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Alexander would curl up tighter, "Please go away leave me alone"
a knife would be by the bed and he would grab it, "Leave me Alone or else"
He would aim it at his heart and would whisper, "I will end this I can't take it much longer"
He would breathe in deeply about to stab himself.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 8d 4h 56m 51s
plz let me in or am i going to have to smash my way in"
  Godofanimeroleplay / 8d 5h 5m 20s
Alexander wouldn't answer he would just continue to cry, "G-Go way"
"were is he i'm so F-CKING STUPID"i siad going out side and shooting into the air and flying it to the nerest town i heard someone crying and turned down that ally way but i was just fake these guys with base ball bats would be standing there i turned around but then they were there to"ugghhh i don't have f-cking time"i shoot up in the air fast and though"theres only one place i have not checked'i flew to the old house and knocked on the door "h-hey Alexander l--look i'm sorry i lost track of time and i fell asleep i really do love you and i love you more then that kid but look i-i-i was beingF-CKING STUPID OK i'm sorry"
  Godofanimeroleplay / 8d 5h 13m 34s
Alexander would be at his old house curled into a ball, the windows, and doors were shut and locked. He would be crying heavily as he thinks, 'He cheated on me I thought he loved me'
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 8d 5h 21m 56s
i woke up from the slam taking the prince of me and putting him to the side"hmm" i got up and walked out of the room seeing the ring i gave Alexander"oh shit he must of saw that i didn't mean to fall a sleep"i said whispering i ran down the stars to find Alexander
  Godofanimeroleplay / 8d 5h 26m 9s
Alexander would look at the room and would walk to it hearing nothing but snoring. He would lightly open the door to peek in. He sees them sleeping together and would slam the door shut storming away throwing the ring down onto the ground tears draining from his face.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 8d 5h 30m 46s
oh you taking about the butler thing with zion we were just playing and if its not that i'm very sorry if i have"zion still has not come down yet

in the princes room)
the prince was now on top of me hugging me tight while he sleeped.i tryed to get him off but he did not move so i just leave him there.i would fall a sleep with him hugging him back a bit
  Godofanimeroleplay / 8d 5h 34m 8s
Alexander would sit down doggish-like, "Well why do you treat us almost like servants even though we are here to protect you"
He would tilt his head at her curious of her actions
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 8d 5h 38m 47s
laze would smile then laugh sitting on the floor"you like like a whats wrong"
  Godofanimeroleplay / 8d 5h 43m 55s
Alexander would be following the little one around like a puppy dog, "hmm"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 8d 5h 47m 19s
i walked up to the princes room and went to go sit on his bed"you look like a pup when you sle---"the prince would grade my pulling me in and hugging my tight as if he were having a nightmare"o-oh*sigh*its ok i'm here i'm here"i said trying not to wake him
  Godofanimeroleplay / 8d 5h 51m 0s
Alexander would nod, "Ok I will keep an eye on her"
He would smile as she looks at her with a smile
hehehe thanks"i got dressed infront of you right when i was done getting dressed lae would come back"why aren't you in your suit""cuz i was to hot in there ...why aren't you in your dres""umm same reason""ok well i'm going to go check up on the prince Alexander can you watch her plz"
  Godofanimeroleplay / 8d 5h 57m 27s
Alexander would shake his head in a laugh, "You do look good in it but... you look better as yourself but you look much cuter in that suit though"

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