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Jinyoung is a turned werewolf who is one of Kris's top generals. Dongwoo is a contract bound animal-human whose soul belongs to Jinyoung via a contract. As the two of them are sent out by Kris to check on territories, how will things go for them?

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Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! Jinyoung and CNU are here with their story! We finally get to see Kris! Well, sort of. In the series as a whole Kris has sort of been in the background, now we get to see part of the pack he runs!

Jinyoung's side of the pack is known for having the best trackers. He is in charge of his own pack, and a sub pack which consists of the members of ONF!

Also, I'd like to reiterate that this is [i not] an aboau, it's just a wolfau. Believe it or not, there is a difference between the two aus. The only reason the title is like that is because everyone considers Dongwoo Jinyoung's pet due to the contract. If this was an aboau, it'd be in the tags. Wolfau is [i not] always aboau!

Anyway, onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Jinyoung: A turned werewolf who is the leader of his side of the pack. He is also known to be the very first turned werewolf, having been turned by his younger brother Yedam, who is the first werewolf. He has a commanding presence with him, making him seem like he is cold towards everyone he meets. Everyone in his side of the pack know that's not true however, as he is one of the most caring people you could ever meet. He is the person who holds the contract over Dongwoo's soul, having won the contract from a pair of werewolf hunters after he won a fight against them. His wolf form is a large dark brown wolf with a scar on his shoulder where he had been turned and a nasty looking scar going across his chest seen in his wolf and human forms.

Dongwoo: An animal-human whose soul is bound to Jinyoung by a contract. He is known within the supernatural world as Jinyoung's pet, despite the fact that the dynamic the two of them have is different from one would expect between a master and his pet. He is extremely loyal to Jinyoung though, and would do anything to protect the one who has the contract over his soul. He is virtually indestructible, unable to get injured by anything due to the contact. The only time he would die, is if Jinyoung somehow got killed. He makes sure that doesn't happen though, and has become a sort of protector for Jinyoung. They have become close over the years, but Jinyoung keeps a strict friendly relationship with him. His animal form is a large polar bear with a silver necklace around his neck that held the contract. The pendant of a bear head is seen attached to the necklace, and that held the symbol for the contract.

Gongchan: A turned werewolf who is one of Jinyoung's betas. He had been with Jinyoung since the beginning pretty much, being turned by him and staying with him since. He is one of the permanent members that stay in the territory outside of Toronto, but if he is [i really] needed he would go and check on other territories, but he mainly runs the information network on Jinyoung's side of the pack, since Jinyoung knows some of the best trackers in the world. His wolf form is a large white wolf with black feet and a patch of brown fur over his left eye and a scar on his right shoulder where he was turned shown in his wolf and human forms.

Sunwoo: A pure blooded werewolf who is one of the fighters in the pack. He was given to Jinyoung by Seungwoo when the exchange happened between the four generals and Jinyoung sent Seungsik and Byungchan to Seungwoo in return. He is known to have slight anger issues, but he usually is relatively calm around those he knows. He is also one of the permanent members to stay in their territory outside of Toronto, keeping an eye on things as he is mainly in charge of the sub pack that belongs to them, who is lead by Changyoon. His wolf form is a large black wolf with a streak of white fur going along his spine and a notch in his right ear only seen in his wolf form.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to [ these] guys for the awesome poster~!


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[center Chapter 13]

Dongwoo was hesitant to leave, as instincts pushed him to be with JR. He tried to push passed said instincts though, because his priority was to make sure that Jinyoung would come out of this alive. It seemed that he was the only one to notice how stressed Jinyoung was, but Dongwoo knew better than to address something like that, so he waited until they were on the road before speaking about it.

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"What's wrong?" Asked Dongwoo. "You seem stressed," he said. "Nothing can get passed you can it?" Jinyoung asked, shaking his head. "I'm fine," he said. "I just learned of some news that was rather... Eye opening," he said. "I see," said Dongwoo.

"I'm fine, really," said Jinyoung. "Don't need to worry about me," he said.

[continue tomorrow]
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[center Chapter 12]

"Papa!" Came a voice, causing Jinyoung to turn to the voice. "Hey kiddo," said Jinyoung as he leaned down in front of his son. "What's up?" He asked. "Mommy says to never give up!" Said Jinyoung's son. "Momma says you're not feeling happy," he said with a pout. "So I ran over to cheer you up!" He said throwing his arms wide as he grinned. Jinyoung laughs. "Alright alright," he said, tousling his son's hair. "Let's go see what mommy's cooking," he said, getting up and picking up his son, putting him on his shoulders. "Yay!" Shouted Jinyoung's son.

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Jinyoung sat up in surprise, rubbing his eyes with the palms of his hands as he took deep breaths to calm himself down. "The hell is with these dreams?" He asked, letting his hands fall into his lap.

"You okay?" Asked Dongwoo as he sat up, looking at Jinyoung. "Mm fine," mumbled Jinyoung. "What dream did you have this time?" Asked Dongwoo. "My son," said Jinyoung. "But the last time [i that] happened was when Seungwoo came to me about his family," he said. "And it turned out alright in the end," he said.

"What are we doing today?" Asked Dongwoo. "Going to see what's going on in Forks," said Jinyoung. "Youngbin's in town, as are Changyoon and Seungjoon," he said. "Changyoon and Seungjoon are only passing through, and they were asked by Youngbin to ask if I could come over," he said. "I see," hummed Dongwoo.

"Breakfast is ready," said Minhyun as he knocked on the door. "We'll be out in a minute," called Jinyoung as he moved to get up, walking over to his duffle bag to get a change of clothes. "I'll see you in the kitchen then," he said to Dongwoo before leaving the room to go take a shower. Dongwoo rubbed the back of his neck with a small chuckle before getting up and heading out of the room and going to the kitchen to get his share of food.

"Oh, hello Junior," said Dongwoo as he noticed that Junior had joined them for breakfast. "Hello," mumbled Junior before he took a sip of coffee, looking through his phone. "Jinyoung in the shower?" Asked JR. Dongwoo nodded.

"What are your plans today?" Asked JR. "We're going to Forks," said Dongwoo. "Youngbin needs Jinyoung for something," he said, shrugging. "Since he asked Changyoon and Seungjoon to see if he could head to Forks for something," he said.

"Changyoon and Seungjoon?" Asked JR. "They're part of the sub-pack Jinyoung controls," said Dongwoo. "Jinyoung has the final say in most things, but he otherwise leaves them alone," he said. "And of course, whatever Kris says goes," he added. "I see," said JR.

