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Ashton found his way downstairs to meet up with Reagan. Watching her talk with her mom, he smiled but kept quiet. Once she was done, he added in how he was grateful she invited him to their vacation. He never wanted her parents to feel like he was taking this whole thing for advantage. He looked to Reagan and the two made their way to the beach.

He had seen the ocean before but somehow this was vastly different. It was so colorful along the beach with all the people lining it and the sky was blue without a cloud in sight. It seemed like the perfect day to spend on the beach. Taking the whole scene in, Ashton felt immense content flow through him and felt like nothing could get better than this. Finding a decent spot on the beach where they weren't too crowded, Ashton placed their things down and started preparing their spot to stay for the day. "This looks good, hey?" he chuckled, placing his towel down on the sand, trying to make sure no sand got onto it, which of course, it did. The boy was already prepped for a day of drinking and beach fun with the girl and wasn't about to waste any moment of it. Once he felt he was comfortable, he grabbed the end of his shirt and tugged it off, tossing it to the ground and rubbed his hands together. "Drinks?" the male laughed lightly.
  Ashton Ford / TheWalkingDexter / 81d 14h 31m 4s
[b "Momma scored once again."] she told him as they entered their room. It had a balcony and a en suite bathroom. [b "Look at the view. Imagine the sunrises and sunsets!"] She quickly unpacked, although she took longer than Ashton as of course she packed much more. [b "The beach is just amazing. They had a bar shack thats on the sand too! I'll pack the beach bag after I change."] she said as she grabbed her bikini after she had finished unpacking.

Once she changed, she grabbed her beach bag and packed the towels. She grabbed some water too, just in case they wanted it.

[b "Ashton! You ready?"] she called up the staircase. She seen her Mother walk out of the master bedroom. [i "Dinner is at eight.. Will you two be back?"] Mother asked [b "Yeah. We'll head back around seven or so we can clean up.. Hey, Mom.. Thank you for supporting me with everything.. I can't even describe how excited I am about moving to London.."]

[ swimsuit]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 82d 7h 24m 39s
The trip went well. Her mother seemed to like him so far while her father didn't really say much to him. He assumed it was because he was angry about the move to London with a near stranger at the time but he didn't really care. She was happy and he knew eventually her father would have to warm up to him eventually. The two were just friends currently so he was pretty convinced it was just the sudden move.

Once they landed in California, he took in a quick look. It was beautiful there. He was fascinated by the whole thing. He had gotten to go to many places in this short time and was pleasantly surprised by his constant amazement. Travel just hadn't been in the books for the boy in the past but he was happy he got to share this opportunity with Reagan at this time and he was very grateful for her parents in setting this whole trip up.

At the mention of the beach, Ashton perked up. "That sounds like a fantastic plan to me!" he said excitedly as the two made their way to the room. He was excited to actually have a vacation.

Once in the room, Ashton unpacked his stuff and changed into swim attire, waiting for the girl to finish unpacking her stuff as well.
  Ashton Ford / TheWalkingDexter / 96d 6h 12m 41s
As soon as Graduation was over, she searched the crowds for Ashton. [b "Hey!"] she said. She grinned as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder like an awkward hug. [b "Thank you! I'm just so excited to be done. This is just one step closer to what I've always wanted!"] she said. [b "Now we go find my family and then we fly to Cali!"] she said with a grin. [b "I cannot wait to get on the beach!"]

The flight to California was a lot better than the flight from London to Kentucky. Her Father had chartered a jet so they were all flying out together. Her Mother seemed to like Ashton, especially his accent. While her Father seemed to be indifferent. He still hadn't said anything about her decision to move to the United Kingdom, but she was sure it would come up sometime within the next two weeks. Her mother already thought she was 'shacking' with Ashton, so they were rooming together again. Although this time it was a suite with a king bed instead of her studio apartment with a double. She knew Ashton wouldn't mind.

[b "California, here we are!"] she said as they landed. She looked over at AShton with a grin. [b "Unpack and then beach?"]
  Reagan Grace / boobear96 / 107d 5h 48m 34s
Ashton watched as Reagan walked along the stage, a bright smile planted on her face. He was proud of her. Even though the two had only known each other for a short time, he was still extremely happy seeing her this way and not to mention proud. He knew she worked hard for what she did and she deserved every second of this time. He was surprised yet completely happy she invited him to this.

The ceremony seemed a lot quicker than he thought, but he was having a good time watching everyone walk across the stage with bright smiles, some throwing their hands in the air like a cheesy movie. When he reunited with Reagan, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and smiled. "I'm proud of you." he commented.

