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[center [#0cbae9 [b Alice in Wonderland]]]

[center [youtube http://youtu.be/yO28Z5_Eyls]]

[center [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Gamja+Flower]
[Gamja+Flower [size15 [b As a little girl, Alice loved to daydream and was what some would call aloof. A girl who had her head in the clouds and did not want to pay attention to her lessons. And it was because of this did she come across a world full of magic and so very different than her own. One she could even call home. Or she would have had the land not decided she was a threat.

He was "crazy" and a little "mad". But as it is often said, the best people often are. Meant to be a hatter like the rest of his family, the man who became known as Hatter didn't want to be. He loved tea parties and his freedom. And above all loved his home and his friends.

It was a fateful day these two met. Hatter saved her from the Red Queen and her cards. Years later, Alice saved him from himself.

There had always been a closeness between them. A link and in the words of some "they were simply meant to be". Their problem lay in the fact that they were literally worlds apart.

Twenty-One and considered "old", Alice was on her last visit to Wonderland and she and Hatter were going to talk.. But before the two could meet, a smoke..? Fog like nothing they had ever seen before covered the land, covered them.

Upon waking, the sun was bright and so was the sky. But neither knew just where they were. Even better still, they were so far apart with no memories of how they got there or who they even were. By chance, people who found them took them in. They gave them names and even taught them about the world they found themselves in.

Was it days, weeks, or even months that passed in their new lives? Alice and Hatter didn't know but one day came across the other again. And it was like a connection was formed. One they didn't know. Since that fateful day, the two slowly start to see flashes and remember other days...other lives.. their lives.

Learning the truth can they be them again? And can they get home? If they get home..what will become of them? Their bond and love they share?]]]]

[center [b Mad Hatter]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gdwCYL3.jpg]]

[center [b Puppet Master:]

[b Name in Real World:]
Theodore James Garfield

[b Story Character Name:]
Mad Hatter

[b Nickname:]
Theo, or Teddy {Real World}, Hatter {Story}

[b Age:]

[b Short Bio:]
Hatter is the kind of person who loves to joke around, and make people smile. He didn't know if he would ever amount to anything, that was until Alice came to Wonderland. There was something different about her, she was so innocent, and pure. He had fallen head over heels for the woman. When the strange smoke ended up coming over Wonderland, and he was torn away from her, made him realize how much he had. When he awoke in the real world, he felt like he was missing something. He didn't know what it was, but he was going to fight tooth and nail to find it once more, even if it means he wouldn't get his life back. He wanted to know what he was missing, and he wanted to know it as soon as possible.]

[center [b Alice]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/kFHaQF7.jpg]]

[center [b Puppet Master:]

[b Name in Real World:]
Callie Annalise Landon

[b Story Character Name:]
Alice Liddell

[b Nickname:]
Allie and Anna {Real World} and Ali and Kitten {Story World}

[b Age:]

[b Short Bio:]
Ever since she was a little girl, Alice had always harboured feelings for the man known as The Mad Hatter. He had been her first friend in Wonderland and the one to save her life. He also taught her that "some of the best people are completely bonkers". Quite literally she fell for him but had always been afraid to tell him. Or she was until the day came when she found it would be her last chance. Her last trip into Wonderland based on her age and "being too old". She was going to meet with him and they were going to have a talk. But before she could get to him, a fog overtook her. She blacked out and woke in a strange world. And it felt..well she was so very alone and something was missing. Someone...the only problem, she can't remember what or who. She's still the daydreamer and the storyteller.. but she wants to find what is missing before it's too late and it's lost to her forever. ]


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Blue eyes stared out the window as she sat with a book in her lap. It had been at least a month since she had come to live with the Landons and was being taught about where she was living. The town was small but it was a nice place. MOST of the people in the town seemed nice too. But even so, Callie just couldn't get past the notion that this wasn't her life. That she was living the life of a stranger and an playing a part. The ONLY thing that even seemed to make those thoughts even the slightest bit real was the locket that she had been wearing the day she had been found. In it, a picture of her and a man..One she couldn't remember but just she KNEW he was important to her.

[#fa504c "Callie, you promised to go to the bookstore with me. Mum and dad said we have two hours. And you know we both need SO much longer there."] The girl of sixteen said, giving her a pout. Daniella just REALLY wanted to get out. And she also wanted to meet the boy she had been secretly dating since RIGHT before Callie had been found.

