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“One thousand years ago, a plague went through our village, wiping out all of the children. The elders begged the gods to save them, and one took mercy. In the form of a dragon, Haku came down. He offered his blood to the people in exchange that the first born of the village chief be present at all times in the temple. And so, the people slayed him, drinking his blood. The children stopped dying, women became fertile, and all was well. Thinking that they could get away with not sending the child to the temple, the chief and his wife celebrated with the village. But Haku, a god, was not pleased. He came back to life, and took the child up in his teeth, devouring it as punishment. He cursed the village, saying that if the temple was ever empty of the chiefs child, the entire village would die of famine, attack, and disease. And so, for the last thousand years, every chief has sent his child to take care of the temple... and now, it’s your turn.”

Stuck in an ancient prophesy, the village chiefs child is sent into the temple upon the mountain to live in isolation for the rest of their days, tending to the temple of Haku. They don’t think that the god is real, but when a strange man appears, commanding the child to take care of him, they can’t help but wonder.... are the legends true?



Name: Haku
Species: God
Real age: 19,228
Pysical age: 20
Height: 6’7
Gender: male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: Below his waist
Eye colour: Amber
Skin colour: pale
Build: Looks very skinny and regal, but it incredibly strong
Forms: Haku can take any animal form, though he prefers a red and black Chinese dragon

Name: kendra suck at last names, it'll arrive eventually
age: 18
sexuality: pan
hair: black wavy hair that stops just below the waist.
eyes: blue
species: human
skin: extremely pale white with freckles.
build: she is 5 ft 8. She has an hour glass figure and a bit of muscle.


Please write more than two lines.

Have proper grammar. I understand the occasional mess up. But none of this **

Can be MxM or MxF. If your character is female, Haku may be a little more touchy and use the word “woman” a lot. If he is male, he will be more of a demanding teacher. Either way, Haku is kind of a dick. He’s very traditional, so gender roles are his stupid thing, and he’s kinda bipolar cause he’s a god.

Keep this interesting, please. I don’t care if I have to make this a yandere story and add all kinds of extra characters. I will drop a role play if it gets boring.

Put the Skelly above if you’re interested. :)

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Haku paid her no mind, his eyes wandering up to the tree. He easily climbed up the complex tree, laying peacefully on a branch. Anyone would fall, but not Haku.
  Hazelnut / 22h 4m 38s
"as you wish, asshole." kendra said with a mocking curtesy before walking back to the kitchen.

  xXChocolatePeachXx / 23h 9m 38s
Haku stared at her, as if deep in thought, before facing away from her, dismissing her presence just like that. He closed his eyes, continuing to meditate. “Bring me tea.” He drawled, not even bothering to look back at her.

((He’s a jerk now, but he’ll mellow out.
  Hazelnut / 23h 19m 30s
"oh just the girl you had made you food, just the girl you decided to boss around." kendra said with anoyance. "oh wait i forgot something." she quicly stated before he could speak "the girl who's face you touched." she said practically snarling the last part as she hated physical contact.
  xXChocolatePeachXx / 23h 21m 54s
Haku opened his eyes, staring at her. “Who are you?” He asked, bored, as if he hadn’t seen her just thirty seconds ago. He tended to be like that. He didn’t care about mortals. They all died one day.
  Hazelnut / 23h 37m 55s
Kendra casually strolled into the garden. "if you're wondering if i was raised properly." she said as if she knew what he was thinking, "the answer is yes, i just don't obey rules."
  xXChocolatePeachXx / 23h 41m 33s
Haku sat under the cherry tree of the garden, meditating. He was trying to calm himself, knowing he couldn’t just get rid of this insolent girl. In his hundreds of years being on earth in the village, he had never been sent a girl like her. Did her parents not raise her properly? He would have to check on the village one day.
  Hazelnut / 23h 55m 31s
Kendra chuckled at his reaction as she bent down to start scooping up the noodles.
  xXChocolatePeachXx / 23h 57m 39s
  --NutellaBabi-- / 1d 1h 41m 59s
Haku stared at his hand in surprise before sneering at her. “They send filth like you to take care of me? A disgrace.” He stood straight, knocking the bowl of noodles onto the floor before walking out of the room and outside to the garden, silently brooding.
  Hazelnut / 4d 2h 13s
"you may be a god, but i refuse to let you touch my face." she said batting his hand away. "i don't beleive the legends anyway."
  -hotchocolate- / 5d 21h 12m 54s
Haku frowned, fury flashing in his eyes before it was replaced with a cold coolness. “I am Haku, your saviour god.” He stood, towering over her. He leaned down, gripping her chin between his fingers, his nose brushing hers as his Amber eyes stared into her blue ones. “And you will do my laundry, mortal woman.”
  Malum Messor / Hazelnut / 6d 3h 34m 32s
Kendra nodded as haku went through his list until he mentioned the clothes. "excuse me?" she said scrunching up her nose. "who do you think you are? Do your own laundry." she said hands on hips.
  -HotChocolate- / 6d 4h 10m 12s
Haku finished the noodles, pushing them away to stretch back, looking around lazily. Gracefully, he stood, making his way to the kitchen. “The garden needs tending and the house needs to be cleaned. You’ll need to wash my clothes.” He drawled, staring at her with a look of boredom upon his face.
  Malum Messor / Hazelnut / 6d 6h 32m 25s
Kendra knelt down to pick up the peices of the shattered cup. "what kind of person can't even hold a cup?" she muttered to herself. She then collected the peices in her hand and brought them to the kitchen area.
  -HotChocolate- / 6d 10h 41m 12s

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