The girl from the unknown (HTTYD)

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A runaway from her father's business, Ar Grimborn disappeared, stealing one of the ships, and training a dragon.

Ar lands on an island, one of a group of four, and then claims them all for herself, and her Whispering Death Dragon, Groundbreaker.

After a few years of exploring, fighting off the rogue dragons, training most of them on her islands, and fortifying them in case of dragon hunters. You come along. You come from a long line of dragon hunters, called the Ingermans. Known for their dramillions, which went almost extinct, they used for practice hunting due to their ability to mimic dragon fire. You came close to killing one, but, due to the fact you hated everything about being an Ingerman, ended up training it instead. You fly away from your island, and you end up here. With Ar.

What will You do when Ar's old family ends up finding her and tries to take away her islands and her life from her?

In case you didn't notice, this is a How To Train Your Dragon Role Play, so please do not join unless you have watched all the movies, and it would be a bonus if you have also watched the Netflix series since you would know more dragon species and background about the Ingermans.

PM me if interested, I will be playing Ar, so PM me you're skelly. I will tell you if you need to give me more info!

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