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Lilli smiles in thanks ay shawl, and holds onto him tightly as they head to the infirmary, her body faintly trembling as they finally reached it. She was not used to feeling this frail, bit she had used a lot of energy and some of her own life force to save Oliver. Concern fills her gaze as she listens to Kato. She wanted to do more to help Oliver heal, but she felt too weak to attempt anything. Sitting next to Oliver, sadness fills her gaze as she does not see Irial, she mentally calls out for him only to feel an empty echo. Tears trail down her cheeks as she realizes she may have lost her friend and guide. Irial had always been with her, she felt lost.

Irial materializes next to her, his own gaze sad. He did not wish to block their bond, but until everything settled, he had no choice. He silently apologizes before returning to the spirit realm.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 6h 11m 22s
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Jeremy glanced over at the shifting air beside Lilli before turning his gaze back to her. That strangeness in the air usually meant that he was there, but for some reason she couldn't see him. Was that because she gave some of her life force away? Hopefully being reunited with Oliver would fix that, if it didn't he had some researching to do. He knew how much the spirit helped her and guided her, he would hate to see something so comforting taken away.

As she drank the tea, Jeremy turned to his wardrobe and pulled the sturdy oak doors open to reveal a small army of shawls, wraps, robes, and jackets of many colors. Most men, especially here, stuck to darker colors. Not Jeremy. His confidence and frame allowed him to pull off a multitude of bright colors and, luckily, Shamanics were known for their vastly colored wardrobe. He pulled down a deep red shawl of wool and closed the doors, then returned to Lilli. Gently he settled it around her shoulders before offering her his hand to stand up with. He wasn't sure how her balance or energy levels would be, not wanting her to topple over as soon as she rose to her feet.

[+green "It's quite cold this time of night,"] he informed her quietly in case she was wondering about the shawl. [+green "Now let's head down to the infirmary."]

He led her down slowly, just in case she were still feeling under the weather, and stepped through the propped open door. The large room was still brightly lit with various lanterns and heaters, this part of the room much warmer than the rest of the castle. Beds were lined up on each side of the room, only a few feet from each other, and were able to be separated by a curtain. There weren't too many patients, only Oliver and another soldier, so the prince was quite easy to find. Jeremy led her over to the still unconscious male, Kato standing beside his bed and writing a couple of notes on his patient's file.

[+green "How is he?"] Jeremy asked quietly, pulling over a chair close to Oliver for Lilli to sit down in. He took another look over at Oliver, taking note of the IV and blood drip that he was still attached to.

[+blue "His temperature has gone back up a bit but, unfortunately, is still on the cooler side. A nurse has gone to fetch one of his quilts to help with that. He did lose a lot of blood, which was what was most worrying, and I'm monitoring how his body is reacting to this third transfusion. If his readings don't improve in another thirty minutes, he's going to need a fourth one. He's doing well, though, and I'm hoping he'll awaken tomorrow."]
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 2d 7h 22m 55s
She takes the cup and smiles thankfully up at him. She takes a few sips and finds the taste butter but it does as he says and eases the aches and stiffness in her body. [+red "I would like that. Perhaps that is where Iria is now, keeping watch over him."] She says, her tone slightly hopeful.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 2d 9h 13m 15s
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Jeremy moved to the mantle, picking up a kettle and setting it on an iron rack over the fire. Once the water became hot he poured it into a cup, put it a small bag of herbs, and gave it to Lilli while it steeped. Luckily the priest knew his way around herbs and plants rather well, knowing just what to give her to give a little boost.

[+green "Everything will be fine, my dear girl,"] he told her softly, lightly sitting down on the edge of the bed near her. He could sense her uncomfortablness of the unknown but, unfortunately, there wasn't much he could do to quell it. [+green "Drink some of that tea, it'll take away a bit of the physical discomfort. Afterwards, perhaps we can visit Ollie and see how he's doing."]
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 2d 13h 9m 43s
She sighs in relief upon hesting that Oliver was okay. Slowly sitting up she looks around the room before replying. [+red "Honestly? I feel like a big tree fell on me. I have never had to use my own life force to keep someone from going into the spirit realm, and truthfully I do not know what the consequences will be."] She says softly. [+red "We were always warned that it was a lost resort, but were never told what would happen if we did do it."] She meets Jeremy's gaze and the fear and uncertainty in it was quite visible.

Irial materializes next to her, but his gaze shows sadness as she does not react. He sighs and stays near her, it would pass, eventually. Her soul was no longer complete and until the part in Oliver fully merges with his, her connection to the spirit world would be blocked, to keep her safe.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 2d 13h 51m 24s
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It had grown quite dark by the time Lilli awoke. The bodies of the fallen soldiers had long been cleared from the area while the wounded were taken inside and cared for. Oliver was among that group, the prince on the first floor in the infirmary and still out. At least he was the last time Jeremy had checked on him. The late hour had found the priest reading, the male sitting near the fireplace with a warm robe draped over his shoulders and a thick book in his lap. Light refracted off of the round lenses as his head raised, looking up at Lilli and giving her a gentle smile.

