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Merida is done with witches. Absolutely done. She’s turned her mother and brothers back human and payed for the damage to the witches cottage. So when she’s wandering the woods one day and see’s a wisp, she can’t help but be frustrated... because she follows it.

She’s very curious.

The wisps lead her to a small cottage that is obviously been ransacked. Going in, she finds the body of a young, beautiful woman. Not dead, but hurt, Merida helps the young woman heal. What will she do when she finds out the woman is another witch? And a witch who was trying to kill her at that.


I will play Merida unless you want to.

Please use proper grammar.

Write more than two lines.

This is GxG obviously

Name: Everly Wilde
Type of witch (animal): Panther
Age: Nineteen
Height: 5'3"
Hair colour: Raven Black
Hair length: Shoulder Length
Hair type: Mostly straight but with a soft wave
Eye colour: Green
Skin colour: Tanned
Build: Petite


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Merida lips twitched up in a smile as the girl snorted. She was a lot like her. “It’s no problem. I couldn’t just leave a cutie like you alone in the woods.” She teased, smirking. She was glad they were alone. As simple as the words were, they were scandalous. “I’ll be back soon. Try not to miss me.” She winked before leaving the room, closing the door behind her. Leaning against it, she let out a breath, cheeks pink. Pushing off, she cleared her throat and walked to the dining hall.

She could hear her father and brothers before she even entered the room, and she shook her head, a softer smile settling on her lips. She pushed open the doors and walked in, going to the table. Her brothers were chasing the dogs, finally taller than the creatures since they had aged. Though they were still short at 7 years old. They would grow. She knew. They got growth pains all the time.

“Hello.” Merida spoke slowly, flashing her mother a smile as she sat down. “Sorry I’m late. I was thinking. Could I have a lady in waiting?” She asked her, her father spitting his drink into his cup as he stared at the girl in shock. Merida had never mentioned anything like that and tended to throw big fits if her mother did.
  Hazelnut / 1d 15h 19m 24s
I'm glad you did. And yay! Can't wait to see :3)
  ~Everly~ / SheDevil / 1d 15h 21m 19s
  Hazelnut / 1d 15h 25m 49s
I can if you want :3 Sorry for not having thought that through on my end..)
  ~Everly~ / SheDevil / 1d 15h 26m 21s
((Well, I know she put the spell on her, so I planned on having her agree to allow Ev in and ask to meet her and such. I just didn’t know if you wanted to play her to do a little more, or what.
  Hazelnut / 1d 15h 54m 2s
That is a good point. I had not thought that out. Would it be easier if I do here? Or was there a set way you wanted that to go? Because Ev also did a mini spell on her mum already.. >.<)
  ~Everly~ / SheDevil / 1d 15h 55m 56s
((Ok, so, i’ve Been debating my response, so I have a question. Am I playing Meridas family, or will you be? Because I can role play her family if you want.
  Hazelnut / 1d 18h 21m 0s

Sorry! This was the link for that x.x))

[b "But to take after your dad doesn't seem to be a bad thing. I mean you're mum most really love those things about him. If she didn't well... Anyway I do think so. Everyone needs something that represents them in one way or another."] Her words were soft as she spoke them, green-gold eyes now on the Scottish princess. She had chosen the softer colour because she was not one who was for vanity and beauty. Something her mother would scold her for because softer blues or pinks were more suited to her and her skin tone. Kind of something the young woman never thought of. Nor did she want to.

Everly was the daughter who clashed and butted heads with her mother the most. She did have three older sisters. It was when Merida began to speak again did she check back in. [b "I have three elder sisters. We were always helping the other dress for parties and know those huge events. And well I just figured since it had been fine to do with them..what difference is there here with you? We are both young women."] Her words were soft and thoughtful. Though she did end up snorting when Merida recounted the maid and her screaming and running. [b "So you like nature and being free. Your own personal space."] She summed up.

A faint smile graced her lips and she gave a bow of her head to the other young woman. [b "Thank you again.."] And she stood to look out the window again.
  ~Everly~ / SheDevil / 5d 6h 20m 42s
((Pictures don’t show on my iPad, sorry.

