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"Uhf, back when I first met my class, remember how I ALWAYS hung out with Monoma? There's your answer..." Shinsou mumbled.
  Minsooki / 217d 4h 6m 34s
[#CCCC00 "Really? Who was it? I wanna know!"] He said excitedly and made puppy eyes at Shinsou.
  Mason- / 217d 23h 24m 53s
"Yeah, well, maybe I want to. Maybe I don't want my heart to be broken." Shinsou sighed, looking down at Kaminari. "....Yeah, in the first year of being here I did."
  Minsooki / 217d 23h 31m 14s
[#CCCC00 "Hmpf. You can't stay single forever, Shinsou."] Kami hung upside down from the side of Shinsou's bed, [#CCCC00 "Have you ever had a crush on anybody?"] He questioned.
  Mason- / 217d 23h 36m 31s
"I'm not one for romance, Kami." Shinsou shook his head, shrugging a little. He yawned, thinking to himself. Honestly, the thought of having a crush....Scared him.
  Minsooki / 217d 23h 38m 56s
[#CCCC00 "I'm good. Sero's good too. Speaking of which, have you gotten a crush yet? If so, I need details."] Kami said, half excitedly. If Shinsou had been getting out and social more, perhaps he had developed a crush on someone. The thought was exciting to Kami.
  Mason- / 217d 23h 43m 11s
Shinsou shrugged a little bit, standing and sitting beside Kaminari. "I'm good, what about you, Kami??"
  Minsooki / 217d 23h 44m 56s
Kaminari got up off of him and stretched, "Sorry I was probably squishing you." He giggled. He plopped down on Shinsou's bed, "How are you doing?"
  Mason- / 218d 30m 20s
Shinsou nodded and sat up, humming softly as he slowly scooted inot his dorm, bringing Denki along with him.
  Minsooki / 221d 3h 39m 42s
Kaminari smiled, "Good. I don't want to lose my best friend!" He snuggled Shinsou.
  Mason- / 221d 20h 32m 51s
"Mmmm, Monoma and his friends." Shinsou whispered softly. "Oh, they won't, you're my best friend."
  Minsooki / 221d 23h 20m 14s
"Who were you hanging out with? They better not take you away from me!" Kami huffed and made a pouty face.
  Mason- / 221d 23h 22m 3s
"Shut the hell up Ibara, I'm not dating him." Sninsou snarled, glaring at her as she walked away. His expression softened and he looked at Kami. "I was hanging out with someone.....Missed you too Kami.."
  Minsooki / 221d 23h 23m 2s
Kami tackle hugged him, "Where were you today? I missed you!"

Ibara walked by and looked at Kami and Shinsou on the floor in a hug, "Please keep your romance in your room, Shinsou." She walked off.

Kami blushed bright red.
  Mason- / 221d 23h 24m 40s
Sero gave a nod and went off to help Mina.

Shinsou opened up with a yawn, looking down at Kaminari. "Heya Kami....what's up..?"
  Minsooki / 221d 23h 25m 51s

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