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so were not going to kill him"i say hugging you a bit and looking around"sooo were should we start looking"
  KirishimaDaddy / 213d 10h 21m 58s
Alexander would look at the words, "Wait he didn't he left her here to check something but when he came back everything was ash"
He would hug him, "he's innocent pain shouldn't go through my family for what was wrong"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 213d 10h 24m 32s
"what that means that d-tch is still alive...OH I'M GOING TO MAKE HIM PAY FOR MAKING YOU SAD AND YOUR MOTHER. UUUGGHHH HELL WILL RAIN OVER THIS PLACE..I WILL RIP EVERY AND ANYTHING TO FIND HIM AND..AND..well i don't know if you want me to kill him or not but he will...PaY"i said the last part in a pretty scary voice i turned to face you"i'm sure you want to help" i smiled.
  KirishimaDaddy / 213d 10h 24m 15s
Alexander would look back at him, "Come on help me"
He would start digging again before looking at the wall to see his father's handwriting there. His eyes widen, "He...he... he left my mom!"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 214d 4h 55m 42s
i would be pretty far behind you looking at the ground while walking ;.then stops and sighs then whispers"i really hope you can find your father.
  KirishimaDaddy / 214d 5h 8m 25s
Alexander would place the slowly regenerating corps onto a cart and would walk back to the town to look for his father's body
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 214d 5h 12m 55s
i would follow behind you with my tail behind my legs.
  KirishimaDaddy / 214d 5h 15m 14s
Alexander would nod and sit there rubbing the head of the body with care smiling but quickly flipped. He hugs the body close as he gets up and walks away with it.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 214d 7h 30m 25s
i would take the body and put my hand up to my mouth and bit down hard till blood would come out ...i put my finger on to the body's mouth"this will take a bit but i will work"
  KirishimaDaddy / 214d 7h 33m 24s
Alexander woud hug the corps tighter, not letting go but gives in and gently gives it to him.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 214d 7h 39m 6s
i look behind me and sigh then walk back and kneel down"let me see her" i let out a hand
  KirishimaDaddy / 214d 7h 40m 18s
Alexander would cry lightly staying there hugging the burnt body of his mother, "I wish I could bring you back"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 214d 7h 43m 3s
i put one hand on your shoulder" so that's your mom huh"i took my hand off your shoulder and walked around looking for another body.
  KirishimaDaddy / 214d 7h 45m 46s
Alexander would look closely at the burnt metal and then nods, "Yeah that is but the only one that wore it was my... MOTHER!!!"
He would start digging up the rubble that was covering the corps and would hug it tightly.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 214d 8h 50m 25s
what should we do" i kneel down side to you and looked at it closely"hey is'int that your family's symbol on that ring"
  KirishimaDaddy / 214d 9h 36m 53s

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