Slowly, the blonde shook her head and let the locket go. She had been daydreaming again and lost to her thoughts. A small smile came to soft pink lips and she looked at the now pouting sixteen year old as she put her book to the side. [#fb37f6 "Sorry, Dannie. I knew I was forgetting something... And you mean you want to see Gregory."] The young woman said and laughed at the blush on ghe younger girl's cheeks. She KNEW that she had been told that with the expectation to not be telling "mum and dad" about the boy. And she hadn't. Callie just loved to give Dannie a hard time.

[#fa504c "You were thinking about him again, weren't you? That man in your necklace.. When are you going to tell me who he is?"] Daniella asked. And she smirked when Callie blushed and stuck her tongue out. She KNEW the older girl didn't remember the man. It had just been her way to get back at her for mentioning Gregory while they were still at home and could possibly be heard.

Naturally soft pink cheeks turned three shades darker and blue eyes fell to her lap. [#fb37f6 "You know I don't remember him. The only name that comes to mind...is...well it's silly and doesn't matter. I just know he meant a lot to me..."] Came soft words as she sloely looked up again. It was before the younger girl could speak again was she on her feet and grabbing the phone she had been given and taught to use, her wallet, and her keys. She then looked back at Daniella. [#fb37f6 "Well come on. You're the one who wanted to go OH so badly."]

The two girls left the house after a quick good-bye to Mary and Mark. They also got the reminder that they were to be back in a couple of hours for the dinner party that was being hosted at the house. They were supposed to help entertain the guests. It was after that did Callie and Daniella all but from from the house and to the bus stop. The bus was JUST pulling up when they got there and mercifully empty too. So they were able to take the seats at the back and talk comfortably the three stops until the one just across from the bookstore.

Not even twenty minutes and the girls were off the bus and making their way into the bookstore. Daniella left Callie to find Gregory. And that meant she was left to her own devices. Hobestly she didn't care because the books gave her a form of comfort and felt like old friends. It was as she was scanning the shelved and brushing gently over some of the spines did she not pay attention and bump into someone. A man by the feel. But she was too embarrassed to even look. [#fb37f6 "I...I'm sorry. I should have been looking.."] Came her soft words as she still refused to look up. This wasn't the first time she had done something like this..and she was pretty sure it wouldn't be the last. But something...it just felt...she wasn't sure HOW it felt...just differsnt.
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[font "times new roman" [b "Hatter, are you really sitting at the Rabbit hole again? She's not going to be coming any time soon. You shouldn't have to sit here day after day, waiting"] came the voice of the Cheshire Cat. The male looked towards the purple feline and he narrowed his eyes. [#BF283C "You don't understand. There's something about the woman that's drawing me in. She makes me feel things I haven't felt before, and I feel so much better knowing she's here. I hate when she's gone from my side for too long, I feel like apart of myself is missing"] the male said, as he took the hat off of his head, and started twisting it in his hands.]

[font "times new roman" [b "Tsk, tsk, tsk.. That woman's gotten you wrapped around her finger so tightly, that you can't think for yourself anymore. Honestly I don't know what you see in the blonde creature. She's.. Not your type"] the cat said, with a twitch of his tail. That seemed to put the Hatter in an even worse mood. [#BF283C "Oh really? And you think you know what my type is? Do explain to me dear cat, what is my type?"] he asked, as his eyes moved back to the Rabbit Hole, and when Alice didn't come through, he thought it would be better if he gave up for the day. Tomorrow would be a different day, and hopefully she'd be back home with him. The cat on the other hand, tilted it's head and smirked a bit.]

[font "times new roman" [b "I don't know what type you are attracted too, but the blonde seems to be so far off in her own world, that she's not thinking straight. She wouldn't be able to please you. What happens if you were ever to get her pregnant? How would that work? She would be in her own world, and you would be here. You wouldn't be able to see the child, or Alice for that matter. You are much better off courting whomever is here in Wonderland. This is your home, not out there with the bumble head"] Cheshire cooed. That made Hatter even more pissed off. He narrowed his eyes, and wanted nothing more than to strangle the cat.]

