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"Make me, Scotch tape~"

Bakugou kissed his forehead, "All I need is you. You and nobody else."
  Mason- / 24d 11h 19m 59s
"Oh shush Kami, you dork..." Sero chuckled softly.

Kirishima sighed softly. "Because he means a lot to me and I've been best friends with him since we came here. Same with you too, but I didn't automatically become friends with you like I did him."
  Eijirou Kirishima / YingMu / 24d 11h 21m 39s
Kami giggled, "Sureee~ Yet I'm the one who asked you out."

"Why do you need friends? It's pointless. You were the only friend I had but that's because you followed me everywhere."
  Mason- / 24d 11h 26m 47s
"I love you the most, hun..." Sero smiled a little and pecked his head softly.

"....I care about his heart, he's one of my best friends, Bakugou." Kirishima frowned.
  Eijirou Kirishima / YingMu / 24d 11h 28m 34s
"I love you more." Kami snuggled him.

"WHo cares about stupid Pikachu's heart?"
  Mason- / 24d 12h 26m 48s
Sero smiled a little and held him close to his chest. "You're so adorable, and I love you so much..."

Kirishima nodded and smiled, "Oh, beat him up, but don't kill him. That would break Denki's heart." He murmered.
  Eijirou Kirishima / YingMu / 24d 12h 50m 4s
Kami kissed his cheek, "As long as you weren't hurt, that's all that matter to me." He gently laid his head down against Sero's chest.

Bakugou held Kirishima's waist, "I'll kill him next time he says something bad about you."
  Mason- / 26d 11h 15m 32s
Sero smiled a little and nodded. "Yeah, but he never goes that far though, yknow?" He shrugged.

Kirishima blushed, smiling a little more and nodding.
  Eijirou Kirishima / YingMu / 26d 12h 49m 8s
"He's always been that way, pay no mind to it. I know you don't think I'm stupid or annoying, that's all that matters."

Bakugou kissed his forehead, "Ignore him. You're perfect."
  Mason- / 26d 13h 20m 15s
"Tsh, I still get mad though. God, he's such an ass..." Sero sighed nd hugged Kami's arms.

Kiri glanced at Bakugou and smiled a little, sighing quietly as well. He was still kinda hurt by all that.
  Eijirou Kirishima / YingMu / 26d 13h 24m 38s
Kami hugged him from behind, "He didn't upset me, I was fine.."

Bakugou found him and curled up with him.
  Mason- / 26d 13h 31m 33s
"Mhm..." Sero nodded and huffed quietly.

Kiri was currently curled up on his bed, thinking about what Sero had said. Was he....Annoying? Stupid even? Too happy?
  Eijirou Kirishima / YingMu / 26d 14h 31m 26s
Kami followed Sero, "Well that was..something."

Bakugou woke up later with a headache.
  SammisBaby / 30d 10h 30m 7s
Sero huffed and turned, walking off and grumbling quietly.

Kirishima blinked, looking from Sero, to Kami, to Bakugou. He sighed quietly and shook his head, also walking off.
  Eijirou Kirishima / YingMu / 30d 10h 31m 59s

Kami walked up to Bakugou and zapped him enough to knock him out and not waste his functionality.
  SammisBaby / 30d 10h 33m 10s

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