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“Thank you.” Oona smiled softly, taking the glass. It surprised her that the death fairy had water this pure. Normally she had to heal the water of the earth herself. It was nice not to have to for one.


Oona couldn’t help but fold in on herself slightly as she frowned, avoiding the sight of the blood bag. Many creatures now drank the blood or others, something she did not like, but could do nothing about. Her eyes lifted to watch the death fairy chase the odd creature, her smile lifting onto her lips again in amusement. But as it bit her, drawing blood, oona couldn’t help the gag that escaped her lips as the smell filled her nostrils. Covering her nose, she forced herself to take a drink, trying to steady herself. The smell made her nauseous. The blood of a death fairy was something that easily weakened a light fairy, almost like a sleeping gas.

Her form flickered before the glow of her steadied, not as strong as when she had come in, but still there, still not human. She debated just leaving when the door opened once more, someone walking in. They reeked of demon, and Oona leaned over, resting her arm against the bat as she placed her head elegantly in one hand. She normally wasn’t this drained, but with the presence of the death fairy near, blood, and demon, she was weakening. She took a large drink of the water, trying to steel herself. After this, she would need to visit a temple. She knew a Buddhist one a few towns over that would liven her up.

The door opened again and Oona cast her gaze down, sighing softly. Perhaps this had been a mistake. She should have kept flying, but she had been curious about the death that loomed over the building. At least she knew where it came from now.....

She looked up, glancing at the death fairy, Christine she learned was called, before turning to observe the ones that had spoken christines name. Her gentle blue eyes observed the new comers, curious as to who they were. One was hooded, another a dragonian, one had deep purple hair, and another was an odd woman. She seemed... lighter than the others she had seen before. More aloft. More free. But at the same time... not. Oona observed her curiously before letting her eyes scan over everyone in the tavern. An odd bunch. She hadn’t been around this many people in a while. Only when there was war or cruel fate.

Finishing the water, she set it down, smiling at Christine. “More, if there is any left...”
  Silvus Hunter / Hazelnut / 254d 7h 9m 6s
[hr ]

[i [u ^Levka^]]
[i [u ^Narion^]]
[i [u ^Priscilla^]]
[h3 [center Baasarn & The Chimera Siblings]]
Baasarn was walking slowly towards the tavern. Night was beginning to draw close. Though, the draconic male wasn't alone. On one side of him, was a shorter male with reddish hair. A hood covered his head, hands deep in his pockets. Then upon the other side of Baasarn, was another male. This one was taller than the other, hair a dark, purplish hue. He was occasionally glancing back, for behind was a female.
Oddly, the young woman was barefoot, her body covered in a well-used dress. She seemed to be enjoying herself, looking around, a soft smile upon her face.
[#6495ed "She'll be fine Narion. The place we're going is decent, and there are other creatures."]
The shorter male looked up towards Baasarn out of the corner of his eye. He seemingly scoffed under his breath, [#ff8c00 "Ya know, you're wasting your breath with him."]
The reddish haired male was rewarded with a glare from the taller one, the one named 'Narion'. He instead looked back to the girl behind, then towards Baasarn again, [#778899 "You haven't led us astray before old friend, but you know how I feel about bringing Priscilla in front of so many."]
Baasarn gave a slight nod, gaze shifting towards him, then back to the building that soon came into view, [#6495ed "No harm will come to any of you long as I'm around..."]
[#ff8c00 "Ya, ya, we get it. You're a 'big' mercenary, you can do all sorts of shit. I'm just gonna be happy to get a drink."]
The shorter male suddenly picked up his pace, pulling out in front of the others. Narion stared after the other for a bit, a frown crossing his features. He shook his head, muttering something, then speaking out loud, [#778899 "You'll have to forgive Levka. He's been quite irritable since Ragnor asked for our help with something, and Levka was having the worse time trying to keep his temper while being frustrated."]

