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[center Chapter 4]

"We're here," said Jinyoung as he pulled into the driveway. "That didn't take long," said Dongwoo as he sat up, looking around the property from his spot in the back seat. "No, it didn't," hummed Jinyoung. He looked towards the front door when the door opened, and MJ stepped out to greet them. "Well, there's our cue," said Dongwoo as he got out of the truck, with Jinyoung following after him a few seconds later.

"Territory runs huh?" Asked MJ as Jinyoung walked over with Dongwoo. "Yeah," said Jinyoung. "Figured why not check out Chicago, since it's still a new spot," he said. "Come around back then, I think Jinho said he was having a barbecue," said MJ. Jinyoung nodded and followed MJ into the backyard, going through the house to get there.

"Ah, you're here!" Said Jinho as Jinyoung and Dongwoo stepped outside after MJ. "Hello," said Jinyoung. "Sorry about the mess in the house, we've been having visitors for the passed couple days," said Jinho. "No problem," said Jinyoung. "We're only here for a few days anyway," he said. "Alright," said Jinho.

"Who came over for a visit anyway?" Asked Jinyoung. "Hongseok and Yunhyeong," said Jinho. "Ah, I see," hummed Jinyoung. "They were visiting Chani and then stopped by," said Jinho. "No problem there," said Jinyoung. "We have an extra room for you two," said Jinho. "That's fine," said Jinyoung.

"Jinyoung," called Yunhyeong as he walked over with Hongseok. "Long time no see," he said. "It has been a while," hummed Jinyoung as he turned to Yunhyeong. "How's Berlin holding up?" He asked. "Haven't had much trouble," said Yunhyeong as he shrugged. "Yixing and Moonbin are doing a good job on keeping Berlin a neutral zone," he said. "That's good," said Jinyoung.

"We got visitors?" Called Kino as he walked over with Shinwon and Changgu, returning from a walk. "Yeah," said Jinho as he turned to Kino before checking the food on the grill. "Territory runs," said Jinyoung. "Kris ordered it so," he said, shrugging. "Ah, I figured," hummed Shinwon. "Not many werewolves pass through here though, they normally go to the safe house in the city," he said. "We mostly get 'shifters and vampires passing through here, or werewolves who are hunters that don't work for Kris," he said. "Makes sense," said Jinyoung. "We'll have to stop by there before we leave," he hummed. Dongwoo hummed in response.

"Anyone from Wooseok's information network stop by?" Asked Jinyoung. "Just Eunki," said Jinho. "He's the only vampire to ever go directly into a city owned by other species to pass on information, it's why Youngbin trusts him the most," he said. "Is there a reason why?" Asked Kino. "I never really understood," he said.

"Eunki keeps to hunting one human no matter what city he's in," said Jinyoung. "He refuses to hunt animals, but he compromises by hunting one human no matter where he is, if he's thirsty enough," he said. "Because of that no one knows he's actually in the territory until he shows up," he said.

"There's also rumors of him being the first vampire or something," Yunhyeong said. "I dunno how true that is but," he added, shrugging. "I'm not sure," said Jinyoung. "I've met many vampires in my time but," he said "Never had one claim to be the first vampire," he added, shrugging.

"I do know that Yeosang and his coven stop by every now and again," said MJ. "More like Yeosang and his pet," Kino said with a shake of his head. "Well, San does check on the areas Yeosang and Mingi don't hit," said Jinyoung. "He's just not a people person," he said.

"Ugh," said Dongwoo. "There [i has] to be a better term for us contract bound animal-humans than just the word [i pet]," he said with a scowl. "I mean, the term came to light when Sanggyun was brought back," said Jinyoung. "He technically [i was] a pet though, since he's part dog, and was raised by hunters," he said. "That's true," said Dongwoo. "But what about Mingi and I?" He asked. "We're just bears, I mean come on now," he said. Jinyoung shrugged at that.