"You're considering it?" Asked Jinyoung as he entered the kitchen after his shower. "I'm thinking about it," said JR. "It's a lot to take in," he said. "If things are going where they think they will go, it's just a precaution," said Jinyoung. "[i If] it works out, we'll be back for the contract and I'll leave you be," he said, shrugging. "I mean, other than checking on territories and things of course," he added. "Right," said JR.

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"Well, I should get going," said Jinyoung as he got up, stretching. "Leaving me here?" Asked Dongwoo. "For the moment," said Jinyoung. "I don't think they'd appreciate an animal-human hanging around the premises," he said. "It's Youngbin," said Dongwoo. "But I know nothing about how this blood den is run," said Jinyoung. "I'll be fine, just stay here," he said. Dongwoo hummed, shaking his head. "Fine," he said. "I'll be back soon," said Jinyoung before he left, heading to Forks.

[center ~]

"You needed me for something?" Asked Jinyoung as he walked into the blood den to spy Youngbin leaning against the wall with Changyoon and Seungjoon standing off to the side having a quiet conversation.

"Just needed to talk to you about Jun," said Youngbin. "What else do you have for me?" Asked Jinyoung. "He's hiding in Albany," said Youngbin. "Great, that's the spot I'm headed to next," Jinyoung said with a deep sigh. "What else you got for me?" He asked.

"Your past is coming back for you," said Youngbin. "Ah..." Hummed Jinyoung. "I see you got that immediately," said Youngbin. "There's only [i one] reason my past would come back for me," said Jinyoung. "Someone survived," said Youngbin as he raised an eyebrow. Jinyoung nodded.

"You have a backup plan for your pet?" Asked Youngbin. "Already taken care of," said Jinyoung as he shrugged, putting his hands into his jacket pockets. "Good to hear," said Youngbin. "Just be wary of what happens next," he said. "Always will," said Jinyoung as he nodded.

"We're getting a new general huh?" Asked Changyoon as he turned to Jinyoung. "Not yet," said Jinyoung. "But if all works out well, we won't be seeing a new general anytime soon," he said.

"Is that why Dongwoo isn't with you right now?" Asked Seungjoon. "He's spending time with his new contract holder before I head back, yeah," said Jinyoung said, scratching the back of his head. "It's going to be hard for him, when we leave," he said. "He'll have to deal with it though, right?" Asked Youngbin. "I can't reveal who his new contract owner is yet, we don't know who is listening in," said Jinyoung. "Makes sense," said Seungjoon.

"So who's occupying the reservation?" Asked Jinyoung as he turned to Youngbin. "Kookheon and his pack," said Youngbin as he shook his head in amusement. "[i Really]?" Asked Jinyoung. "They wanted werewolf hunters? Yedam sent those two and their pack," said Youngbin. "Vampire hunters aren't allowed in this area," he said. "Must be paying them a lot to have them stay," remarked Jinyoung. "I heard it was almost the entire reservation's income from all the local businesses," said Youngbin. "They're really desperate to keep werewolves out," said Jinyoung.

"I think after what Yugyeom did, they'd have a good reason to," said Youngbin. "That was [i years] ago though, they're still holding onto that grudge?" Asked Jinyoung. "Apparently," said Youngbin.

"Is that it?" Asked Jinyoung. "I suppose," said Youngbin. "Just be careful from now on," he said. "Why the concern hm?" Asked Jinyoung. "I'd hate to lose my most famous informant," said Youngbin. Jinyoung chuckled, shaking his head. "Of course," he said.

"I'll see you two back home then," said Jinyoung as he turned to Changyoon and Seungjoon. "You don't want company?" Asked Changyoon. "I got this," said Jinyoung. "I'll be fine with just Dongwoo," he said. "Just go home, I'll finish this and I'll be home before you know it," he said. "Just be careful," said Seungjoon. "I will," said Jinyoung. "Don't tell the others yet," he said. "I want to see what happens before the reveal of Dongwoo's new contract owner," he said. Changyoon nodded.

"I'll see you then," said Jinyoung. "See you," said Youngbin. "Have a safe trip," said Changyoon. "Same to you two," said Jinyoung before he left, heading back to Seattle.
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[center Chapter 11]

"This is coming back to bite you," said a voice, causing Jinyoung to turn to said voice. "You knew this would come back to bite you eventually," said the hunter that had owned Dongwoo before him. "I won that fight fair and square," growled Jinyoung. "[i And yet you were willing to die...]"

[center ~]

Jinyoung sat up with a gasp, looking around the room as he tried to calm himself down. "What the hell?" He asked, rubbing his face with his hand before getting up and heading out of the room after grabbing a towel and a change of clothes, going into the bathroom after knocking and closing the door behind him.

He stared at the dark circles under his eyes in the mirror and sighed, taking off his shirt and unconsciously tracing the nasty scar on his chest before turning to the bathtub and getting fully undressed before going to take a shower.

[center ~]

"Jinyoung," said Minhyun as Jinyoung left the bathroom after getting dressed. "Hm?" Asked Jinyoung. "JR's in the kitchen, I figured you'd want to talk to him alone," said Minhyun. Jinyoung nodded. "Alright," he said, heading in the direction of the kitchen.

"Minhyun told me you needed to speak with me," said JR as he sat at the kitchen island sipping a cup of coffee. "You had info on Jun," said Jinyoung as he went to get his cup of coffee before turning to JR as he leaned back against the counter.

"He's a werewolf," said JR. "Apparently Donghun had a run in with him before, thus why Kwangsuk and Kijoong were here a week ago," he said. "I'd warn you to be careful but I hear you had a backup plan," he said. "I do," hummed Jinyoung.

"What is this backup plan?" Asked JR. "It's slightly complicated," said Jinyoung. "But I'm going to need you to comply with it," he said. JR blinked in surprise.

"Do you know what your family line was?" Asked Jinyoung. JR looked thoughtful as he hummed. "I know some, but I was never aware of who my ancestors were," he said. "Why?" He asked.

"Did they ever talk about a term that's now translated to "wolfman?" Asked Jinyoung. "My grandfather did," said JR. "I didn't believe the stories at the time when I was human, but after I was turned I learned more about it from my grandfather," he said. "He explained how my ancestors became the first werewolves and whatnot," he said.

"Would you believe me if I said that you were my great to however many generations grandson?" Asked Jinyoung. JR almost choked on his drink in surprise, turning to Jinyoung after clearing his throat. "Really?" He asked. "I did have a wife and child before I was turned," said Jinyoung. "It seems the line continued after my first grandchild," he said. "But I never found out how far until recently," he said.

"So what is my role in this backup plan?" Asked JR. "Well, I'm asking to transfer Dongwoo's contract to you," said Jinyoung. "You want to do [i what]?!" Asked JR.

