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The small child held onto her lightly, keeping the stuffed toy in his grip, and gently rest his head against her cheek. It was starting to make sense to Oliver why Emilio wanted to come back here, why he wanted the wall torn down and to gain access to this old, forgotten part of the castle: he wanted his toy back. So he really [i had] existed in this world before and, even moreso, existed in this kingdom.

[+purple "I think it's time you begin to shed some light on where Emilio came from, Jeremy,"] Oliver told him quietly. Just like Lilli, he didn't know much about the child. Hell, he didn't even know he was really around until the previous night. Jeremy sighed quietly at this, pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose, before looking at his two friends.

[+green "Emilio lived when all corners of the kingdom could use magic, including this one,"] he began softly, moving back towards the entrance a bit. The light from the torch bounced off the bricks around him and continued to make the darkness visible. [+green "Not much was known about where he really came from, at least at the time, as he was found as a baby on the doorstep of a Shamanic couple. They decided to raise him as his own, though it was rumored for a while as he grew that he was a child of the Goddess. His magic was far more advanced than anyone else his age and he developed it quickly. As his power grew, the world became aware of his existence and the ability of the Shamanics were known all over the kingdoms."]

[+green "Oliver's ancestor, the king of his time, had become power hungry and started to expand his kingdom; to do it he was crushing smaller tribes and lands left and right. He had learned of a small child in the north who had immense power and immediately saw him as a threat, he went out with an army to put a stop to it immediately. Emilio attempted to keep the peace in the land, offering to go with them if the king promised to never harm the tribe that he loved, to which he agreed. Emilio was brought here and tortured for weeks before he was executed near the main gate, during which the King went back on his word and attempted to wipe out the Shamanics...which is why we're so hard to find now."]

Jeremy began to lead them back through the hallway now that Emilio had got what he wanted, the child still holding onto Lilli and resting against her. [+green "According to the records, his body was dumped into a mass grave. Shortly after, a cloaked woman wanted an audience with the King, to which he agreed. She revealed herself to be the Goddess Nayru and as penance for murdering her son, she took away magic from his kingdom forever. To remind him and his children of his crimes, he was to keep a pure Shamanic on his court staff and continue their line. If they were to fail, a royal family member would die every week until one was found and her words satisfied."]

Oliver shoved his hands into his pockets as he entered into the familiar room of weapons holding, glancing over at Emilio and the child she still held. So it really [i was] because of him that magic had disappeared. It was an interesting new development.
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 7d 7h 8m 24s
Lilli looks down at the dog he was holding and her eyes widen in horror as she connects the dots. Tears brim at her lashes as she picks up Emilio and holds him tightly to her. [+red "Oh, Emiljo...I am so sorry..."] She all but whispers. Unless she was wrong, Emilio had died in this dungeon.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 7d 7h 38m 13s
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[+purple "How long do you suppose this has been walled up?"] Oliver asked, watching Emilio disappear from sight. A light grip on his arm caused him to glance over, seeing Lilli close to him and holding onto him with a worried look, then turned his gaze over to Jeremy. The priest was examining his surroundings carefully, seeming to take note of every brick and every bar.

[+green "Judging by the rust and the cobwebs, at least a few centuries,"] he murmured softly. [+green "Possibly shortly after your ancestors' fall from grace, so to speak."]

Movement caught his eye, Oliver looking over to see Emilio emerge from the cell he entered, holding an old, stuffed dog. It seemed to be in good shape, despite the decay around them, and only seemed to have a few popped threads and a couple dark stains. The child looked happy, though, to have it in his arms and immediately ran back towards Lilli to be picked up again.
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 7d 11h 2m 16s
Lilli slowly follows behind Jeremy, grabbing Oliver's arm as they enter the dark dungeon. God did she hate dark places. She watches as Emilio enters the one cell and looks troubled. [+red "I have a bad feeling about this..."] She mutters softly.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 7d 20h 43m 24s
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Oliver moved over to her, carefully taking the hammer from her and setting it down on a nearby table. He was honestly surprised she could lift it, let along tear a wall down with it. Perhaps if she trained a little with him every day she wouldn't be so winded after such an exercise; he'd bring it up with her later. He waited until Lilli caught her breath again and turned his attention to Jeremy, the priest looking down the dark hallway as he held the torch close to the broken wall.

[+purple "What's down there? And how did Emilio know about it?"] he asked him. Jeremy turned a bit, the fire from the torch refracting off his lenses a bit, and gave him his usual soft smile. [+green "I'm not completely sure though I do have an idea. This area of the castle was where it was originally built, everything past the dining hall to the east was built later."] He seemed to ignore the second question, looking back to the wall. Once Lilli had finally brought her breathing to a normal level, Oliver stepped away from her a bit in order to pass through the busted wall.

The hallway was quite long and old, the stones matching the inside of the weapons room but not the rest of the castle. At the end of it stood an old, iron gate that had rusted in a few spots but was still moveable with the ancient key still inside the lock. Jeremy moved ahead, turning it and stepping back as the lock clinked loudly in the narrow hall, pulling the gate open for them to pass through.

Once they did and Jeremy provided light, Oliver stopped in shock at his surroundings. They were standing in an old dungeon, the sight of which brought a chill up the priest's spine. Emilio could be seen ahead, squeezing his tiny frame through a set of bars to enter a cell.
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 9d 7h 24m 5s
Lilli puts down they heavy weapon, her face red and her breath labored from her exertion. [+red "Emilio....wanted.. .in....thought...wouldn't...hurt...try..."] She leans against the nearby wall, her arms shaking slightly, she was not used to lifting such a heavy weapon, let alone one that bug.