Baasarn shot a glare at Levka, having caught up and reaching towards the door. His clawed hand wrapped around the handle, gently pulling it open.
Course, the reddish haired male sprang right inside, heading towards the obvious bar. Levka pulled up a stool, sitting down. He rested his arms on the counter, leaning in a hunched position, clearly not caring about his posture.
[#ff8c00 "Oi! Whiskey! Stronge...OW!"]
Baasarn had appeared, grabbing the shorter male by his hood, and lifting him up like a cat by the scruff of his next. The Dragonian hybrid gave a low growl, [#6495ed "Behave yourself 'kitty'. You politely ask Miss Christine for a drink."]
Narion suddenly appeared, a frown covering his features, [#778899 "Come Levka, you're upsetting Priscilla."]
He glanced back. The young woman had started to walk around the tavern. Unlike most of the patrons, she seemed to be on full alert, eyes constantly shifting back and forth. Her pale skin seemed to become paler, marks, scars now seen upon her arms and ankles. The worse seen when her hair moved, were horrible scars around her throat. She suddenly came to a stand-still, frozen in spot as if something had spooked her. The woman's eyes glowed slightly, her body suddenly beginning to tremble.
Narion moved away from Baasarn and Levka, quickly going over to clearly comfort Priscilla. He lightly wrapped an arm around her shoulder, speaking softly. His touch and words seemed to instantly calm her down. He then proceded to lead her to a table further away from the rest of the patrons, continuing to speak softly, calming her further.
Baasarn watched for several moments, then slowly set Levka down again, grumbling under his breath.
  Baasarn / Dragoncita / 254d 11h 18m 40s
[size12 Trinity smiled slightly as she popped the nozzle of the bag open and watched the odd hairball bounce around like an over excited dust bunny. She was very aware of the werewolf since she has worked with them many times before as there was a number of alpha clan leaders in the Dragons Guard as members. Of course, vampires being shifters, the vampires outnumbered the werewolves by millions and the only way the werewolves could get any recognition is if they worked with the Dragons Guard, a vampire run faction. Not that the wolves complained. The Court and the wolves had been working together for millions of years. They just didn't have to answer directly to the Court anymore.]

[size12 Trinity sipped on the blood pack a little as Christine spoke of the incident a couple days ago.] [b "Oh, it was nothing. It's what we do after all. Nathaniel is the head of the Dragons Guard, a branch of the Court, and I'm his second in command. The whole faction is designed for helping people of every species though it's primarily for protecting innocent vampires. There's still conflict in many cities where there's no laws protecting the innocent vampires so the Dragons Guard keep track of those cities and help those that need it. Nathaniel is a great guy. Saved my life. Though I'm a vampire now but I would have died otherwise when I wanted to keep living."] [size12 The memory of her healing from her illness made her smile but the worry never left her dark eyes. She glanced over as a new arrival came in but didn't seem to bothered about it. Her mind was more on Nathaniel than anything else.]
  Trinity / -Mirror- / 256d 7h 52m 38s

[center [pic]]

[center [font "malgun gothic" Christine's eyes lit up as every one came pouring into the tavern. Fizzbit, however was anti-social and screeched as a werewolf walked in. The death fairy knew the woman was a wolf just from her scent. She watched carefully as the girl sat down.]]

[center [i Strange, were creatures normally don't wander out side of the forest..]]

[center [font "malgun gothic" Christine was snapped out of her trance as a familiar scent filled the air.. Some thing sweet, intoxicating almost... Then she saw her, a life fairy. Her eyes widened as her wings hummed slightly, but painfully. The gash in her right wing still made her feel sore.]]

[center [+red "Welcome, miss. I will be just a moment."]]

[center [font "malgun gothic" Christine quickly walked to the back to grab the fairy a special kind of water straight from the fairy springs of her forest. It was a healing water, unlike the water from her village which was ridden with disease..]]

[center [font "malgun gothic" When Christine walked back in, she had a tall glass of water which seemed to glow about as bright as the life fairy did. She placed the water in front of the light fairy, and bowed her head as a sign of respect. War may have torn their factions apart.. But, here, every one was welcome as long as they had no harmful intent.]]

[center [font "malgun gothic" Before Christine knew it Trinity had walked in. A wide smile appeared on the fairy's face. She liked Trinity, she was an interesting creature, who apparently also drank blood. Fizz bit came rolling back with a bag of blood in its mouth. Christine jumped when the creature placed the cold bag of blood in her lap.]]

[center [+red "Apparently, Trinity we do have blood. Fizz bit!!!"]]

[center [font "malgun gothic" Fizzbit had rolled onto the floor and was now rolling around the patron's feet. He did this out of entertainment, not just for him but it got others to laugh as well. The death fairy's wings fluttered furiously as she grabbed Fizzbit. The black death ball had managed to get behind the speaker wires, and was trying to eat them.]]

[center [+red "Who the hell needs kids when we have you around hm?"]]

[center [font "malgun gothic" Fizzbit bit Christine's arm causing her to fling him onto the floor again. Fizzbit then rolled to the back again. Christine sat down in a seat in front of Trinity.]]

