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He nodded, "Thats a deal and yeah they will be here, I just rushed back... we're going to a hotel tonight since tomorrow is a travel day so maybe we can start watching them there? Start with Iron Man?" He asked smiling to her. Guardians of the Galaxy was his favorite. He loved them and rocket raccoon even though he really wasn't a raccoon. "Plus I have a suite and you have to share a room with Maddie.. I know there will be a couch for me if you want to take the bedroom.." He suggested knowing Maddie probably wasn't helping her worry and her stress about her breakup. He was just trying to be a good friend.

Rambo nudged against her leg, he wanted to be petted. "He will be in the room too." He said laughing at the pup. "I hope I'll see you there... you have my number, just send me a text and I'll let you in, I'm sure your room will be near mine anyway, they tend to put us all together for security purposes."
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She sighed after she finished writing. That song was the hardest thing she had ever written. She hadn’t told Maddie about it or anything. She looked up at the clock. She knew Kane finished with his performance. She needed to shower so she could go meet him on his bus.

Tae looked up at Kane when she walked into his bus. She simply nodded as she listened to what he said. [b “I know... I just wrote a song about it actually.”] she muttered. [b “It was just really hard but... I think it’ll be a hit.”] She looked around when she noticed that no one else was on the bus expect for them and Rambo. [b “Is no one else here or?”] she questioned.

She grinned when he said he had Disney plus. [b “Disney plus has all the Marvel movies.”] she said. [b “I can’t leave Maddie on the bus alone though. I gotta go back to ours before we head out. Maybe we can make it a goal to watch all them throughout the tour? They’re my favorite.”]
  BooBear96 / 47d 16h 56m 33s
Kane nodded, "See you then darlin'.' He said to her when she said she would be by his bus for pizza. After the show, he grabbed his things from the dressing room and headed for his bus. He would shower when they got to the next town for their hotel for the night.... one day off and then they were playing again... and the day off really wasn't off... just a travel day.

When he saw her, it was obvious to him that she had been crying. "Tae... you know you can't die from a broken heart." He muttered before he took her hand, "I know it feels like you can.. but like I said, Cuddles with Rambo and some cheesy pizza will help.. maybe a cheesy holiday movie too... or a disney one. The tv in here has Disney plus, the one up front and the one in the back where I stay.. just matters where you want to watch... Rambo is back there though, he doesn't like a ton of people around him."
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Tae smiled weakly when they walked off the stage. She had barely made it through their set. She had definitely struggled, especially when they did the cover of Leave The Pieces, by the Wreckers. She knew by now that her fans had put it Fort her that she was no longer with Nathan, and they had definitely been supportive when she almost broke down on the stage, they sang right on.

She looked up when Kane came up and wrapped his arms around her. [b “Thank you.”] she whispered. She didn’t really know what to say to Kane. She was still so numb. [b “I’m sorry... But I actually just want a few moments to myself.”] she said. [b “I’ll be over for the pizza.”]

She looked at Maddie when Kane went on stage and she shrugged. [b “Kane knows what happened. I’ve been single rode four days. I’m not looking for anything else right now. The only thing that sounds good right now is a bottle of wine..”] She sighed before she headed back to her and Maddies bus. She knew her feelings would make a great song.. but the question was if she could get it in paper.
  BooBear96 / 50d 15h 31m 49s
Kane smiled watching them, they couldn’t be better...gorgeous, talented, they were the whole package. He was glad he was giving them this shot to launch their careers farther. He hadn’t wanted anyone on his tour who was already established, he wanted to help people and helping them was how he was doing it.

When they were done he smiled and hugged her when she came offstage, he hugged Maddie as well. “Y’all were amazing...I’m happy y’all are on the tour with me.” He said smiling. “Gonna stay and watch me for the show?” He asked knowing he was on in five minutes.

When he went onstage Maddie spoke to Tae. “He’s handsome, talented, nice, and he’s got a thing for you...might not be acting on it now but he does like you, I know things.” She said. Kane knew Tae wasn’t looking for a relationship so he wasn’t going to push it and he would wait until she was ready.
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Tae just smiled when Kane said Rambo was really good at cuddles and keeping tears at bay. [b “I definitely might be calling you to com cuddle with him.”] she said. [b “I really gotta get in there... They have their work cut out with me.”]

