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Kami kept the kiss going for a few seconds before slowly pulling away, blush covering his face, "I'm sorry.." He whispered and looked away, as if he were about to run.
  Mason- / 235d 23h 14m 17s
Shinsou nodded, watching him closely. When Kaminari climbed into his lap, his eyes narrowed, and when he was kissed, he blushed, his eyes wide. Shinsou didn't know what to think about it, as he knew if Sero found out, it'd break his heart. So, he just sat there.
  Darkqueensans / 235d 23h 15m 38s
Kami sat up and looked at him, "I've been having..conflicted feelings about everything that's happened in the last few days. I hope you can forgive me for what I'm about to do.." Kami climbed into Shinsou's lap, cupped his face, and kissed him softly.
  Mason- / 235d 23h 17m 7s
Shinsou stayed silent for a moment or two, running the thoughts through his mind. "...Sure, go ahead Kami..." He mumbled quietly, nodding with a yawn.
  Darkqueensans / 235d 23h 19m 23s
"Shinsou.." He mumbled at Sero was gone, "I've been considering a few things. Could I try something out with you? It sounds weirder than it is, I promise." Kami looked up at him.
  Mason- / 235d 23h 20m 52s
Shinsou stared down at Kaminari, and he listened closely to everything he was saying. He glanced up when he heard Sero, and he sighed softly, looking back down at Kaminari.

When he didn't get a reply, Sero sighed and kept walking.
  Darkqueensans / 235d 23h 22m 38s
Kami had run into Shinsou again in the forest and was leaned against him, half asleep, half talking. He mumbled most of his words from being tired and didn't stop being right by SHinsou's side.
  Mason- / 235d 23h 24m 44s
Sero had gotten quite worried after he didn't come back, so he decided to go after him. He put a hoodie on and pulled boots on, trekking outside and into the forest. "Kami!!??" He shouted as he walked around.
  Darkqueensans / 235d 23h 27m 8s
Kami had gotten dressed and gone out on a run into the forest. He wanted to clear his head and just think. However, after a half a day, he hadn't returned.
  Mason- / 235d 23h 45m 46s
Sero didn't wake up until a little later, and he sat up, looking around. He noticed Kami was gone, and he sighed softly, frowning.
  Darkqueensans / 235d 23h 46m 58s
When Kami awoke the next morning he realized immediately where he was. He didn't remember too much about last night, just that Sero came to get him and then he passed out. He got up quietly and went to his dorm, laying back down. He was just being a burden.
  Mason- / 236d 14m 10s
Bruh, I don't know what happened but it won't let me sign back into my other acc, so this is me, YingMu, so, don't worry uwu)
  Darkqueensans / 236d 2h 54m 16s
Sero sighed softly, holding him close. He glanced at Shinsou. "What even happened to him?" He questioned. "I don't know, but he said something about you being distant and being annoyed by him." Shinsou mumbled, yawning. "Oh...I think it's because earlier he wanted to joke around and I told him I wasn't in the mood." He sighed and shook his head. "Well, see you later Shinsou..." He shrugged and picked Kaminari up, carrying him back to UA, to his dorm, and he plopped on the bed, snuggling up to the blonde. Soon enough, he fell asleep with him.
  Eijirou Kirishima / YingMu / 236d 4h 4m 3s
Kami eventually calmed down and fell asleep in Sero's arms. His face was wet and shiny from tears that still fell down his face even though he was asleep. It was just Sero and Shinsou awake now.
  Mason- / 236d 21h 16m 0s
Sero sighed softly and hugged him tightly. "Shhhh, I'm right here Denks..." He mumbled.

Deku blushed and huffed. "Love you too."
  Eijirou Kirishima / YingMu / 236d 21h 49m 57s

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