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Her Father was not happy when he found out she was staying in London. He was furious one might say. She tried to explain to him that she needed to make her own way in life instead of following under his shadow. She wanted to teach and write, she just couldn’t get him to understand that.

She and Ashton were set to fly into Louisville in three days, graduation was in five. Since she still had her apartment, they were just going to stay there instead of hotel room. She had it for another week. Plus she had to figure out how to get all of her clothes over to London. It was planned that they were going to stay in the states for two weeks.

Regardless of of how her Father felt about her new decision, Her Mother had planned a Family Vacation to Malibu. It was mainly her graduation present. The entire immediate family was coming. Her Mother and Father, sister and her boyfriend, her brother, his wife and their two children, plus Reagan and now Ashton. She hadn’t told Ashton about the vacation yet, she hoped it wouldn’t scare him.

[b “You know how we’re taking two weeks to stay?”] she questioned [b “My Mother has planned a vacation slash graduation present... To Malibu..”]
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 19h 17s
Ashton smiled as she mentioned that that she's more than happy staying friends for a while. "Okay, thank you. It's just me and my last girlfriend started pretty much into a relationship a few days after we met too and that obviously didn't end well." he admitted. As she spoke about still coming over to drink beer and eat ice cream, he nodded enthusiastically. "Absolutely. I'd have it no other way." he chuckled. He felt an immense weight fall off his shoulders. He didn't want to ruin this by going too quickly. He really wanted the two of them to work.

At her mention of a 'Nathan', he nodded his head. It was very obviously her ex boyfriend. "Yeah, that's fine." he shrugged. He knew he wouldn't feel threatened by the other male considering she was leaving it all to come stay in London with him, though he knew once he saw the other fawning over her, he'd probably feel a little bit of jealousy. "I have no problems with that." he smirked. So he'd be meeting her family. He could only imagine how well that would go. He's felt like the driving point to her staying and he figured they wouldn't be really happy seeing him there by all accounts. He bit his lip at this thought. "Your parents probably wont be too happy about the news." he muttered, tilting his head to the side as he spoke to her. "And I'm sure they aren't going to be happy seeing the guy who helped you get settled in." Ashton laughed nervously. This would more than likely be a shit show so the boy had to be ready for anything.
  Ashton Ford / K1NG0FH3LL / 3d 42m 36s
Raegan could sense the vibe shift when she mentioned the word “relationship” she didn’t mean anything like that. She wasn’t expecting them to just jump into a relationship with her. [b “Awkward...”] she whispered.

She shivered when he placed his hands on her shoulder and she looked at him. [b “What’s the matter?”] she questioned. She nodded when he spoke about honesty. [b “Did I say something?”] she questioned. She sighed softly as she listened to him. She couldn’t help but smile when he said he was extremely glad that she was staying in London.

Once he finished that spill she nodded. [b “Word vomit. I’m really sorry. I definitely didn’t mean for it to sound that way.. I don’t want to jump into a relationship either. Like you. I really like the idea and the possibility of us being together.”] she explained. [b “I’m cool with friends.... As long as I can still come over and we can drink beer and eat chocolate ice cream...”] she said. [b “You were honest with me... So I feel like I should be honest with you as well. Nathan is going to be at my graduation more than likely... Hes more than likely expecting me to open my arms for him.. I just want to give you a heads up. My family will probably not be happy when they find out I’m coming back to London..”]
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 3d 8h 51m 37s
Ashton watched Reagan speak. She was speaking quickly and she did admit she was excited about the whole thing. He nodded and watched her continue to speak. At the mention of 'relationship', he bit at his lower lip. He himself had just gotten out of one as well. Not that he didn't want one with Reagan, he had to make sure this was the right thing to do. She spoke about the graduation and nodded his head at her. "Sounds good to me." he smiled.

He turned towards her and placed his hands on her shoulders. "Okay... I have to be honest with you." he spoke quietly, watching her eyes. "Look, trust me when I say I am extremely happy that you are staying in London with me." he smiled, showing he really was. "But we had both just been in relationships and I think we should at least take this a little slow." he muttered, keeping his brown eyes locked onto hers. "We just met last night." he said honestly, speaking a little more stern now. "Let's start as friends. If things start happening from there then count me lucky." he smiled, letting his hands fall off her shoulders as he sat upright. "Don't get me wrong I like the thought of us together but I just tend to like becoming friends before hand and getting to know each other a little more."
  Ashton Ford / K1NG0FH3LL / 3d 9h 56m 55s
Raegan watched his facial expression shift and she was sure that she had said something wrong or maybe he just didn’t agree with everything that she was saying.

She watched him sit back on the couch and rest his head in his hands. [b “Okay so sometimes when I get really excited about something I talk a lot and I ramble and I just get so excited about it and I only focus on that... so if I’m freaking out right now please just tell me and I’ll try very hard to be quiet and just not.”] she said very quickly. She grinned as she tried to catch her breath. [b “I get that this is really crazy, and not usually how “relationships” go... not saying we’re in a relationship by the way” but I just can’t shake the feeling of this is going to be something really great.”]

