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Kami yawned a bit. He hadn't gotten much sleep the night before due to staying up late studying.
  SammisBaby / 3d 15h 29m 48s
Sero had his arm around the smaller male, watching over his shouder.
  ImNotOkay / 4d 16h 15m 18s
Kami was snuggled up to Sero and looking through his phone.
  Mason- / 5d 12h 12m 31s
Sero started not being so distant, and he joked around with the smaller blonde boy more. He also seemed happier than he was before all of this happened as well.
  Minsooki / 9d 15h 31m 22s
After Kami was released because he was well again, he got better. He stopped cutting and was spending more and more time with Sero.
  Mason- / 10d 9h 51m 52s
"Love you too Kami..." Sero mumbled softly, smiling a little.
  Minsooki / 10d 17h 3m 21s
Kami crawled into Sero's lap and snuggled him, "I love you.."
  Mason- / 11d 11h 3m 15s
Sero shrugged a little, frowning. "True, and I don't have a comeback to that..."
  Minsooki / 11d 11h 8m 14s
He brought his knee to his chest and sighed, "If you say so. I still advanced onto him."
  Mason- / 11d 11h 9m 59s
".It isn't cheating if it was only you. If he didn't like it and didn't agree to it or kiss back, it isn't cheating, Kami...."
  Minsooki / 11d 11h 10m 36s
"I kissed Shinsou. While we were still dating. I cheated on you and I don't have any excuse for it."
  Mason- / 11d 11h 11m 22s
Sero hugged him back softly. "No, I'm serious...You don't need to apologize because you haven't done anything."
  Minsooki / 11d 11h 13m 0s
Kami wrapped his arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug. "You don't need to apologize. I should be the one apologizing."
  Mason- / 11d 11h 14m 27s
"...Sorry that I've seemed distant and annoyed with you. I don't mean to, I really don't. I guess I've just beenn stressed out about some things, and I guess I haven't noticed how that affects you, and my friends. I love you a lot, and I'm really sorry, Kami. I really am...."
  Minsooki / 11d 11h 16m 33s
Kami shrugged and traced along the scar lines, "I guess so. Good as I can be."
  PastelBabi / 11d 11h 30m 56s

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