Merida looked over at the girl, something done easily on the way she was laying on the bed. She couldn’t help but observe her, enjoying the way the setting sun looked against the girl. Her long black hair seemed to shine like the feathers of a crow, her skin and eyes seemed to glow and radiate beauty, and the soft cream coloured dress suited her, something she hadn’t expected the girl to pick. Most people chose brighter colours of green, red, or blue. The soothing choice pleased Merida, though she would never admit it. “Really? My mum hates it. She says I take after my dad.” A soft smile appeared on her lips as she thought of the giant, one legged man. He was a man by stature, but a boy by heart. At least until it came to the sword. Then, he was a beast. One Merida had stared into the eyes of with fear. But she would never blame her dad for any of that day. That was her fault. She would always stand by that.... though her mom did kind of contribute to the whole problem, trying to get her to marry strangers. But Merida wasn’t blaming anyone.

“It’s not really that I don’t like others, I do, it just has to be the right people. I don’t like lords and queens, always trying to be proper and that nonsense. I like people who enjoy the world and the time they have in it. Like you. I just met you, but you’re nice to be around. You changed in front of me with no problem. I once tried to do that around a maid and she screamed and ran out.” Merida rolled her eyes at the memory, grumbling at the scolding from her mum that had come next. “And space... not sure. Castles get stuffy, so I normally go outside. So i guess technically, yes, i prefer my space.” Merida looked away as the sun set, never really enjoying it like she once had since that day. “Anyways, best be off. You stay here and I’ll bring you some food after mentioning you to my mum.” She got up, smiling.
  Shu Osuriki / Hazelnut / 9d 10h 1m 19s
Again something she and the fiery Scottish princess seemed to have in common. Lashing out and needing SOMETHING to take the frustrations out on. If Merida thought her sword lashing was bad, Ev could be a tad over dramatic herself. Multiple times had she shifted into her panther form and ripped apart her whole room OR she let her magic run wild and let it do the damage. Once she had turned her mother into a kitten for a whole month before she had figured out how to turn her back. [b "Oh no need to explain it to me.. I was just curious because I have never seen a room quite like this before. But it isn't a bad thing.. Just a room to match the girl. You like being free and that was what this put me in the mind of."] Came soft and thoughtful words as she played with the tips of her hair, continuing to watch Merida.

The other was soon up and going to a closet and green eyes followed after her. The dresses on both sides seemed beautiful to her. Though one side did seem more..plain? She thought that was the word. After the invitation to be able to use the dresses, Everly did slip out of her own ruined soft pink dress, leaving her in her slip as she looked through the dresses. A few minutes later, the young woman was pulling a cream coloured dress out and slipping it over her head, adjusting it and letting her dark hair fall to her shoulders again in soft waves as if nothing had happened to it.

And again she found her way to sitting on the windowsill. [b "You aren't much around others and prefer your space?"] It was a silly question and she knew it, but call it the "cat" in her which made her overly curious.

  ~Everly~ / SheDevil / 9d 12h 33m 57s
“Well, i snuck a few desserts when they wern’t looking. But it was what had to be done to save my mum, so...” she shrugged. “A sacrifice had to be made to pay the consequences of my actions.” She flopped on her bed, blushing as Everly mentioned her messed up room. “Well, sometimes when I get mad, i take a sword to it to release my frustration.” She pat the bed posts, laughing awkwardly as an embarrassed smile appeared on her lips. Normally only her mum saw her room, which used to please her, but it was strangely embarrassing for everly to see. She felt like it should have been nicer, and she felt rather childish. “Though I haven't done it since mom turned.” She spoke, feeling the need to... well... make herself appear more mature. She didn’t really understand why, the girl falling silent as she thought.

“Oh, right.” Merida stood, remembering clothes. “I have a dress for you. We look about the same size.” Walking over to her wardrobe, she opened it, completely ignoring one side filled with shiny and bright dresses. Instead, she went to the other side that was filled with cotton and wool clothes of much more modest colours. She grabbed her normal back one, heading back to the bed. “Pick what you’d like.” Pulling her dress off over her head, she tossed it on the floor. She wasn’t naked, but she was only wearing her slip. Everyone wore one under their dress, and Merida didn’t seem to mind her near bare ness around the girl. She was too Merida to notice that sort of thing. Pulling her black dress over her head, she adjusted the straps before flopping on the bed, falling into thought as she stared at the ceiling.
  Shu Osuriki / Hazelnut / 9d 19h 42m 12s
She was supposed to hate this girl. To want to destroy her. And that had been what she had wanted and been TRYING to fo when the bandits had found her cottage and left her for what she could assume what they thought was dead. But the more she was around the red haired lass, the more there was a draw of sorts. One she could not place. But if she had to try it was an air of comfort and relaxation? An easiness of sorts she did not feel around many. Why did that have to be the case with her of all people though? It was enough to have her head spinning.

