that she had much choice in the matter, but it’s a relief that the grand promise wasn’t just another one of her traps.

Cordelia knows that in just a short few hours that she’s going to have to walk back into the school and give an introduction speech for all of the first-year students at their school, give a tour of the building and all around do her best to reassure them that this school is safe, that it’s secure and that there are no monsters under the bed, as for many of the first-year students this is there first time living away from their families. The new students from the other grades are also required to attend, to familiarize themselves with the location, though it's rare that anyone can transfer in. The transfer test is impossible to past, designed that way for a reason, as the truth is that this school is filled with monsters.

Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, even a few Demons attend this school as a part of a special class kept separately from the general population. Though they are forced to interact, as part of a training course for how to safely interact with humans and their world. Cordelia is a part of a prestigious family of pureblood vampires, having recently reached the peak age where her physical form slows it’s aging significantly. Though what keeps her trapped under the mistress’s grasp is her family’s clout. Within the supernatural community, her family is one of the highest-ranking families, having once been the ruling family of the nation before a monarchy dissolved into an Aristocracy several generations ago. A little blackmail about Cordelia’s older brother has caused her to become a puppet to the Head Mistress. Though it does have perks because it also means she has the mistress’s ear.

Today is the first day of her senior year, and all she wants to do is feel the sun on her skin. She has a few spare hours before she’s required to be anywhere, so she slips over to the campus greenhouse, which sits on the edge of an enchanted forest, a location off-limits to the general students. She lays down in the empty field closing her eyes and just feeling the warm light on her skin.]]]
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