[center ~]

"What the hell is this backup plan?" Asked Dongwoo as he turned to Jinyoung. "I had that dream again," said Jinyoung as he shrugged, taking a sip of his soda. "And you know the last time I had this particular dream," he hummed. "It was when Hyojin and them came to us about Minseok leaving," hummed Dongwoo. Jinyoung nodded.

"How do you know JR's not going to do anything stupid and get killed?" Asked Dongwoo. "Because it's JR," said Jinyoung. "If anything, he's too smart to get reckless like that," he said. "You'll do fine with him," he said. "But I'm going to need you there with me for this last fight, if what my network is saying is true," he said. "You know I wouldn't back down from a fight," said Dongwoo. "If it goes the way I think it will go, then it's best to hand the contract to someone else just in case," said Jinyoung.

"But why JR? I get that he's your relative and all but," Dongwoo said, looking confused. "He's good enough as a tracker to get by, and he's a natural leader," said Jinyoung. "You know I said that whoever holds your contract next is my successor," he said. "That's a big responsibility for him," said Dongwoo. "If he's anything like myself, he'll handle it," said Jinyoung. "I guess," said Dongwoo.

[center ~]

"This is a big thing for me," said JR. "Are you sure?" He asked. "It's a precaution," said Jinyoung. "If I come out of this alive you won't be bothered anymore," he said. "But if I die, then," he added, shrugging. "Right," said JR. "Is there a catch?" He asked. "No," said Jinyoung. "If you choose not to accept then that's fine," he said. "Not going to fault you for it," he said. JR nodded.

"If this is temporary until whatever happens with Jun is resolved, I'm fine with taking the contract," said JR. "But if something happens, I don't know about taking the responsibility as the next general," he said. "We'll see what happens," said Jinyoung. JR nodded.

"So that's it huh?" Asked Dongwoo as he walked into the kitchen. "Yeah," said Jinyoung. Dongwoo took off his necklace and handed it to Jinyoung. "I shall pass the contract to you then," said Jinyoung as he held out the necklace to JR. JR took the necklace, studying the pendant on it as he furrowed his eyebrows in thought. Dongwoo raised an eyebrow.

"Well," said JR as he turned to Dongwoo, walking up to him. "Dongwoo, I have the contract over your soul, do you accept?" He asked. "I accept," said Dongwoo. JR nodded and slipped the necklace over Dongwoo's head, feeling a slight jolt as the contract transferred to him. "I'll try not to get myself killed in the meantime," he said, stepping away from Dongwoo. "I'm on leave for a bit anyway, since Junior requested it," he said, shrugging. "Alright," said Jinyoung.
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[center Chapter 10]

"You're leaving then?" Asked Doyoung as Jinyoung checked on the truck one last time to make sure that things were still good. "Yeah," said Jinyoung. "Continuing west from here?" Asked Doyoung. "Yep," said Jinyoung. "Tell JR that we said hello," said Doyoung. Jinyoung nodded. "Will do," he said.

Dongwoo walked over with Jinyoung's duffle bag, going to put it under the backseat on the driver's side before closing the door. "No trouble with getting my clothes washed?" Asked Jinyoung as he turned to Dongwoo as he walked over. "No, but we should go clothes shopping before heading back this way," said Dongwoo. "Great," Jinyoung said with sarcasm. "At least you don't have to go shopping for clothes," he said. Dongwoo let out a light chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck in a sheepish manner.

"Well," said Doyoung. "Have a safe trip," he said. "Will do," said Jinyoung. "Keep things in check yeah?" He asked. "Especially with Kisu and Jisung," he added. "I don't know how much this has changed the both of them but," he said, shrugging. Doyoung nodded, moving away from the truck as Jinyoung brought down the hood, patting the truck before moving over to get in on the driver's side. Dongwoo got in the passenger seat, closing the door. Jinyoung waved to Doyoung as he started the truck. He backed out of the driveway and drove off, heading towards their next destination.

[center ~]

"[i Hello]?" Came JR's voice after Jinyoung called him. "JR?" Asked Jinyoung as he put the phone on the dock. "[i Yeah, who's this]?" Asked JR. "It's Jinyoung, Kris ordered a territory check and you're next," said Jinyoung. "[i Oh, yeah come on over]," said JR. "[i Minhyun's there I think, but I'll be there soon with Jinyoung]," he said.

"The Jinyoung who lost his mate?" Asked Jinyoung. "[i The one and only]," said JR. "[i Though, he goes by Junior now]," he added. "Alright, that should make things easier for us," Jinyoung said with a chuckle, earning a laugh from JR. "[i I'll see you there then]," said JR. "Have a safe trip," said Jinyoung. "[i You too]," said JR before he hung up.

"So, this relative you supposedly have," said Dongwoo. "Who is it?" He asked. "I just spoke to him," said Jinyoung. "Wait, really? It's JR?" Asked Dongwoo. "From whose side of the family?" He asked. "He's directly from me, from my own son," said Jinyoung. "I don't know how many generations he is ahead of me but," he said, shrugging. "I was there for the birth of my first grandson before I had to leave," he said

"So you had a living relative this entire time?" Asked Dongwoo. "I didn't even know I had a relative from my human side until recently to be fair," said Jinyoung. "I always thought it was my brother and I but," he said, shrugging. "He was apparently the last of my line as a human anyway, since my only son was human," he said.

"JR's a turned werewolf though?" Asked Dongwoo. "I never had any kids as a werewolf," said Jinyoung. "And Yedam never found a wife before and after he was turned," he said, shrugging. "So, it'd make sense," he said. "Ah," hummed Dongwoo.

[center ~]

Minhyun was standing outside the apartment building when they got there, keeping his arms crossed over his chest as he watched the cars driving by. "Did JR tell you we were coming?" Asked Jinyoung as he stepped out of the truck after parking. "Yeah, he did," said Minhyun. "Though, I think we were expecting it after the move," he said, letting his arms fall to his side.

"Any more trouble since moving?" Asked Jinyoung as Minhyun led them inside and up to the apartment. "No," said Minhyun. "I believe they were empty threats," he said. "If it was empty threats you wouldn't have moved," hummed Jinyoung. "That's true," said Minhyun. "However we couldn't take that chance," he said.

"Forks was declared hostile anyway," said Aron as Minhyun entered the apartment with Jinyoung and Dongwoo. "It was?" Asked Jinyoung. "Vampires now have free reign of the town," said Aron. "Eunki was here a few days ago to get a confirmation," he said. "Karma," Jinyoung said with a snicker.

"How are they handling it?" He asked. "Fine I'd say," said Aron. "There's been a small blood den that popped up there, with Mashiho's approval of course," he said. "There's been talk about making the area basically becoming Italy or something," he said. "The tribe can't do a thing," he said. "They only drove us out because we were [i werewolves]," he said. "They didn't say anything about vampires," he said.

