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"Oh...why?" He looked at her, curious. He yawned a bit and smiled.
  sammiisbabiboi / 18d 58m 24s
"i happen to hate most people" keira replied pulling some straw out of her hair
  TheFallenSurvivor / 27d 1h 16m 46s
He shook his head. "Na, i get along with pretty much everyone."
  sammiisbabiboi / 38d 22h 23m 28s
"just out of curiosity, are there any people you dislike at camp?" keira asked trying to keep the conversation going.
  --NutellaBabi-- / 47d 19h 35m 31s
His eyebrows shot up. "Really? Thats interesting. And my fact is that i'm not as gay as i seem." He smiled
  sammiisbabiboi / 52d 22h 15m 16s
"i have to have my enchanted cloud pillow or i can't sleep." she told him. "it's got magic to make me sleep."
  -HotChocolate- / 53d 17h 27m 37s
He shrugged. "Sure, then I'll tell you a fact about me. "
  sammiisbabiboi / 53d 17h 36m 55s
Keira rolled her eyes playfully. "very funny" she said sarcastically in her british accent. "want to know a fun fact?"
  -HotChocolate- / 53d 18h 10m 39s
((oh that sounds fun

"Really?" His eyebrows raised in suprize. "I thought they'd jump on the chance at running around and being awake." He joked, aelvish smile painted across his korean-american face.
  sammiisbabiboi / 53d 23h 25m 41s
"i'll most likely be the only child of hypnos on the feild." keira said picking bits of straw out of her hair.

  SunsetDream38 / 59d 19h 11m 50s
"Oh..that sounds fun." He joked and laughed.
[[its okay
  sammiisbabiboi / 59d 19h 55m 23s
Keira smiled sweetly. "i guess i will just have to kick your ass then." she said supressing a laugh.
  SunsetDream38 / 59d 20h 54m 6s
"I'm with the Athena cabin today, you Markus?" He turned to Markus, whom, in sign language, told him he was with the Athena cabin as well. "Athena." Derik told Keira.
  sammiisbabiboi / 60d 36m 59s
"well i don't usually make friends, but it would be nice to have one." keira said with a smile. "capture the flag is happening today, is your cabin on team athena or ares?"
  FaysLittleKitty / 63d 18h 54m 14s
He nodded. "Okay, well, i'm you wanna be friends?" He looked a tad bit nervous, he was socially anxious sometimes.
  sammiisbabiboi / 63d 19h 31m 33s

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