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you still wanna do this?
  John Weasley / RavenNightfall / 205d 4h 28m 31s

As I walked around on the beach in almost the complete darkness, it being night, I picked up a rock on the ground and threw it into the water. It, surprisingly, actually skipping a few times then sinking into the water.

I cursed silently to myself, hating that I was even up at this time. Since it was night, the harpies were out, and, well, let's just say that they have met me a couple of times and don't like the fact that I can get away with things so easily. But, every time I had a bad dream, and I know I wouldn't go back to sleep, I got out of my bed, and walked along the beach.

Looking out of the ocean I loved to fantasize that I am a child of Posiden, which I know would never be possible since I have more traits from other gods, then Posiden, and also that he is a Big Three. So that would never happen. If anything I would be in Athena. Or Hermes. Or Ares. But I didn't know, and living in the Hermes cabin was getting kind of annoying. All the new kids coming in. Flooding the cabin, and then leaving once they are claimed. They come and go. It's really annoying. Especially since I have been here for my entire life, and still haven't been claimed. And it's not like my mom could tell me. Since she was dead and all. Along with the rest of my family. The only Weasley family member alive was me, and my Crazy Uncle. Well, everyone just called him that because he believes in Egyptian Mythology, but I know better. Never met him though. So who knows? He could actually be crazy.

I threw a rock really hard at the water in frustration, as I let out a huff, and it sunk to the bottom of the ocean instead of skipping. I just hoped that the harpies weren't out, or that another camper was up because most campers go to the beach to relax. Well, most campers I knew anyways.
  John Weasley / RavenNightfall / 214d 12m 49s
ok, I'll get started on the starter post, It'll probably be done byt the end of the day.))
  John Weasley / RavenNightfall / 222d 13h 55m 57s
  Keira Alanis / -HotChocolate- / 223d 5h 46m 3s
ok, just made my character, if you want to see, their name is John Weasley. Do you want to start at camp, or do we come into camp together, and the beginning of the story starts outside of camp? I was thinking already inside the camp since that would get the story started faster.))
  John Weasley / RavenNightfall / 224d 4h 7m 3s
((fxm)) amamamamamamambmamamamamanbnamamamamamamama
  Keira Alanis / -HotChocolate- / 224d 4h 53m 58s
you want a romance between the characters? If so do you want it to be fxm or fxf? If not, we can just keep it friendship I'm working on making a character so I need to know what gender to make them))
  (Kali) Celeste Light / RavenNightfall / 224d 4h 55m 42s
  Keira Alanis / -HotChocolate- / 224d 11h 56m 53s

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