"The one thing they [i didn't] want is now on their doorstep," hummed Jinyoung. "And since Mashiho declared Forks off limits to hunters due to the tribe being complete dicks, they can beg for help all they want, they won't get it," said Dongwoo. "Exactly," said Aron.

"So after everything, what's been going on?" Asked Jinyoung as they sat down in the livingroom. "Nothing much has happened to be honest with you," said Aron. "As I've said we've been left alone," he said. "Everyone gets sent out to do things, and JR's returning with Junior currently," he said. "Everyone else has been out, except the two of us," he added. "I see," said Jinyoung.

"How's Junior been since losing his mate?" Asked Dongwoo. "Manageable," said Minhyun as he sighed. "At least, when he started hunting," he added. "Before that he would be out for hours at a time unless he was sent out by Kris or something," he said. "Him and Mark have been through so much," hummed Aron.

"When is JR going to be here?" Asked Jinyoung. "In a few hours, we have a room open for you, if you want to get some rest before then," said Minhyun. "We can do that," said Dongwoo as he nodded. Jinyoung nodded in agreement. Aron nodded and got up. "I'll take you to the room then," he said. Jinyoung and Dongwoo nodded, getting up and following Aron into the room they were given for the night.

[center ~]

"Do you think he knows?" Asked Dongwoo. "JR?" Asked Jinyoung. Dongwoo nodded. "I don't know," said Jinyoung. "It's possible," he said. "I'm sure he has some idea of what his ancestors were like," he said. "I never put a lasting impression on my kid though, but I'm sure he told stories of what's now translated as the "wolfman," he said. "I see," said Dongwoo.
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[center Chapter 9]

Jinyoung looked up at the sky at what was now his favorite spot to hang out at when he spent the night meditating. It wasn't like he couldn't sleep, but meditating was a way of sleeping for him now, and he was used to being out in the cold weather due to his higher temperature body heat.

They were supposed to leave yesterday to head to Seattle but Jinyoung's information network needed him for something so Jinyoung decided to stay another day or two after declaring the area safe for the time being. Jinyoung had also felt the need to make sure things were going alright with Kisu and Jisung after everything between them so after making sure Changkyun was alright with it they stayed around for a little bit longer.

"You're out here a lot," said Kisu as he walked over with his hands in his pockets. "Couldn't sleep huh?" Asked Jinyoung as he turned his head to look at Kisu. "Not when Jisung tends to snore," Kisu said with a small chuckle, earning a laugh from Jinyoung as he turned back to look out at the water, leaning back on his hands.

"Who did you say was coming over?" Asked Kisu as he climbed onto the boulder and sat beside Jinyoung. "Someone Sunggyu may know," said Jinyoung. "San's not very sociable but most would know of him and his coven," he said. "I see," said Kisu.

"San doesn't like hunting me down, as he doesn't like hanging around our kind for too long, so this lake is the perfect meeting spot," said Jinyoung. "What did he need to talk to you about anyway?" Asked Kisu. "I'm sure Jisung has talked to you regarding what's been happening since you were... Asleep?" Asked Jinyoung. "A bit," said Kisu.

"He may have a lead on who's looking to take Dongwoo to bring down the Treasure Box faction," said Jinyoung. "It seems that it's a good thing that Jisung and Hyunjin are a part of Chan's faction then," hummed Kisu. "Same with Doyoung and Hobi being in Chanyeol's," he added. "That's what all the hunters we've encountered so far have said," said Jinyoung. "But I'm sure this won't escalate any farther than it has," he said. "Not when they have the backing of Sanggyun and Mingi," he said.

"You're heading to Seattle next huh?" Asked Kisu. "Yeah, Seattle's next," hummed Jinyoung. "What's in Seattle?" Asked Kisu. "The last territory before we loop around back towards Boston," said Jinyoung. "Why?" He asked. "I just remember that JR had his pack in Forks," said Kisu. "At least, that's what Cory told me," he added.

"They had to move to Seattle due to the tribe in the area threatening to expose them," said Jinyoung. "At least, that's what we've been told," he added. "I wasn't there to oversee the move, but Seungwoo was, to make sure they wouldn't expose them," he said. "It was a test for Hanse and Chan too, as it was their first mission regarding something as important as this," he said. "Those two are the most violent prone, so Seungwoo used it to test how they would be in that sort of situation," he said. "Ah," said Kisu.

[center ~]

"Jesus, I hate hunting you down in the middle of another werewolf's territory," came a voice, causing Kisu and Jinyoung to turn to spot San standing a good distance away. "Blame Kris for sending me out on territory checks," said Jinyoung. "You're safe to hunt when you leave, just don't get caught," he added. "Yeah yeah," grumbled San before he walked over, being wary of Kisu's presence.

"Who's causing such a ruckus that it's gaining the attention of my brother's faction hm?" Asked Jinyoung. "Someone who goes by the name of Jun," said San. "I haven't gotten much information on him but he's gathered quite the amount of hunters who have opposed to this... Peace treaty," he said. "It seems to stem off the laws with Kris and whatnot," he added.

"Many werewolf hunters were pissed at losing a lot of their more money making kills it seems," hummed Jinyoung. "The mate clause is still a thing that many respect, but the law with Kris and whatnot? It pissed a lot of people off," he said.

"What's the mate clause?" Asked Kisu. "If a 'shifter finds their mate in a werewolf, pure blood or not, they're safe from being hunted by werewolf hunters," said Jinyoung. "Same goes to vampires," he said. "Pure blooded werewolves finding their mates isn't included in this, simply due to the fact that most wouldn't find their mates when werewolf hunters come for them," he added. "Ah," said Kisu.

"The law for Kris applied to those who work for him, but not the pack as a whole," said Jinyoung. "The whole hunters being in a pack to keep them safe was more due to hunters respecting territories that other hunters belonged to," he said. "Of course, that only applied to werewolves, vampires were mainly nomadic and such," he added.

"Yeah, and most would be annoyed with staying in one place, even if more and more are turning to hunting animals instead of humans now that blood dens are declared hostile," said San. "Moving humans have proven to be a lot of work, from what I hear so," he said, shrugging. "Less and less are popping up now," he said.

"What do you hunt then?" Asked Kisu. "Animals," said San. "I was dragged into it after getting involved with Subin," he said, shrugging. "Yeosang and Seonghwa were already hunting animals when that happened, so I just went along with what they did," he said. "A compromise for letting Mingi hang around werewolves," he hummed, not looking too pleased with the idea. "No offense," he added, earning a snort from Jinyoung.

