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"Alrighty, have fun!" Kami ran off to find Shinsou. He headed off to the class 1-B dorms and knocked on Shinsou's dorm door.
  Mason- / 221d 23h 4m 24s
"You can go find him, I promised Mina to help her study." Sero shook his head.
  Minsooki / 221d 23h 5m 19s
"You want to go find Shinsou? I haven't seen him all day, I missed him in class." Kami was energetic again.
  Mason- / 221d 23h 6m 16s
Sero shrugged a little, crossing his arms. "Okay....." He mumbled.
  Minsooki / 221d 23h 7m 25s
"I was just up late studying, jeez. I'll be fine." Kami stood up and stretched.
  Mason- / 221d 23h 12m 43s
"That isn't- just because you don't cut anymore doesn't mean anything. There's lots of other things you could do, like deprive yourself of sleep..."
  Minsooki / 221d 23h 14m 21s
"I'll be fine, babe. You need to stop worrying about me so much. I stopped cutting."
  Mason- / 221d 23h 26m 29s
Sero glanced at Kaminari, humming. "Kami, you should sleep..." he whispered softly, sighing a little bit.
  Minsooki / 221d 23h 27m 50s
Kami yawned a bit. He hadn't gotten much sleep the night before due to staying up late studying.
  SammisBaby / 222d 2h 29m 39s
Sero had his arm around the smaller male, watching over his shouder.
  ImNotOkay / 223d 3h 15m 9s
Kami was snuggled up to Sero and looking through his phone.
  Mason- / 223d 23h 12m 22s
Sero started not being so distant, and he joked around with the smaller blonde boy more. He also seemed happier than he was before all of this happened as well.
  Minsooki / 228d 2h 31m 13s
After Kami was released because he was well again, he got better. He stopped cutting and was spending more and more time with Sero.
  Mason- / 228d 20h 51m 43s
"Love you too Kami..." Sero mumbled softly, smiling a little.
  Minsooki / 229d 4h 3m 12s
Kami crawled into Sero's lap and snuggled him, "I love you.."
  Mason- / 229d 22h 3m 6s

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