The two had made their way out of the graduation and to start the celebration with her family. "What now?" Ashton chuckled, excited to start the vacation the two had now. He hadn't been many places so he was ready and eager to start celebrating and exploring with the girl.
  Ashton Ford / TheWalkingDexter / 107d 8h 23m 9s
The whole one bed situation seemed to not bother Noah, unlike herself. She had stressed about it the entire trip. The days leading up to her graduation, she spent a lot of her time packin the apartment up. She still didn't know if she wanted to sell the furniture or take it to London with her. She had never moved across the world before, it was stressful.

Her graduation day was finally here and she was beyond giddy. Her sister and her boyfriend had came into town the night before her graduation. She wanted to introduce Ashton to them before the ceremony and before they went to California so he wasnt completely bombarded and that way he had someone to sit with. She was so happy that he was willing to come all this way for her.

[b Later that day]

[b "Reagan Grace Morgan"] It was all she could do not to cry as she walked across the stage after her name was called. She was just so happy that College was now over and now she could really start her life.

[ makeup]
[ dress]
[ cap]
  Reagan Grace / boobear96 / 108d 6h 47m 12s
Ashton turned his attention onto her at the mention of one bed. He looked ahead and shrugged his shoulders as if to say he didn't care, which he didn't. Tilting his head to the side to crack his sore neck, he moved his fingers to it so he could rub out some of the knots forming. "Yeah, I'm sure that'll be fine." he replied to her, finding his eyes moving back towards the young girl beside him.

The two of them were slowly becoming closer, things like this didn't bother him in any sense. He was actually just excited to spend the next few weeks beside her and celebrating her hard work and especially following it up with a much needed vacation from the both of them. He was excited to be away from home and experiencing new things. He hadn't been excited to do anything for the passed little while. "It'll be like a sleepover." the male chuckled playfully.
  Ashton Ford / K1NG0FH3LL / 136d 5h 26m 30s
Reagan grinned as he said he wasn't regretting coming with her. That helped her anxiety a little bit. [b "I'm really glad you're here."] she said softly. [b "Everything will be fine... You're right. As long as we can get through my graduation, we'll be good. We have two whole weeks in Malibu. We can just drink and have fun.. No responilbites."] she was rambling on now. Something she did when her nerves were acting up. [b "We only have to see my parents at Dinner... surely we can handle that."]

She was exhausted by the time they got into Louisville, but her Mother was true to her word. There was a rental car ready and waiting on them. After they had loaded their baggage, they were headed to her apartment. [b "So... I can't remember if I mentioned it or not... But my apartment is only a one bedroom... So only one bed..."] she said as she merged onto the interstate. [b "I just felt like I should get that out of the way."]
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 145d 9h 14m 4s
Ashton chuckled at her. She was so worried about him. "I'm not regretting coming here." he mentioned. "Don't worry about me." he reassured her. "I'm fine, you're going to be fine... Everything will be fine and we will have a great time with your family." he chuckled. "If they like me, they like me. If they don't... that sucks cause they are stuck with me for the next while." he laughed lightly. He, himself, was a little nervous but as they began getting closer to Reagan's place, he found himself oddly excited for how this whole thing would turn out. "Let's do steakhouse." he smiled.

The time seemed to go by quickly, the next thing he knew, they were finally in Louisville and getting ready to go to her apartment. He was exhausted, yet he was thrilled to be somewhere besides London. He hadn't traveled much in his life so anywhere knew was fascinating to him. He was excited to nearly be done travelling at least for a little while. He was feeling less stressed about the situation.
  Ashton Ford / K1NG0FH3LL / 150d 6h 17m 44s
The flight overall was pretty good. She slept and read most of the way, she stayed quiet as well. Ashton had confessed that he was feeling nervous before they left. He had every right to be though, meeting the girls parents is intense, but a girl you’ve only known for a few days is crazy... Was she crazy?

They had a layover in New York that was about four hours, which wasn’t horrible. That just meant they could go get dinner and then head back to the airport. [b “What’s running through your head right now?”] she asked as they walked through the terminal. [b “Are you... You don’t regret coming.. do you?”] she asked. She would be lying if she wasn’t anxious about everything herself. [b “So, they have Buffalo Wild Wings and then a steakhouse... Either of those sound appealing?” I think a stiff drink would help us both too.”]

They were flying to Louisville next and then driving to her apartment near the College. Her Mother had a rental car waiting on them thankfully.
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 156d 15h 11s
Ashton packed his bags and got ready for the next two weeks of his life spending it with Reagan but also with Reagan's family. He was worried about how things would but was also very excited to meet the girls family. She would be living with him in his flat so they had every right to know the guy who was living with their daughter.

