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Kirishima and Bakugou are simply watching a horror movie, not doing anything wrong. Kiri often hides his face in Bakugou's shoulder, slowly pissing him off. Eventually, Bakugou snaps, yelling at Kirishima to stop being such a baby. Going outside to sit, Kiri feels hurt...Bakugou realizes he hurt his crush, so he tries to comfort him, but slips up and tells Kiri his feelings....

I am looking for a Bakugou! ^^

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Sero nodded, smiling gently at him. "Yeah, at least he found someome to be happy with." He whispered, ruffling Denki's hair.
  Minsooki / 88d 2h 25m 52s
[#CCCC00 "He did? He's my best friend and I didn't even notice that. Oh well I'm glad he's happy."] he said and smiled.
  Mason- / 89d 3h 41m 45s
"Aw really? Pfft...It was obvious, because when I saw them hanging out a few times, Shinsou always wanted to be close to Monoma, and he'd smile a lot about him." Sero smiled.
  Minsooki / 92d 2h 30m 30s
Kami tilted his head, [#c21e56 "It was obvious? I was surprised when Shinsou told me but yeah I always thought Monoma was straight but no they're cuddling on the couch right now."] he said and shrugged.
  Mason- / 92d 2h 37m 19s
Sero giggled, shaking his head. "Really?? I thought he was straight, I swear....I knew Shinsou liked him, as it was kind of obvious., but still."
  Minsooki / 92d 2h 39m 23s
[#CCCC00 "Monoma. Odd right?"] he said and tilted his head.
  Mason- / 92d 2h 49m 40s
Sero grinned, smiling and hugging him back. "Who is it, Denks?" He hummed, looking down at Denki.
  Minsooki / 92d 2h 50m 56s
Kami wrapped his arms around Sero, [#CCCC00 "The impossible! I got Shinsou a boyfriend and you'll never guess who it is."]
  Mason- / 92d 3h 5m 55s
Shinsou yawned, and soon enough, he too fell asleep, resting his head on Monoma's.

Sero hummed in content. "What did you make happen, Kami?"
  Minsooki / 92d 3h 8m 19s
Monoma fell asleep after a while of laying on Shinsou.

Kami smiled to himself, watching from the entrance of the lounge. He turned and headed back to Sero, [#CCCC00 "I'm a miracle worker. I have made the impossible happen."]
  Mason- / 92d 3h 36m 10s
Shinsou smiled and put an arm around Monoma, keeping him close to his chest. He was happy Monoma felt the same, as he ddin't want to deal with being sad about it.
  Minsooki / 93d 2h 19m 27s
Monoma pulled away slowly and rested his head on Shinsou's chest, sighing contently. He was happy Shinsou had confessed to him so his feelings could finally get out. He as never one for making sappy confessions.
  Mason- / 93d 2h 22m 5s
Shinsou smiled back at the blonde, seeming happier than he usually was. WHen he was once again kissed, he simply kissed back.
  Minsooki / 93d 2h 23m 39s
Monoma pulled away and smiled at Shinsou. He too was now blushing. Biting his lip gently, he kissed Shinsou again.
  Mason- / 93d 2h 24m 30s
"Oh well then I-" Shinsou couldn't finish, as he was pulled into a kiss. His usual blank expression lit up and he smiled a little, the blush growing. Slightly kissing the male back, he hummed in content.
  Minsooki / 93d 2h 26m 55s

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