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[#d2b48c "What if I offer a better outcome than the one you have right now?"] he asked. He cupped Shinsou's face gently and had him face him. He leaned in and gently pressed his lips to Shinsou's.
  Mason- / 215d 3m 51s
Shinsou stared over at Monoma, a faint blush finding its way to his plae face. He soon looked away, a hint of a smile appearing. "Oh well, then the outcome of this situation is good then, thankfully..."
  Minsooki / 215d 5m 24s
Monoma blinked and went silent for a moment, processing the information he had just been told. [#d2b48c "Depending on how I react would determine weather this situation would be bad, right? Well i hate bad situations and with that, what if I told you I did and still do feel the same things you just told me?"]
  Mason- / 215d 6m 36s
"..Hmm, you could say that, but it depends on how you react." Shinsou sighed, thinking to himself. "This might sound....Strange. But when you and I were kids, and we were closer than we are now, I kinda uhm..I kinda liked you, yknow? Like more than a friend? Then we drifted apart, but now that we're hanging out more, those feelings are sorta coming back...?"
  Minsooki / 215d 8m 39s
Monoma raised an eyebrow but shrugged, nodded, and patted the space on the couch next to him, [#d2b48c "What's up compadre? Something wrong?"]
  Mason- / 215d 10m 29s
"Denki?" Shinsou questioned, sitting next to Monoma. He didn't say anything about that, as he truly thought Denki would make a good hero. "...Can I talk to you about something important?"
  Minsooki / 215d 11m 55s
Monoma looked up at him, [#d2b48c "Hey, Shinsou. What's up? I saw the 1-A wannabe hero leaving a few minutes ago."] he said and sat up.
  Mason- / 215d 1h 14m 57s
Shinsou sighed and got up, walking out of his dorm, and off to the 1-B lounge. He spotted Monoma, and walked over.
  Minsooki / 215d 5h 4m 28s
[#CCCC00 "Then I'll be on my merry way."] He said and got up, smiling at Shinsou then skipping out.

Monoma was chilling in the 1-B Dorm lounge by himself, looking through his phone.
  Mason- / 215d 21h 3m 36s
Shinsou shrugged a little. "..Good point Kami.." He said softly, smiling slightly. "I'll do it when you and I go our separate ways for the day or whatever, then I'll tell you what happens tomorrow.
  Minsooki / 215d 23h 30m 38s
Kami frowns a bit, [#CCCC00 "You'll never know unless you try. Like you said, besides Kendou, you're the only one he hangs around with. Perhaps there's a reason for that."]] he said and offered a comforting smile to Shinsou.
  Mason- / 215d 23h 57m 33s
"I'd rather not because I know he'll say no." Shinsou shook his head slowly, sighing quietly.
  Minsooki / 215d 23h 59m 43s
Kami tilts his head back and smiles, [#CCCC00 "WHy don't you ask him out then? The worst he can do is say no but you could at least say you tried."] he suggests.
  Mason- / 216d 1m 39s
"He doesn't hate everyone, Kami. He likes most of our class, and he hangs with Kendou a lot, and me if I'm lingering around him." He shrugged a little. "I just don't think he likes your class, 1-A, because everyone says you're all better than us lower classes. Which I don't think is true because our class has good quirks too..." He hummed in though to Kaminari's question. "...Yeah, I'd say they're coming back.."
  Minsooki / 216d 4m 10s
Kami blinked. It wasn't the most absurd thought, Shinsou liking Monoma, but him admitting to it kind of surprised him. [#CCCC00 "Monoma? Really? But like-..he hates everybody! He thinks he's better than everyone. Oh well, it's your life. You said you've been hanging around with him right? Are any of your old feelings starting to come back?"] Kami asked and tilted his head curiously.
  Mason- / 216d 26m 24s

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