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Hello I'm ABDLfreak and was wondering if there were some other ABDL freaks out there on this site who wouldn't mind a bit of Roleplay family time. If you are interested fill out the Skelly below and PM it to me with the title 'Wuv you'.

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=153084 OOC]

[h3 Skelly]
Big or Little: {Bigs are adults, Littles are children}
Age: {Littles newborn-17 Bigs 18+}
Extra: {anything we need to know about you?}

[h3 Accepted Characters]
[size20 [b [u Bigs]]]
Rowan/19M/likes to spoil others. Played By: Aria_Hashima

[size20 [b [u Littles]]]
Samantha Elizabeth/5F/likes snuggles, video games, naps, and being spoiled. Played By: ABDLfreak


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Roleplay Responses

Rowan walked around alone as he was more than bored and had no one to talk to . And being the only one in the family who literally was different than others. As Rowan was passing by, he saw a little girl sitting on a bench and frowned walking over and kneeling down. "Hello little girl, are you okay?"
  Aria_Hashima / 4d 21h 56m 7s
5yo Samantha sat on a bench outside of school waiting for whomever was coming to pick her up. Samantha played quietly with her dolly she had brought for show and tell it looked just like her and was her best friend. Samantha glanced up every once in a while to see if she could see the family car and waved lightly at passing friends. The girl soon grew bored and laid down on the bench tired wondering if she was going to have to live at school because her family forgot about her.
  Samantha Elizabeth / ABDLfreak / 7d 20h 37m 47s

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