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Ardmore, Virginia 45 minutes from Richmond
Home of the Mikaelson's.

September 16th, 1794- the masquerade where the Mikaelson's perished in the fire.
House rebuilt on the lands in 1820.


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"Why does the dead never stay dead?" Damon muttered. "Stay away from Enzo. He came back to taunt a cat with a bloody string. Something to do with this original crap."

The brother, maybe, but it got more complicated.


"The best porno schooling ever. I don't think I can walk now." Shr said against him. Her back was hurting now and legs numb. She didn't even hear the front door open.
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What was it between the two of them? Old friends..but there seemed a strain to it as well. As much as she wanted to ask, Van did keep her mouth shut and merely offered a smile and nod to the Brit.

It had not taken long for them to get to the car or for her to be helped in. [b "Are you okay..? You seem upset.."] Her words slipped before she could stop them. But it had been his very sidden change in mood that had her ask.
  L.O.R.E / SheDevil / 13h 5m 58s
"I wouldn't miss it for the world, good bye, mate." Enzo stood up with a smirk.

Any jovial mood Damon had was gone. He walked her to the car and helped her in. "Can't believe....that...sausage showing up...didn't even send a post card." He muttered.
  Lore / Socasm / 13h 12m 3s
It seemed as if the new man, the Brit seemed happier about the party and reunion than did Damon. But she supposed that was how things were. [b "It was a pleasure to meet you...and hopefully you'll be at the party tomorrow night.."] The girl said before she stood and obediently went to Damon.
  L.O.R.E / SheDevil / 14h 51m 47s
"Good, I do love a smashing party," Enzo smiled brightly. "Damon and I go back a long time. A friendship to die for, isn't that right, old bean?"

Damon gave an exaggerated grin. "To die for. Let's go, Vanessa."
  Lore / Socasm / 15h 31m 8s
Blue eyes went between the two men as they spoke. She was still very much under Damon's control. But she was still her enough. [b "So, the two of you know the other?"] Probably a stupid question by the words that had passed between them. Though she could not help her wondering.

A faint smile graced her lips as she did once more look to Enzo.[b "You would be more than welcome. They want anyone who is willing to come to be there."] She said, reciting what she had heard and been told OVER and OVER again.
  L.O.R.E / SheDevil / 16h 42m 39s
She was a pretty little thing with doe eyes. The glaze in her eyes told him another story. He smiled to himself and sat down across from her. The man with the slicked back hair and dancing eyes..

"Vanessa, a lovely name..." He smiled.

"Well, well, look whose back from the dead. What brings you here, Enzo?" Damon folded his arms.

"I never miss a brilliant party." Enzo looked to him. "If I'm invited by Vanessa here."
  Lore / Socasm / 16h 57m 6s
Waiting on Damon had not been fun. And she contemplated multiple times dancing or something. But she for some reason had listened and parked her ass at one of the booths and was sipping on a drink as a man she had never met before approached.

A faint smile graced pink lips. [b "I was waiting for...a friend. But apparently he's ditched me. The pleasure is mine..I'm Vanessa."] Came soft words.

Why not introduce herself? The man had.
  L.O.R.E / SheDevil / 1d 5h 2m 47s
Vanessa. Where the hell was Vanessa?

Impatiently scanning the crowds for the girl he cursed his luck. He taunted Rebekah wnd now couldn't find her. Bathroom, maybe? Or already taken. "God damnit...he muttered before spotting Vanessa with a face he thought that was dead.


"Well, love, all alone aren't we? I'm Enzo St. John," the Brit sat across from her.
  Lore / Socasm / 2d 18h 40m 5s
Ripping his heart out sounded like such a good plan the moment he opened his mputh again. She did not need him of all people to be mocking her. "And what of it? I don't need you or anyone else." The woman bristled, not being able to keep her woeds from being hissed out.

Why she let him get under her skin the way that she did, Rebekah would never know. The Salvatote just seemed to have that magic touch and she hated him for it. For a moment she watched him and the moment he turned away from her, the blonde was gone heraelf. As she said, she still had planning to finish and to make sure her brother had not killed the other girl.
  L.O.R.E / SheDevil / 3d 4h 50m 26s
It dawned on him just then with Rebekah and the situation.

"Oh, I see...the other girl...I could take your mind off of her tonight," Damon said before he turned to go find Vanessa. Her charm and amusement still had a draw only she wasn't there.
  Lore / Socasm / 3d 19h 18m 27s
She wasn't like Damon and her brother. Even if she played like she didn't, Rebekah had a heart and let her emotions rule her. That was how she got into everything that she did. How she now stood here and was near begging for the girls. "You bloody well better not hurt her. And I am sure. I have to get back to the boss and the planning." She hissed, arms crossing once more as her eyes locked with his.
  L.O.R.E / SheDevil / 4d 7h 20m 29s
That was why she was here again. She couldn't make the sacrifice when Damon and Klaus could.

"I hope to be like you when I get old. I better go see to the girl...she is fun. Sure you don't want to join?" He asked with a grin.
  Lore / Socasm / 4d 13h 47m 22s
Her grip only tightened on the man's wrist. Blue gaze locked with blue gaze as she stayed silent a moment. "Both the girls." She hissed after a moment. But his next question caught her off her guard. "No, I have not thought of that." Honestly she hadn't because she had not wanted to get Vera killed. There was...well she was certaintly drawn.
  L.O.R.E / SheDevil / 4d 17h 39s
"Well, well...if it isn't Barbie Mikaelson asking to be spared. And about the girl, too, which one? Not a fan of the other but your brother seems to be. Ever thought of using her?" Damon asked curiously. This all seemed to be working out, or was it?
  Lore / Socasm / 4d 17h 6m 4s

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