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Noir Daniels has transferred to Ouran Academy from America. Her family had felt she needed a change of scenery, and sent her on her own to Japan. Unbeknownst to her, she had been sent away for her safety, as someone wanted her parents erased. While her family was considered very wealthy, Noir was raised to be down to earth. However upon enrolling in Ouran, she realizes that to most of the students there, money and connections meant everything. Though often viewed as kind to a fault, she knows that she will have to be on her guard, especially since she was completely on her own in this country, save for the maid, and handler/guardian that had accompanied her.

For a few months she keeps to herself, not making friends as she didn't know who truly wanted to be her friend, or who just wanted to use her. One day during one of her free periods she wanders into what she thought was an empty music room, only to meet the Host Club. Tamaki and the others try to make her feel welcome, but it is actually the cold Shadow King, Kyoya who manages to get her to let her guard down while there. Soon she begins to view the Host Club as people she may want to be friends with.

Will she and Kyoya only be friends? Will their relationship change into something more? If it does will they ignore it, or throw caution to the wind?

Find out in: ♡Maybe You're My Love♡


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She blinked in surprise as he blocked her path, she honestly hadn't expected him to say anything, let alone accept her apology. She notices his gaze soften and she had to view offer as sincere, as she has never once seen him look as he does now. Sighing softly, she nods, an apologetic smile on her face. [+red "That sounds like a good idea. I will have to let Irial know, he will probably insist on shadowing me."] She says quietly.

[+red "As it stands, I will need to find a tutor for Japanese...I thought I had improved, but our altercation proves otherwise. Its difficult to tell what is meant, and do not take this the wrong way, your language is very fluid, and words seem to run together. Compared to American English, which is very boxy, it is hard to tell the tone in which words are being spoken as it takes most of my focus to be able to understand what is being said, let alone how it is being said. However, that does not excuse me for my reaction to you, and once again I do apologize."] She says, her tone staying soft.

It was evident by her tone, and her expression, that she truly felt remorse for her actions. [+red "I enjoy sewing, is there something you would like made? I don't have many projects right now, and I figured I could use the break we get after exams to make some things. The only thing I have had the time to make, was tea satchels. Speaking of which, have you tried them? I'm partial to the peach ginger one myself, its sweet, but has a calming effect."]

This was the most she had spoken to him in a long time, for once she was not eager to go anywhere. Maybe it was how gentle his features looked right now, but she didn't want to break whatever spell they were under, and have them both back with their polite masks and words.
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Those twins while good natured, always stuck their noses in everyone’s business but, as Tamaki would remind him, it simply meant that they cared. Kyoya crossed his arms, feeling slightly out of his element. The girl was making such an effort to make things right that it would make him look like an utter asshole if he didn’t forgive her. God he was tired of this...

Not feeling comfortable enough to touch her, the raven hair sidestepped gracefully, blocking her path to leave. [#3A0367 “There you go again. Trying to leave before I can get the last word.”] His features softened. [#3A0367 “Don’t be so hard on yourself. There’s enough animosity around this Academy that we shouldn’t need to fuel it. How about we try things again? Maybe dinner? My treat.”]
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Noir quietly follows behind him, and keeps her head down as he spoke. Sighing quietly, she shakes her head. [+red "They didn't make me. They cornered me outside my classroom. I let slip that I had overreacted and needed to apologize to you. They dragged me here as a way to help."] She says softly. [+red "You were honestly just curious and I responded with undue hostility. I am sorry for that. I seem to be messing up all over the place. Anyway, I'll get out of your hair. I hope things go better for you."] It was clear by her tone that she didn't plan on returning and would quite possibly do her best to avoid him from now. Bowing her head, she goes to walk away.
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Damn the Hitachiin twins. They were always more trouble than it was worth and he had warned Tamaki about that initially. Kyoya crossed his arms, a single hand rubbing the bridge of his nose in annoyance. He couldn’t handle this day. It was just becoming... too much.

