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Noir Daniels has transferred to Ouran Academy from America. Her family had felt she needed a change of scenery, and sent her on her own to Japan. Unbeknownst to her, she had been sent away for her safety, as someone wanted her parents erased. While her family was considered very wealthy, Noir was raised to be down to earth. However upon enrolling in Ouran, she realizes that to most of the students there, money and connections meant everything. Though often viewed as kind to a fault, she knows that she will have to be on her guard, especially since she was completely on her own in this country, save for the maid, and handler/guardian that had accompanied her.

For a few months she keeps to herself, not making friends as she didn't know who truly wanted to be her friend, or who just wanted to use her. One day during one of her free periods she wanders into what she thought was an empty music room, only to meet the Host Club. Tamaki and the others try to make her feel welcome, but it is actually the cold Shadow King, Kyoya who manages to get her to let her guard down while there. Soon she begins to view the Host Club as people she may want to be friends with.

Will she and Kyoya only be friends? Will their relationship change into something more? If it does will they ignore it, or throw caution to the wind?

Find out in: ♡Maybe You're My Love♡


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She hesitates for a moment, debating on telling him. She nods slightly, mostly to herself, before saying [+red "My parents were assassinated, that is apparently the reason why Irial couldn't join us."] She takes a calming breathe before continuing. [+red "My uncle is now head of the company."] Her hands tremble faintly as she folds them in front of her, her gaze full of multiple emotions. [+red "I've been instructed to remain in Japan, and it looks like it will be permanent."] She tries to smile, but it doesn't reach her gaze. [+red "I know my uncle won't leave me destitute, but I will need to be careful with my finances, even if he does decide to give me a stipend. He has no wife or children, so there is that, and he does care for me."] She was starting to babble. [+red "I'll probably get a call from him in the morning and figure everything out then."]

She knew she had dropped a bombshell on him, and probably a lot of information that could be used against her, if he chose to, but at the moment she didn't care. All she could think of is her parents being gone, and that she would soon be going home to basically an empty house. And she meant empty, besides her, Irial and the maid, no one else lived there. And with Irial gone for now, she was truly alone as she and the maid did not converse much as they did not know each other.
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Grateful that Noir dropped the troubling subject, Kyoya remained silent as he listened. [#3A0367 “Improvement is inevitable. As I’ve said, it will be just fine.”] He tilted his head slightly at her following comment. [#3A0367 “My Father made sure me and my siblings knew the world’s main language well. Always been a good strategy to use in conversations of business especially with families who live out of the country.”]

The chime of the American’s phone disrupted their talk, Noir taking a moment to read a text that changed the look on her face. He knew it wasn’t any of his business but he couldn’t help but to be a tad bothered by it. But... it was a trend among people to look at their phones often nowadays. Something that he didn’t really partake in.

Kyoya didn’t buy her excuse for an explanation, not really fully invested in the casual conversation she tried to make to play off whatever that bothered her. He didn’t pry till dessert mochi was served, not really caring if she ate it or not. [#3A0367 “Something the matter?”] he asked.
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She notices irritation flash in his gaze as she speaks and decides to stay on polite topics, few as they were at the moment. She drinks a bit more of her water before trying a roll that was fill with cucumber. She blinks in surprise as she likes the taste and finishes the roll. [+red "I've study Japanese, but o had never planned to travel overseas, so I had let my studies lax, something I now regret. But, I'm certain I will improve."] She wanted to comment on his English, but wasn't sure how to phrase it correctly without him thinking she was trying to brown nose him. [+red "You speak English very well, you barely have an accent at all."] She says.

Before she can say anything else her phone chimes, signaling a text message. [+red "Excuse me for a moment please."] Taking out her phone, she sees a message from Irial that reads [b Heads taken out. Uncle now head. Stay in Japan, safer there. Will return when possible.] Her eyes widen in shock as she reads the message and she quickly puts her phone away before putting a polite smile on her face. [+red "Sorry, it was my maid asking how late I would be out."] Internally she was screaming, her parents were gone, and now her uncle was the head of the company. Well, she wasn't going to begrudge him that, of all her family members, she got along well with him. But to stay in Japan would mean missing her parents funeral.

Vowing to think on it later, she tries to enjoy the evening out, making polite conversation and keeping her turmoil to herself. School was going to be challenging now that she couldn't focus on it completely. What she didn't know, is that the assassination had taken out her parents and few prominent members of other country officials, some of which were Japanese, so it would eventually be on the news, if it wasn't already.
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He wanted to scoff but held back his rude nature. Sure- that was all he needed right now was a wanna-be therapist as his acquaintance. Kyoya didn’t want to talk about himself or his life or whatever Noir thought she was going to get out of him. Nothing was wrong with the way he was and this was mostly a friendly outing. He just wanted to be polite to her.

