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Juniper is the youngest daughter of the the alpha and luna of the silver rain pack.

things were going well, her brother was just about ready to to take over as the alpha and her sisters had already found their mates.

that was until the alpha, of the neighboring pack which was a lot bigger, lost his child and luna.

every year a traditional celebration is held. These celebrations take place at a different pack each year. Only high ranking wolves are can attend.

five years ago the celebration took place at silver rain. The alpha of the neiboring pack new he had to find someone eventually.

after five years, the celebration is being held by silver rain again. And the alpha decides to strike. He sends the wolves of his pack to attack them the day before and tries to catch juniper.

with most of her pack dead including her family, she barricades herself in her fathers office in fear. She picks up the phone and calls alpha of darkmoon who is her mate

what happens next?


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[Hmm... Maybe Blood in the Night? That might be the most accurate to your plot idea?]
  Duke Kennedy / K1NG0FH3LL / 11d 12h 33m 8s
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Duke looked back as he could hear her scuffling about. He moved towards the sounds, looking over at her and exhaling deeply, letting out a long sigh of relief. "I'm sorry, Juniper. This is horrible." he mumbled, stopping a few feet away from her to examine her being, making sure she didn't have any life threatening wounds. He met her eyes again and began speaking again. "We drove them out, but it probably wont be long before they return..." he mentioned.
  Duke Kennedy / K1NG0FH3LL / 12d 15h 13m 20s
Juniper began moving things away from the door, resulting in the floor becoming scuffed all over the place as she pushed and pulled cabinets back to their place. She opened the door, her usual scowl back on her face as she slowly and carefuly stepped out of the office
  Keira Alanis / TheFallenSurvivor / 29d 3h 22m 44s
  Keira Alanis / MythicMallow / 43d 20h 5m 48s
Duke watched him leave, giving a quick and low growl as he mocked him. "And we will be ready.." the male returned, watching him leave. Making his way to the door to look outside. When the coast was clear and Tyler and his pack retreated, Duke walked outside, checking up on his own pack. He made his way through the injured ones to make sure their injuries weren't too bad and walked back onto the house. "The coast is clear!" The male yelled out through the house, waiting patiently for the female to come out.
  Duke Kennedy / K1NG0FH3LL / 44d 16h 3m 30s

tyler chuckled running his hands through his sandy hair. He allowed himself to think, his eyes shutting momentarily before he opened them with his psychotic smile back on his face, "i'll go, but i will be back." he said narrowing his eyes as he spoke menacingly, "i'll return when i'm ready to face the big bad alpha" he said the last bit mockingly as he headed back the way he had come.
  Keira Alanis / MythicMallow / 44d 20h 34m 4s
Thank you very much for the invite!)
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