[center ~]

"So," said Jinho as he sat down in a lounge chair after getting his share of food. "What brings you here again?" He asked. "Just checking on things," said Jinyoung as he sat across from Jinho with his own plate of food. "Seeing how you are, how the territory's been, what's going on etc," he said. "Ah," hummed Jinho.

"Basically like how you guys check in with Moonbin every few months," said Yunhyeong. "Basically," said Jinyoung. "Oh, that makes more sense," said Jinho. "I was gonna say, because we don't work for Kris it's a bit awkward and such," he said.

"Kris ordered a territory check, it doesn't matter if you work for him or not," said Jinyoung. "We're just here to make sure things are still relatively peaceful," he said.

"So you check on the entire northern US?" Asked Kino. "Pretty much," said Jinyoung. "Who checks on the southern US?" Asked Kino. "No one," said Jinyoung. "Well, technically speaking anyway," he added. "The entire southern half of the US is owned by Chen," he said. "Kris and Chen aren't on the best of terms, and Chen declared the territory off limits to territory checks," he said.

"Considering that Jaehwan recently declared a new territory down south, Chen's not opposed to hunters occupying the area," said Dongwoo. "I mean, Chan, Jun and Hoshi already occupy Charleston," said Jinyoung. "If he didn't allow that, well," he said, shrugging. "Ah, you got a point," said Dongwoo.

"What happens if you declare a territory hostile?" Asked Jinho. "We basically give all occupants a week to get out and those left in the territory are killed, regardless of who they are and where they stand," said Yunhyeong. "I know I had to do a few runs like that," he said.

"Why the hell does that happen?" Asked Kino as he blinked. "It's to make sure we aren't found out," said Jinyoung. "Humans aren't supposed to know of our world," he said. "With the exception of a few," he added.

"Recently blood dens have been declared hostile, I heard," said Dongwoo. "They have," said Yunhyeong. "Some of the humans can't be saved despite our best efforts," he said. "So Mashiho declared all humans in blood dens kill on sight," he said.

"Dami got lucky," said Jinyoung. "She's one of few that managed to recover," said Yunhyeong. "Not many are able to recover from blood dens like that," he said. "Most of the time it's easier to end their suffering," he said.

"Damn," said Shinwon. "Did you ever have to do that?" He asked, turning to MJ. "Unfortunately," MJ said, sighing. "It's gotten so bad, you'd think they'd get the picture by now," he said. "Vampires will do everything to secure a meal," said Jinyoung. "Nothing new there," he said.

[center ~]

"Well," said Jinyoung as he observed the room they were given for the night. "Not bad," said Dongwoo. "No," said Jinyoung. "We have yet to declare a territory hostile," he said. "Let's try and keep it that way yeah?" Asked Dongwoo. "I hope it stays that way, we have to go to Seattle and then make our way back towards NYC," said Jinyoung as he went to lay down on one of the beds.

"Something tells me it won't end well," hummed Dongwoo. "I know," said Jinyoung. "We'll have to see what happens," he said.
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[center Chapter 3]

Jinyoung took a deep breath, coming back to the world after meditating for a couple hours after not being able to sleep. He opened his eyes and found himself back in bed, staring up at the ceiling. Dongwoo must've moved him again it seemed. Not being bothered by that, Jinyoung got up, wandering out of the room and into the livingroom where Dongwoo was sitting on the couch watching some TV. "Morning," he said. "Mornin," said Dongwoo as he nodded, turning his head to look at Jinyoung. Jinyoung wondered into the kitchen to find something to drink before returning with a bottle of water and sitting down beside Dongwoo.

"What's the plan today?" Asked Dongwoo. "Checking on the truck and making sure it'll last the trip," said Jinyoung. "And then we need to make preparations for visiting the next territory," he said. "Which territory is that?" Asked Dongwoo. "Jinho's," said Jinyoung. "Ah right, they're still relatively new," said Dongwoo. "We'd have to let them know we were coming," he said. Jinyoung nodded.

"I saw you were meditating last night," said Dongwoo. "Did you move me?" Asked Jinyoung. "I think at some point you did fall asleep, so I did, yeah," said Dongwoo as he scratched the back of his head. Jinyoung hummed in response.

