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In a world where everyone is perfect, Carson is not. He’s got glasses, anxiety, and that’s just the start. He’s the lowest of the low in school, in the world. People have offered to fix his problems but he declines, making him even less perfect. But what would happen if the most popular, most perfect boy in the school notices him. What would happen if that perfect guy came up to Carson out of everyone in the school and asked to be friends? What would happen if they grew feelings for each other? Is Mr. Perfect not so perfect after all?

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((Kk then!
( ^^
((I’m not gonna pay much attention to this thread anymore
  Somebody20 / 3d 13h 12m 30s
( okay so we’ll put it on the back burner. Not sure if I trust anyone else to do this plot anyways cause it’s one of my favorite ideas lol
  Raiders / 3d 13h 13m 39s
((I might come back to it eventually
((It’s interesting enough, just not what I wanna do right now
  Somebody20 / 3d 13h 17m 6s
( we can do that if you want I don’t mind ^^
( I can save this plot for you or I can erase the entry’s and advertise it ^^
  Raiders / 3d 13h 18m 38s
((Just gonna be honest, I’m bored with this
((I’m craving an omega verse Haikyu thing at the moment
  Somebody20 / 3d 13h 24m 59s
This time Carson let her, too tired to argue. He didn’t say anything as he followed her.
  Raiders / 3d 14h 43m 36s
“Then you need a—oh, what’s it called? Ah! A new prescription, right?” Nicole grabbed Carson’s wrist again. “C’mon.”
  Somebody20 / 3d 14h 46m 52s
“I can never see the board. It was just worse than usual today. My glasses didn’t help all that much. I could only see about five feet in front of my face, which isn’t much.”
  Raiders / 3d 14h 49m 19s
Nicole rolled her eyes. “I was joking about the kiss. Seriously, though, you need your glasses. Could you even see the board today?!”
  Somebody20 / 3d 14h 52m 25s
Carson’s nostrils flared and he tightened his hands into fists. “I think I’ll live without the glasses, thanks.”
  Raiders / 3d 15h 6m 1s
Nicole shook her head. “You’ll be taking glasses, not money. And it’s not like I’m gonna try to force you to be my personal space or something. Geez. Just give me a kiss and we’ll be even,” she deadpanned.
  Somebody20 / 3d 15h 34m 52s
“I don’t like taking money from others. It means I owe them something.” His eyes lowered to his feet, since he didn’t know where she was standing.
  Raiders / 3d 15h 39m 17s
Nicole glared at him. “Try me. My parents are rich and don’t care how much I spend. You need glasses,” she insisted. “You’re glaring at a poster.” The said poster was two feet away from her.
  Somebody20 / 3d 15h 41m 0s
Carson glared at where he thought she was standing. “It’s mot easy to find them and you have to be willing to pay a lot. Probably more than either of us have combined.”
  Raiders / 3d 15h 49m 47s
Nicole shrugged. “You obviously found a pair already. Where’d you get them? We can find more.”
  Somebody20 / 3d 16h 23m 53s

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