[b "So what they say about younger siblings being demons then is true? I mean I wouldn't know being the youngest myself... And you really had to give up desserts for a year? That doesn't seem at all fair...because well sweets are sometimes the best part of any meal."] A major downfall for Everly was she did have quite the sweet tooth. And with that being the case and the other girl's pouting and whining again she couldn't help ALMOST feeling bad for her.

Only in the room did she stop to let green eyes wander. It was not the kind of room she would expect for a princess to have. [b "Why was the sword taken to it?"] Came her soft words as she went to the window's sill and took a seat upon it, looking to the other girl with her head tilted. [b "And by the don't look bad. At least not like I do. But you may consider changing if your mother is as harsh as you say..And no I can't read minds...your hands have been fiddling with your dress for the last many minutes."] She muttered.
  ~Everly~ / SheDevil / 10d 4h 57m 25s
Merida bit her lower lip gently, still not facing Everly as she walked. Everly thought her hair was pretty? With curly, bright red locks that most people seemed irritated with, Merida was extremely sensitive when it came to her hair. Though she acted like she wasn’t. She loved them, but it didn’t mean she wasn’t self conscious over them. “Thanks?” She forced out, feigning a questioning tone.

She didn’t really understand why she felt so at ease with this girl. She seemed to radiate a gentle, soothing energy, but at the same time, felt.... exciting? Like there was something about her that she didn’t know. Some sort of puzzle she was figuring out. She was a stranger after all. Maybe that was it.

“Hubert, Harris, and Hamish? Oh, they’re just wee babies. Though little demons at the same time. If they catch us, I’ll just offer up my dessert again. I had to do it when mum got turned into a bear.” She frowned. “I lost dessert for a whole year.” The princess was definitely whining at the punishment of her actions, silly enough as it was. But dessert was amazing..... and she still snuck it, they just didn’t need to know that. “Anyways, here we are.” Merida pushed open a door, walking inside. Her room was odd, as if someone had taken a knife to the princesses room.... cause they had. Merida had. To be more specific, a sword, that currently rested besides her bed. Merida tossed her bow onto the heavy covers, debating on whether to change before dinner. She didn’t think she looked all that messy, but then again, that normally meant she was.
  Shu Osuriki / Hazelnut / 10d 22h 42m 18s
Even her own cheeks brightened at the words that the other young woman had just said. It wasn't often someone could make her blush as easily as this girl could. Or more like Ev blushed quite easily, but no one had made her feel..the saying she believed was "feel butterflies in the pit of her stomach". And at the moment it seemed right. [b "You are not at all hard to look at yourself...especially when the sun catches your hair the way it does now.."] Again the words seemed to slip from rosy lips and she was kicking herself for them.

The two of them continued walking and even Everly had to stop her own snort as Merida began to act out the conversation with her mother. Of course she knew more of what Merida went through than the other thought. Their mothers did not sound all that different to her. But she had to remind herself that she was not here to make friends. Something hard to keep to when the green-eyed lass before her gave those cute puppyish pouts and was so lively in her explanations.

Soon she was boosted up again and they were still making their way through long halls as it seemed the princess was still determined not to get caught. [b "You have brothers..what if they are the ones who happen to catch us?"] Came soft and thoughtful words as she kept following the other.
  ~Everly~ / SheDevil / 11d 1h 27m 32s
“Well you’re a bit rough lookin’, but nothing a wee bath won’t fix. You’re quite pretty under all the dirt.” Merida blurted, unable to stop herself. She quickly looked away to hide the soft blush that appeared on her cheeks, looking up at the castle. What was with her? Not even her dad could make her feel this embarrassed, and she was always red with what he said. He had NO filter.

“You don’t know my mum. But I’ll hint at you, see what she says. Only a fool would just walk you in and go “look at this strange woman I found in a cabin in the woods I’ve never seen before. Let her stay here, hmm?” Merida acted out, putting her hands together as she looked at Everly as if the girl was her mom. “She’d think I was loony.” Merida snorted again, placing her hands on her hips as she jut them out slightly. “Anyways, up we go. We’ll have to hurry if we don’t want her coming to my room. This way.” She turned, heading towards the castle as she looked around, trying to keep a lookout for anyone. The last thing she needed was to get spotted and have her mother give her a long, long, long lecture about bringing strangers to the castle. She’d warn her the girl was dangerous and probably go “oh, and how do you know she isn’t another witch?” And then she’s have a long, useless argument with her about how there was only one croon in the land. Best avoid it all.
  Shu Osuriki / Hazelnut / 11d 4h 39m 59s

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