[#3A0367 “Talk all you want,”] he said, waving her worry away. [#3A0367 “I almost think that sushi cuisine may not be to your pallet anyhow.”] Duly noted. [#3A0367 “There is always time and it seems you’ve taken to the language quickly despite the odds stacked against you. Don’t worry.”] He proceeded to pick at the sashimi, his favorites that she seemed to stray away from.
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She looks at him confused at he apologizes. [+red "Its quite alright. You don't have to apologize for anything, especially with my allergy. It's not life threatening, if anything it's just a irritant, I will be fine."] She says before taking a sip of tea and holding the cup in her hands. [+red "As for your being tense, it is understandable. Your family must put alot of pressure on you, that can lead to alot of things, like mood swings, irritability, finding little to know enjoyment in past activities; in short, enough pressure can lead to a severe case of depression."]

She tries a bit of the soup and puts it down after one taste, not partial to the taste. [+red "I apologize for blabbing. In America I was taking a lot of psychology classes, I wanted to become a therapist and help people. I'm not sure if I will be able to do that here, but I will find out when the time comes."] She smiles a little, her gaze gentle. [+red "As to my Japanese, I am not ashamed it, as I know I still have a lot to learn. I would be ashamed if I admitted to knowing it and being proven wrong. Pride goethe before the fall."]
  Noir Daniels / KathyCross / 88d 21h 33m 3s
Kyoya sipped his soup with a slight smile, finding the new experience almost amusing. The mint comment, however, diminished the feeling quickly. [#3A0367 “I will make sure to have that removed immediately,”] he spoke in English. [i How could I have possibly known that?] HIs research was lacking. [#3A0367 “Miso soup,”] he replied almost distractedly. [#3A0367 “Um, a broth made from seaweed and tofu. A popular appetizer in Japan especially amongst sushi restaurants.”]

At first, he didn’t touch the rolls, choosing to take his time with the soup and tea. Strange how tea used to be comforting. [#3A0367 “Please don’t be ashamed of your japanese,”] Kyoya said after a moment. [#3A0367 “As I’ve mentioned, I’ve just been unusually tense lately. The error is all mine.”]
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She smiles a little as he takes full control, and makes suggestions. She hesitates for moment before saying, [+red "everything is fine. I just was not expecting your car to have mint in it."] Thinking he had noticed her taking her allergy medicine. [+red "But its alright, I had my medicine with me."] She glances at the soup in front of them, her gaze full of confusion. [+red "I don't recognize this type of, ah, broth? What is it?"] Her Japanese was still very choppy, and she did use the wrong words sometimes, but she was determined to speak his language. However, she didn't want to say something that could upset him, so hesitantly she asks [+red May we speak English? I do not want to say something wrong and upset you again, or embarrass you."] She says softly.

As the samplers arrive, she looks over the choice before taking one that was mostly rice and had a thin piece of pale orange fish on it. She fumbles with the chopsticks and takes a small bite of the sushi. She winces slightly as she does not like the taste, however she simply finishes the piece she took, not wanting to seek rude.
  Noir Daniels / KathyCross / 90d 7m 50s
It took the host a moment to realize the slight redness that appeared on Noir’s pale skin. That fact that she hadn’t mentioned any discomfort showed that she must have been too embarrassed to let him know that something was bothering her... which in term made him feel like he must have screwed up. Great way to start a... whatever this was...

Kyoya chose not to mention it either to save her the extent of a more awkward situation. He busied himself with helping Noir navigate the admittingly complicated format of the sushi menu. He recommended various sample platters to help her find a pallet that she enjoyed the most when it came to raw rish. Figuring that was best for the both of them, he went ahead and ordered two large plates of sample sushi rolls. Hopefully out of some, the American would find something she enjoyed.

A porcelain tea set was set between them with two cups shortly followed by two miso soups. Perfect for this cool evening. He hoped that he wasn’t screwing up again. [#3A0367 “Everything okay?”] he asked, keeping his eyes low.
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Climbing into the car, she flinches slightly as the scent of mint envelops her. Trying not to breath too deeply as they head to the sushi place, she folds her hands tightly, her skin taking on a slightly red cast. She had a mild allergy to mint, and often times the smell of it can make her feel unwell or in this case, the air solvent settling on her skin caused it to become irritated. She lets out a barely audible sigh of relief as she gets out of the car, the cool night air acting as balm to her skin.

