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Ashton chuckled. "I've already dealt with his passing... I really am fine, trust me!" the boy reassured her, smiling as he did so. He placed a hand on her hand, knowing she was just trying to comfort him. "That's okay. I know people just have kind of a hard time finding out with important people in others lives pass." he mentioned, shrugging his shoulders slightly. "Sure I feel sad about it sometimes but then I remember that if I wallow in sadness he would probably kick my ass." he laughed. Ashton let her pull her hand away before finishing off his alcohol.

"Yeah, right!?" he exclaimed, feeling the liquor take action. He didn't want it to but he felt quite comfortable and downing the liquor just felt normal at this point. "Some relationships just don't make sense to me." he muttered, shaking his head and running his fingers through his hair. "I mean... if you don't connect what the hell is the point!?" he laughed. Ashton sighed lightly before looking around. "What are your plans for the rest of this beautiful night?" he asked, tilting his head slightly before he had to remind her. " the way is the last night you're here." the boy grinned, staring her in the eye.
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Raegan Grace just grinned as she seen it dawn on Ashton that they hadn’t been properly introduced yet. [b “Names are totally a thing. If I didn’t know your name how could I find you after I went back to the states?”] she thought out loud. [b “Oh wow. That sounded way more stalkerish than I meant for it too.”]

She listened intently as he told her about himself. [b “I’m really sorry about your father.. that couldn’t have been easy to go through.”] she said when she found out that his father had already passed. She looked down when she realized that while she had been talking to her, her hand was now holding his arm. [b “Uhm. I don’t know when that happened... I guess it was when we were talking about your dad... I- I’m sorry.”] she said as she pulled her hand away.

[b “Relationships suck, if I’m being honesty. I broke up with my ex before I came over here.. He thinks that we’ll get back together when I get home.. But we aren’t. We’re just two completely different people.”]
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Ashton placed a hand to his forehead. "Oh! Wow I totally forgot that names were a thing." he chuckled, rolling his eyes at the thought of it all. "I'm Ashton Ford." he laughed, grabbing her hand and giving it a light shake. "Nice to meet you, Reagan." he chuckled.

He thought about her questions. "Huh... uh... I like Blue for my favorite color. I'm a Leo. My Birthday is August 20th." he smiled, looking at his glass and taking a drink. "I have an older brother, Jacob. My father died when I was 18, my mother is still alive and doing well. That's pretty much all for my family life. I've lived here my entire life and all I really do is work, sleep and repeat." he laughed. "I live in a flat just 10 minutes from here and I've kept to this side my entire life. My mother's house isn't too far from here and this is all I've really known." he shrugged. "I'm a boring, simple guy I guess." he laughed.

"I hang out with that table of idiots sometimes when I have time but mostly keep to myself. They even celebrated when I came out. I guess I just got out of a relationship that didn't go to well anyway. It wasn't too special...she wasn't the most faithful." he laughed. "Didn't hurt me anyway. I don't think I liked her as much as I wanted to."
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Raegan just grinned as he said he was sure that she was smarter than him. [b “Everyone has things they’re great at. Mine just happens to be writing papers, talking about history for hours and shamelessly flirting with a cute London local.”] she said. The beers and shots were definitely helping her confidence right now.

She listened closely as he told her about himself. She was intrigued when he said she worked in the construction business, as she had never met someone who did that. [b “See... Thats your thing! I would be the person that cut their hand off if they worked in the construction field.”] she stated with a matter of fact.

[b “Tell me about... Your family? Your hometown. What’s your favorite drink? Favorite color? What do you do for fun?”] she questioned. [b “What’s your name, what’s your sign? When’s your birthday?”] She then realized at that point that they didn’t know each other’s names. [b “I’m Raegan Grace”] she said, holding her hand out. [b “It’s very nice to meet you.”]
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Ashton chuckled. "You know a lot more than I do, that's for sure. I'm horrible at pretty much any subject." he male rolled his eyes. He was never good at school but he did graduate, which was a shock to him and his family. He had graduated with the bare minimum, which worked.. as long as he was graduated.

"Me?" the male asked, looking to his glass. He wasn't sure what to talk about. He hadn't thought about talking about himself. He was more interested in what she had to say. He tapped the glass with his middle finger and thought about it. "Well.." the male shrugged. "I work in construction. I'm not much of a school person." he laughed, looking back at her once he figured out what he wanted to talk about. "I started working in construction when I was 16 with my dad and just continued. I make a decent living off of it since I'm pretty high up." he smiled. "I'm pretty handy around the house. I know how to fix mostly everything!"

Ashton blowed out a loud breath. "Uhh..." he grunted, looking around for something else to talk about. "What else do you want to know..?" He laughed. "I hate talking about myself. I never know what to say."
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It was kind of funny if you thought about it. Raegan has been in London for almost six months now, and she hadn’t met one single local that she had been interested in, much less wanted to give them the time of day. But then, the night before she was set to leave, she had ran into someone that she didn’t want to stop having conversations with.