"I knew from the day Seungwoo declared it a success that [i someone] wasn't too keen on the idea," said Jinyoung. "Seungwoo's a good guy, under that cold exterior," he said. "It's hard to tell under that ice," San said with a shake of his head. "But I should get going," he said, stepping away from them. "I need to head back to Toronto, so have fun," he said. Jinyoung nodded and San rushed off, soon disappearing from sight.

"Jisung finds him weird," said Kisu, earning a chuckle from Jinyoung. "He's not the only vampire I talk to, but San's one of the more introverted ones," said Jinyoung. "His coven is a different matter entirely, and well," he said, shrugging.

[center ~]

"Aw man, I just missed him," came another voice, causing Jinyoung to turn to the voice. "Oh, Eunki," said Jinyoung. "Heyo," said Eunki as he grinned. "Were you alone all day?" He asked. "I went back to do a bit of truck maintenance, it's passed dinner now," said Jinyoung.

"Heading to Seattle next?" Asked Eunki. Jinyoung nodded. "Be careful," said Eunki. "I just came from there, it seems things are tense," he said. Jinyoung nodded. "I'll be careful," he said.
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[center Chapter 8]

Jinyoung opened his eyes, coming back to the world after meditating as his hearing picked up on footsteps coming towards him. "Sunggyu," said Jinyoung as he turned, spotting Sunggyu walking towards him. "Hello Jinyoung," said Sunggyu as he went to stand beside the boulder that Jinyoung was sitting on. "Your pet didn't want to come out with you?" He asked. Jinyoung shook his head, leaning back on his hands. "I'm letting him sleep," he said. "Ah," hummed Sunggyu.

"What time is it?" Asked Jinyoung. "Just before 4 in the morning," said Sunggyu. "I've been out here most of the night then," hummed Jinyoung as he turned back to look out at the water. "Just got back with Cory, we were visiting his old pack," said Sunggyu. "I see," hummed Jinyoung. "Is Jisung back too?" He asked. "He's not back yet?" Asked Sunggyu. "He wasn't here when we arrived a few nights ago," said Jinyoung. "Must be busy, or on his way back," said Sunggyu. "Probably," said Jinyoung.

"Why?" Asked Sunggyu. "I have a theory," said Jinyoung. "That Kisu may not be as dead as he seems," he added. "Considering that Hyungwon was his wolf, Hyungwon would be dead since Kisu's technically dead," he said. "Is that how that works?" Asked Sunggyu. Jinyoung nodded. "From what I've managed to gather, yeah," he said. "Not much information can be found about this way of bringing someone back but," he said, shrugging.

"If it is true then..." Said Sunggyu. "It'd make sense," said Jinyoung. "I know that Youngjae wouldn't be this calm, especially with one of this mates gone," he said. "I think that makes sense," said Sunggyu. "I never gave it much thought, since Cory doesn't talk very much about how your kind works," he said. "Werewolves are very complicated creatures," said Jinyoung. "Even I don't understand how we work and I've been alive long enough to watch my kind evolve," he said.

"Do you have any family left from your human days?" Asked Sunggyu. "I do actually, a [i very] distant grandson," said Jinyoung. "We're going to see him next, as he resides in Seattle," he said. "I see," hummed Sunggyu.

"What about you?" Asked Jinyoung. "I mean, other than your brother of course," he added. "No," said Sunggyu. "It was just Chani and I," he said. "But I'm sure I have distant cousins," he added. "I never bothered to see if I did however, because I don't want to be involved with any living family members I have left, other than my brother of course," he said. Jinyoung hummed in response.

[center ~]

"Oi," called Dongwoo. "Miss breakfast why don't you?" He called as he walked over with Cory a few hours later. "Sorry," said Jinyoung as he turned to Dongwoo and Cory. "Sunggyu went hunting a little bit ago," he said. "I got the text saying he would," said Cory as he nodded.

"Are you alright Jinyoung?" Asked Dongwoo as he put his hands in the pockets of the hoodie he was wearing while having his human illusion up. "I'm fine," said Jinyoung as he blinked. "Why do you ask?" He asked. "You only have that look in your eyes when you've come up with a working theory," said Dongwoo. Jinyoung sighed. "You can read me [i so] well now," he grumbled, earning a chuckle from Dongwoo.

"Is this about Jisung?" Asked Dongwoo. "Yeah," said Jinyoung. "He got back this morning, in time for breakfast," said Cory. "Good, I need to speak to him," said Jinyoung. "Regarding?" Asked Cory. "Kisu," said Jinyoung. Cory blinked, his head tilting to the side.

"If he really [i was] dead, wouldn't Hyungwon be dead?" Asked Jinyoung. "And something tells me Youngjae's okay, not having any trouble at all with only one of his mates gone," he said. "I think that makes sense," said Cory. "So you think he's still there in Jisung's mind, waiting on Jisung to realize it?" He asked. Jinyoung nodded. "Probably," he said.

"I think it makes sense," said Sunggyu as he walked over. "Youngjae isn't going crazy, he's as calm as ever," he said. "And Hyungwon is alive, so this theory is plausible," he said.

"Where is Youngjae anyway?" Asked Jinyoung. "He went back to France for a couple weeks," said Cory. "He's staying with Chan and his pack for a bit," he added. "I doubt you'd see them until your return trip but," he said, shrugging.

[center ~]

"Jisung," called Jinyoung as he entered the house, causing Jisung to come downstairs. "What's up?" Asked Jisung as he blinked, looking at Jinyoung. "I think we need to have a talk," said Jinyoung. Jisung blinked, looking confused. "Go," said Cory as he walked into the room. "Whatever Jinyoung has to say is important," he said. "Okay," said Jisung as he nodded, motioning for Jinyoung to go ahead. Jinyoung turned and walked out the backdoor with Jisung following after him.

"So I don't know how true this is," said Jinyoung. "As it's just a theory but," he added. "I think Kisu may still be alive," he said, turning to Jisung once they were out of earshot. Jisung blinked in surprise. "What makes you say that?" He asked.

"Hyungwon was brought back due to Kisu getting his wolf extracted right?" Asked Jinyoung. Jisung nodded. "You became his new wolf not long afterwards," said Jinyoung. Jisung nodded again. "Because I was a turned werewolf before I was brought back I basically just gave myself to him," he said.

"So you were a separate entity in his mind?" Asked Jinyoung. Jisung nodded. "Yeah," he said. "Youngjae hasn't gone insane, despite still having his other mate?" Asked Jinyoung. Jisung nodded again. "As far as I could tell," he said. "If he was secretly going insane from losing one of his mates he was hiding it well," he said.

"Okay," said Jinyoung. "I want you to try meditating," he said. "When we get to the lake, or do you want to do it at home?" He asked. "Lake seems fine, I'll be able to concentrate better," said Jisung. "Alright," said Jinyoung. They both continued walking.