Silently following behind him to a booth like table, she waits until he is occupied with his menu to grab her allergy pills from her purse. Taking out two, she takes them and washes them down with the water the waiter had brought. She had thought to argue about him paying for her, but she did agree to him treating her. Picking up her menu, she sigh quietly as it was written in a different form of Japanese than what she had studied. Biting the proverbial bullet, she haltingly asks him for help, trying to explain that she could not read the menu. Her cheeks were now pink with embarrassment as she waits for him to laugh at her, or ridicule her. She never expected to have to move overseas, let alone to Japan, so she never brushed up on her studies, and was now regretting it. Add in her mild allergic reaction and the night was off to a fun start.
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It took Kyoya no time to gather his things and make it back home without any other disruptions. There was the slight chime of his phone, pulling it up to see Noir had written back. No chaperone? Well, he wasn’t exactly disappointed with that news. Personally, he thought it was strange to have such a close helper anyway.

As expected, his Father wasn’t home and the maids were silent as always, eager to help when there was such little to do. The youngest son declined dinner and let them take his worn uniform to clean and press. He almost felt sorry for them, fluttering around a nearly empty home, that is, till Fuyumi visited again. She cared too much that it nearly annoyed him.

The sight of his bedroom depressed him slightly, already recalling past nights and urges to do other mindless things. He... hoped that he and Noir didn’t get too close. He was sure she wouldn’t want the miserable creature he had let himself become- but this was not the time to wallow. As Tamaki had taught him, it was their job to make every lady happy. He should at least start with the one he pissed off.

Six pm was nearly upon him as the raven hair adjusted his collar in the mirror. His glasses were cleaned, his blazer pressed. The car was even sprayed with mint when he stepped inside. The young master had to give his house staff credit where credit was due.

At the top of the hour, the door swung open to invite Miss Noir into the Ootori car, waiting until she was safely seated before proceeding to their destination. He tried not to stare at his companion for the evening too long though, he would secretly admit, she did look lovely tonight. [#3A0367 “Sushi Masuda,”] he told her, [#3A0367 “A prized winning sushi restaurant you’re sure to enjoy.”] The drive wasn’t long, pulling up to the front door and quickly being seated due to Kyoya’s call ahead reservations and his family name. [#3A0367 “Order anything you like,”] he said, glancing down at his own menu, [#3A0367 “Dinner is taken care of.”]
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Waiting outside the gates for Irial to pick her up, Noir jumps slightly as her phone chimes, signalling a message. Taking it out, she smiles a little as she reads the message. Before she can reply her car pulls up and instead of Irial behind the wheel, it's the brunnette maid. Concern fills her lavender gaze as she gets in the car. [+red "Where is Irial?"] She asks, he was never one to deviate with anything without telling her first. [+blue "He got called back to the states suddenly. He said to tell you to remember your training and that he hopes you have fun tonight with your friends."]
Sighing softly, she pulls out her phone and texts her address to Kyoya along with the message [+red "Irial will not be joining us. Something came up. I will see you at 6pm."]

Once home she changes out of her uniform and goes to take a shower. Soon after she walks into her room, the scent of coconut filling it as she pulls out clothing to wear. With Irial not here to make sure she upheld her public image, she pulls out a pair of black skinny jeans and a navy blue quarter sleeved shirt. Towel drying her hair, she lets it stay wavy instead of straigtneing it. Glancing at the clock, she grabs her makeup bag and adds on a hint of mascara and some clear gloss. At 6pm on the dot, a car pulls up to her home. Grabbing a black cost that goes to her thighs, she slips on her black zip up boots with heels and heads out the door.
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Her forwardness didn’t catch him off guard this time. Kyoya watched her neatly scribble her number across his palm, feeling slightly juvenile but with a tinge of excitment. The bell pulled him from his thoughts, realizing that it was the last signal before the start of classes. While he didn’t have any for this hour, Noir would most certainly be late. [#3A0367 “I’ll make sure to send it to you soon then,”] he smiled. [#3A0367 “Farewell.”]

The shadow king should have expected the bombardment that followed the conversation in the hallway. Tamaki couldn’t help but to be nosey and the twins egged him to do so but Kyoya kept his cool, choosing to keep the details to himself rather than gossiping. It was something unusual and for now he didn’t want to have the others involved. Not yet.

Having denied them anything fun to talk about, Tamaki dove into new Host Club ideas, passing the time quickly enough that when Kyoya raised his eyes to the clock, it was half past three in the afternoon. The raven hair pulled off his glasses as the music room door creaked open. Through his blurry vision, he made out his newest comrade Haruhi. They shared a greeting before the commoner relaid her message. Kyoya groaned slightly, rubbing the bridge of his nose before slipping his glasses back on.