She was numb as she sat in the makeup chair. She still couldn’t believe that this was her reality. She truly believed that she and Nathan were going to get married, and then he just dumped her and gave her a week to get her stuff out of his house, when she was going on tour in less than fourty eight hours.

She took a deep breathe before she and Maddie walked out on stage, she didn’t know if she could make it through their set without loosing it, but she was going to try. [b “How we doing tonight OHIO!”] she said into the mic as she ran out. [b “I’m Tae, that’s Maddie, and we’re Maddie and Tae!”]

[b “How many girls out there think it’s so dumb that ya girls are just expected to show skink and be quiet?”] she said. [b “ Well, I wish I had some shoes on my two bare feetx And it's gettin' kinda cold in these painted on cut-off jeans, I hate the way this bikini top chafes, Do I really have to wear it all day? ”]
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He smiled, “Your welcome to come visit him anytime...and he’s a cuddler and he’s really good at keeping the tears at bay if you need him.” He suggested before smiling to her. “Call him my therapy dog...had him since he was a puppy, he’s 3 now and spoiled rotten but I wouldn’t trade the crazy for anything.” He said knowing that Rambo kept him sane on the road.

Soon they were at his dressing room and her hair and makeup. “I’ll see you after right? And I’ll be watching your show, your crazy talented.” He said with a smile and said, “Don’t forget Pizza and Rambo after the’s a long drive to St, Paul tomorrow...might as well get pizza and relax.” When time for the show came along, Kane was ready and stood on the side of the stage watching her. They were on first and they were amazing. Kane May have underestimated how amazing they actually were. He knew they were talented but damn this was a hell of a show they were putting on.
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Tae nodded slowly as she listened to him. [b “He pushed me to get up on that stage one night. We were at some dive bar that had an under twenty one night, and he pushed me on stage.”] she said. [b “That was the start of my career.”]

She looked up at him when he asked why she didn’t move to Nashville. [b “I’m not a city girl.”] she stated. [b “I stay with Maddie when I come into town. I’m usually there about four months out of the year, the other eight, I’m at my daddy’s Ranch in Oklahoma.”] she said. [b “I don’t think I could ever live in the city...”] she grinned as Rambo sat at her feet, practically begging to be petted. [b “I can come visit though.”] she couldn’t help but grin as she leaned down and rubbed his belly. [b “I’ll definitely come visit as long as I get puppy lovins.”]

She shook her head when he asked if they should take Maddie dippin dots. [b “Nah. She’ll eat some of my pizza tonight. She doesn’t like dippin dots.”] she said. [b “I’m sure she was happy that I got out of her head for awhile... She was probably tired of me crying so damn much...”]

Kane wasn’t what she was expecting at all. He was nice and kind, not mean and cold.

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"Then thats the only thing he did right was push you to do what your meant for... why don't you move to Nashville? Your talented, your career is there... friends there." He said pointing to himself. "Label is there... Rambo is there." He said pointing to the dog sitting behind her waiting to be petted. He was cute and Kane smiled. "Don't cry... hes not worth it... trust me I know when they're not worth it. I got out of a pretty bad relationship last month, I know it sucks, and I know it fucking hurts but it takes time to make it better but friends and ice cream sure as hell help.. and puppies too." he said as Rambo rolled over so she could pet his tummy. He was an attention whore.

"Come on, I'll walk you to hair and makeup, my dressing room is right across the hall and I bet Maddie is wondering where your at. Should we bring her dippin dots as a peace offering?" He joked. He had heard Maddie was the serious and hard to deal with one.
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Tae couldn’t help but smile. [b “We didn’t have a Walmart! What else were we supposed to do when it got too cold to swim? We did have this farmer that let us use his field for bonfires and then riding four wheelers. He said he’d rather us be doing that then drugs.”] she said.

She nodded when he said they would more than likely become friends. [b “I’m sure we will be, but if we’re being quite honest right now, the thought of being friends with another man, makes me want to cry so much.”] she said as a tear slipped down her face. [b “I was with him for three years, lived with him for two... My dad and brothers are moving my stuff out of the house as we speak... I don’t know how my life can go on when I get back to Oklahoma..”] she muttered. [b “He was my entire life.”]