"Alright," said Jinyoung. "Relax as much as possible and close your eyes," he said once Jisung had sat down. "Imagine yourself in your mind, whatever setting you have it as," he said. "And look up," he said after a few minutes. "If you see something out of the ordinary, I think my theory is correct," he said. Jisung hummed, his eyes opening quickly as he moved, nearly falling off the boulder if Jinyoung didn't grab a hold of him.

"What did you see?" Asked Jinyoung. "I saw buildings, which I [i know] for a fact were what made up Kisu's mind," said Jisung. "I was right then," said Jinyoung. "Now," he said. "I want to try something," he said. "Go back into meditating," he said. "And look around," he said once Jisung closed his eyes again once he was ready. "Let your instincts carry you to where Kisu is," he said.

It was silent for a few minutes, as Jinyoung waited in anticipation. Jisung wasn't moving, and Jinyoung wondered how long it would be to get to where ever Kisu was in the depths of his mind.

Jisung's eyes snapped open as he came back to the world rather suddenly, causing Jinyoung to turn to him. "Well?" Asked Jinyoung. "He's there," Jisung said with wide eyes. "He was rather surprised to see me actually," he said. "He said to tell you that he's happy to be back to the main part of my mind," he said. Jinyoung smiled slightly. "Now, try changing and see what happens," he said. Jisung nodded and let his human illusion drop before changing, Kisu soon sitting in his place.

"How did you know?" Asked Kisu as he blinked, his eyes wide. "I put two and two together," said Jinyoung. "Why didn't you come back sooner?" He asked. "I wanted Jisung to have his freedom," said Kisu as he shrugged. "He's stuck in my head otherwise," he said. "You were fine being in his head?" Asked Jinyoung. "I thought I was dead," said Kisu. "But yeah," he said. "Interesting," hummed Jinyoung.
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[center Chapter 7]

A sigh left Jinyoung as he came back to the world after the truck stopped. "We're here?" He asked, opening his eyes. "Yeah," said Dongwoo as he looked at the house in front of him. "Do you know who's home?" He asked. "Let me see," said Jinyoung as he reached over to grab his phone from the dock.

It was Doyoung that came outside to see who was here after a few minutes, waving at them before going back inside. Jinyoung shook his head in slight amusement before getting out of the truck and heading inside after grabbing his bag from the backseat. Dongwoo followed after him.

"Just our luck that the hunters are home," said Jinyoung as Doyoung met them in the livingroom. "Well, it's just Hobi and I," said Doyoung. "The wolves are at work at the moment," he said. "Jungwoo and Jeno?" Asked Jinyoung. Doyoung nodded.

"Do you know what happened to Chanyeol?" Asked Jinyoung. "He's still around," said Doyoung. "Changkyun merged territories with him a couple years back," he said. "So it's all one territory now," he said. "Ah," said Jinyoung. "Chanyeol's just busy with missions and Taeyong complains, jokingly of course, that it was his excuse to go on more missions," Doyoung said with a shake of his head. "Chanyeol's always been one to never turn down missions," Jinyoung said with a chuckle.

"Go and explore if you want, you have Hyunjin and Jungwoo's room for the night," said Doyoung. "I'll come get you when someone comes home," he said. Jinyoung nodded and went to put the bag away in Hyunjin and Jungwoo's room before leaving out the back door to explore with Dongwoo.

"Didn't they have a smaller house?" Asked Dongwoo. "They did," said Jinyoung. "But they moved into this house after the debacle with Kangmin's team," he said. "Ah," said Dongwoo. "The house wasn't going to be used anyway, and Hohyeon, who was the last person in the house, gave it to them," said Jinyoung.

"Did you have any real reason to come here besides checking on the territory? We usually go straight to Chanyeol's," said Dongwoo. "It's December," said Jinyoung. "And we're a couple weeks late but it was Jin's birthday a couple weeks ago," he said. "You wouldn't know him, but this is one of the only times we'll ever stop here around now to go pay our respects," he said. "Might as well, since it's on the way to Seattle," he said. "Ah," hummed Dongwoo.

"You respected him didn't you?" Asked Dongwoo as they reached the lake with the small graveyard off to the side. "He's one of few that I did respect," said Jinyoung as he knelt down in front of each grave to pay his respects. Dongwoo stood a few feet behind him, keeping his head bowed in respect as he waited on Jinyoung to be done.

Jinyoung stepped away after a few minutes and let Dongwoo have his turn at paying his respects. They headed to the lake to unwind for an hour or two, taking in their surroundings.

[center ~]

"I was sent to find you?" Came a voice, causing Jinyoung to turn around to spy who he figured was one of the wolves. "Are we needed back at the house?" Asked Jinyoung. "Yeah," said the wolf. "The name's Jeno," he said, bowing his head in respect. "Lead the way then, Jeno," said Jinyoung. Jeno nodded and turned, heading back to the house. Jinyoung and Dongwoo followed after him.

"Hoseok," said Jinyoung when they entered the house. "Hello Jinyoung," said Hoseok. "It's been quite a while since we've last seen each other," he said. Jinyoung nodded. "Anything new happening?" He asked. "No, not really," said Hoseok as they went to sit down in the livingroom. "Changkyun was quite surprised when Chanyeol asked to merge territories," he said. "He wasn't ready to lead a larger pack, but Chanyeol assured him that the packs were still separate, just the territories were now one," he said. Jinyoung nodded.

"Any trouble?" Asked Dongwoo. "Not really," said Hoseok. "Things have been relatively peaceful, but I doubt anyone would want to have a territory as large as this one now that it's two merged into one," he said. "Most would stay to one city, or a cluster of cities in one area," agreed Jinyoung. "Or they're nomadic," added Dongwoo.

"No issues with hunters then?" Asked Jinyoung. "No," said Hoseok. "We always have teams passing through, but it's more due to needing to rest for a day or two before moving on," he said. "Haven't had much trouble from the vampires either, ever since Sunggyu made it known that he was staying with the pack now," he said. Jinyoung nodded. "That's good," he said.

"May I ask why a vampire decided to stick around?" Asked Dongwoo. "I think it was due to Cory," said Doyoung as he walked over and sat beside Hoseok. "He didn't want to leave Jisung here due to this bond the two share but," he said, shrugging. "I see," hummed Dongwoo. "Cory and Sunggyu are mates, and Cory views Jisung as a younger brother," said Doyoung.

"Jisung and Hyunjin were wolves that were brought back weren't they?" Asked Jinyoung. Doyoung nodded. "Ah... Another two brought back because of the damn contract," grumbled Dongwoo. "It's not a contract per say," said Jinyoung. "But as long as the person whose wolf was extracted is alive they don't die," he said.