[center [+red "I honestly feel like that thing should get a rabies shot."]]

[center [font "malgun gothic" Christine grabbed a napkin to wipe the blood off of her wrist. She winced as the wound on her stomach crunched a bit. The stitches itched more than itching powder. She rested her elbows on the counter, cupping her hands as she looked at Trinity.]]

[center [+red "I hope every thing is alright, it's really good to see you Trinity. I wanted to thank you, and Nathaniel for last time. That was really amazing you know?"]]

[center [font "malgun gothic" Christine jumped as the door opened once again... A male came into the tavern.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [font "candara" Aubrey Joseph Night. A simple name, for such a complicated man. Aubrey wasn't a human at all. He was a demon, a Shadow Demon more specifically. His heels clicked against the cold streets as the Shadow Demon wandered the streets. HE sniffed the air as he came upon a tavern..]]

[center [i Trashed Tavern? Interesting enough...]]

[center [font "candara" The male adjusted the collar on his white coat, the spikes through out the fur on the neck were used as a defense. Aubrey didn't have wings... Most Shadow Demons did, but Aubrey never earned his... As he opened the tavern door, he already saw several creatures had slithered in. Aubrey ran his fingers through his jet black hair as he made his way to the bar, he placed a few coins on the table. He cleared his throat, and watched the death fairy bar maid make her way over to him.]]

[center [+blue "Excuse me miss, I'll take a bottle of your finest bourbon, please if it's not too much trouble."]]

[center [font "candara" The death fairy nodded, then returned shortly with a red bottle and a glass for him to pour his drinks into. The demon couldn't help but take in the fairy's features as she walked away. He shook his head as he twisted off the cap for the bourbon. He watched as the golden liquid hit the glasses bottom. His eyes were so grey that they almost looked white... Shadow Demons didn't see how others saw the world..]]

[center [i Maybe now the voices will stop..]]

[center [font "candara" He watched as the death fairy sat down to talk to another female he heard her call Trinity... Hm, interesting. He sat there getting lost in his thoughts, and drink.]]
  Christine "Chris" Zalsar / -Trashed- / 256d 8h 27m 8s
Juniper's eyes narrowed as she spotted trinity. It was a natural impulse to hate the girl as she herself was a werewolf and hated all creatures and beings that drank blood.
  ContinuousTears / 256d 12h 35m 36s
[size12 Trinity had been wandering around the town since Nathaniel had been called away by the Hunter Guild to help take care of a vampire issue in another land. Of course, Trinity wasn't a fighter so she stayed behind. She heaved a sigh, worried about Nathaniel and what might happen to him. She was always worried. He wasn't exactly a stable mind since she knew his past and about the incident from 800 year ago.]

[size12 Bored, Trinity sprouted her pearlescent white feathered wings and flew back to the tavern. It was more interesting there. She had people to talk to and blood to drink whenever she needed it. She couldn't eat human food like Nathaniel could. She was strictly a blood drinker. Once back at the tavern, it was calm. She was kind of thankful. Christine was messing with the hairball thing she saw from a couple days ago. Honestly, it was kind of cute. Trinity wandered over to the bar and sat down, heaving a sigh with a look of worry clear on her face.] [b "Hey Christine. Got any blood to spare? A single pack will do. I'm not very hungry."] [size12 She said. Even her voice sounded worried.]
  Trinity / -Mirror- / 256d 12h 48m 16s
((Changing my character, cause yeah.

Oona had been flying through the forests, a tiny ball of bright blue light, when she saw the town. Normally, she would have passed through without a single thought, busy looking for injured souls to help, but she could see a large, dark black cloud hovering over a building, slowly rolling over itself like waves.


She had never seen anything like it. Normally, a passing showed only a long black wisp, a sign of their soul leaving their body, but this.... it was like something was radiating death.

Flying towards the building, her long, beautiful, crystal wings hummed with life, leaving a small blue trail of light behind her. The fairy was a life fairy, one of a few. Unlike the death fairies that were once high in number, only a few life fairies were born at a time. The two others she had seen had been gone for hundreds of years, each fairy splitting up to try and fix the damage years of war and jealousy had brought.

Appearing at the door of what appeared to be a tavern, she flashed white, a beautiful woman standing in the fairies place. Her body seemed to glow softly with an elegant and soothing light, her long blonde hair billowing around her. Her baby blue eyes were full of wisdom and kindness, a look one only got from years of learning. She was surprisingly tall for a fairy, her porcelain figure elegant, but held a strength all of its own. Her wings folded down on her back, so large they threatened to brush the ground if she didn’t hold them right.