[center ~]

"[i Jinyoung, you got a visitor]," came Yoonsan's voice from the walkie attached to Jinyoung's front pocket. Jinyoung paused in checking the truck, going to speak into the walkie. "Who is it?" He asked. "[i MK]," said Yoonsan. "I'm across the street in the parking lot, how'd he miss me?" Asked Jinyoung. "[i I'll send him over]," said Yoonsan. "K," said Jinyoung before he hooked the walkie back onto his front pocket.

"Been a while hyung," called MK as he walked over a few minutes later. "How'd you miss me? I was literally across the street," said Jinyoung as he turned to look at MK. MK scratched the back of his head in a sheepish manner. "I'm passing through, heard you were here thanks to Hyojin updating the chat," he said.

"Heading west?" Asked Jinyoung. "Home, actually," said MK. "I would've went straight to Toronto but I came over to update you on something," he said. Jinyoung blinked, his attention fully on MK as he wiped his hands off with a rag. "What is it?" He asked.

"Don't tell anyone you know about this, but someone's after your pet," said MK. "They tried to get Mingi and Sanggyun but failed, so now they're coming after you and Dongwoo," he said. "Who is it?" Asked Jinyoung. "Some people who aren't too keen on having this merge between the vampire hunting and the werewolf hunting associations via the Treasure Box faction," said MK.

"It's a good thing you ended up joining Kangmin's faction then," remarked Jinyoung. "It seems so," hummed MK. "Just be careful," he said. "I will," said Jinyoung. MK nodded.

"Tell Seungwoo to be careful when you get home yeah?" Asked Jinyoung as he returned to working on the truck. "I don't know where Mingi is but he should be returning soon," he said. "Yeosang and San are supposed to be back soon anyway," he said. "Unless Seonghwa decided to have them stay with him," he said. "Yunho knows to be careful, Wontak already debriefed him," said MK. "Good," said Jinyoung.

"How is Kangmin treating you?" Asked Jinyoung. "Fine," said MK. "I'm getting missions when the others are busy, as I know that you guys would need me for something at some point so," he said, shrugging. "Right," said Jinyoung.

[center ~]

"Done with the truck?" Asked Dongwoo from his spot on the couch as Jinyoung entered the apartment. "Yeah," said Jinyoung. "What did MK want?" Asked Dongwoo. "Just needed to talk to me about something," said Jinyoung. "We'll be leaving in the morning," he said. "Alright," said Dongwoo.

"I learned some rather interesting news earlier," said Jinyoung as he went to sit down beside Dongwoo on the couch. "Oh?" Asked Dongwoo. "It seems Seungwoo decided to step down," said Jinyoung. "He named Byungchan his successor," he said. "Kris was okay with it?" Asked Dongwoo. "Mhm," hummed Jinyoung.

"The kid will be good for them," said Dongwoo. "He learned a lot from you," he said. "He did," hummed Jinyoung. "He's a good kid," he said. "I think he's going to change his side of the pack for the better," he said. "No offense to Seungwoo of course, but Byungchan just gives off a friendlier aura," he said.

[center ~]

"Ya'll are leaving huh?" Asked Taehyun as Jinyoung handed him the walkie they were using while in Detroit. "Yeah," said Jinyoung. "We need to get going," he said. "Tell Jinho we said hello," said Taehyun. "Will do," said Jinyoung as he nodded. "Have a safe trip then," said Taehyun. "Yeah, yeah," said Jinyoung as he turned and headed out to the truck.

"[i Hello]," said Jinho after Jinyoung called him. "Jinho?" Asked Jinyoung. "[i Yeah, who is this]?" Asked Jinho. "It's Jinyoung, I'm calling to let you know that Kris ordered a territory check, so I'm checking on the northern territories," said Jinyoung. "[i I see]," said Jinho. "[i I assume Chicago is next]?" He asked. "Yes," said Jinyoung.