She grinned as he said he would come back to the states for her Graduation. [b “Graduation is in a week, so we just have to be back to Kentucky by then.... Don’t worry about your plane ticket, I got it.”]
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 3d 10h 6m 32s
Ashton watched her speak. It felt like his mind was racing. He breathed in a little deeply and rubbed his neck lightly. Was it moving too fast? Did he really mind at all? He was happy she was staying, now he didn't have to miss her while she was gone. He could feel his face become hot as he began smiling. This was all so insane to him. "This is fucking crazy." he laughed lightly. He leaned back into the couch and placed a hand to his forehead. When she asked if he would go to graduation with her, he nodded his head at her. "Of course I will, Reagan." he assured her.

He stood up and grabbed a few bottles from the table. "Well I might need to stock up on double chocolate ice cream then." he laughed lightly. How exciting. They just met and they were so attached to each other already. It wasn't even a drunken night. Completely sober and he felt so close to her already. He had gone back to their previous conversation to where they were talking about how stupid relationships were. He laughed lightly to himself at the thought of it before moving back to her. "So...what do we do now?" he asked, looking down at her for an answer. "Where do we go from here?"
  Ashton Ford / K1NG0FH3LL / 3d 10h 17m 35s
Raegan couldn’t look at Ashton as she started to stand up to find her shoes and keys to the dorm. She froze when he held his hand up and said “wait” multiple times. [b “You don’t have to be sorry... I just assumed and I shouldn’t have...”] she mumbled.

She watched him move closer to her and she kept her breath catch in her throat as he said he wanted her to stay. [b “I’ve never meet anyone that I’ve connected with so much before... I have tons of fiends in New York, but I can’t sit down with them, drink beer and eat double chocolate ice cream.. I’ve never met anyone like you and I don’t think that I won’t to loose you.”] she explained.

[b “I worked my ass off in London to get my degree... I know I’ll have to go to graduation, but I want to live here, in London... Close to you.”] she explained. [b “Go to my graduation with me?”] she asked
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 3d 10h 30m 26s
He listened to her as she spoke and said she hated the life in New York. He chewed his lip and watched her before he noticed she was visibly upset by his remark. He perked up a little and set the glass of water down. "Wait wait.." he spoke, placing a hand up in front of him. He knew he said something to upset her and he didn't want that. "I'm sorry, that wasn't my intention." he said, moving closer to her. "Look I really do want you to stay, I do!" he exclaimed. "I thought you... you just worked so hard." he started. "Trust me I would love for you to stay here if you really wanted to." he assured her, grabbing a hold of her hand and gripping it and watched her. "I'm sorry If I seemed freaked out." he said softly.

He really would like her to stay, he liked being around her. It was crazy how much of a connection two strangers could have. One night of meeting and she was already staying in London. "I can even help you get settled in here." he said, a smile plastered on his lips. "Stay here if you want to, I know you've been saying you love it here. I don't see why not if you really do hate your life in New York!" he exclaimed, still holding onto her hand.
  Ashton Ford / K1NG0FH3LL / 3d 10h 50m 3s
She mumbled something under her breath as he walked into the kitchen as she had sat up from the couch. She watched him as he came back with Tylenol and water, smiling softly. [b “You’re the best.”] she said soflty. She popped the pills into her mouth and washed them down with the cold water.

She nodded as he questioned the word stay. [b “I want to stay here with you. Yes, my life is in New York, but I hate that life, Aston. I’m not meant for that life. I want to be someone that makes a name for themself, not someone who is known because of her Father... I could easily find a teaching job here or I could write.”] she said soflty. [b “I just... I don’t know I thought we had some time of connection.”]

She looked up at him and smiled weakly. [b “I’ve been saying I didn’t want to go home since the minute I stepped off the plane at the airport.”] she said [b “I’ll... I’ll just go home.. I really should get going. I need to go get my bags from the dorm.”]
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 3d 10h 59m 24s
Ashton watched her stir and finally get up. He exhaled softly and grabbed his phone from beside him. He chuckled lightly as she spoke about not wanting to get up. "I know." he sighed lightly. "It's almost 9, love. You need to get up we need to get you to the airport." he said, moving slightly to try and get her moving. He stood up when she sat up and stretched his arms upwards. He looked over towards her and walked to the kitchen, grabbing a couple glasses of water and some Tylenol. He walked back towards her and handed her the pills and the water.

When she mentioned she wanted to stay with him, he stared down at her in confusion. "Stay?" he asked curiously before sitting on the couch again. "You want to stay here?" he asked again, still visibly confused. "But what about school? You're life back at home?" he asked. It wouldn't be the worst idea but it seemed she worked so hard at school. He wouldn't really mind if she stayed here. He had fun with her. He really did enjoy being around her and it would give them more time to be together. "Reagan you have to think hard about this one.." he commented, taking a long drink of water.
  Ashton Ford / K1NG0FH3LL / 3d 11h 36m 44s
She watched as he took her phone and typed his number into her contacts. [b “I’m sure I’ll be back... But by the time I am... You’ll already have someone else and you won’t remember me.”] she said with a sad chuckle.

