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True but they have same attack just different elemental values.

So which spell is she going to use than?
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 13d 2h 1m 17s
Just checked. She has 3 spells in the description, omniblast being one of them.
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 13d 3h 5m 14s
Haha that sound good North?

The final call here?
Murder the sea beast!
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 13d 3h 9m 19s
In other words, use your spell to incinerate the thing.
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 13d 3h 17m 57s
Bury him 6 feet under the bottom of the sea & add another 6 feet just because!
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 13d 3h 20m 19s
Yeah she's only got one spell right now though.

So can conserve strength/mana.
Or try and exp farm.

Up to you guys
  Aelina Rosemond / ShieldHero- / 13d 3h 28m 14s
So you all want me to make sure that he’s dead like dead?
  Taenya Nerina / NorthernWolves / 13d 3h 34m 19s
Its down to her. If she can't do anything but attack it since she's one of the only ranged people, and she has spells that would either do less damage or use more MP, then make it 200% dead.
  Phytocanis324 / 13d 8h 58m 36s
If she attacks the boss right now, she kills it. It won't be able to attack
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 13d 9h 15m 51s
the point of the strategy I suggested is to never have the boss attack. if we can get it to loop into its lizardman spawning indefinitely, we can whittle it down and get it low enough to nail it when we're done with it.
  Phytocanis324 / 13d 9h 17m 1s
Hey guys. I just checked her status, she can only attack with that fire blast 4 times..... i vote sea beast again.
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 13d 9h 17m 20s
Pretty much! Perfect right?!

Thank you for consulting this time!

Shield, how is Amaria gunna catch up since she's still lvl 2?
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 13d 12h 2m 0s
Did we find an... Exp farm? Already? :P

R1M3 and Nun have our combat cleared, so unless it starts spawning additional combats I like this strategy.
  GuardianAngel / 13d 12h 24m 34s
Actually. Yeah, kill the lizards, get more exp. If the situation starts taking a turn, off the boss.
  Cherish Noxolo / Yoruneko / 13d 13h 35m 30s
We've proven we can absolutely wreck the lizardmen. We also don't know how many it will summon. I say we kill the lizardmen off first and bait out it's regurgitate ability, and keep it locked in that cycle taking the first turn it's incapacitated to damage it with normal attacks and then just blast the lizardmen when they show up, keep the beast going around and around in a cycle of hurling and hurting.

I suggest this because I faced a boss in a game once with similar mechanics. Kill the minions, it tries to summon more, even if it would be more beneficial to attack.
  Phytocanis324 / 13d 13h 43m 50s

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