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Oliver leaned back against the wall, folding his arms over his chest, and watched as Lilli changed in order to curl up and drift to sleep. He imagined that she must have been quite tired after all of that. When he was younger and had play time with his brother he remembered getting quite sleepy afterwards, too. Bright eyes moved from Lilli to Jeremy, the male sitting on the floor near the altar with a few books open around him. It seemed he still had a bit of work to finish before he retired for the night, something Oliver could understand. What he was working on, though, he couldn't say.

[+green "You should probably get her to bed soon, Ollie."]

The soft voice caused the kitsune's gaze to shift from the books on the floor to the priest's face. Their eyes didn't meet, Jeremy still nose deep in his work. He was right, though. It was nearly time to sleep.

[+purple "You gonna be alright?"] he asked as he slowly pushed himself to his feet. A light nod was given in response, Jeremy glancing up at him for a second before looking back down at his work.

[+green "Yeah. Just a few more things to finish then I'm turning in as well."]

Oliver nodded, heading over to Lilli and looking down at her. He didn't want to touch her, not looking forward to getting bit again. [+purple "Lilli, come on. We're going to bed."]
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 10d 14h 41m 49s
She smiles a little before speaking. [+red "Well, if you ever wish to gain, just let me know. I enjoy it quite a lot."] She says before stifling a yawn. Shifting into fox form again, she curls up into a ball, with her tails over her muzzle. Closing her eyes she drifts off into a light doze.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 15d 15h 19m 26s
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Oliver continued to watch her, slowly folding his arms over his chest loosely as he relaxed a bit. She seemed to have some doubts with her own form just as he did with his, imagining others to be far more exquisite than he was. What was interesting about a black fox?

[+purple "Ashland and I used to play outside in the dark, waiting until our parents went to sleep,"] he answered. He leaned back a little bit more. His eyes shifted to the boy as he heard a happy giggle, Emilio hugging Irial around the neck, and let his gaze fall on Lilli again. [+purple "I do miss it now and then."]
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 15d 15h 38m 13s
She smiles sheepishly and moves to sit next to him. [+red "Yea, back home we do that as a way to unwind from the trials of the day. It lets us have a restful sleep, and to let our inner child out."] She says quietly. She smiles a little as she recalls his form. [+red "I like your form though, it's really elegant, and the silver in your eyes, and on your ears gives a bit of regalia to it. Since your fur is mostly black I bet you'd be good at late night espionage."] Her words were a bit wistful, as if she found fault with her own form. To her it was nothing special, she was just a plain white fox.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 15d 15h 46m 31s
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Oliver had changed back by this point as well, sitting on the floor against the wall. Bright eyes flickered over from Emilio, who was playing gently with Irial, to Jeremy. The priest still sat near the altar with a few open books around him while a notepad and pencil sat in his lap. He would read something from one or two books, write a few things down, then continue the process. What exactly he was doing Oliver couldn't say as Jeremy did a lot of things that the prince didn't understand. He did seem a bit tired, though, and imagined he would turn in to bed soon.

[+purple "Are you satisfied that you got to play a bit?"] Oliver asked quietly, his gaze shifting over to Lilli. She stood up fully, stretching a bit nearby.
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 15d 16h 45m 17s
Her ears and tail droop upon his refusal to play currently. She huffs and pads back over to Oliver and climbs into his back. She waits for Jeremy to have Emillio come out, her ruby gaze expectant. Her tails sway slightly, brushing against Oliver's ears. A soft tip escapes her maw as the child appears.


A few hours later she is leaning against a wall, back in her human form. She felt a bit more relaxed, but was still wary of dealing with Queen. Her very being sparks with fear and rage. Sighing quietly she pushes away from the wall and stretches.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 15d 17h 4m 27s
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Oliver watched her quietly, the tips of his tails flicking occasionally as they rested over his front paws. Being a kitsune was a strange thing, something he didn't quite understand the need for. Sure, he had a couple of advantages in this form but he much preferred his human one. So much more could be accomplished. It was clear by his calm and quiet stature that playtime wasn't permitted by his parents, Oliver not really knowing what else to do with himself. He and his brother would wrestle sometimes like this, when his parents had gone to bed, but that was really it.

Jeremy gave her a gentle smile, kneeling down to scratch her ears and her head. She and Oliver were both so stunning in these forms; he knew the prince felt himself not as attractive as other kitsunes but the priest didn't think that way. His silver eyes against the midnight black was stunning, a rarity in their world. It was almost like stars against a night sky. Lilli was just as beautiful, reminding him of fresh fallen snow.

