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Sero smiled a litttle bit. "...Are you okay, Kami...? Eiji told me what happened after I carried you here...."
  Minsooki / 11d 11h 13m 11s
Kami jumped a little, not expecting anyone to be there. He turned his head to see Sero sitting next to him, "Oh..hey.."
  PastelBabi / 11d 11h 17m 12s
Sero sighed quietly, frowning a little bit. "....Kami....." He mumbled softly.
  Minsooki / 11d 11h 18m 31s
Kami slowly woke up and sat himself up. He yawned and his hair was messy.
  PastelBabi / 11d 11h 27m 44s
Sero sighed a little, and he stayed by Kaminari after he was healed, waiting for him to wake up.
  Minsooki / 11d 11h 28m 50s
Recovery girl healed his cuts and removed the bandage but the scars from how deep he cut were still there.
  Mason- / 11d 11h 43m 4s
Eijirou heard a few shouts, and he looked behind himself to see Sero picking up the fainted Kaminari. He gasped lightly as Sero hurried him to the medical ward.
  Minsooki / 11d 11h 44m 39s
Kami paused and then passed out, falling to the floor. The blood loss from the cuts had gotten to him.
  Mason- / 11d 11h 46m 11s
Eijirou noticed and frowned a little, sighing softly. He hated the feeling of seeing his friends sad, as he didn't think he could help.
  Minsooki / 11d 11h 46m 57s
Kami grabbed his bag and flung it over his shoulder. Over the course of the rest of the class, he had gotten very dizzy and so he walking in crooked lines.
  Mason- / 11d 11h 51m 11s
Eijirou sighed and sat in his seat as well, staring down at his desk. He was concerned for Denki, but didn't say anything. After awhile, the bell rang.
  Minsooki / 11d 11h 52m 6s
Kami flopped back down in his seat and picked at the bandages, wanting them off because these were more tight and secure than the others. With more layers too.
  Mason- / 11d 11h 54m 9s
Eijirou followed behind him, narrowing his eyes at anyone and everyone who stared at Kaminari.
  Minsooki / 11d 11h 56m 16s
Kami hissed a little as the water hit his skin. Once he was bandaged back up, he walked back to class silently, not bothering to cover the bandages with his sleeves.
  Mason- / 11d 11h 58m 24s
Eijirou grabbed a rag from the towel closet, and he sighed softly, getting it wet and wiping the cuts off.
  Minsooki / 11d 12h 28s

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