He looked over at her as they headed to the airport. "I'm fine." he admitted. "Honestly not as bad as I thought." he smirked. Within no time they were on the plane and headed off to Malibu. They got off the plane and that was when Ashton's nerves began to kick in. "Alright so maybe I'm a little nervous now." he chuckled lightly, exhaling deeply. "I don't think I've met a girls family before." he admitted, looking over at her and rubbed the back of his neck before giving her a smile. "But I wont admit that to your family."
  Ashton Ford / K1NG0FH3LL / 164d 11h 10m 57s
Reagan couldn’t help but grin as she seen the look of terror wash across his face as he realized that her family would be there. [b “They will be there.... BUT, it’s Malibu. We don’t have to hangout with them all the time, you don’t even have to hangout with me all the time if you don’t want. You can go do whatever... I just don’t want to go alone... But Our house is right on the beach. It’s amazing.”]

She listened to him talk about how awesome it was going to be, and she knew he was being sarcastic but she nodded in agreement. [b “It’s going to be just fine, okay. My family... My mom is going to love you.”] she said.

The next two days were spent packing her dorm and putting everything into a storage unit in London. The fact that she was going to be coming back and she was filing for citizenship of Europe... It was finally setting in.

[b “What’s going through your head right now?”] she questioned as they headed to the airport.
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 164d 12h 32m 2s
Ashton looked over towards her, crossing his arms over his chest as he heard what their plans were. A vacation to Malibu? "I've never been there." he commented, biting at his lower lip. That could be fun. He could use a vacation from work and from life. Why not. He had enough saved up anyways where he could afford it. "Sounds fun." he smiled towards her. Then it kind of dawned on him that he'd be stuck with her family as well. His face turned a little before he rubbed at the back of his neck. He knew her father was already very unhappy at the fact the girl was moving to London.

"Oh..." he mumbled, the realization kicking in. "This is going to be interesting." he spoke. He had to backpedal his thoughts about it being fun because for all he knew it could be a disaster. "It could be a mess." he chuckled lightly. The two would be fine really, he was just a little nervous about the whole ordeal. "Meeting your family and being stuck in Malibu with them." he laughed nervously. "With your dad." he muttered, staring off into space as a joke. "I'm kidding, I'm sure things will go well."
  Ashton Ford / K1NG0FH3LL / 165d 6h 6m 51s
Her Father was not happy when he found out she was staying in London. He was furious one might say. She tried to explain to him that she needed to make her own way in life instead of following under his shadow. She wanted to teach and write, she just couldn’t get him to understand that.

She and Ashton were set to fly into Louisville in three days, graduation was in five. Since she still had her apartment, they were just going to stay there instead of hotel room. She had it for another week. Plus she had to figure out how to get all of her clothes over to London. It was planned that they were going to stay in the states for two weeks.

Regardless of of how her Father felt about her new decision, Her Mother had planned a Family Vacation to Malibu. It was mainly her graduation present. The entire immediate family was coming. Her Mother and Father, sister and her boyfriend, her brother, his wife and their two children, plus Reagan and now Ashton. She hadn’t told Ashton about the vacation yet, she hoped it wouldn’t scare him.

[b “You know how we’re taking two weeks to stay?”] she questioned [b “My Mother has planned a vacation slash graduation present... To Malibu..”]
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 166d 11h 39m 27s
Ashton smiled as she mentioned that that she's more than happy staying friends for a while. "Okay, thank you. It's just me and my last girlfriend started pretty much into a relationship a few days after we met too and that obviously didn't end well." he admitted. As she spoke about still coming over to drink beer and eat ice cream, he nodded enthusiastically. "Absolutely. I'd have it no other way." he chuckled. He felt an immense weight fall off his shoulders. He didn't want to ruin this by going too quickly. He really wanted the two of them to work.

At her mention of a 'Nathan', he nodded his head. It was very obviously her ex boyfriend. "Yeah, that's fine." he shrugged. He knew he wouldn't feel threatened by the other male considering she was leaving it all to come stay in London with him, though he knew once he saw the other fawning over her, he'd probably feel a little bit of jealousy. "I have no problems with that." he smirked. So he'd be meeting her family. He could only imagine how well that would go. He's felt like the driving point to her staying and he figured they wouldn't be really happy seeing him there by all accounts. He bit his lip at this thought. "Your parents probably wont be too happy about the news." he muttered, tilting his head to the side as he spoke to her. "And I'm sure they aren't going to be happy seeing the guy who helped you get settled in." Ashton laughed nervously. This would more than likely be a shit show so the boy had to be ready for anything.
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