Raegan slept so soundly that night. She just wasn’t sure if it was because of the alcohol or the company she had. She groaned as her eyes fluttered after hearing Ashton say her name. [b “I don’t want to get up.”] she muttered as she tried to get comfortable in her sleeping position again. The light was shining through the window straight into her line of vision. [b “Time is it?”]

She sat up, shivering slightly. She had never met anyone that she had clicked with as she had with Ashton. She could see herself having a life here, with him. And she knew that sounded crazy because they had only just met. [b “I’m not going back to the states... I want to stay here with you.”]
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 3d 11h 58m 18s
At her mention of not wanting to go back to the states, he frowned. She had a whole life there and still didn't want to go back? "You worked so hard." he muttered lightly before bringing his smile back. He was just happy she was having a good time on her last night. It was good to know he was sending her off with a few drinks and good company. "I know you don't but yet, we have come to our last hours together. I mean you can always come back." he chuckled. "You know where I am and you know where I frequent." he explained. He wouldn't mind seeing her again. He took her phone and placed his number into it. "And now you have my number. If you ever come back, give me a ring." he chuckled.

It wasn't long before the two had fallen asleep, the TV quietly playing in the background and the ice cream melted on the table. Hours had passed before the sun started rising, the two sleeping silently on the couch. Ashton was leaned against the back of the couch, one hand on the girls shoulder and the other draped across the back as she laid across his lap.

Ashton felt the light through the drapes, bright in his closed eyes as he slowly opened them. He looked around slowly before looking down at her and rubbing at his head. He could feel a headache coming on. He looked down at the bottles lining the table and the pale of ice cream, a sweet puddle melted inside the carton. "Reagan." he muttered softly, rubbing his forehead lightly.
  Ashton Ford / K1NG0FH3LL / 3d 14h 33m 9s
[b “You are an awesome last night buddy, I just wish that you cool ups be a more than one night buddy.”] she said softly. She felt this weird pull toward Ashton, something that she hadn’t felt before. [b “Thanks for inviting me back here..”]

If Ashton was right about anything, he was right about her being a lightweight. [b “I never said I wasn’t!”] she said with a giggle as she took another swig of the bottled beer. She grinned as he sat back and looked at her. [b “Do I have chocolate all over my face or something?”] she asked with drunken concern.

She nodded as he pulled out his phone to set the alarms to make sure she was up for her flight. [b “I know I have too... But I really don’t want to go back to the states.”] she said. [b “You didn’t push me to come here. You didn’t push me to do anything... I wanted to continue to hangout with you.”]

She ended up passing out on the couch after two more beers. She was completely done for and she knew she’d pay for it in morning when they woke up. Some how when she fell asleep, she ended up practically with the top half of her body on Ashton. It was comfortable for her.
  Reagan Grace / BooBear96 / 3d 17h 58m 36s
Ashton smirked as she put the spoonful of ice cream into her mouth. He had made the right choice at least. He leaned back and watched her eat and drink. "I'm glad you're enjoying it! I told you I would make an awesome last night buddy." he laughed lightly and leaned forward, taking a spoonful and putting it into his mouth. He grabbed the remote and flicked on the TV to a random channel. It was really just background noise for the two but he figured if they had a silence in their conversation, at least they could awkwardly watch TV until they got it rolling again.

Leaning back and watching her a little more, he chuckled lightly before shaking his head. "You are a lightweight." he laughed, pulling out his phone. "In any case, I'm going to set an alarm just in case you pass out here." he mentioned, setting an alarm for the time she would have to wake up. "I need backup plans on backup plans. I wont let me pushing you to come here ruin everything." he laughed a little bit. "If you pass out here, I'll get you up and on your flight in time." he spoke, tapping a finger to his head. "Smart." he laughed.
  Ashton Ford / K1NG0FH3LL / 3d 23h 18m 9s
Raegan grinned as he said he thought he was the only one that was tipsy. [b “No! I’m pretty three beers till I’m gone for!”] she said. She glanced around the home, hoping she didn’t seem awkward. She watched as he migrated into the kitchen. Her heart skipped a beat as she heard “love” flow out of his mouth with his accent. She was in love with the British accent. It was just romantic.

She all but squealed when he came back into the living room with two beers and a pint of chocolate ice cream. [b “You read my freaking mind! I love double chocolate!”] The alcohol was definitely warming up into her system, she scooted closer to the man after he had sat down beside her.

She grabbed the other beer and brought it up to her lips, taking a swig. Before she came to London, all she was drinking was fruity drinks. But she quickly realized that the beer was better overseas than it was in America. [b “This is amazing.”] she said as she plopped a spoonful of the chocolate ice cream into her mouth.
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