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your demon powers are kicking in* he said holdong you hand tigtht and Dek and mimic hide behind me looking at you....the elevarto upened and i openedthe door to my room opening it to a bunch of manga and figrers of heros" sorry its a bit of a mess" they would go in a close the door setting you on the bed"can you guys leave plz"yea np boos""h-how you f-feel better" then the door closed
  KirishimaDaddy / 210d 4h 36m 49s
Alexander giggled as he followed but once inside he holds his head as horns and wings grow on him, "OW OW OW I hurt why do I hurt?"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 210d 6h 48m 48s
no there my friends"he hugged Alexander back then let go walking to the tall building in front of them"come on guys" he would start for the door to enter the building with Dek and Mimic following him"come on you don't want to get left behind"Dek said opening the door for us
  KirishimaDaddy / 210d 22h 50m 57s
Alexander would look at them and smile, "Can I kick their butts, please?"
He would hug him tightly, "I want to hurt them not kill them for calling me a human"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 210d 23h 1m 37s
hehe i would cuz down there my powers aren't locked away"i graded your hand and went in the door coming out to see two guys standing i front of the door with tears in there eyes"b-boss we missed you"they both hugged me"HEY WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT TOUCHING ME"s-sorry" i turned to Alexander"these are my friends and workers this is Dek""sup" and this is Mimic ""h-hi"he would look at Zion"u-umm boss who is that b-bid you forget if you bring a human dow---""he's not a normal human and i didn't forget"
  KirishimaDaddy / 210d 23h 4m 41s
Alexander looked at him, "But they are going to try and kill you for boss, you know that"
He hugs him tightly, "Try not to die with me visiting your place"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 211d 4h 48m 42s
no its ok me and your mother are going to go back to town and look around"they both walked away leaving us there"ok now that there gone lets get going" i rubbed my hands together and then smacked them on the floor making a door pop up"i can't wait to see whats waiting for me back home"
  KirishimaDaddy / 211d 4h 54m 55s
Alexander smiled, "They will be fine so don't worry about them we will be back before they can realize it how much difference in time is hell and earth are at?"
He would look at them, "Hey Mom and Dad I will be heading to his place sadly you can't come Sorry!"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 212d 3h 26m 12s
ok...ok let go i can breath"he would pat him on the shoulder till he let go"but..we can't bring them there n..not part of the demon and well i can't just f-ck them so they can get the DNA sooo y.yeah"
  KirishimaDaddy / 212d 3h 37m 46s
Alexander leaned onto his shoulder and hugged him until he couldn't no more, "Yes yes yes please I want to see the place badly please please please"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 212d 3h 39m 44s
w-well yes but its not that easy down there its hard to find a mate cause other demons try to challenge the boss for there part of there dome" he looked down at Alexander and smirked"hey why don't we go down there its been a while sence i saw my friends"
  KirishimaDaddy / 212d 3h 43m 10s
Alexander would kiss him deeper, "Well that is lovely I would love to see what I would look like in my demon form"
He hugs him tightly around the neck making them fall over, "I'm going to enjoy this for eternity... whoever mates with the boss is enteral until he or she dies am I correct?"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 212d 3h 45m 56s
Simon would be telling her all she needs to know and what her name was"ohh so my name is Abigal"she would smile and they would keep talking.

"well down there we don't have so called queens or kings we call them boss and there is diffrent places down there i'm the boss of the south of demon world and you would partner but your my mate soo you would also be the boss down there" he smiled at Alexander
  KirishimaDaddy / 212d 3h 52m 24s
Alexander looked at Simon(Dad), "Hey dad tell Mom who she is and what the ring means can you please"
Alexander would walk away to Zion and kisses him deeply, "I guess since you're the demon king what does that make me"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 212d 3h 58m 31s
she would shack her head"well not really"she looked back at Alexander and say a shadow falling she looked back up and then ran out of the way running behind Alexander

i would land on the ground fast with my hands in my pocket and making a bent in the ground"yo i'm Zion the demon swordsman but you can call me Zion""w-wait i think i know your parents your Dad was"she was in shock"your D-Dad was the devil its self""i looked down"well yeah but he's bead now and i rule the underground now soooo" i looked back up and smiled
  KirishimaDaddy / 212d 4h 5m 19s

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