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It's the classic Villian vs. Superhero plot.

The only difference is that the villain and the hero are roommates. Roommates who are already dating.

Imagine having to hide who you are from the person you trust the most. Having to cover up why you sometimes come to your apartment with a deep gash, or lots of injuries. Trying to cover up where you go to almost every night.

You have your suspicions about the other but keep to yourself, because you are almost scared to be right.

What will happen when the hero gets captured by another villain? One that's never been heard of, only works in the shadows of the night, and Always gets what they need done.

PM me if you want to do this, and we can decide on who wants to be hero and who wants to be villian, and all the other details.


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you still wanna do this??.))
  Luna King / RavenNightfall / 204d 6h 21m 40s
don't forget to post a part to the harry potter and the avatar ones as well lol))

I had been asleep for a few hours when a noise woke me up. I sat up quickly and turned around, looking for what the noise was, but saw nothing.

I was about to lay my head back down and fall back to sleep but then felt a small pinch on the side of my neck.

"Ow..." I muttered sleepily and felt my neck. I felt something, and, confused I pulled it out of my neck, my vision starting to go spotty.

"A dart?" I muttered and then promptly fell back on my bed, my head hitting the backboard.

Unknown to me right after I passed out the person, in complete black, came through the wall next to my bed right after. They picked me up over their shoulders and disappeared back through the wall.
  Luna King / RavenNightfall / 222d 3h 47m 36s
Lyra snorted. Usually she was the first to fall asleep. Guess Luna was tired. She was too, but more physically from the fight earlier. Sighing, she slowly fell asleep, not snoring because she had a good, clear nasal passage.
  Lyra wingale / Hazelnut / 222d 3h 55m 38s
Due to my injury, Lyra and I decided that sharing a bed tonight wouldn't be the best idea since I had the embarrassing habit of snuggling a person if I was sleepy and they were close.

When I got into bed I almost immediately fell asleep and snores started to come from me as I slept, hugging my pillow to my chest.
  Luna King / RavenNightfall / 222d 3h 58m 33s
((We can time skip I guess.

Lyra flopped onto her bed, a groan of pleasure escaping her lips. “I love my bed.” She spoke, her words half muffled by the pillow. She was all ready for bed, and in it. All she needed to do was fall asleep. Which for Lyra, was never a problem.
  Lyra wingale / Hazelnut / 222d 4h 6m 1s
I laughed at how hungry she looked and said, "Yeah sure, what do you want to watch?" I asked, wondering about the movies we had that weren't horror movies.

Do you want to continue this until they go to sleep, or do you want to time skip some stuff? or until they go to sleep?))
  Luna King / RavenNightfall / 222d 5h 19m 25s
Lyra scooped a bunch of food on her plate, jumping off the counter to walk to the living room. She plopped on the couch, already digging in. “Wanna watch a movie?” She spoke between mouthfuls, devouring her food as if she had never eaten in her life.
  Lyra wingale / Hazelnut / 222d 8h 26m 10s
I laughed, making my own plate already, "Yes, it's been done, come get your food."

When I was done grabbing my food, I sat down on the couch and then waited for Lyra.
  Luna King / RavenNightfall / 222d 13h 45m 29s
Of course it was weird. Lyra would have been utterly stupid not to notice how odd it was their schedules always matched up. Lunas wound only made her more suspicious. She had cut the pesty hero there... but she loved luna, and there was no way she was going to be suspicious of her.

“Yeah, that does make everything easy. Maybe some god up there wants us to be together~” she chuckled. “Now, is the food done? I’m hungry.”
  Lyra wingale / Hazelnut / 222d 22h 46m 32s
I smiled, "Yeah, but isn't it kinda weird too?" I thought about the fact that I was lying about the overwork, and my brother wanting me to visit. Instead, I was going to find where that blasted theif was living, and find out their identity. I needed to know, it was killing me. I would follow them after their raid on a bank again, probably, and then follow them into their house or lair or whatever. Perfect plan.

"It's a little weird how you are always busy when I am," I said, now frowning after I thought about it more. It only confirmed my theory about her more, but, of course, my theory couldn't be true. So I didn't think about it long, and shrugged, "Eh, it's works with our time schedule so it's cool."
  Luna King / RavenNightfall / 222d 23h 31m 34s
Lyra let out a long whistle. “And here I thought you were gonna be mad at me. I’m swamped too tomorrow. I have to finish helping my mom go through her harmonicas and other random nonsense, and then she wants me to help her sell the stuff she doesn’t want. I was just going to stay in her guest house for the night. I love how our schedules work together.” She smiled, leaning back against the cabinet.

  Lyra wingale / Hazelnut / 222d 23h 51m 50s
I smiled at my victory, "Well I did warn you before we became roommates," I said, laughing a little, and started to put things in the microwave.

Once all the leftovers were cooked, and we were sitting in the living room eating, I said, "By the way, I don't think I am going to be able to do anything tomorrow. I'm gonna be packed at my job, I'm staying late, and my brother wants me to visit. So I'll be home late tomorrow."

  Luna King / RavenNightfall / 222d 23h 56m 44s
Lyra frowned softly, unable to hide the slight worry on her face before she sighed in defeat. “Alright... you’re so stubborn.” She smiled softly, jumping up on the counter to sit on it, legs criss crossed.
  Lyra wingale / Hazelnut / 223d 9m 48s
I sighed, smiling to myself, "I'm still cooking," I laughed a little, and then shook her off heading to the fridge, and grabbing some leftovers from another dinner, "All I have to do is warm everything up, I'll be fine."
  Luna King / RavenNightfall / 223d 4h 28m 32s
“Yeah, one. And I’m still helping. The last thing we need is you hurting yourself more...” she followed her, hugging her from behind. “If you hurt yourself, I’ll be sad.”
  Hazelnut / 223d 6h 54m 52s

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