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Haha thats a good point!

  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 3d 21h 40m 33s
I’m asking my party first before leroying it like last time
  Taenya Nerina / NorthernWolves / 3d 21h 55m 30s
Oh yeah wait... Nun's attack in phase two yes.

Dodge and strike the spearnman fails the dodge.
Striking again the spear man fails the dodge. 45DMG and 45DMG.
That's 90DMG.

The spearman's turn goes to strike Nun.

Going for a dodge right?
Ima roll to see if you're counterattack hits as well.

And... It does.
Meaning Nun cleanly kills the spearsman in a pretty much 1v1 scenario.

Clean fight Nun didn't get KO'd!

So battleone ends on turn phase two.
When it's turn phase two on the other battle they can come over as back up members to help the main party if they need it.
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 3d 22h 2m 52s
Could kill the boss.

Or the speedster.

Or the Brute.

Cherish and Taenya do have a 5/6 chance to dodge the brute though.
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 3d 22h 6m 56s
Which of the three would be the biggest danger to our party ?
  Taenya Nerina / NorthernWolves / 3d 22h 44m 29s
Your next attack could kill any of the 3. So, either lizard or the sea beast.
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 3d 23h 7m 10s
Is it possible for me to kill the lowest health sneky scaly lizard?
  Taenya Nerina / NorthernWolves / 3d 23h 13m 59s
Oh the 75DMG didn't include the 5MG dmg whoops
But either way Rime would need to followup shot to finish it

He blocked both strikes.
Blocks are guaranteed defense shaving off attack
Dodges are a chance
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 4d 19m 10s
& did the sea serpent block Valh's attack both times? Bc shouldn't it be 40+60, if not?
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 4d 50m 19s
spear lizard. Will stab the spear lizard after countering it.

Did that 75 damage include the 5 magic damage from his sword?
  GuardianAngel / 4d 55m 39s
Name: Sea Beast
LV: 3
HP: 175/95
ATK: 30
DEF: 20
SPD: 40
INT: 30
MP: 50/40
AP: 20
Water Geiser: Fire INT off as a water elemental attack. MP Cost: 10

Tail Whip: Strikes the entire party with one physical attack! AP Cost: 10

Regurgitate: Will waste two turns to spit out more lizardmen when the lizardmen are defeated!

Okay 40 DMG x2 on the Sea Serpent!

Who does Taenya strike at?
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 4d 58m 47s
No waiting necessary, shenanigans are rewritten now
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 4d 1h 1m 51s
Cherish can overdrive and attack the sea serpent twice.
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 4d 1h 2m 41s
Do I need to wait on Yoru to rewrite Cherish’s shenanigans?
  Taenya Nerina / NorthernWolves / 4d 1h 3m 2s
[center [b Rime piercing shot to reduce the enemies def/spd by 20%! The caster has zero of each! So instead the strike does additional 20% more damage! Finishing off the weakened Arcanist! Rime's well placed shot had abruptly put an end to the Arcanist life.]]

[center [b The brute comes in to flail at Kanzaki! He blocks! Only reducing the damage by 10! Still taking 45DMG! Reducing his HP to 565! The beast had hardly left a scratch on Kanzaki. Kanzaki had twirled his massive Axeblade and smashed the Brute into the ground with a sluggish yet powerful Arc. Dealing 150DMG! Kanzaki was slow but the Brute wasn't exactly fast either and it was a clear hit. There... Wasn't much left of the Brute's remains afterwards.]]

[center [+darkblue Well! That's two down huh? This shouldn't take much longer right?]]

[center [h3 Nun's Turn!]]

[center [h3 Battle One: Turn Phase 2]]

[center [b Does Nun strike the spearman? )

[center [h3 Battle Two Turn Phase One]]

[center [h3 Who does Taenya attack?]]
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 4d 1h 15m 50s

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