"[i Come on over then, where are you coming from]?" Asked Jinho. "Detroit, Taehyun says hello," said Jinyoung. "[i Alright, and thanks for telling me]," said Jinho. "We'll see you in a few hours," said Jinyoung. "[i See you]," said Jinho before he hung up.

"That conversation went well," said Dongwoo. "Of course it did," said Jinyoung. "I'm pretty sure people are expecting it now," he said. "They're not the only new territory," he said. "Right, we got the other new territory between Ithaca, Boston and NYC," said Dongwoo. "We'll take our time," said Jinyoung. "There's no set time limit, I think Kris is fine with us taking our time," he said. Dongwoo hummed in response.

[center ~]

"I always wondered," Dongwoo said after a few hours of silence. "Why do you meditate?" He asked. "It's to stay in touch with my wolf, I guess," said Jinyoung. "You've been together for centuries, are you not getting along with your wolf?" Asked Dongwoo. "I am," said Jinyoung. "But I don't want another repeat of what happened before to happen again," he said. "The thing with that village huh?" Asked Dongwoo. Jinyoung nodded.

"I still don't get it," said Dongwoo. "Why was I given to you anyway? Yedam could've kept me around," he said. Jinyoung hummed, adjusting in his seat slightly before changing lanes. "It's hard to understand my brother's reasoning behind things," he said after a few minutes. "I never understood it either to be honest," he confessed, sighing. "But I'm sure it was for a good reason," he said.

"Yeah, but," said Dongwoo. "He could've let me go," he said. "[i You] could've let me go," he said. "Why then, do you choose to keep me around?" He asked.

"...I don't know," Jinyoung confessed as he sighed. "I don't know why I continue to keep you around," he said. "I could let you go right now, and I wouldn't be sad about it," he said.

"But you won't," said Dongwoo. "No," said Jinyoung. "I won't," he said. "Then why?" Asked Dongwoo. "Like I said, I don't know," said Jinyoung.
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[center Chapter 2]

Jinyoung gripped onto the steering wheel as he stared ahead, trying to ignore everything around him and focus on just driving. "Jinyoung," said Dongwoo. "Are you okay?" He asked. Jinyoung took a deep breath. "I'll be fine," he said. "Want me to drive?" Asked Dongwoo. "No no," said Jinyoung. "I'll be fine, we're almost there," he said. Dongwoo hummed. "Okay," he said. Jinyoung let out another deep breath as he continued driving, relaxing slightly in his seat.

When they finally got to Detroit Jinyoung parked in front of the cafe owned by Taehyun and got out with Dongwoo following after him. Jinyoung made sure to lock the door before heading into the cafe.

"Hey hyung," said Sandeul as he was cleaning the machines. "Hey," said Jinyoung. "Taehyun in?" He asked. "Yoonsan, is he in?" Asked Sandeul as he looked towards the camera on the ceiling behind him. "[i He is, Taehyun you got a visitor]," came Yoonsan's voice on the walkie sitting on the counter. "[i I'll be right down]," came Taehyun's voice.

"Northern territories run I assume?" Asked Hyojin as he stood at the register. "Yeah, pretty much," Jinyoung said with a shake of his head. "I'll have the usual," he said, going to pay for it. "Can I have a piece of cake?" Asked Dongwoo. "Sure," said Jinyoung. Hyojin nodded and rung up the order, handing back the change and handing the order to Sandeul before going to get a piece of cake and handing it to Dongwoo. Dongwoo nodded and went to sit down while Jinyoung waited on his drink.

"What brings you to my city?" Asked Taehyun as he entered the cafe. "Territory runs," said Jinyoung as he shrugged. "You know how Kris is," he said. "Right," Taehyun as he sighed. "Well," he said, motioning for Jinyoung to sit down. Jinyoung went to sit down after getting his drink from Sandeul. Taehyun sat across from him.

"I heard Byungchan was in town," said Jinyoung. "You just missed him," said Taehyun. "Left an hour ago," he said. "Well darn," said Jinyoung. "I was supposed to pass a hello to him from Seungwoo, since he's back," he said. "Ah," hummed Taehyun.