[font "times new roman" [#BF283C "You might think that, but you don't see what I see. She's beautiful, she has dreams, that's what drew me to her in the first place. The way she would always smile at me, and the way she looks at me. I can see the love there. I don't know if she thinks of it that way, but I know I do. She's special to me, and I wouldn't dream of ever losing her. If the time ever came, and she was able to carry my child, I would leave Wonderland, just to be with her and my child. The child would be loved dearly, and he or she would be able to travel to both lands. Nothing wrong with that"] he said lightly. Just thinking about Alice put him into a good mood. He always seemed happier when he did.]

[font "times new roman" He just wished that she was here right now. He wouldn't be in such a sour mood with the feline. Cheshire rolled his eyes, and flicked Hatter on the back of his head. [b "You are becoming a bumble head like her. Hopefully you won't get your heart broken"] he said lightly, before fading away. Hatter was then left alone, and he couldn't help but wonder what was keeping Alice. Was she so caught up in her real world, that she had forgotten about him? That's something that was always at the back of his mind. Was he not good enough? Was he too much for her to handle? Or was he just being paranoid? Those were the thoughts running around in his head right then.]

[font "times new roman" He let out a small sigh before he left the Rabbit Hole and made his way back towards his little cottage. She would come and find him if she arrived. He placed his hat back on top of his head, and walked back the way he had come. The first time he had laid eyes on the blonde, was when he knew there was something special there. She was different, and that kind of difference was what balanced him out. She was down to earth, and always dreaming, while he was off doing something crazy and harebrained. They were like a random puzzle. She was his missing piece, and he was her's. At least that's how he thought of it. He could be wrong though, and that's what was eating him up at the moment.]

[font "times new roman" The male let out a small sigh, as he walked into the door. That's when he realized something was wrong. The air seemed different, and it wasn't normal. He didn't know how to really explain it. It was like the air was shifting, or something. That's when he saw the black fog. Something was changing, and before he could do anything else the fog seemed to wash over him, and then he passed out. He didn't know what happened, or how hard he hit his head. But when he awoke, things were different. He felt like a huge part of his brain had been removed.]

[font "times new roman" He didn't know how to explain it, but when he opened his eyes, and saw the men over him, he started to panic a bit. He struggled to sit up, and when he did, the room spun around him. He let out a groan, and his hands flew to his head. What was going on here? That's when the older of the two spoke up. [b "Is everything alright there son? You seemed to have been hit across the back of the head"] he said lightly. The male shook his head lightly, and finally found the words to speak. [#BF283C "I-I don't know.. I don't know where I am, or how I even got here"] he admitted.]

[font "times new roman" [b "Alright, come on. Let's get you to your feet, and to my home. Daniel, help me out here"] he said. The younger male nodded a bit, and did as his father asked. The two helped the male to his feet, and then he was loaded into the back of their car. As the two slid into the front, the male in back looked out the window. They were talking softly, and when they said his name, he seemed to accept it. [b "I don't know if you have any ID, but you look like a Theodore, is that your name?"] the older male asked. [#BF283C "I don't know.. It feels right though.."] he admitted. The older one nodded a bit.]

[font "times new roman" [b "Perfect, I'm Malic, and this is my son Daniel. You'll be staying with us for a while, or at least until you can get onto your feet."] he said. Theodore nodded lightly. [#BF283C "Thank you so much.."] he breathed out. He meant it too. He then looked out the window, and he thought he saw a flash of purple. When he took a double take, there wasn't anything there. He sighed lightly, knowing he was in for a long ride. He didn't remember anything, but he felt like he was missing something. Something huge, and he was going to figure out what it was, no matter what happened to him in the process. For now though, he had a family, and that's all that really mattered.]
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[b "Alice Pleasance Lidell, where do you think you are going?! You promised me that this was the last of this nonsense! You are one and twenty...getting to be an old maid now. Do you know how much a disgrace having an unmarried daughter your age is?!"] Came her mother's usual lecture. She had been hearing it since she was fifteen and tried to get out of every marriage that had ever been arranged for her. Alice knew that her mother meant well, but she just had nothing in common with the men her mother chose for her. Well that and they just weren't HIM.

[#fb37f6 "Mum, we have been through this multiple times. I know how you feel about me and not yet being married.. But I want to marry for love..not family obligation or status. You and dad married for love.. So why is it too much to ask for that I wish for the same thing?"] Came the lithe words of the young woman as she picked up an apple from the basket on the counter and turned blue gaze on the woman who was now glaring at her with her hands planted firmly on her hips. Her "you will sit your bum down and listen to me, young lady" look upon her face. A look that Alice had become very familiar with and hated.

