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Do you feel it? Your being watched.

Several years ago, fate chose Ryker to be the new watcher, and one of the mystical wraiths, so he has watched over us for 300 years, as the godlike wraith, keepers of the underworld. One day he was strolling on Terra (Earth) When he met a girl, named ______, she was also some sort of powerful creature, but he felt a connection with her, so he invites her to his Sanctuary, the Wraith palace, and he talks to her. He finally realizes that he fell in love with _____.

So this is an MxF, where I am a mystical person, Ryker, and another mystical person, your oc. Heres the skelly

Rules and skelly

1. Be semi lit to lit, I need you to have proper grammar and such,

2. I want a paragraph or two, that's the average, I am not going to write a sentence or a whole essay, alright,

3. Talk to me before big twists, I will probably be ok with it.

4. Have fun!









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"Why? No one could tell you were not human." He looked to where she was, the humans. "I like the leaves."
“Yea? I’m trying not to be suspicious....” she sat down next to him making sure that her ‘friends’ were far enough ahead to not notice she sat down.
  Ashgryffin / 5h 42m 4s
"Human friends?" He said, sitting on a bench and gesturing for her to sit.
  Ryker (Wraith supreme) / Nobody101 / 1d 19h 54m 48s
“Walking with my friends...” she gently pulled her sleeves on her hoodie down so they covered her hands. “I have always loved nature as a child.” She was still looking ahead keeping her eyes on all of the falling leaves.
  Ashgryffin / 5d 21h 9m 52s
"Wandering, what about you?" He said, still walking. The leaves were falling a bit, and there was a chill.
  Ryker (Wraith supreme) / Nobody101 / 6d 3h 29m 29s
Alena looked at him, she didn’t want to press any further, “ok. So what are you doing here.... At a park.... With humans?” Her brown eyes wandered off to all of the flowers and plants that were surrounding the walkway.
  Ashgryffin / 7d 20h 4m 55s
"I, I can't tell you yet," He said, he couldn't trust her, but he needed to know why she was strolling in a park with humans.
  Ryker (Wraith supreme) / Nobody101 / 8d 3h 47m 48s
She stopped and turned to him. She decided that now was probably a good time for asking her question. “I know your not human either. So what are you?”

She started walking again so not to cause too much attention. “And I’m Elena.” She was still looking forward but she had a curious expression on her face.
  Ashgryffin / 9d 3h 43m 32s
He continued walking with her, "Your not really talking to them," He said, still walking. He looked at the girls up ahead, leaning forward, and whispering in the girls ear,

"I know your not human, I'm Ryker, by the way,"

He said, knowing this might be a hell of a day.
  Ryker (Wraith supreme) / Nobody101 / 9d 16h 14m 51s
She jumped just a little bit. She then turned her head, her deep brown eyes looked at him just a little bit confused but nonetheless she cracked a small smile. “uh... yeah... why?”

She knew something wasn’t right about this boy. He just teleported behind her. She was debating whether or not to ask how he did that.
  Elena Thorn / Ashgryffin / 9d 18h 24m 36s
He appeared behind her, looking over her shoulder. "Those your friends?" He asked, noticing she didn't talk to them. He shifted and walked by her, looking like an average 16 year old.

He wasn't about to let on he knew she wasn't human, he needed to make sure she wouldn't get scared, I mean, If I was walking and someone pointed out to me I was not human, that would creep me out a bit.
  Ryker (Wraith supreme) / Nobody101 / 9d 18h 32m 27s
Elena was walking behind the rest of her friends. She wasn’t one to talk so she stayed silent as she looked at the flowers. She looked up and nodded along to what the others were saying.

She continued to look around the park as she whispered to herself, “I haven’t been here in so long...” A small smile grew on her face. She then caught sight of the man who was standing not to far from them. She then noticed the dead flowers that were behind him. “What the...?” She looked at him in confusion.
  Elena Thorn / Ashgryffin / 9d 20h 22m 12s
Ryker was walking through a park, looking at all of the trees and flowers.
He had a thoughtful talk with himself, talking about the things in his long life he has encountered, the horrors and beauties. He knew these were mortal pleasures but he still enjoyed them,

"Pretty, yet futile," He said, the flowers dying as he walked by. He laughed. It felt good. He wasn't all bad, but he was when needed.

He noticed some humans walking along the side of the park, chatting. He was once like them, but those memories were long gone. He was surprised to see one in the back, who wasn't talking, was not like the others. He looked at her carefully.
  Ryker (Wraith supreme) / Nobody101 / 9d 21h 43m 6s

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