"How's things been here?" Asked Jinyoung. "Fine," said Taehyun. "Sandeul's been fine here," he said. "Any troubles with the vampires?" Asked Jinyoung. "No," said Taehyun. "They've kept their word," he said. Jinyoung nodded.

"I gotta say though," said Sandeul as he worked on cleaning the machines. "Things have been relatively tame here compared to back home," he said. "I do miss travelling around with you though, Jinyoung," he added. Jinyoung chuckled, shaking his head. "Besides Dongwoo, you've been the most loyal," he said. Sandeul grinned. "I'm just looking out for the one who practically raised me," he said. "Yeah yeah," said Jinyoung.

"How long are you two around for?" Asked Taehyun. "Not too long," said Jinyoung. "A couple days at least," he said. "Unless you want us gone now?" He asked. "No no," said Taehyun. "We have an extra apartment open upstairs I think," he said. "So you'll be staying there for the duration of your stay," he said. "Alright, thank you," said Jinyoung.

[center ~]

"They've been nice," said Dongwoo as he sat down on the couch. "Taehyun tends to be nicer to certain people, you know that," said Jinyoung as he walked over and sat down beside Dongwoo with a bowl of popcorn to share. "We got a drama to watch," he said. "Right, that one about the twins," said Dongwoo as he nodded. Jinyoung quickly pulled it up on the tv before pressing play, settling down after the intro started playing.

"You know," said Dongwoo as they were inbetween episodes. "Been and Jin remind me of Xion and his brother somewhat," he said. "I can see that, yeah," said Jinyoung as he nodded. "Woodam too, reminds me of Hwanhee," he said. "They share similar pasts, but I wonder," he hummed. "If they are real people?" Asked Dongwoo. Jinyoung nodded. "I wouldn't be surprised," said Dongwoo. "Twins are rare in our world, I wouldn't be surprised if there was another set of twins out there," he said.

"This last episode was rather eye opening," said Jinyoung. "We got to learn about Jin's past, yeah," said Dongwoo as he nodded. "He had his reasons for doing what he did," he said. "But sometimes I wonder if it was even the right thing to do?" He asked. "He thought his twin was killed off, what would you have done in that situation?" Asked Jinyoung. "I guess you're right about that one," said Dongwoo. "Sometimes some people's actions are justified, sometimes they are not," said Jinyoung.

"Like what happened between you and your brother?" Asked Dongwoo. Jinyoung sighed. "That fight wasn't meant to happen," he said. "You [i nearly] got killed by him," said Dongwoo. "Why does it matter?" Asked Jinyoung. "You weren't even supposed to be given to me," he said. "I was given to you anyway," said Dongwoo. "I think I have some right to be worried about you," he said. "You say that because you want to stay alive," said Jinyoung.

"Oi," said Dongwoo. "That's not entirely true," he said. "I'd happily die for you, if I could," he said. "Under those other hunters, I was nothing," he said. "Under you, I have a reason to risk everything," he said.

"Can we just continue this drama?" Asked Jinyoung, refusing to speak anymore on the matter. "Yeah yeah," said Dongwoo. Jinyoung nodded and moved onto the next episode.

[center ~]

"I'm sorry," said Dongwoo as they got ready for bed after their drama marathon. "For what?" Asked Jinyoung. "Bringing up that fight," said Dongwoo. Jinyoung sighed. "It's okay," he said. "I know I shouldn't be so hung up on something like that but," he said, shrugging.

"Your brother betrayed you basically," said Dongwoo. "Yeah, pretty much," said Jinyoung. "And yet you continue to trust him?" Asked Dongwoo. "We've been through thick and thin for each other," said Jinyoung. "Even before that fight, he made sure that I was okay on going to my death," he said. "You wouldn't believe it but," he said, shrugging. "I was walking to my death that day, and ended up winning a fight I wasn't supposed to," he said. "What happened?" Asked Dongwoo.