A small smile graced rosy pink lips and she shook her head at the woman. [#fb37f6 "Sorry mum, can't stay and chat. I promised someone that I would be meeting them and I am already running late. We can talk about this later.."] She said quietly, blue gaze meeting a matching blue gaze.

Hands slammed down on the counter and the older woman let out a frustrated screech. [b "Who could you have promised that you would meet?! You are always in the meadow and as far as I know have that pretty head of yours in the clouds. Kitten, you can't keep living your life like this. This Hatter and Wonderland aren't real. You remember what your therapist said. They are all dreams that you have to wake up from. Start living in this world and this life."] The woman said, words becoming softer as she saw the look of heartbreak upon her daughter's face.

[b "Ali, I didn't mean it like that...I just meant that you are a grown woman now. Childhood dreams and fantasies need to stay those things.."] Lorina tried again as she took a step towards her daughter, a hand outreached to brush through the long golden locks that were so very much like her own.

Alice was shaking and trying to fight back her tears. Her mother had PROMISED she would not be using all this against her. Had PROMISED that she still loved her even when the psychiatrist had deemed her "mad". So when the woman began towards her, the young woman of twenty-one took her own step backwards. [#fb37f6 "Don't touch me! We both KNOW what you meant! And you..you promised you would NEVER use it against me like this! You promised!"] She couldn't help her own screeched out words as she took a few more steps away from the woman and turned all but bolting from the house with her tears falling. Whether her mother came after her or not, Alice could not be sure. But she also couldn't be bothered to care either. She HAD to find Hatter. She HAD to talk to him. And so that was where he feet carried her. To the meadow..the place where it all began.

Down the rabbit's hole she went. And by now it was so familiar, so much like home that she knew the way like the back of her hand. She no longer feared the trek through the dark, for she always knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Or in this case, a meadow so very beautiful and so very much like the one that stood just beyond her home. So needless to say, the young woman looked forward to what awaited her. Or rather who she hoped would be waiting for her.

[#fb37f6 "Hatter?! Hatter are you here?!"] Alice called out the moment she entered the usually bright and lively meadow. But today something was different. A little scary even. And it made her heart all but thud in her chest as she found herself running through the ever thickening fog and calling to her most dearly beloved friend. She didn't know how long she had been running, but it felt as if everything was pressing down at once and a blackness overtook her.

It was a brightness and the chirping of birds that woke the young woman. Or was it the voices of the man, woman, and teenaged girl that stood not even three feet away from her. They seemed to be speaking in hushed words, words that she could not make out. Not that she would even be trying to do so with the throbbing in her head and the emptiness that seemed to engulf her.

[#3994ef "Dear, are you okay? Do you need any help?"] Came the soft voice of the woman as she seemed to be the first to notice that Alice was awake. [#3994ef "What is your name and where did you come from?"] Her words were soft but also seemed to hold a genuine concern for the young woman who slowly sat up, bright eyes slowly taking in the..well she guessed they were a family.

[#fb37f6 "I... I honestly don't know.. I can't remember anything.."] Came a soft and almost trembling voice. One that could be taken to sound like that of a scared little girl. But it wasn't a far stretch, because at the moment, Alice was as good as that. There was absolutely nothing.. She was completely lost and she was completely alone.

[#19a322 "Mary it couldn't hurt to take her in and help her. Daniella has been wanting a friend for a long time..and it seems like if neither of us can help this poor young woman, than perhaps Dannie can."] Mark said with a small smile. The man did feel sorry for the girl and just there was something sweet and innocent about her. Something that begged that they help her.

[#fa504c "Oh please mummy?! Please?! I know that we will be the best of friends. And like daddy said.. She seems so lost and alone. It wouldn't be right of us to leave her... And aren't you and daddy always telling me that we are supposed to help those in need?"] The girl of about sixteen said, no more like begged her mother.

Between her husband and daughter, Mary gave in. And that was how Alice was taken in by the Landons and given the name of Callie. It was also the beginning of her lessons to learn about the home and town that she found herself in. Even so, the young woman couldn't help but feel there was something missing. A HUGE something. Just she didn't know what and with the way things were going, she doubted she would ever find out.
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