"How would that work for Hyungwon though? Kisu's dead," said Doyoung. "Not exactly," said Jinyoung. "Jisung is alive isn't he?" He asked. "Because of what he did Jisung basically became Kisu," he said. "Huh, that makes sense," said Hoseok.

"What do you know of the hunters being opposed to the merge of the vampire and werewolf hunting associations via the Treasure Box faction?" Asked Jinyoung. "Not very much," said Doyoung. "These hunters aren't human though, from what I've managed to gather," he added. "But they're targeting contract bound animal-humans for the sole purpose of destroying the faction," he said. "Sounds like something they'd do," hummed Jinyoung.

"Looks like we'll have to step up our tactics," said Dongwoo. "I know what to do," said Jinyoung. "But we'll initiate the plan when we get to Seattle," he said. "As a fail safe anyway," he added. Dongwoo nodded.

[center ~]

Jinyoung observed the room they were given for the night, looking around as he made sure not to touch any of Hyunjin's or Jungwoo's things. "Man, if this was the other house we'd be in the livingroom," said Dongwoo as he sat on Jungwoo's bed. "It's how it usually is to be honest," said Jinyoung. "But it's good to see that people try and be accommodating," he said. Dongwoo nodded.

"Are you going to be meditating again?" Asked Dongwoo once Jinyoung came back into the room after taking a shower and changing clothes. "I don't know yet," said Jinyoung. "We'll see how tonight goes," he said, shrugging as he went to sit down in Hyunjin's bed.

"Why do you meditate again?" Asked Dongwoo. "It's a way of dealing with things," said Jinyoung. "It'd be hard to understand unless you were in my shoes," he said. Dongwoo hummed.
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[center Chapter 6]

"That's it huh?" Asked Dongwoo as he and Jinyoung parked outside the safe house in the city. "No one's here," said Jinyoung as he looked around. "No, it doesn't look like it," said Dongwoo. "Is the building owner in?" He asked. "Doesn't look like it," said Jinyoung. "Everything looks fine though," he added. "We're not going in then?" Asked Dongwoo. "No," said Jinyoung. "Kris was planning on making Jinho's house the newest safe house," he said. "After the building owner got suspicious of everyone coming through," he said.

"So we're declaring this place hostile?" Asked Dongwoo. Jinyoung nodded. "Until everything gets sorted out with the owner," he said. "For now we'll redirect everyone to Jinho's place, granted they agree to it," he said. "I'm sure they will," said Dongwoo. "Let's head back then," said Jinyoung. Dongwoo nodded and Jinyoung started the truck, heading back to Jinho's pack house.

[center ~]

"Wyatt, Yuto," said Jinyoung when they arrived and got out of the truck. "Hey there," said Wyatt. "Returning from a tracking mission?" Asked Jinyoung. "Yeah," said Wyatt. "It's been a rather interesting one," said Yuto as they headed inside the house.

"Oh, you're back!" Said Jinho. "For a little bit, we'll be leaving in a few hours," said Jinyoung. "Ah, I see," said Jinho. "I wanted to discuss something with you though, if you don't mind," said Jinyoung. "Hey Wyatt, Yuto," said MJ as he walked into the livingroom from the kitchen. "Hello," said Wyatt. Yuto nodded in greeting.

"We can talk out back then," said Jinho. "After you," said Jinyoung as he nodded. Jinho went to grab his shoes, putting them on before going out the backdoor. Jinyoung followed after him.

"What is it?" Asked Jinho as they went to stand on the dock. "The safe house in the city's been declared hostile," said Jinyoung. "Oh?" Asked Jinho as he blinked in surprise. "You don't have to move, luckily," Jinyoung added quickly. "I'm going to redirect traffic to your house here, until things get worked out," he said. "Worse comes to worse we lose that safe house," he said. "But we'll gain another one from you, if you are willing," he said.

"I'll have to discuss it with everyone first," said Jinho. "But I'm fine with it being temporary for the moment," he added. "I'll tell Kris then," said Jinyoung. "And redirect all traffic here," he said. "I'll contact you when we come to a decision," said Jinho. Jinyoung nodded.

"How long are your packmates going to be here?" Asked Jinho. "Not too much longer," said Jinyoung. "They'll probably leave when we do," he added. "Wyatt never likes to be around other packs and Yuto just goes along with him," he said. "Ah," hummed Jinho. "Sorry if they came by unannounced," said Jinyoung. "No worries, just wasn't expecting them is all," said Jinho. "I'll tell everyone to let you know they're coming then," said Jinyoung. "Thank you," said Jinho.

[center ~]

"Ah," said Dongwoo. "We should get going," he said as Jinyoung checked the time. "Oh, right we need to get going," said Jinyoung as he went to get packed and make sure the room was clean for the next person. "At least take dinner with you to go," called Jinho. "If it's alright with you," Jinyoung called back. "I got it," MJ called from the kitchen. Dongwoo went to get the containers of food, going to put them in the truck as Jinyoung finished packing and cleaning the guest room.

"We'll get going too then," said Wyatt as he came outside with Yuto. "You ran here?" Asked Dongwoo as he turned to Wyatt and Yuto. "We were just here in the states, so yeah," Wyatt said, shrugging. "We'll see you when you get done with the territory run then," he said. "Have a safe trip," said Dongwoo. "You too," said Wyatt before he left with Yuto.

"I never noticed it but," said Jinyoung as he came outside with his bag and placed it under the backseat in the truck. "They have changed [i so] much since Minseok left," he said. "He was their youngest," hummed Dongwoo. "That's true," said Jinyoung. "I hope that where ever he is now, he's fine," he said. "I'm sure that he's happier now," said Dongwoo.

"We'll drop the containers off when we come back on the way to Boston," said Jinyoung as he got in the driver's side of the truck. "Did you put out word about where to go when people come to Chicago?" Asked Dongwoo. "Just sent a message to Mashiho and Yedam," said Jinyoung. "They'll put the word out for the hunters, and I've sent word out to Seungwoo and Gongchan back home, so that they can inform our respective information networks," he said.

"[i Hello]?" Asked Changkyun as he picked up the phone. "Changkyun?" Asked Jinyoung. "[i Yeah, what's up]?" Asked Changkyun. "It's Jinyoung, I'm doing a territory check and we're stopping by your place next," said Jinyoung. "[i Alright, I'll let the others know you're coming]," said Changkyun. "Are you not home?" Asked Jinyoung. "[i I'm in South Korea right now with Jungkook for a small vacation]," said Changkyun. "[i But there should be someone home]," he added. "Alright, thanks," said Jinyoung. "[i Have a safe drive]," said Changkyun. "I will, have a nice vacation," said Jinyoung before he hung up.

