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"...Denki, have you thought about just taking a break from dating? I mean, you went from liking me to dating Sero to kissing Shinsou....Or are you...maybe into Polygamy?"
  Darkqueensans / 231d 23h 42m 33s
"I don't know anymore. Shinsou was always there for me when I was upset, not that Sero wasn't..but Shinsou has already made it clear he doesn't like me. Anyways, I do regret kissing him in one way; but not in another."
  Mason- / 232d 32m 16s
"Really? Well if Sero knows you don't like Shinsou, why have you been ignoring him? ...Or do you like Shinsou...?"
  Darkqueensans / 232d 1h 3m 31s
“Yeah..I got confused and thought Sero hated me..and in the heat of an emotional breakdown..I may or may not have kissed Shinsou..”
  Mason- / 234d 23h 35m 13s
Kirishima smiled and sat by him. "Are you okay?? You've been quiet and ignoring your friends, even Sero. Did something happen with you two?" He questioned softly.
  Darkqueensans / 235d 3h 46m 45s
Kaminari looked up at Kirishima. He trusted him. "Sure, what's up?" Kami plopped down on the couch, not meeting anyone's eyes but Kiri's.
  Mason- / 235d 19h 50m 30s
Sero got worried, as did basically everyone else, but no one really said anything. Until Kirishima decided to, walkiing up to Kaminari. "Kami, can I talk to you??" He asked.
  Darkqueensans / 235d 22h 36m 9s
Kami locked himself in his room and didn't come out for days at a time till class was in session again and he sat in the back by himself and was silent.
  Mason- / 235d 23h 17m 29s
Sero sighed again. "Kami wait I-...." He sighed softly. "...I think he should go talk to someone else..."

"Agreed. The two of us seem to make it worse...Maybe he'll talk to Mina, or Kirishima...Maybe even Bakugou." Shinsou shrugged, shaking his head.
  Darkqueensans / 235d 23h 30m 31s
Kami nodded, "I know. That's why i apologized." He turns and walks off, tears dripping down his face from everything he's done.
  Mason- / 235d 23h 32m 7s
Sero blinked, listening to him closely. He sighed softly when Kaminari finished, and he looked away from the blonde and the purple haired male. ". . . Okay . . ." He mumbled, shaking his head. He didn't look back up, as he felt a bit hurt.

"...If it makes you feel better, I didn't kiss him back. I don't really think I like Kami like that....Kami, I see you as simply a close friend, alright...?" Shinsou looked at Kaminari.
  Darkqueensans / 235d 23h 33m 26s
"The past few days..when I thought you hated me, I've been running some thoughts through my head. Shinsou was always listening to me, he never got mad, he was there when I needed to cry..I'm not saying you weren't ever there for me, I just thought you hated in the woods..I may have..kissed him. But i want you to know it was completely on me, not Shinsou! So if you're going to be mad at anyone: it's me. If you want to punch someone: punch me. It was my fault and I'm sorry!.." His voice trailed off and he looked down shamefully on the ground.
  Mason- / 235d 23h 36m 6s
Shinsou nodded and followed behind him, sighing.

Sero turned, looking at Kaminari. "Oh..Okay, what is it?" he questioned quietly.
  Darkqueensans / 235d 23h 39m 8s
"No, don't. I'll tell him. You can come with if you want." He stood up and walked off to find Sero. When he did he quietly tapped him on the shoulder. "I need to tell you something.."
  Mason- / 235d 23h 40m 30s
Shinsou sighed quietly, shaking his head. "...You know I'm going to have to tell Sero, right..? I can't just not tell him..." He said quietly, looking down at him.
  Darkqueensans / 235d 23h 41m 53s

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