Gently pushing open the door, she walked inside, looking around. The only one in the tavern was.... “a death fairy.” Her eyes widened slightly as she paused, voice full of surprise. She hadn’t seen one in a long time. Not since the humans decided to slaughter them.

Slowly, she walked up to the girl, staring at her curiously. “Do you have any water?...” her voice was soft and gentle, a sound a baby heard when they were first born, when their mothers cooed and promised them love and happiness. It was one of pure comfort and gentleness.
  Silvus Hunter / Hazelnut / 256d 13h 30s
Juniper walked into the tavern, struggling to see past her crazy long hair. She was too lazy to go get a haircut. She walked over to an empty table, without knocking herself to the ground suprisingly.
  ContinuousTears / 256d 13h 11m 5s
[b I did not forget about this RP! I had a chaotic time with Thanksgiving and all so I was unable to sit down and actually post. I am going to time skip two days ahead so nobody gets lost! I hope you guys do not mind that!]

[center [pic]]

[center [font "malgun gothic" It had been two days since the human attacked Christine, she didn't expect every one at the bar that night to pull together the way that they did.]]

[center [i At least I have a guard now..]]

[center [font "malgun gothic" She didn't require Baasarn to stay at the tavern 24/7, just at night is when he needed to guard the tavern the most. It was nearly dusk, she hoped Baasarn and some of the others would show up as well.]]

[center [font "malgun gothic" The death fairy hummed as she wiped down the counter and tables. Fizzbit, of course was rolling around the bar making a mess of every thing Christine would clean. She heard a loud crash, and her wings drooped down a bit. The gash on her right wing was gone, but the wound on her stomach was still healing..]]

[center [+red "Fizzbit! Go outside and roll around in trash or some thing!"]]

[center [font "malgun gothic" Fizzbit threw an even bigger temper tantrum, rolling to the back with black fur flying every where. Fizzbit was what they called a deathball. Fizzbit could kill any human with one single bite... The back, she didn't care about him recking that.. Christine sat down behind the counter, and watched as once again night fell on the city.]]

[center [i Let's see what happens tonight, shall we?]]

[center [font "malgun gothic" The deathball came rolling across the counter in front of Christine. He had stubby legs which were covered by his fur when he stood up. She smiled then reached to scratch under his chin. The deathball purred in delight when she scratched under his chin. She sat there with Fizzbit getting lost in her thoughts until a customer came in.]]
  Christine "Chris" Zalsar / -Trashed- / 256d 13h 21m 11s
[h3 [center Baasarn]]
Once again, the dragonian mix had gotten up from his seat, shifting from clawed foot to clawed foot. Yellow eyes remained narrowed, pupils thin slits as they landed on the human that was now brought before him. If that human had been smart, he would've kept going, but then suppose it wouldn't allow a view to enjoy the suffering caused by his own hands. Some people, and creatures, had a sick sense of humor.
Baasarn watched, arms moving to criss-cross his chest. He did, honestly, flinch outwards with a clawed hand as...the hell was that a flying 'dust bunny'? Ok, he probably didn't notice it earlier before the show entirely started...but then who would pay attention to something that looked so...harmless. That of course, would be someone's very undoing. There were times, where said 'harmless thing', turned out to be even more deadly than an obvious monster with jagged fangs and a thick hide. He couldn't help but be slightly amused at the little creature, whatever it was, as it chose the most obvious of weak points.
He waited patiently, though as the man reached into his cloak, drawing a dagger, did Baasarn release a snarl baring sharp fangs. The giant of a humanoid moved with rather surprising speed and agility, hovering over a now dead human. Blood sprayed the across the floor and across his leather armor and staining teal scales. Seemed the man took the easy way out. Baasarn was kind of expecting that, having dealt with situations as this, though he preferred the 'non-messy', meaning said person would just take a cyanide pill or something like that. Though he was no stranger to blood, it was just a pain in the ass to clean.
Baasarn gave a disgusted grunt, wiping his chest armor with a clawed hand, muttering something. His yellow eyes glared at the limp body, knife rolling across the floor. The male leaned down, picking it up, he'd dispose of it later. For now, he moved back to his seat at the bar, growling darkly under his breath, annoyed at red stains on his teal arm scales and armor. He'd have to scrub it out before going out as someone presentable again.
Though, for the time being, seemed everyone was just tired and weren't at all worried about appearances. There wasn't really a point to worry, when everyone was present to the events that just transpired. His once glowing yellow eyes seemed to simmer down to embers, pupils rounding slightly as he calmed down.
He turned his attention back to Christine as she spoke. Baasarn was silent, giving a slight nod now and then. She then approached him, having poured everyone else their glasses of absinthe, setting one before him. A clawed hand reached out, wrapping around it, bringing it closer.
As she asked her favor, a soft, genuine smile crossed the male's features, [#6495ed "It would be an honor m'lady, to take place as head guardian of your tavern."]
Baasarn moved his free hand, being careful with his claws as he took her offered hand. He was being gentle, his more business side showing itself, especially when he had called her 'm'lady' instead of just miss or by her name.
  Baasarn / Dragoncita / 258d 11h 31m 2s
Juniper vane entered the tavern, her wavy black hair swishing behind her. She looked around at the occumpants curiously, although it was rather difficult with her hair covering her eyes. She then went to go sit at an empty table, tripping over a chair causing nees to hit the floor with a harsh sound. "ow..." she muttered. "i really need to get a haircut."
  OceanBreeze / 258d 16h 45m 31s
[size12 A draconian poison. Of course! Now he remembered. Because of his dragon form, someone had once used a poison similar to this to try to take him out. Didn't work obviously since even chopping his head off wouldn't kill him. He felt dumb for forgetting that incident.]