Irial lets out a chuckle. [+blue "You truly are a healer. You could barely lift a sword, and you thought that large hammer was a good idea?"]

She huffs and mutters about trying to help and not needing to be teased.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 9d 7h 34m 47s
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The child stood next to Irial as Lilli went to retrieve a hammer, small arms wrapping around his neck. Emilio gently leaned into him, his head resting against his as he watched Lilli return and began work on the wall. The loud cracks echoed in the chamber, catching the attention of Oliver and Jeremy in the next room as well. The two headed in slowly, Oliver raising an eyebrow as he watched Lilli hit the wall a second time.

[+purple "What are you doing?"] he asked, an eyebrow raising as bricks and mortar crumbled to the ground. It appeared she had made quite the hole in the wall, large enough for passage through. Emilio smiled at her progress, moving forward once she had stopped and moved through the passage to continue his way into the darkness. Jeremy moved to the nearest wall, grabbing the torch from it, and moved towards the destroyed wall to look around a bit. The beautiful ceiling edging continued past the wall and down a long hallway, Jeremy adjusting his glasses as he looked down it.

[+green "How did you discover this?"]
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 9d 8h 3m 9s
She glances at the wall before going over to the weapons. Heaving a big breath, she picks up a huge hammer like weapon and drags it back towards the wall. Struggling a bit, she lifts up the weapon and swings it with all her might at the wall, the resounding crack echoing in the room. Huffing quietly, she does it again, causing some of the wall to begin to crumble away.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 9d 8h 16m 5s
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Emilio turned his attention towards Irial when he made his presence known, watching him for a few moments. The creature was right about that, old magic could still be felt in certain parts of the castle. Bright amber eyes looked up at Lilli before shifting to the ceiling, looking at where the intricate, old designs seemed to disappear behind the wall. He then rested his hand on it and pushed a little as if he were trying to get through it. When it didn't budge, he turned his attention back towards Lilli.

There was something back there and Emilio wanted to access it.
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 9d 9h 21m 47s
She looks at him faintly confused, before he gaze moves to the odd filigree. She walks over to the corner and puts her hand against it. [+red "What's special about this corner? Have you been here before?"]

Irial materializes next to them, his azure gaze holding a hidden emotion to them as he gazes as the filigree. [+blue "Old magic was once practiced here."]
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 9d 9h 32m 59s
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The blonde child held onto her lightly, watching as she carried him to the rather large room. Weapons of all kinds and ages were set neatly around the walls on shelves and in crates, some of high esteem and set delicately on velvet cushions. The stone walls were brightly lit with torches, illuminating most surfaces around them. Delicate edgework lined the top of the ceiling, indicating the room may have been used for something else many, many years ago, and seemed to stop abruptly against the far wall. Emilio moved from her arms and over to the corner, lightly touching the stone surface before looking back at her.
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 9d 10h 7m 50s
Lilli glances down at Emilio and picks him up before heading over the weapons. [+red " What do you want to show me?"] She asks in a gentle tone. She enjoys spending time with the child like spirit, seeing him as a younger sibling.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 9d 10h 46m 25s
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Lilli had a point, with that kind of magic behind him Oliver would be virtually unstoppable. In the wrong hands it could be a disaster...but that was part of the reason it was taken from his ancestors in the first place.

[+green "We can try, I do have some old books that explain how to conjure it,"] the priest explained. [+green "If you're relatively free now we can see what we can do."]

Oliver nodded, shoving his hands into his pockets again. [+purple "Day's pretty much wide open and since the militia's out training, the practice hall is free."]

Jeremy nodded at this, giving the two a soft smile. [+green "Perfect."]

The small group made their way back to the practice hall, Oliver securely locking the door behind them to insure no one from the outside could get in. As far as he knew, this was still supposed to be kept secret. Once the area was secure he returned to Jeremy, the taller male holding a somewhat thick, but ancient, book in his hands. As the two began their lesson, Emilio stayed with Lilli. The child smiled, lightly tugging on her sleeve to get her attention, then pointed back towards weapons storage.
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 9d 13h 41m 3s
Lilli watches how his gaze changes with his thought process and smiles a little. [+red "Would it be possible for Oliver to learn it? We tried a bit of a healing experiment and he doesn't possess that type of magic. If he could use combat magic it would make him even more deadly."]
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 9d 17h 46m 16s
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Oliver turned his attention to Jeremy, watching as the priest lightly folded his arms over his chest as he thought. It was a common trait for him, that and staring off into space. Both tactics seemed to work, though, as he always had a well thought-out answer.

[+purple "It is possible, though it's not very common,"] he began softly, looking between the two. [+purple "Most regions have their own specific magic, like Lilli: hers specializes in healing. Those in the far west are known for their fire and light magics, those towards the south work mostly with water. This region and Oliver's ancestors were known for their fighting skills and the magic that went along with it but, since their mistake and incidental fall, no one here has been able to do magic since. At least, not to common knowledge."]

Oliver raised an eyebrow, turning his attention back towards Jeremy. [+purple "What about to your knowledge?"]

The priest went quiet for a time, staring at a random plant through his pristine lenses. He didn't seem to be recalling memories this time but choosing his words carefully. Jeremy knew a lot more than people realized. [+green "Some chosen few have, yes."]
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 28d 11h 13m 6s

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