[#3A0367 “I forgot to text her,”] he mumbled, pulling his smartphone closer to him before turning over his hand to see the number. Haruhi looked over at him with a quizzitive expression. [#3A0367 “It’s an American thing.”]

[i [#3A0367 Here is my number.]] He texted. [i [#3A0367 A little overdue. Send me your address and I’ll arrange a car to come pick you up around 6:00pm.] ]

[#3A0367 “Guess I should be leaving soon myself...”]
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She smiles a little, her violet gaze a bit warmer. [+red "Well, then I greatly appreciate your help, Ootori-senpai."] She says softly. Putting her phone away, she quickly take out a pen, and grabbing his hand, she writes down her name and number on his palm, seeing as he hadn't put his number in her phone. Gently closing his palm, she smiles widely at his bemused, and slightly affronted look. [+red "Sorry, it's an American thing. It's how friends share their numbers."]

She is saved from anymore explanation and the bell rings, signaling that she was late for class. She sighs and shakes her head, knowing the teacher would not let it slide. [+red "I'll text you after my last class. I can text Irial when I have my next break. I really have to go now, Himora-sensei is going to yell my ear off for being late now."] Smiling softly she hurries away to class. As expected the teacher does indeed chastise her for being late. Taking it quietly she simply does the class work and waits for her next break.

Several hours later, an hour before her last class, she messages Irial, a small smile on her lips. [+red "I got invited to hang out with someone, can we go? I already explained to him that you would be acting as a chaperone.] At her home Irial shakes his head in faint amusement, though something else had flashed in his eyes when she had mentioned hanging out with a male. Quickly typing back he says [b That's perfectly fine, I'll pick you up right after class and then you change into something more comfortable.] She smiles upon seeing his response. Realizing she never got Kyoya's number due sighs, realizing she would have to go to the Host Club.

On her way there she bumps into the younger host, Fujiok. Apologizing slightly, she hesitates before asking if he could pass a message on to Kyoya. [+red "I would go in myself, but I have some things I need to take care of before my last class."] Haruhi simply smile and agrees. Watching Noir walk away, she can't help but smile and thing that she may be good for the Shadow King. Entering the music room, she walks over to Kyoya and says [+blue "The transfer student asked me to tell you that 'everything is fine, and that the agreement stands.' Shr would have done it herself, but it looked like she was in a hurry."]
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Kyoya smiled despite himself, crossing his arms in an absentminded way of security. [#3A0367 “If it were an issue to help you tutor, I would have already told you so. You know I’d rather be blunt than sacrificially nice.”] He clears his throat. [#3A0367 “Though you are correct about tea. I think I just do alot of that within Host Club hours. Tea tends to be a little too casual at times.”] He was sure that didn’t make any sense. It was becoming increasingly harder to be interested in some simpler things lately when his attention was drawn to stronger ones...

The host was otherwise surprised that Miss Noir wouldn’t have more friends or plans for that matter. It was nearly the opposite for him, Tamaki monopolizing most of his free time with stupid outings and commoner shit. It would be nice to experience something that wasn’t directly involved with the club members, even refreshing. [#3A0367 “Sushi is a safe place to start if you’ve never tried many Japanese dishes but as for this close-friend-servant character,”] he rolled his shoulders. [#3A0367 “Honestly it all depends on the first impression.”]
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She smiles a little, her dark violet gaze growing marginally warmer. [+red "While I would enjoy being able to learn more from you, are you sure it will not take away from any of your study time, or clib time? I don't want to cause you any problems, especially at home."] She says softly. [+red But, I will tentatively accept, under the stipulation that you end the sessions should it become an inconvenience in anyway."]

She shakes her head as he compliments the tea, but his words were a bit flat. [+red "You do not need to lie Ootori-senpai. If you have not tried it yet, that is perfectly fine. I do not drink the tea on a daily basis, only when I need a way to calm down. Focusing on the taste and feel of tea is a bit therapeutic for me. It calms my mind and soothes me, allowing me to focus on what I need to."] She says.

Confusion fills her eyes as he mentions sushi, she had never tried it before, as it had been cautioned against by her parents as it was essentially raw fish and other ingredients that could cause illness. [+red "Its a friday, so I don't have plans for the evening. Though most days I do not either way. But I will admit, I have never had sushi before. I am willing to try it though."] Taking out a modest looking phone, she opens up her contacts and types in his name before holding out to him to take. [+red "I will talk to Irial after school, I don't think he will have an issue with it. And I will caution you, to my parents he is but a servant, and will act like one in public, but i have known him since we both were children and see him as a close friend."] She realizes she was babbling and quickly gets to the point. [+red "What I am saying is, after school hours are over, we drop our public faces and act differently, so please do not get upset if he chooses to talk to your anything like that."]
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