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Do you feel it? Your being watched.

Several years ago, fate chose Ryker to be the new watcher, and one of the mystical wraiths, so he has watched over us for 300 years, as the godlike wraith, keepers of the underworld. One day he was strolling on Terra (Earth) When he met a girl, named ______, she was also some sort of powerful creature, but he felt a connection with her, so he invites her to his Sanctuary, the Wraith palace, and he talks to her. He finally realizes that he fell in love with _____.

So this is an MxF, where I am a mystical person, Ryker, and another mystical person, your oc. Heres the skelly

Rules and skelly

1. Be semi lit to lit, I need you to have proper grammar and such,

2. I want a paragraph or two, that's the average, I am not going to write a sentence or a whole essay, alright,

3. Talk to me before big twists, I will probably be ok with it.

4. Have fun!









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“My friends usually drag me to the mall... or the caffe.” She looked up at him. “They really don’t ask me for my opinion much....”
  Ashgryffin / 213d 20h 23m 51s
"I- I don't know," He had been staring of into space.
"So, what do you do with your friends?" He asked her.
  Ryker (Wraith) / MaybeMental / 224d 1h 47m 49s
She clutched onto his arm so she wouldn’t get cold. “So.... what do we wanna do now?” She stayed close by his side.
  Ashgryffin / 231d 2h 46m 54s
" Yes they are," He responded, still walking. He no longer felt cold, whether her hugging him or just a change in the tempature, he was glad.
  Ryker (Wraith) / MaybeMental / 231d 12h 27m 47s
She looked up at him and smiled “thanks!” She gave him a hug. “The leaves are really pretty this time of year...”
  Ashgryffin / 233d 4h 8m 11s
"I care, he said, looking down at her, the leaves falling around them.
  Ryker (Wraith) / Nobody101 / 233d 12h 20m 24s
“No. my friends don’t care about me that much. it’s ok!” She was still hugging onto his arm to give him more warmth.
  Ashgryffin / 237d 5m 16s
"Just a bit, but I'm fine," He said, seeing the bench they sat on. He looked at Elena,
"Will your friends be wondering where you are?" He asked her.
  Ryker (Wraith) / Nobody101 / 237d 1h 54m 18s
She went down the ladder with him and she herself was watching the ground to make sure that if one of them did end up falling that she would be able to do something.

Once they found a path she noticed that he shivered a little bit. “Are you cold?” She looked at him and hugged his arm as they walked to at least give his arm warmth.
  Ashgryffin / 237d 3h 36m 9s
He led her down the ladder, making sure he didn't fall. It was a bit akward as he had to have his arms on her waist making sure she didn't fall, as this was a very unstable ladder and two people on it was a lot.

Once they reached the bottom he moved his arms and grabbed her hand, leading her across the street. He found a path and began walking, looking at the leaves on the ground. He shivered. It was cold outside.
  Ryker (Wraith supreme) / Nobody101 / 237d 13h 58m 34s
“Sure!” She smiled at him and quickly kissed his cheek again. She held his hand a little tighter.
  Ashgryffin / 237d 16h 59m 28s
"Wanna go for a walk in the park?" He asked her, still holding her hand.
  Ryker (Wraith supreme) / Nobody101 / 237d 17h 18m 4s
She was now a very very very deep crimson red as she looked at him in the eye and smiled. “Y-yeah.....” Her hand slowly and almost hesitantly intertwined with the one he had on the ground.
  Ashgryffin / 237d 17h 50m 29s
"Really?" He said for around the third time that night playfully, as he turned to her. His hand shot out and touched her chin, lifting her head up as he leaned forward, his lips touching hers. One hand on her chin and one hand on the ground, as he broke away, looking her in the eyes.
  Ryker (Wraith supreme) / Nobody101 / 237d 17h 49m 13s
She stared at him for a whole minute. Her face flushed a deep red as she looked at him. “I-I..... I do t-too.....” she kissed his cheek and looked down. Her face was still a crimson red color.
  Ashgryffin / 237d 17h 57m 32s

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