[b “I’ve traveled all over the United States... But I had never really been out of the country before, except for Canada. But that shouldn’t count. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to come to the United Kingdom... What better place to study history?”] she said. She smiled softly when he said she would be the perfect fit here. [b “Oh I’ll definitely be back. I just have to get my diploma first.”]

She quickly shook her head when he said she must be really smart to be a history major. [b “I think I’ve got History and English down pat.... But Math and Science are definitely my struggle points..”] she said. [b “But I feel like we’re just talking about me... tell me about yourself.”]
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Ashton perked up as she said her friend was not concerned with her not going back. He gave a sigh of relief and sat himself down beside her. They would actually get a proper chat in. He started relaxing himself, knowing now that she was as interested as he was in getting to know each other. The rest of the night would actually be nice. Hearing her speak, he gave off a shocked look.
"A History Major!" Ashton exclaimed. "Impressive!" The boy chuckled. "Well hey, the chance to travel? No one should pass up that oppertunity!"

Ashton frowned and looked at the glass in his hands. "But you're heading home tomorrow... that kind of sucks. You seem like you'd be a perfect fit here." The boy spoke, looking back over at her. "I guess tonight will have to be a night to remember, huh?" He shrugged, giving her a little chuckle. "I mean I guess there's always the chance you will come back, right? You like it so much here.. maybe one day you can move here." Ashton laughed.

He felt weird actually feeling sad about her leaving. He didnt know this girl. He had no reason to be sad but he was. He was going to make the most of tonight anyway.
"You must be pretty smart being a History Major." He commemted.
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Raegan Grace nodded as he questioned that she was from the states. [b “Yeah, New York City if you want to get all technical and what not..”] she said as she took a swig from the glass bottle. She grinned as he asked who would want to go back. [b “If were being completely honest, I fell in love with London the minute I stepped out of the Air Port. It changed me in a sense too.”]

She glanced over at Nicole when the man stood up and apologized for taking her away. [b “No she’s fine, our other friends are actually in the parking lot and they just texted me that they want Nicole to come out.”] she said, giving Nicole some begging looks.

Once Nicole walked outside, she patted the seat beside her and grinned at the man. [b “People from the states can be very nice, especially in the south. But up North is a completely different story. I’ve spent the last four years primarily in the south so..”] she said. [b “I go to College in Kentucky. I’m a History Major, so. I heard that my major had the opportunity to study in London for a year, and I all but jumped at it.”]
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Ashton exhaled softly, flashing a smile as things seemed to be going smoothly. He listened to her speak, then watched the liquid in the glass disappear quickly. Giving off a chuckle, he shook his head slightly. "The states, huh?" Ashton smiled. He hadnt been to the states. He knew a few people passing by London that he had met through the years who were from the states but he himself had never been. "I guess that makes sense. Who would want to go back to the states after being here?" The boy laughed. "I heard everyone is crazy over there" he shrugged. "Very rude too.. but after talking to you for these... few seconds.. I might have to change my mind." Ashton smiled, placing a hand in his jeans' pocket, the other glued to his glass. He picked it up and took a drink.

"You've been here for a while?" He asked, making himself comfortable. He remembered she hadn't come here alone and stood up straight. "Oh.. you know I'm sorry if I'm keeping you from your friend." He mentioned, looking passed her to the table her friend was at. He looked back at her and took another drink, feeling the liquid courage start to wear down a little. "But I think I would like to continue talking to you for a while longer. I want to hear more about the states.. and why you are here."

He kept his eyes mostly on her, other than the occasional look around. He felt like he was invested in this conversation with this girl. He felt like he needed to know what she was all about and was more than happy to spend time listening to her speak.
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There was no way on this earth that he was standing right beside her, she had to be dreaming. She blinked slightly, just to see. Nope, he was still standing right beside her.

She couldn’t help but blushing when she fully realized that the man in the black shirt was leaning toward her. She looked down at her shot with a grin. [b “More like throwing a pity party, I guess. I definitely don’t want to celebrate the fact that I have to go back to the States tomorrow.”] she said. She threw back her head and downed the shot. She had no idea what she had just drank, but her throat was burning. [b “Oh gosh.”] she said as she coughed slightly. [b “Guess I can’t hold my liquor as well as I thought.”]

She looked back to the man when he asked what brought her here. [b “I came here the first night that I was in London, I guess I fell in love with the vibe.. There’s clubs back home, I can’t find an authentic pub in New York.”] she said.
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Ashton looked to the side, surprised to see the young girl the whole table had been eyeing up. He looked back at the table to see Mark giving him a thumbs up. Ashton had been a little rusty with being out of the game for so long. He didnt think he would be nervous but weirdly enough, he felt a little clammy. Finally taking a good look at the girl beside him, he looked down at the counter. She was much better looking up close which posed as a bigger problem. Thank god he had downed a few drinks prior. He turned his body slightly towards her, keeping his demeanor as friendly as possible so he didnt scare her off.