"I did something I swore never to do again," said Jinyoung. "I slaughtered an entire town," he said, sighing. "Why did you do that?" Asked Dongwoo. "I lost my temper," said Jinyoung. "Something that you know doesn't happen so easily with me," he said, going to lay down on the bed with a small huff. "Ah..." Said Dongwoo, finally understanding the reason he had been given to Jinyoung as he went to lay down on the other side of the bed.

"Do you get it now?" Asked Jinyoung. "Sort of," said Dongwoo. "I may need some time to process it but," he said, shrugging. "I'll give you time to process it," said Jinyoung. Dongwoo hummed in response.
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[center Chapter 1]

"You know, Seungwoo's supposed to be back," said Dongwoo as he walked over to Jinyoung who was leaning against the porch railing looking out into the front yard. "Really?" Asked Jinyoung. "I knew Kris didn't want him gone for too much longer but I expected them to be back a few weeks from now," he said.

"They got the alliance formed, so Kris wanted Seungwoo back here," said Dongwoo. "I guess that means someone's going to be doing another stateside run soon," Jinyoung said with a deep sigh, moving away from the railing to face Dongwoo. "It's not Byungchan, I already know that," he said, shaking his head. "He does the Europe runs mostly, so I guess it's us," said Dongwoo. "Most likely," hummed Jinyoung, moving around Dongwoo to head inside to grab his phone to see what was up in the group chats. Dongwoo followed after him.

"Where is everyone?" Asked Jinyoung. "Sunwoo's out with the other pack," said Dongwoo. "And Gongchan's in Toronto to check on the information network," he said. Jinyoung hummed in response.

"Well," said Dongwoo. "What are you going to do now?" He asked, as Jinyoung turned to look at him. "I don't know yet," said Jinyoung. "But I guess we'll make a trip into Toronto to see Yuto," he said. "I bet he'll be [i thrilled]," Dongwoo said with a chuckle, earning an amused snort from Jinyoung. "Let's go then," said Jinyoung before he left with Dongwoo.

[center ~]

"I swear I better not be in some kind of trouble," said Yuto when he saw Jinyoung enter the Starbucks with Dongwoo behind him. "No no," said Jinyoung. "I heard that Seungwoo was back is all," he said. "Ah, he stopped by earlier," said Sejun as he was cleaning the machines. "Wooseok's with our pack now," he said. "So he was introduced to Yuto," he said. "Oh, that bear 'shifter," hummed Jinyoung. "Interesting," he said.

"You know him?" Asked Dongwoo. "He's part of Youngbin's information network," said Jinyoung. "Sandeul talks about him sometimes," he said. "Ah," said Dongwoo. "The usual then?" Asked Yuto. "Please," said Jinyoung as he went to pay for the drinks. Yuto processed the order and handed back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said.

"Where's the dogs?" Asked Jinyoung as he went to wait for their drinks. "Hui and them? It's some sort of anniversary today, so they're spending it somewhere out in the forest by Chani's place," said Sejun as he started on their drinks. "I wish I was able to go but it's something they wanted to do themselves," said Yuto. "I see," hummed Jinyoung.

"Where's MK and them been?" Asked Sejun. "Busy, Sunwoo's been taking them out on tracking missions, I have a feeling they'll be sent into Europe soon," said Jinyoung. "Hongjoong keeps saying how hard it is to go east," hummed Sejun. "Even Yunho's having trouble," he said. "Damn, something needs to be done soon," said Jinyoung. "MK has managed to get passed Austria but he's been radio silent for a few months now," he said.

"You see Gongchan today?" Asked Dongwoo. "No," said Yuto. "He hasn't stopped by yet," said Sejun. "I assume there's other places for your information network guys to meet up," he said. "Yeah," said Jinyoung. "But I expected a few people to stop by," he said. "Nah," said Yuto. "Not when Hui or Chani isn't here at least," he said. Sejun handed them their drinks before going to clean the other machines, and Jinyoung drank his coffee while Dongwoo went to sit by the windows to watch the traffic outside.