He watched the American walk over, her discomfort obvious across her face. This was so embarrassing. The raven haired looked down at her as she spoke her piece, wishing that everyone wasn’t staring. It was Tamaki’s job to be the center of attention- not his. [#3A0367 “It’s fine,”] he groaned, hoping the simple answer would suffice. [#3A0367 “We don’t need to make a spectacle of this.”]

The shadow king pushed up his glasses, getting the twins to back off. [#3A0367 “Can we talk in the hall?”] He walked past the other host members, grinding his teeth to take the edge off. He had to remain calm.

Once they were out in the privacy of the hall, Kyoya turned to her. [#3A0367 “You didn’t have to apologize because they made you do it. You had your reasons, I have mine. Don’t apologize for them.”]
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Noir had remained quiet the rest of the afternoon, her gaze as cold as ice. It wasn't until she came to her free period, did she think she had overreacted and may have misjudged how Kyoya was trying to talk to her. Damn language barriers. Sighing softly, she leaves her classroom and goes to head out to the courtyard only to find someone blocking her way, two someones, actually. Irritation flashes in her gaze as she sees it is the two twins. [+red "Can I help you?"] She asks as politely as she can.

Hikaru smiles an impish smile and circles less around her, while Kaouru stays in her path. [+blue "You've caught our attention. Aren't you lucky. We were going to ignore you, like we do everyone else, but then you actually managed to make the Shadow King smile, and on your first meeting no less."] Kaouru puts his hands into his pockets as he says [b "Kyoya has been in a bad mood recently, we think his father has been coming down on him alot for stupid things. So. We think you could cheer him up."]

Noir shakes her head, a regretful look at her face. [+red "I don't think that's a good idea. I think I misunderstood him very badly before. And even though I want to apologize, I doubt he would even listen to me, let alone accept it."] Hikaru's grin widens and he suddenly grabs one of her arms while Kaouru grabs the other. Before she can even make a form of protest, she is all but dragged to the Host Club.

As she is dragged into the room, she argues quietly with the twins, unaware that they were dragging her right to Kyoya. Hikaru lets out a chuckle and says [+blue "You said you wanted apologize right? Well how are you going to do that if you stay away?"] Without a thought to how she would even voice her views on this idea, they shove her towards where Kyoya was, by the looks of it, preparing to leave. Cursing the twins under her breath, she debates on trying to apologize or walking away. She then thinks back on to how she reacted in the library and she inwardly cringes, she must have hurt him very badly.

Mustering up her courage she walks over to him and flinches at how cold his gaze was. Biting her lower lip she hesitates before slowly speaking, her voice trembling very faintly. [+red "I'm sorry Ootori-senpai. I overreacted to your question and hurt you really badly. I didn't realize it until now that you weren't trying to be insulting, that were honestly curious. I reacted defensively when I didn't need to. I am really sorry, and I understand if you want nothing more to do with me."] By the end of it, her voice was wavering, like she was fighting off tears. Her head was down, so she didn't have to meet his gaze, which at the moment scared her. She had only seen eyes like that from her own father when he was severely displeased with her, and could get away with his preferred form of punishment.

As she waits for his response she tightly folds her hands together, hoping to hiding their trembling. She was always careful with her words, so she wouldn't wind up in a situation like this and yet here she was, hurting someone for no reason. She was prepared to accept anything he said, and any punishment should he choose to set one, even if it meant never coming back to the Host Club or interacting with him again.
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The shadow king was rather taken aback by her reaction. He was by no means trying to insult her and she reacted so regardless. He was, at the least, trying to inquire in order to have something to bond over and talk about. Isn’t that what normal people do? Try to find things in common? If anything, it fueled his sour mood more, thinking she might not have been worth his time after all. As his Father once said, not everyone is going to appreciate you but you must be polite anyhow. [i Screw that.]

[#3A0367 “I only did so because that is what’s expected around here. You don’t have to be pretentious about it just because I’m making an effort to understand your circumstance.”] Kyoya pushed aside the tray, seething. [#3A0367 “Don’t expect it again.”]