[+green "Relax, Lilli, everything is alright,"] he told her softly, closing the book and setting it aside. He slowly stood from his spot, pulling off the robe and folding it carefully before setting it in a nearby chair. [+green "I wanted to keep an eye on you just to be sure you were okay, that's why you're here and not in your own bed. Kato informs me that Oliver is recovering well but he hasn't woken up yet. He says perhaps tomorrow he may regain consciousness. How are you feeling?"]
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 3d 5h 53m 3s
Lilli watches them go, her own form beginning to tremble as she starts to feel the cold more acutely. She glances up at Jeremy as he helps her stand and then heas back to the castle. [+red "You do not need to thank me. As a healer it comes as part of the job."] She murmurs softly. [+red "And as for resting, I think if you had not been here to aid me, I would have simply taken a nap in the snow."] She says, her tone serious. [+red "As it stands, I had to use bits of my own life force to keep his soul tethered. I am very tired."] And she was, it was becoming a struggle to keep her eyes open and to keep moving. They are almost to the castle when exhaustion wins and she collapses against Jeremy.


When she wakes she has no idea what time it is, only that she is in a warm bed, and she feels safe. Turning her head she tries to figure out where she was, as it was not the room she shared with Oliver. Blinking a few times she makes out the form of Jeremy nearby, engrossed in a book. [+red "Jeremy? Where am I? Is His Highness alright?"] She asks, her voice sounding loud in the silence around them.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 3d 17h 52m 30s
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Oliver had begun to lose his senses and surroundings, his eyes growing quite heavy. He could hear the shouting of soldiers around him but it was muffled and he couldn't pick up their words. He turned his attention instead to the snow that continued to fall, turning his head to look at some of it better. It was also a bit difficult to see as black spots were beginning to cloud his vision, but they gave him something to focus on. Something other than how tired he was. After a few more minutes he couldn't hold his eyes open anymore and they fell closed, his head falling back into the snow.


Jeremy watched quickly, Kato standing by his side and holding his medical bag. Lilli's instructions were followed through, Kato not moving in until she said so and carefully inspected the mostly-healed wound before resting his hand on Oliver's neck. He was still cold, not enough blood circulating in his body, but he could feel a pulse. Good. He would last until one of the soldiers could carry him home. He rose to his feet, instructing the closest soldier to lift his patient, before following them back to the castle.

Jeremy knelt beside Lilli, giving her a gentle smile, before helping her to her feet. His arm remained around her for balance and extra support, helping her back as well. [+green "Thank you, Lilli,"] he said softly. [+green "We couldn't have saved him without you. You've earned a rest, I think."]
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 37d 8h 44m 37s
The metallic scent of blood hits Lilli's know before they even near the scene. Her eyes widen in shock as she takes in the state of Oliver. Pushing back her fear to deal with at a later time, she hurries over and kneels into the snow, ignoring the cold that seeps into her clothing. Closing her eyes for a moment she moves the soldier's hands and coat away and quickly puts her own on the wound. Her ruby gaze begins to glow, as well as her hands as she slowly begins to knit together organs and tissue. Twice she could feel Oliver behind to slip away and she had to a bit of her own life force each time to bring him back. As the medic arrives she instructs him not to move near or touch her or Oliver until she was done. For nearly two hours she works on healing his wound and keeping his soul tethered. Finally the glow fades and she moves her hand away, instead of a deep wound, it appeared to be a shallow cut. Lilli was very pale, and her breathing was a bit ragged as she speaks. [+red "I've done all that I can. He now has a very small wound and will need quite a bit of rest. Unfortunately I could do nothing for the blood loss."]
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 38d 6h 24m 32s
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[+green "He's in his office, tell him to bring a full med kit."] Jeremy watched as the soldier took off to the second floor, turning his attention to Lilli again. [+green "Let's go, I have a feeling we don't have much time."]

He grabbed his cloak, giving her a warm spare, and quickly led her through the first gate. The king and a small group of soldiers were there but nothing seemed to be out of place. Jeremy kept moving forward, each step causing a bit of panic and unease to rise in his stomach. He couldn't imagine life without Oliver in it and worried that it may be in his future.

Blood caught his eye, the priest following it out to the third gate. A group of slain enemy soldiers were scattered around while a few uninjured of their own were huddled around a dark mass on the ground. Blood covered the area around them, seeming to come from only one body, Jeremy moving closer to see Oliver in the middle of them. One soldier had removed his coat and was pressing it tightly to the kitsune's abdomen while the rest struggled to help in any way they could. Oliver's eyes were closed and his complexion rather pale which told him he had lost a substantial amount of blood. If they didn't move quickly, they could lose him.
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 38d 6h 35m 37s
Lilli glances over as Jeremy speaks with the soilder. Her ears twitch as she listens in. Her gaze flashes as she pushes to her feet and walks towards them. [+red "I know the healing arts. I can alleviate some of the strain on his body and treat the wound."] She says, her tone serious. She could see the soilder hesitate and lets out an almost inhuman growl. [+red "Do not quibble with me over this."]
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 38d 6h 50m 16s
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The enemy was beginning to dwindle down, Oliver and his group effectively taking them out one by one. What remained where a few of the craftier and stronger ones while, in Oliver's little army, almost all of his men were still standing. Only a few had been injured and, luckily, they weren't life threatening. A little medical treatment and rest would get them back on their feet in a week or so. This gave him a large confidence boost, one that made him feel like the battle was already over.

