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hmmmh"i woke up seeing you kissing me, ipulled away rubbing my eyes"what are you doing" i said sitting up and meow yawning
Alexander would growl and pounce onto him rolling off the bed and landing first and he would land correctly kissing him Alexander woud calm down completely.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 9d 5h 59m 20s
when you woke up you could see my tail and ears were biffrent they were cat ears and tail,"sneezes like a kitten"i curl up more in to a ball starting to purr
Alexander would wake up an hour later curled around Zion and Zion was curled around him noting them together, "Shoot"
He would try to untangle himself from him. Once untangled he would curl into a ball watching him.
huh"i would pick you up and bring you to the nerest bed room and lock the door and lay you there on the bed sitting next to you and looking at your til"i-i wonder if its the same with me"i leaned in and put my face on your tail and would cuddle it as i think'i-its so soft' i fell asleep holding your tail
Alexander would hold the door for much longer and when the punch hit, it threw him, opening the door and revealing his new form he was now having a large white furry tail, his ears were now replaced with white and pink ears, "OW..."
He would look up blurry in vision then passes out.
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 9d 6h 15m 28s
let meeee in now or i will cry" i said smacking my head on the door making a big bang" why are you keeping me out just let me in its ok i can help you but you need to tell me what is going o-on"i said punching the door then sliding my hand on th door with tears going down my face" i-if you want i will stop asking and leave you alone for a bit"i got up from the door
Alexander would be holding the door in place somehow, "Ack"
He holds his head in pain again, "E-every th-thing i-is f-fine"
He was now hearing things that he wasn't able to hear. He would continue to hold the door, "Please don't do this I'm a monster now"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 9d 6h 24m 32s
Alexander you ok .let me in"i started to scratch at the door like a cat"let me in i need to know if your ok" i said slamming my head in to the door
Alexander would slam against the door, "Don't come in!?"
he would look at his tail with fear if Zion would see this he would really be upset, "Ack"
He would hold his head in pain, "D-don't c-come i-in"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 9d 6h 30m 36s
i got up walking to the bathroom and knocking"is there anyone in there"
Alexander would walk to the bathroom and quickly closes it as well as locking it, "Damn why do my pants feel so tight"
He would pull down his pants to see what was making it tight an a tail would plop to the ground. His eyes widen as he looks at it then back up thinking, 'it's happening alright now I need a new set of f*****g pants'
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 9d 6h 36m 55s
it over by the basement:he pointed and walked away...i got to the bse ment opening the door and turning on the lights"."i stood there in shock ..all over the wall was s-- tools and a chair in the middle of the room and chains connected to the wall in a corner.i turned away and sat down"nope nope nope"
Alexander would giggle, "Yep by the way he's part wolf so warning on that part so you can heavy you security on him He seems just a pup so don't worry he's more bark than bite at most times and I know he hears me"
He would look at him and smiles, "I need to use the restroom Where is that located?"
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 9d 6h 45m 36s
hehe maybe but were here " i landed putting you down and walking up to the door,it opened on its own,we went in side"i-its soooo big" i look around and ran in the way of the basement, the kid was standing by Alexander"guess he found the basement"

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