[size12 Things went from 0 to 60 real quick. From talk of hunting down the human to said human appearing back in the tavern. It was getting Nathaniel on edge. His eyes changed to their fiery golden color and stayed that way when the human arrived. In the Hunters Guild, he would probably be considered a rouge and be executed. He had a feeling he was about to meet the devil. He growled, hoping for blood to spill. Trinity gave a worried look towards Nathaniel. She knew this behavior all too well.]

[size12 There was some yelling, struggling. Then a flying fuzzball and then a shriek of mercy. The sound of clinking and rolling as a vial hit the floor and slid over to the trio. The man knew there was no getting out of this. Surrounded by beings that could easily rip him to bits, he would rather go out on his own terms. And that is what he did. Nathaniel growled in disappointment as the human slit his own throat.] [b "No fair. I wanted to rip his throat out."] [size12 He said, his voice so very different than normal, a deep rumbling sound that carried a touch of gravely growl. The sound of a dragon. The sound of a very peeved vampire.]

[+red "Calm down, Nate."]

[size12 Nathaniel half grumbled, half growled at Trinity. He turned just in time to see Christine pop open the vial. The scent of Belladonna wafted from the vial. The antidote for draconian poisons. He heaved sigh and calmed down but his eyes stayed fiery gold. Once he saw Christine was alright despite the gash in her side, he let go of his anger. His eyes turned back to red and Trinity let go of a breath she didn't realize she was holding.] [b "I'd have torn the bastard to pieces if he'd let me. Well, if Trinity would let me. But at least you're alright. I'm supposed to protect people. It's what the Dragons Guard does. I can have an army of vampires here in no time to help fight off any threat. And I'd be in the mass fighting along side them. Trinity will just be kicking people in the face with her hooves because horses do that apparently."]

[size12 Trinity stomped her foot and crossed her arms.][+red "Hey! I can do more than that you know!"]

[b "I know but watching you make people fly with a good kick to the face is fun."]

[+red "Well, they do fly pretty far. Like the one time I kicked you and you crashed into Big Ben while we were in mid flight about 3 miles away."]

[size12 Nathaniel facepalmed in shame.] [b "Oh fuck me. Why did you have to bring that memory up?"]

[+red "I had to pry him out by the ass because his torso was jammed into the clock face."] [size12 Trinity said to Christine as Nathaniel tried to turtle into his shirt in embarrassment.]
  Nathaniel / -Mirror- / 259d 10h 6m 52s
((Hey hey hey, man, no controlling my character. If you have to write a shorter response, that’s fine.

Silvus dropped the mans body onto the ground, disgusted by him. Humans were vile creatures. It was a shame their blood tainted his sword.

Pulling out a cloth, he sat down on a table, slowly cleaning his blade as he watched the bar maid. This certainly was an interesting day, and he found himself enjoying it. Though he had killed and there were draconian here, the day was proving more eventful than a whole month normally was for him.

The fairy stood, silvus slightly relieved. Her species would not die today. Though she was still injured and weak, she would heal. He didn’t want another human wiping out another species just because he could. But it presented a problem. If the human had draconian poison... who was giving it out, and why?
  Silvus Hunter / Hazelnut / 259d 15h 37m 14s

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