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Alexander chuckled handing him a towel, "Here you go" He looked at his father, "Where did you hit him to do all of that and father get over here so I can heal you"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 191d 8h 15m 20s
we both ran at each other both punching one another in the face i waddled back and your father stumdled down"ha your not that bad for the son of a d-tch"i walked up to him and looked down"haha thanks he teached me well but your nothing so to make this fair i'm.."i stepped back about 5 big steps away and put out my arms to the side and laughed"HA YOU KNOW WHAT I WILL EVEN STAND HERE STILL AND LET YOU GET SOME HITS IN"the father stood up and cracked his neck"you calling me weak" he ran at zion but he missed"maybe i am"i giggled a insane giggle and through a kick with my knee into his stomch making him fall to his hands and knees watching him cough out some blood i graded him by the hair and dent down making us face to face and whispered"we think we know who won this little battle"he coughed some more blood out splattering on my face i let go and got up walking over to Alexander
  KirishimaDaddy / 191d 11h 16m 20s
Alexander chuckled, "Like always you're fighting but who cares I'm just here for fair play" He chuckled, "Now get him hard"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 192d 2h 31m 31s
hahah what ever you say"we both got into a fighting stance the old man ran at my throwing a punch but missed i bented down and punched him right in the stomch watching him jump back*coughs*"hahah you landed a hit nice jod"he ran back at me and through another punch and hit me in the face he stepped back....i bent my head back then back up looking at the ground and back up at him wipping the blood off my face
  KirishimaDaddy / 192d 3h 24m 21s
Alexander quickly drank his tea and ran out the door shutting it as well, "I will make sure this is fair if this is a fight no cheep shots"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 192d 6h 38m 25s
yeah"i yelled out and came back with some tea...handed you a cup and then handed your mom one then sat back down"well i still don't like him but i'm doing this for you"his father got up and stood by the door signaling sion to follow and i did i got up and followed"hell yeah things are about to get hot in here"he closed the door behind us
  KirishimaDaddy / 192d 6h 41m 7s
Alexander looked at father, "Dad you always scare away the ones I love you just need to open up a bit" He chuckled, "Can I have some too please my love"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 192d 6h 50m 9s
ha thats right Alexander got his killing from the best...that would be me"i looked at your father witch he looked kinda mad and he was staring at me...i got up fast"dose anyone want some tea""i would like some please and thanks""comeing right up miss"i ran to the kitchen
  KirishimaDaddy / 192d 7h 9m 12s
Alexander sat down next to Zion having his head in the cruck of his neck, "Well I killed the king in anger... I kinda regret it a little" He wrapped his arms around Zion, "BUt I get to keep the ones who I love"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 192d 7h 32m 9s
yes i understand everthing and this younge man told me everything"she smiled at the prince and the prince smiled back"welcome back you two and now that your back i am going to go outside and get some fresh air"he walked past us and out the doors..i sat down on the couch infront of the parents
  KirishimaDaddy / 192d 8h 4m 48s
Alexander shifted back to his normal form, "OW... ok I have to get used to the shifting" He chuckled, "So mother do you understand everything or do you need more help?"

  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 185d 4h 49m 27s
oops sorry"she put her hands to her self"its nice to meet you Alexander"she pulled a ring and it sized to fit us both"well here you go have funny going through""thanks seeya""yup"i graded on to your hand and walked through the ring and pulling you through we made it back to the kindom we where i nthe lifeing room and your parents were sitting on the couch
  KirishimaDaddy / 192d 8h 52m 55s
Alexander smiled, "Ok" He sees the girl walking in and talked to Zion before tightening his grip on Zion, "O-ok sensitive tail names Alexander Sin Angle"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 192d 8h 57m 18s
no nothings wrong it just were still in the Demon relm but we have to go right now anyway"the door opened behind us and a girl came in she was somewhat short she had blonde hair with a red tip he was wareing a naruto crop top and some shorts"heyya guys need help getting home"i turned to see her"oh hey ivy...thanks for helping us""hehe np you are the boss oh and i will mimic and Dek that your leavi---"he looked Alexander up and down touching his tail and wings"soooo your the new guy and the bosses mate"she stood in front of him and put out a hand and she smiled"the names Ivy,Ivy gansaki"
  KirishimaDaddy / 192d 11h 19m 49s
Alexander was hugging his arm tightly when they got back licking another wound on him. His body wasn't changing back at all, "Hey Zion is there something wrong?"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 208d 7h 52m 39s

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