If Jeremy were here, he would have told the kitsune to pay more attention and not to gloat before it's over.

A few more men fell to his blades, Oliver stopping momentarily to assess what was left. They were doing exceptionally well, the enemy down to a small group now. A shout from an officer to his right caused his head to turn, Oliver not noticing the soldier approaching on his left, and felt a sudden and sharp pain in his abdomen. He looked down quickly, eyes widening at the blade of a sword sunk deep through his clothes while blood began to spill out around the blade. His first instinct was to stab the asshole who did it, which he did quickly, then dropped one of his elbow blades to lightly touch the area around the sword. A loud hiss sounded around a wave of pain, causing him to withdraw his hand. He had to get it out, there was no way he could walk back to the castle like this.

With a swift yank of the hilt, he pulled the weapon free from his skin and let it fall into the snow. Red liquid began to gush from the newly opened wound, Oliver trying to stop the flow with his hands. Two officers approached, one putting pressure on the wound and the other carefully easing the kitsune down on his back. He couldn't make out what was said, finding it a bit hard to concentrate, and turned his attention to the snowflakes that were still falling around them.

Jeremy kept his reassuring smile to Lilli, removing his own breakfast from the tray. He was about to sit down when a guard burst through the doors, a bit of blood sprayed across the front of his uniform, and the rest of it wet with melted snow.

[+green "What's happened?"] he asked quickly, going over to him.

[+blue "We need the medic. Lord Oliver's been hit."]
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 38d 6h 56m 22s
Lilli smiles a little at Jeremy, though it did not reach her eyes. She quietly thanks him before taking the cup of tea and holding it in her hands. Her own gaze reflects back at her as she waits for the others to arrive. She did not say anything else, only nodding when asked if she slept well. She was uneasy in the queen's presence and did not wish to start anything. Irial growls upon feeling her unease and mentally repeats his threat to the queen, inside of her mind, while having the pain from the spiritual wounds he inflicted flair up again. He was done holding back. Any sign of discomfort to his body ded would meet automatic retaliation.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 39d 6h 3m 47s
[h3 +]
Oliver blinked at a few snowflakes that fell onto his cheeks as he stepped outside, looking up to the black sky to observe the snowfall. It was pretty light, at least for up there, and still gave him some visibility. Up ahead he could see his father and a group of soldiers, one holding his elbow blades carefully in his arms. He let out a quiet sigh, the steam of his breath trailing up to the heavens, and approached the group. Instantly his father's gaze landed on him; he didn't seem too displeased which worried the kitsune a bit.

[+red "How nice of you to grace us with your presence,"] he stated, which caused Oliver to roll his eyes. [+red "We have a group incoming, about two miles away from the first gate. You need to stop them."]

[+purple "How many?"] he asked, taking the blades from the soldier that held them out and securing them to his waist. The sharp steel glinted in the moonlight, which would soon be giving way for the sunset.

[+red "Laurent said two hundred. A second wave is possible."]

[+purple "Then lets get busy. Father, stay here with a group of ten and guard the third gate. Have Jeremy ready for the possibility of a barrier."] He didn't give the king time to argue before taking the remaining soldiers and heading to the first gate, past the town's entrance. He could see the lanterns of the opposing ahead, small dots in the distance. Oliver motioned for them to get down, unhooking the blades from his waist and holding the handles securely, then sneaking his way through the darkness and towards the enemy. He watched as the rest of the group split up to surround them on all sides, waiting until they were ready before leaping out of the darkness and striking the nearest one with the edge of the blade. Blood exploded from his form, Oliver not pausing as he leaped over the next one and sank the blade into the back of his neck. He could hear his soldiers approaching, an uproar beginning as Oliver's men began to take them out one by one.

Sylvia had been up at this time, relaxing at the table with some granola and fruit, when Lilli entered. She watched as the girl moved to the far end of the table to avoid her, a faint smile touching her own lips. Good, she had learned something that it seemed Oliver couldn't. Jeremy entered soon after, going to the kitchen and returning a bit later with a tray of breakfast. He stood in front of Lilli, giving her an encouraging smile, before setting down a bowl of fruit, granola, and a mug of tea.

[+green "Good morning, your majesties,"] he greeted them both. [+green "I trust you slept well."]
  Oliver Jeffreys / SolemnYuki / 39d 7h 38m 8s
Lilli wakes twenty minutes later and lets out a soft groan as she sits up and stretches. Not seeing Oliver she simply gets dressed and heads downstairs. Reaching the dining hall she stiffened as only the queen was there. Biting the bullet she takes a seat as far away from her as she can.
  Lilli Crozzeria / KathyCross / 42d 17h 39m 35s

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