"A rare slow afternoon," said Jinyoung. "It's good, we mostly get traffic in the mornings," said Yuto as he shrugged. "It also means that we can keep an eye on those entering," said Sejun. "We don't want any incidents happening with the vampires," he said. "Right," said Jinyoung as he nodded, looking at his phone when he got pinged for an email.

"God damn it," said Jinyoung as he sighed. "I was right," he said, and Dongwoo looked over in curiosity. "We gotta look at the northern US territories," said Jinyoung. "Damn," said Dongwoo. "We'll keep things going here," said Sejun. "Yeah, I know you will," said Jinyoung. "But Seungwoo's here so I'm not [i too] worried," he said.

"Best timing too, Byungchan's in the states right now from what I've heard," said Sejun. "I'll see you around then," said Jinyoung. "Have fun," said Sejun. Yuto waved. "Come on Dongwoo," said Jinyoung as he took a big gulp of coffee before leaving the store. Dongwoo followed after him.

[center ~]

"You're leaving as I return then," said Sunwoo as Jinyoung entered the house. "Pretty much," said Jinyoung. "How's things on your end?" He asked. "Just fine," said Sunwoo. "Changyoon's getting tired of all the tracking missions we're being sent on but," he said, shrugging. "MK's radio silent, I'm sure their side of the pack needs cash right now," said Jinyoung. "They do, but it doesn't mean they won't complain," Sunwoo said with a chuckle. Jinyoung shook his head in amusement.

"Did you see Seungwoo today?" Asked Sunwoo. "No," said Jinyoung. "But I'll stop by to welcome him back," he said. "Did Gongchan see him?" He asked. "Yeah, said hi, all that jazz," said Sunwoo. "Cool," said Jinyoung before he went to pack. "I am happy I don't have to pack, I just need my damn passport," Dongwoo said with a sigh as he went to look for it. Sunwoo shook his head in amusement before going into the kitchen to find something to eat.

[center ~]

Wooseok opened the door when the doorbell rang, blinking when he saw who it was. "Oh! Come on in," he said, moving to let Jinyoung and Dongwoo inside. "Seungwoo around?" Asked Jinyoung. "Yeah, he's taking a shower," said Wooseok. "He'll be out in a few minutes," he said. "Can sit and wait in the livingroom if you want," he said.

"We're actually in a hurry," said Jinyoung as he scratched the back of his head. "I'm needed to check on the northern territories in the states, only came by to welcome you back before leaving for the states," he said. "Ah, I see," said Wooseok.

"Mingi around?" Asked Dongwoo. "No, Yeosang is in Europe trying to go farther west," said Wooseok. "Mingi's with him," he said. "Darn," said Dongwoo. "Radio silence is a pain, I know," said Wooseok. "Wooyoung's frustrated because Jongho and Hongjoong are also out there," he said.

"Well, either Wyatt and Yuto #2 go out or Changyoon and Seungyoon get sent out to find them," said Jinyoung. "Wyatt and Yuto #2 are following a lead in Asia right now, I think," said Seungwoo as he came downstairs after getting dressed. "I dunno, I never pay attention to what's going on," he said. "I see," said Jinyoung.

"What brings you to my pack house?" Asked Seungwoo. "Just stopped by to welcome you back is all," said Jinyoung. "Ah," said Seungwoo. "Thanks, I guess," he said. "Stone faced Seungwoo is still stone faced Seungwoo it seems," Jinyoung said with a teasing grin. Seungwoo shook his head. "Only outside the pack," he said. "As per usual," said Jinyoung.

"When you reach Detroit say hi to Byungchan for me," said Seungwoo as Jinyoung prepared to leave. "Will do," said Jinyoung. "It's good to have you back kid," he said. Seungwoo chuckled lightly. "Yeah, it's good to be back," he said. Jinyoung waved before he walked over to the Jeep with Dongwoo, getting into the driver's seat while Dongwoo sat in passenger.

Seungwoo waved to them as Jinyoung started the jeep and backed out of the driveway, driving off towards the states.
  AkiraInu / 298d 8h 25m 20s

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