Oh, how he loathed being at the club today. If he ever saw that stuck up transfer student again, he was sure he wouldn’t be able to hold back any venom in his tone. Ignorance may have been a liability for him since he didn’t know about her personal customs but she didn’t have to throw it back at him simply because he asked. Rude or not. If he did that with every student that didn’t know he was trying his fucking best to become his Father’s heir to the company-

[#0000FF “Kyoya~.”] He looked up, meeting Tamaki’s gaze from the couch in the center of the room. [#0000FF “I can see you’re bothered today. You can go if you want.”]

The raven haired sighed. Tamaki could be level headed when he wanted to be, that’s what made their relationship mutual, and it made him feel that sometimes he was the one that dramatic not the other way around.

Before he could reply, however, the doors burst open, the red haired twins dragging in a very familiar face. One he wasn’t exactly impatient to see. What the hell was all this about?
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Something flashes in her eyes as he implies that she had no reason to focus on her studies. [+red "Being sent here or not, it is important to me to do well on my studies. I told you before, I want to achieve things on my own merit."] As she speaks, her voice had grown cold. [+red "As for your twins, I'm not in their class. They seem to have taken it into their heads to follow me around."]

Closing her notebook and textbook, she puts it into her bag. [+red "While I understand that most of the students here depend on their parents for every little thing, and therefore do not see the need for them to succeed on their own, please refrain from lumping me in with them, its insulting."] Her tone had grown hard towards the end, and her eyes were cold as well. [+red "You of all people should know what it feels like to succeed simply because you did it on your own. But I digress."] She glances towards the clock on the far wall, and pushes away from table. [+red "Thank you for sharing your lunch with me. If you'll excuse me."] Without waiting for a reply, she quickly walks away and heads to her next class.
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The teen chuckled. [#3A0367 “My patience is only as strong as my resilience to stupidity.”] He was barely keeping it up as it was. [#3A0367 “The twins do quite a lot to entertain themselves on a daily basis. Funny that you happen to be on their radar.”] So she was a year younger than him. He must have missed that detail in her file.

[#3A0367 “I suppose it’s good for one to [i want] to do well on their exams but weren't you sent here? Does it truly matter whether you succeed in this Academy or not?”] Kyoya would have concluded that the family must not have paid much attention to her if they were harbored across the ocean. Rarely does one send their children away if they truly loved them.
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She smiles in thanks as he explains the equation, her gaze growing brighter as she understands it and is able to solve the rest of the problems. Glancing up from her notebook, she smiles an understanding smile. [+red "Its alright. Its understandable. School work, family pressure and host duties. You have a lot on your plate, Ootori-senpai. I wouldn't expect you to have much patience, I know I probably wouldn't."]

Taking a small bite from the apple, she goes back to her assignments, her gaze quickly flying over the page as she now knows how to do everything else needed. [+red "As it is stands, your twins have taken to popping up around me. I'm afraid I didn't really interact with them. I haven't really interacted with anyone recently. I've been studying, I want to do well on my exams."] She says quietly.
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The young man was grateful for the silence of the library, cooling his temperament and relaxing for a moment, even in the presence of a fellow student. He wondered if her parents cared about her grades like his did. [#3A0367 “It’s nice to see you too,”] he admitted. [#3A0367 “Intelligence is short at the Club.”]

Kyoya fiddled with the entree, taking a couple bites of grilled chicken and steamed vegetables before glancing across the table the assignment Noir was occupied with. One of the few things he was most proficient with, equations and numbers. [#3A0367 “Certainly,”] he replied, turning her book around with a couple fingers.

He did his best to simply explain the problem, feeling a bit better now that he was distracted with something more trivial and comfortable. Once he felt she had it together, he pushed the book back to her side. [#3A0367 “Sorry if I seemed a bit short with you,”] Kyoya said, finishing off a veggie.
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She quietly follows behind him, her lavender gaze taking in the route they take, hoping to memorize it. She sees the teachers glance at them, and blinks in faint bemusement when they basically ignore that they are breaking the rules. Filing it way for thought later.

