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Ardmore, Virginia 45 minutes from Richmond
Home of the Mikaelson's.

September 16th, 1794- the masquerade where the Mikaelson's perished in the fire.
House rebuilt on the lands in 1820.


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If there was one way to get her sister's attention it was the piano. And even more than the piano, a song she did not know. Which Van knew was a good many but also knew that her sister knew so many as well.

[b "That's right.. You've never heard him play before.."] Came soft words as she tugged towards the piano. Her eyes too watched the man's hands for a moment and how quick they were to move. Almost as captivating as the song.

[b "Amazing..."] Vanessa said with a smile and then nudged Vera. [b "Why not ask to learn?"[
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"That's not Beethoven," Vera whispered. She took her sister's hand and roamed over to the black piano. His hands moved so quickly over the keys and with ease she was lost until he spoke.

"Padam Padam by Edith Pilaf." The man spoke. He sounded old like Klaus.

She didn't ask only knew she had to learn the song.

James looked to Vanessa with a smile before finishing.

[ Padam Padam]
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"You'll have your chance." But those were the only words the man said. Before he could say more, the young woman making her way back across the fenced in area.

Klaus would have his chance. He knew that he would. Just he had to be patient a little longer.


Green-blue eyes fell on her sister as she had been covering. A smile came to her lips and she looked over to the piano. [b "That would be James.. I told you that he would be here."] She said softly.

And she couldn't help being drawn in by the music that he played.
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She repeated the name and shook her head. It didn't sound good..

"What did you do before you-" she stopped to look at her watch before she shot up. "I'm late! If she finds out I'll never be able to go..."

She'd have her chance in two weeks to go to the spot and really explore.

Across the fence she slipped on the dress and brushed her hair before she went in. A man sat at her piano playing a song she never heard. It was exotic. "Whose that?" She asked Vanessa.
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[b "Maybe we could look into it more? It seems...strange.."]

Her cheeks turned a bright pink at her sister's words and she huffed softly. So she had eyes for that "Damon guy" as Vera had just so lovingly pointed out. Just she could never ask the guy out or anything. As far as she could tell he was too good. Or someone mommy and daddy would hate..and honestly that excited her.


The man appeared as he had been watching her. She was again out the stream and sat upon the rock she used to come to. Was she possibly starting to remember.

"Niklaus.. But chose to have it shortened to Klaus. Something more fierce and 'fun'.." Klaus said as his arms were at his side, blue gaze upon her. Slowly he was getting stronger and could hold a apparation longer. And yet again he wanted her to see him there.


Because Vera had disappeared, Vanessa was playing hostess to the guests. Many of them she could not stand but she was doing her best to be the "proper young lady" she had been raised to be.

A bright and genuine smile grazed her lips when 'James' gave her the book. [b "Thank's amazing you remembered.."] Her words were soft as she spoke them and she looked to the date on the book.
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"Dunno just something I've seen before. Think it's Norwegian," Vera shrugged. "I bet if it was that Damon guy you would not be saying that. I see you eye him."

She passed her a grin before going to the acting bedroom to change.


"What sort of name is Klaus?" Vera asked from her rock. She got as far as past the stream but tonight was the big dinner. She had her sketch book hoping for some big chance.


"A present for you. This once belonged to my sister but she found...other pursuits more interesting," Elijah presented the book to Vanessa with a nod. The second edition of Emma dated back to when he bought it in London those years ago.
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Kitchens..they still needed to actually get the kitchen remodeled. So she could see why that had been an idea. [b "Richmond would be good. We can look at the kitchens...maybe even look at the old book store?"] She asked, hands having moved into her baxk pockets.

Her eyes went to the sketch and she shrugged. [b "The date wasn't really anything special.. I would have chosen here.."] And she REALLY looked at the sketch in those moments. [b " Ver..what is that?"]
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"The nursing home took heavy damage so they're working on that and being paid for it. Want to go to Richmond to look at model kitchens?" She stood up. Putting down the sketch. ."Didn't want to interrupt the date you had."

The water color art formed a serpent wrapped around empty space. "I'm going to change."
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Van studied her older sister as she spoke. Most of the truth was there, but she knew her. And slowly she sat, pushing the bag towards the other.

[b "So you had a fun night here.. You know I could have stayed."] Came soft and thoughtful words. Honestly she had been having some interesting dreams. Ballrooms and such.

[b "We were going to have the contractors here again? Or was it the estate's man today?"] She asked, taking out a notebook and pen, blue-green gaze falling on Vera again.
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Vera glanced over the top of the sketch pad. Dipping the tip into the water she added some lines.

"The fence came down at three this morning and the remains of the slave cabins." She muttered. She didn't know if she imagined the British ghost.
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"This will not be the last time, love." Came the quiet British laced words. Another flash and crack and he was gone. For the moment he had served his purpose. He could get on the grounds and he could interact with the young woman.


It was about nine when she got to the plantation. Later than she had been intending but she had been held up in a call. One that SHOULD have been able to wait but for some godforsaken reason it hadn't been able to.

[b "Vera?! I brought food!"] Van called as she entered. She had not expected to find her sister in the kitchen and sketching.

[b "Have you been up all night?"]
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Property damage, early morning, and asshole.

She didn't lower the hammer or move from her spot. There was something in her sluggish mind that sounded like the truth. "Blah blah blah, get the hell out." She said before another crack of thunder. She glanced out for one second- he was gone when she did but nothing was opened.

Vera stayed working on a water color sketch until Vanessa arrived.
  Lore / Socasm / 3d 13h 9m 49s
It looked like his dear brother was keeping good to his word. Protecting or trying to protect the two little doves. Also it looked like he had been thorough in making sure she had forgotten him. Ah well just meant there was more fun to be had.

"So you really have no idea as to who I am? Rather hurtful little swan as we spent many days and hours out by the forbidden gate." He was giving hints as to who he was and he was toying with her. That spark she had so very entertained him.
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Vera slid to where tools from the remodeling sat. Grabbing the hammer she held it firmly. How had he entered without setting off the alarms?

"I don't know who the hell you are but I want you out of my ho-plantation...Whatever...." She narrowed her eyes and ignored the stirring under all the jaded layers.
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That bloody gate had been keeping him at bay for so long. But now with the early morning storm it had come down and so had the tree. With both near dismantled, Kalus was able to get close to the house. Get close to the girl he had been slowly working on since she was a child.

For now he was still more the apparation. Phantom like but had the advantages of touch and being seen. So not a complete waste.

The soft padding of feet and the voice caught his attention and blue eyes turned to the young woman as the crash of thunder and more crashing came. "Not your sister, little swan. It has been quite some time." He said with a smirk as he was facing her now fully.
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