She blushed when Kane said she was gorgeous and talented. [b “I wouldn’t even be signing right now if it wasn’t for him...”]
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"Anytime darlin'... and Wendy's? Thats slummin' it isn't it?" He asked with a smile and couldn't help but chuckle. "I respect that, I don't know the whole story but I'm here to listen whenever you need me. This is a long tour, we will become friends because we mostly only have one and other to talk to." He said before taking a bite of his own strawberry banana dippin dots.

"They won't have too much work to do, your not giving yourself enough credit. Your beautiful and whatever he was thinking... its his loss because you... your talented and gorgeous and any guy would be the luckiest man in the world to have you and I'm not just saying that." Kane was a perfect southern gentleman. His nana had raised him well before she passed when he was just fifteen years old. She taught him how to treat a girl and how to cook too and his papa who passed when he was thirteen.. well he had taught him how to take care of a woman... Kane was a catch himself.
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She looked up at Kane when he held out his hand for her to take. [b “Please don’t be upset with the fact of I just really don’t want to hold hands right now. My boyfriend is friends with some of my crew, and I don’t want it to get back to him that I’ve moved on, because I haven’t, and I honestly don’t know if I ever will...”] she muttered as she followed him into his bus. [b “I’ve only got like twenty minutes before I have to get to hair and makeup. My face looks awful, they’ll definitely have their hands full with me.”]

She nodded when he asked where they were from. [b “I’m from Oklahoma and Maddie is from Texas.”] she said. She couldn’t help but grin as he told her what they did for fun. [b “We didn’t have a Walmart, so we settled for the Wendy’s parking lot, except in the summer time we all hung out at the quarry.”]

She couldn’t help but grin when Kane handed her two things of cookies and cream dippin dots. [b “Thank you.”]
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 52d 10h 21m 35s
"I have a dippin dots addiction what can I say, some people do drugs, I do ice cream." he said smiling to her, "There will be a cheese pizza with your name on it later then... not trying to get into your pants. Just don't think that you should spend your first arena show upset... ice cream helps, talking about it helps, and we can be friends... I don't have many friends on the road and you need one and so do I... " He said holding out his hand for her to take it so he could lead her to his bus. He wasn't going to grab her hand or touch her. Judging by the way she was acting her ex had did too much of that. He wasn't about to trigger her or do something she didn't want him to. He was just being the nice guy that he was.

"Ya'll are from Oklahoma aren't you? I did a little reading... I'm from Georgia.. not Nashville, not a big city.. small town of Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, where the only thing to do on a Saturday night is bullshit with your buddies in the walmart parking lot."
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The young woman signed when Kane started talking again, she abruptly stopped walking and turned around to face him once again. [b “I don’t know... What?”] she questioned. She was pretty sure that nothing in this green earth could make her feel better. [b “You’re going to tell me that you just have a random endless supply of dippin’ dots on your tour bus?”] she questioned. He was very cute, she would give him that, but he was no Tyler.

[b “Cheese.”] she said he said he was having pizza on his bus after the show. [b “Is this your way of trying to get into my pants? Or are you just a genuinely nice guy?”] she questioned. She didn’t have time for stupid guys and their stupid games. She had to get her life back in order.

She sighed as he mentioned the dippin dots again. [b “Cookies and Cream straight up.”] she said. [b “I’m only saying yes because ice cream sounds really good right now. Don’t get any ideas.”]
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 52d 10h 57m 25s
"You know what helps with bad breakups? Dippin dots with me." He said flashing her a smile. Ice cream was always a good option and he just wanted to see this beautiful girl smile again. "Ya'll have a few hours before you have sound check, seems like for once everyone is ahead of schedule... and if your up to it... theres pizza on my bus after the show... any kind you like, you just tell my manager Nikki over there. Shes nice and married to my producer... I think he produced one of your songs too... Shut up and Fish... good song... wish a girl would go fishing with me." He said rolling his eyes thinking about the girls he had dated and no one had worked out.

"What do you say? Dippin dots?" He asked raising an eyebrow as he looked to her. "On me... any kind you want... even mix em'." He said hoping she would say yes to the oppurtunity. He wasn't hitting on her... yet... she was upset and he didn't want her to have to play her first show of the tour that way.
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