Sitting across from him, she glances over the tray and takes the apple. [+red "I didn't even know there were quiet areas like this."] She says quietly. Putting down the apple, she takes put one of her notebooks and glances over the assignment she had been working on. [+red "It is nice to see you again. I had meant it when I said it."] Biting into the apple, she grabs her math book and starts to work on the problems, her brow furrowing as she comes to one that was difficult.

Muttering under her breath, she continues to try and solve it, only to sigh and put down her pencil. Glancing over at Kyoya she bites her lip for a moment. [+red "Erm...sorry...but would you be willing to help me? I'm not understanding how to solve this problem."] Turning her notebook around, as well as the textbook, so he can see it, she looks at him with a faintly hopeful expression.
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Kyoya frowned as the American looked at his food suspiciously, quickly explaining her reasons for not wanting the whole tray. He supposed he understood and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. [#3A0367 “Fine, we can share but I’m not going to eat here.”] He adjusted the bag under his arm before leading her out into the hall.

He led her to the library study just a couple rooms down, making sure not to walk to fast to lose his now lunch companion. Kyoya wasn’t exactly sure how he felt about all this. As far as he was concerned, they were on non-speaking terms thanks to him. The fact that he was now barely making contact again must have seemed like he disliked her or something of the sort... which was not the case.

The teachers didn’t say anything as they saw him and Noir walk in with a tray. Kyoya’s family was prestigious enough that he often got away with lots of things, especially when he was also friends with Suoh. No one wanted to interfere with the chairman involved.

The host took a seat at a table near the back, making sure they wouldn’t be distrurbed. He wasn’t in the mood for idle chatter with uninteresting people. He leaned on his hand as he pushed the tray to his guest. [#3A0367 “Pick what you like.”]
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She stiffens when he grabs her arm. A retort is on the tip of her tongue as she turns to face him, only for her to swallow it down. Surprise fills her gaze as he addresses her by her first name. Sighing softly she moves her gaze to his tray, and internally winces at the amount of food there. Biting her lower lip for a moment she returns her gaze to his. [+red I'll accept, but only of you will share it with me. I honestly cannot eat all of that."] Her words rang true and sincere.

Logically she knew it was not a lot of food, but to her stomach, it was. She smiles apologetically, hoping she hadn't insulted him or anything. [+red My stomach hasn't been right for a little while, so I'm not able to indulge in large meals. Its probably just nerves or something, but i rather not risk having to go to the infirmary."]
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The raven haired male raised an eyebrow at her, almost insulted that she wouldn’t take his offering. He maneuvered his bag that was in his other hand to fit underneath his arm and grabbed her arm gently before she could leave. [#3A0367 “I sincerely insist that you take it,”] Kyoya persisted, [#3A0367 “It will help your headache that you mentioned and I really doubt that I’m going to go hungry.”]

It was a little peeving that she would not take his kindness where some others would have gladly taken the offer especially his regulars. Though he had to remind himself he was only feeling irritable because he was having a bad day. Hopefully, she wouldn’t look too much into that and have his lunch before he threw it on the floor himself. [#3A0367 “Just do us both a favor, Noir.”]
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She jumps slightly upon feeling a tray being poked into her. Turning around she blinks in surprise upon seeing Kyoya. When he offers her his lunch, she simply shakes her head, a soft smile on her lips. [+red "Oh, no thank you Ootori-senpai, I'll just eat something when I get home. You should it, you'll need the energy for your host duties. I am sorry for bumping into you though. I was in a bit of hurry. I honestly planned to just get something to relieve my headache and then head back to work on some assignments."]

Glancing into her messenger bag to double check she had what she needed, and to avoid his gaze for a moment, she nods to herself before putting a polite smile on her lips. [+red "It was nice to see you again, I hope you have a good holiday."] Nodding her head in farewell she steps away and goes to head towards the exit. She knew it was stupid to miss a meal, especially since she had lost a bit of weight in the past few weeks, but she couldn't really stomach much, barely even half a sandwich sometimes. She supposed it was nerves about the final exams for this semester.
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