Noticing her "accent" he exhaled. She definitely wasnt from around here so this might not go as smooth as he waa hoping but he sucked it up. It was worth trying out. "Shots, huh?" Ashton smiled, looking back at the girl. "Are you celebrating something?" He asked, looking back as he got his drink from the bartender. "On me, lad, thanks." Ash slipped the bartender some more cash and looked back at the girl. "I'm not trying to be creepy or anything, but we dont get lovely looking women in here often. I mean... the locals aint nothing to look at." Ashton joked, pointing to the mostly male population inhabiting the pub. "Most girls go to the clubs.. what brings you to the pub?" He questioned, hoping she wouldnt ignore him and walk away.
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Raegan couldn’t help herself, she glanced back at the table of men, who they had seen when they walked in, but the one in the black shirt caught her attention. [b “He’s pretty damn cute”] she whispered to Nicole, who was ordering their first round of beers.

Back home, in New York, Raegan had someone waiting for her. She wasn’t sure what their label was, as their relationship was very rocky when she flew to London. She had caught Nathan with other girls more than once, but her entire family, especially her Father, loved him. He was from an upper rich family based out of Kentucky, his Father was a lawyer, which her Father loved. Nathan himself was pre-Med.

She felt like she had truly found herself in London, and she couldn’t lie to herself about the fact that she knew she could make a life for herself here, not just his with Fathers name. She knew she didn’t want to go back to The States, but she really didn’t have a choice. Her Father all but demanded that she returned.

She had quickly downed her first beer, as she was indeed going to drown her worries out tonight, or that was the plan at least. [b “Can I have two more beers and then two shots of whatever you suggest please?”] she said, just as the man in the black shirt walked up to the bar. Her eyes went wide as they locked with his.
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Tonight was the night. Ashton was free to do whatever he wanted now that he was single. He had been in a relationship for little over 3 months and it only took that long for his ex to cheat on him. Thankfully, he hadn't gotten too attached to her in only 3 months. She was the kind of girl to go off and screw anyone and anything anyway. He had a feeling it would happen. His friends, however, thought he was heartbroken and decided to take him out. Ashton didn't mind as long as his friends bought him drinks.

Slipping on a casual black long sleeve and a pair of clean blue jeans, Ashton ran his fingers through his hair and sighed loudly.

[b "Cheer up, mate. You'll have a blast."] Mark smirked, popping out from around the corner. He held a freshly cracked beer towards Ashton, shaking it gently, indicating the boy take it.
"I'm still not upset.. but thanks." Ash smirked, shaking his head at the other before looking back at himself in the mirror. Taking a quick swig of the beer, the male turned off the light and stepped out from the bathroom. The two finished their beer before Ashton made his way to the door. "Shall we?"

The two were meeting some friends at their favorite pub and quite frankly one of the only places the group would go. The music wasn't too loud and the lights were dimmed to make it look like a nice atmosphere. It had been 3 months since Ash had made an appearance at the pub. The table stood up, throwing hands in the air as Ashton and Mark walked in with the group shouting the boys name. Ash stepped up to the table, giving each friend the respective greeting and sat himself down, ordering a beer as he settled in.

It hadn't been too long before Mark noticed the girls walk in. It wasn't exactly like there were pretty women coming into the pub all the time so it wasn't a surprise Mark saw them that quick. [b "Oh boy!"] the male shouted with happiness at the sight. Ashton looked over at the male and slightly tilted his head to the side before looking off in the direction of were Mark was zoned out to. "Go on, then." Ashton grinned, looking back to Mark. The guy was harmless but didn't know how to come off as smooth.
[b" Nah... I wouldn't know what to say. They look a little prissy."] Mark chuckled.
"You're a bitch!" Ashton laughed, setting his hand on the table to push himself up. "I'm going to get a drink. Once you find your balls, let me know and I'll come with you to see how your game is." Ashton grinned, placing his hand on the other male's shoulder before making his way to the bar. He kept his eyes on the girls but kept it subtle as to not scare the girls. Stepping up to the bar, the male placed an order for a double Rye and Coke.
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Raegan Grace was a twenty two year old enrolled in the University of Florida. She was majoring in History, and had a double minor in Creative Writing and International Studies. She had loved History since she was a little girl. Every subject amazed her. While her Father wanted her to major in Business or Polical Science like he had, her heart just wasn't in it.

Talking the Govenor of New York into letting his only daughter attend College in a small town in Kentucky, proved to be a great challange. But the fact that it was one of the best private schools, helped. Explaining to her Father that she would be studying in London for the last semester was even harder. But she would be able to study under some of the best world historians.

It was her last night in London, and they were going out with a bang. She had been roomed with Nicole, who was from California, and they had quickly become the best of friends. They had a four pm flight to New York, and then they would be going their separate ways. She had felt like she had found herself in London, like she could really make a life here. She didn't want to go. But Graduation was in a week.
They were going 'pub crawling' tonight. They were supposed to meet up with some of their friends they had met.

She couldn't help but grin as she and Nicole walked into the first pub. [b "Locals I imagine."] she said softly. She spotted open seats at the bar and they headed over.

[ outfit]
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