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she would smile then start playing...

i looked around flying out of town and into the next one over a bit and landed looking around at the burnt area and sighed"t-this place looks worse then last time i was here.
  IzukuMidoryiaDeku / KirishimaDaddy / 1d 14h 59m 44s
ALexander would look at the dolls and picks up TJ and smiles, "I'll choose this one then Ok bye"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 1d 15h 26m 46s
i don't care just not this one"she picked up the slender doll and hugged it..

i touch the ground and walk past Alexander"i will be back"he said opening the door and shooting into the air
  KirishimaDaddy / 1d 16h 49m 29s
Alexander would get onto the floor smiling, "Which one do you want me to play with it is after all your toys"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 1d 16h 54m 11s
i don't know but it should not take her long" he said looking at the stairs"here she comes" you could hear the door open and she came running down the stair and plopping the dolls onto the floor"ok i got my dolls"she pointed to the dolls naming them" this is Ben,Toby,LJ,Jeff,and my fav Slendy" she said with a smile.
  KirishimaDaddy / 1d 16h 56m 49s
Alexander would sit and wait for her to get back, "So What do we do now since we are waiting?"
she would smile then let go of your pants"i....i want to play with my Dolls"she said running up the stairs yelling"WHAT THERE I WILL BE BACK"then her door closed.

i looked at the prince then the floor laying down in the air.
  KirishimaDaddy / 1d 17h 15m 50s
Alexander would giggle, "I Almost forgot sorry Thank you for reminding me what do you want to play?"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 1d 18h 4m 25s
" its ok you can stay here but your off Duty if you like" he would say sitting down on the couch.i looked at Alexander then at the prince"w-well we will stay but we will help you if you need it" i said sitting down with my legs crossed in the air... the little girl tugged at Alexanders pants with sad eyes"c-can you still p-play with me'
  KirishimaDaddy / 1d 18h 13m 37s
Alexander giggles, "Well I have to watch everyone and I can keep one you on you two but not on him because I don't have a third eye"
He would follow quickly with them, "I can do the job but it gets hard when you see the one you love upset"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 1d 18h 35m 13s
we walked down the stairs to the living room.i let go of your tail and walked to the kitchen to the prince and stood by him"you can't stop your Duty's for me if you like""y-you sure""y-yeah its just i wanted you two to work for me cuz it gets lonely" he said walking to the living room...i followed.
  KirishimaDaddy / 1d 18h 42m 8s
Alexander giggles, "I wonder why the prince needs us it's very peaceful here"
He would follow wrapping his tail around his, "It's not like there are some people who would take them or poison them he's too loveable to kill and plus he can punish us with ease"
He would stay close since his tail was wrapped around his.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 1d 18h 45m 49s
y-you right" hugged you back then let go and walks to the door"we should go down stairs you did say you would play with lase"i said opening the door.
  KirishimaDaddy / 1d 18h 55m 47s
Alexander would look at him, "Try to cheer up we can find some way to get them back trust me but first, we have to do our duty, Ok once we get enough money we will travel to seek them and revive them that would include both families then we can get tell them all that has happened"
He would stand up an hugs him a tear falls down his face, "Don't worry all will be fine"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 4d 13h 49m 27s
Alexander giggles as he rubs up to him, "He said to keep it down and at night and I'm going to follow that rule"
He would grab his head and pulls him down to kiss him deeply. He would slide his tongue deep into his mouth.

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