[+green "Perhaps in a little bit, I still have some work I need to finish before the night is over,"] he told her. He continued to scratch her ears, brushing her soft fur afterwards. [+green "If you really wish for a human to play with I can always call Emilio. He likes you very much."]
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 15d 17h 38m 52s
She barks out a laugh as she is bowled over and rights herself once he is sitting down again. She shakes herself before simply curling up next to him, her head on her paws. A soft buff escapes her maw as she looks over at Jeremy, clearly she wanted him to have fun as well. Getting up, she pads over to him and firmly grabs part of his cloak. She gives it a few tugs before looking up at him hopefully. They all needed a stress reliever, and now seemed a good time.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 16d 9h 4m 58s
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Silver eyes shone brightly as he watched her, sitting down with both tails resting over his paws. He wasn't in this form very often, mostly because he didn't have much use for it, and had never observed such a playful kitsune before. Were they all like this in her village? He slowly rose to his paws, watching her, before slowly moving over and batting at her tail. Before he touched it, Lilli pulled it away and darted underneath the table. What was she doing?

He moved closer, reaching over and swatting at her tail again. He moved back a bit once he touched it, keeping his bright eyes on her, and slowly crouched down like a cat stalking its prey. He remained still for a few minutes before leaping towards her, knocking her over and sitting beside her. He gave a proud yip as his tails swayed back and forth lightly.
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 16d 9h 12m 44s
She tilts her head to the side, watching as he bars the door. Her gaze follows him as he removes his scarf and coat and then a pretty necklace. She quickly stands up when he changes form and her tails begin to sway. She lets out several excited yips and pounces on him. Once on top of him, she playfully tugs on one of his ears. She obviously didn't mind his form. Tails still swaying she hopes off of him and darts away behind a table. She peeks out from behind it and quickly darts back in. Apparently she wanted to play tag.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 16d 9h 34m 7s
[h3 +]
It was apparent that Lilli wasn't taking no for an answer. She really wanted Oliver to change and play with her. He let out a deep sigh, standing still for a minute and watching her, before moving over to the door and shutting it securely. It closed with a dull thud, Oliver throwing the locks and even propping a chair against the handle as an extra precaution. The last thing he wanted was his mother to walk in on this. He then moved over to the table Jeremy had been using moments earlier, removing his jacket and his scarf and laying them on the wooden surface.

[+purple "Fine. But remember that you asked for this."]

Slowly he pulled out his necklace from under his shirt, revealing a small talisman on a silver chain. Unlike Lilli who seemed to have magic running through her veins, Oliver needed a little help shifting between forms. Such was the cost of losing touch with the old world. He pulled the necklace off and set it on the table, his form changing mere moments later to a midnight black fox. White highlighted the tips of his ears and his two tails as well as his chest, his eyes shining a stunning silver. His form was a bit bigger than hers was, despite his small stature in his human form. He slowly sat down in front of her, looking back at her slowly to see her reaction to this new form.
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 16d 9h 41m 57s
She gives an insistent yip and even goes as far as to tug on his clothing. Her ruby gaze was pleading with him to play. She enjoyed being in this form as it was a bit therapeutic to forget your troubles and simply play pr run around for a little while.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 16d 9h 52m 57s
[h3 +]
[+green "Yes, well, I suppose more war was going on then than it is now,"] Jeremy commented softly. Emilio had long left this earthly plain before he or his father were even thought about, the child nearly six hundred years in age now. He was still doing research as to what village or tribe Emilio had belonged to as the spirit didn't even know himself. He did remember bits of it, the priest using the information to try to piece together his life on the map.

Jeremy watched as Lilli changed form, giving her a soft smile before pushing himself to stand and moving over to a book case nearby. He imagined he would keep himself busy with work while the other two kept busy. Oliver watched her, raising an eyebrow as she moved over to him and gave him a soft yip.

Unfortunately he remembered his promise, too.

[+purple "I really don't think you want me to do that,"] Oliver tried to weasel his way out of it. [+purple "I'm ugly in kitsune form and I don't want to hurt you."]
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 16d 11h 5m 0s
[+red "A guiding spirit. Interesting, though I suppose it's a bit sad that a child as young as he did, died."] She smiles a little before suddenly shifting into her fox form, a soft tip escaping her maw as she gazes up at him. She looks over at Oliver and yips again, recalling his promise to play with her the other day.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 16d 13h 28m 43s
[h3 +]
Jeremy gave his usual, gentle smile. It was nice to finally see the creature that Lilli had constantly referencing and been talking to. He pulled himself up to sit on the edge of a table, careful not to jostle anything on its surface, and ran his hands through his bangs.

[+green "Emilio is a special case, I suppose,"] he responded softly. Oliver turned his head towards Jeremy, seemingly interested in the explanation he was about to give. Honestly he didn't know that much about Jeremy's spirit except that it existed. [+green "He's what Shamanics call a 'guiding spirit.' There aren't many that exist, at least not anymore, as many guides take animal form. He was what appeared to me when I first tried summoning an ethereal; apparently he was quite a powerful child when he was alive. I do know that he likes you, he thinks you're quite fluffy."]
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 16d 13h 37m 43s

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