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ok, I'll get started on the starter post, It'll probably be done byt the end of the day.))
  John Weasley / RavenNightfall / 7d 6h 49m 7s
  Keira Alanis / -HotChocolate- / 7d 22h 39m 13s
ok, just made my character, if you want to see, their name is John Weasley. Do you want to start at camp, or do we come into camp together, and the beginning of the story starts outside of camp? I was thinking already inside the camp since that would get the story started faster.))
  John Weasley / RavenNightfall / 8d 21h 13s
((fxm)) amamamamamamambmamamamamanbnamamamamamamama
  Keira Alanis / -HotChocolate- / 8d 21h 47m 8s
you want a romance between the characters? If so do you want it to be fxm or fxf? If not, we can just keep it friendship I'm working on making a character so I need to know what gender to make them))
  (Kali) Celeste Light / RavenNightfall / 8d 21h 48m 52s
  Keira Alanis / -HotChocolate- / 9d 4h 50m 3s

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