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Here you can roleplay about anything no topic needed; just no sexually things please!


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"Huh!?" Lizzy can't help but freeze her body with her magic. "S--Stop! Y--You're hurt!"
  Lizzy / LizzyBizzy / 14h 31m 9s
Juniper vane was running through the forest in her wolf form. Her fur was a beautiful silver coulor but it was covered in blood where her wounds where.
  xXChocolatePeachXx / 14h 32m 59s

  Lizzy / LizzyBizzy / 1d 19h 54m 42s
Lizzy yawns as the slightest hint of the sun starts to peek out from behind the trees. Her ears go down as she pulls her cloaks hood over her head. "Demons can't be in light..."
  Lizzy / LizzyBizzy / 1d 21h 11m 47s

  Lizzy / LizzyBizzy / 9d 7h 48m 47s
"Oh hush.." She goes quiet, only to mutter spell under her breathe.
  Lizzy / LizzyBizzy / 9d 7h 59m 18s
“So practical.” Runnan rolled his eyes before falling silent as he walked. He pulled out the cloth of berries, munching on them.
  Shu Osuriki / Hazelnut / 9d 8h 5m 13s
"Just call me Liz," She sighs and starts to read again.
  Lizzy / LizzyBizzy / 9d 8h 11m 3s
“Well, there’s not many names to call you.” He protested, huffing a little. “Witch sounds too obvious, little one you don’t like, Little fox you don’t like, demon just sounds hateful...” he didn’t like that he couldn’t come up with a nick name.
  Shu Osuriki / Hazelnut / 9d 8h 12m 9s
She smiles. "You're bad at nicknames." She giggles and starts to read her book that opens on its own.
  Lizzy / LizzyBizzy / 9d 8h 14m 22s
“Well, you should memorise them just in case, little fox.” He tried at the nickname, her ears the most noticeable thing.
  Shu Osuriki / Hazelnut / 9d 8h 18m 54s
"Some yes, but not all." She mumbled a bit upset.
  Lizzy / LizzyBizzy / 9d 9h 23s
“You are odd, little one.” He looked back up as he walked, observing the area. “If you are to lose your book, do you have spells memorised?”
  Shu Osuriki / Hazelnut / 9d 9h 26m 56s
"Well, I can use magic in an area that I've seen and explored a bit. The rest of my time I can only use spells from my book." She smiles sweetly trying explain.
  Lizzy / LizzyBizzy / 9d 9h 36m 58s
“Were you not using magic? You teleported and conjured what I believe was a shield. That is more magic than I can do.” He glanced down at her.
  Shu Osuriki / Hazelnut / 9d 9h 39m 3s

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