"Well, now it's all the matter of getting there," said Dongwoo. "Pretty much," said Jinyoung as he changed lanes.

[center ~]

"What do you think of the next territory?" Asked Dongwoo as they sat in the truck bed eating dinner after stopping at a rest stop. "It's different," said Jinyoung. "The way the pack is run is not different but there's other species in the pack that are there without much a choice," he said. "But Changkyun is not a bad person for doing what he did," he said.

"He had his reasons for letting others in right?" Asked Dongwoo. "Kind of?" Asked Jinyoung. "Every person that joined was from a pack decision," he said. "So everyone is on board with whoever joins," he said. "If it involves certain people then they always make the final decision on things," he said. "Ah," said Dongwoo. "Kind of like our respective parts of the pack," he said. "Pretty much," said Jinyoung. "If it [i really] involved Kris, then that's when he'd step in," he said. "Most of the time it never goes to him, but if it really did, then," he said, shrugging.

"Do you think Chanyeol's going to be there?" Asked Dongwoo. "I don't know," said Jinyoung as he finished eating, taking a sip of his drink. "I haven't seen him in a long time though," he said. "I know he shared his territory with them but he's been silent for years now," he said. "We'll have to ask about it when we get there," said Dongwoo. "I know," said Jinyoung.

"Well," said Jinyoung as he hopped out of the truck bed. "I'm done," he said. "What about you?" He asked, turning to Dongwoo. "I'm done," said Dongwoo as he nodded, moving to get out of the truck, taking the container from Jinyoung. "I'm going to make sure these are washed," he said. "I'll wait on you here then," said Jinyoung. Dongwoo nodded and went to wash out the containers. Jinyoung closed the tailgate before walking around to the driver's seat and opening the door, grabbing his phone from the dock and checking it for any new messages as he sat down in the driver's seat. He responded to texts from the others, keeping it short and simple as he waited on Dongwoo.

Dongwoo walked over after thoroughly washing the containers, putting them in a compartment under the back seat before climbing into the truck on the passenger's side and sitting down before closing the door. "Anything interesting?" He asked. "Not really, just responding to the others," said Jinyoung. "They're passing on the word now," he said. "That's good," said Dongwoo.

"Well," said Jinyoung as he started the truck, putting the phone back on the dock. "Let's continue our journey then," he said. "Yay," Dongwoo said with slight sarcasm, earning a chuckle from Jinyoung as he backed out of his parking spot before driving off, heading towards their next destination.
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[center Chapter 5]

"Oh, someone's in our spot," came Kino's voice from somewhere behind Jinyoung as he sat on the dock, leaning back on his hands as his eyes were closed. "Sorry," hummed Jinyoung as he opened his eyes, turning to spy Kino and his dog Changgu returning from a morning walk. "It's alright, wasn't expecting it is all," said Kino as he walked over, sitting beside Jinyoung on the dock with Changgu joining them after putting up his human illusion.

"What brings you out here this early in the morning?" Asked Kino. "Couldn't sleep," hummed Jinyoung. "Came outside to meditate, lost track of time I guess," he said, turning back to the water. "What about you?" He asked. "Sometimes I'm up early," said Kino. "Other days I'm not though," he said.

"Interesting," said Jinyoung. "A side effect of that drug that was in your system I'm guessing?" He asked. Kino nodded. "I took the cure for it, but I'm still feeling the after effects of it," he said. "At least I'm not constantly bed ridden anymore," he said. Jinyoung hummed in response.

"What's it like to be bound to someone by a contract?" Asked Changgu, earning a blink in surprise from both Kino and Jinyoung. "...It's not that different," Jinyoung said after thinking it over. "I mean, compared to regular animal-humans," he added. "From what Dongwoo has told me anyway," he said. "There's a bond we share though," he said. "I see," hummed Changgu.

"Sometimes, depending on who holds the contract and what was used for said contract, traits from that person pass onto the person brought back," said Jinyoung. "Like Mingi for example," he added. "He's bound to a vampire, and he gained their speed but he didn't gain the thirst for blood," he said. "Ah," said Kino. "What did Dongwoo gain from you?" He asked. "Nothing really, I suppose," said Jinyoung. "I think if it was something similar to Mingi's contract he has with his er... Owners, I'm pretty sure that Dongwoo would get something out of this but," he said, shrugging.

"What's Mingi's contract thingy?" Asked Changgu. "It's a tattoo," said Jinyoung. "So it goes both ways," he said. "Dongwoo and Sanggyun both have a necklace and a collar respectively," he said.

"Why all the curiosity Changgu?" Asked Kino. "I'm just trying to figure out why I'm back," hummed Changgu. "Well," said Jinyoung as he shook his head. "If you were bound to someone by a contract you'd have the smell of whatever you were in your previous life," he said. "Dongwoo was a polar bear 'shifter, so he smells like a bear 'shifter," he said. "Same with Mingi," he added. "Sanggyun was a werewolf, so he has that pine forest smell," he said.

"I was a wolf 'shifter," said Changgu. "Do I smell like one?" He asked. "No," said Jinyoung. "I mean, you have the smell of 'shifters on you due to being around them all the time," he added. "But as for your native smell? Nothing," he said.

"Do animal-humans even have a noticeable smell?" Asked Kino. "I think to vampires it's different," said Jinyoung. "Because they're smelling the blood but," he added, shrugging. "To everyone else it's just a normal smell, I guess," he said. Kino hummed in response.

[center ~]

"Everything alright over here?" Called Dongwoo as he walked over with Shinwon, bringing breakfast with them. "Just fine," said Jinyoung, taking a plate from Dongwoo. "Just had a talk with these two here," he said, nodding to Kino and Changgu as Shinwon handed them both a plate before sitting down beside Changgu.

"What'd you talk about?" Asked Shinwon. "Changgu was curious if he was brought back because of a contract," said Jinyoung. "I have no reason to suspect he was," he added. "Everyone wonders why he came back, but the same thing happened to a friend of ours too," said Kino. "I heard," hummed Jinyoung.

"It's odd given the circumstances," said Dongwoo. "You two are the only ones to come back, with your memories at that," he said. "Who knows why you came back? You are back though, and that's better than it is for most," he said. "I guess," hummed Changgu.

"Changgu," said Kino, changing the subject. "Why don't you talk in front of the others?" He asked. "You're always talking to me or Shinwon on our walks, but around MJ and Jinho you're silent," he said.

"...I'm hesitant," said Changgu. "Why?" Asked Kino. "Even now as a dog I'm too used to being silent," said Changgu. "And you guys are my owners, technically," he added. "I feel more comfortable talking in your presence than in Jinho or MJ's presence," he said.

"Don't press the matter," said Jinyoung. "I'm sure he has his reasons," he added. "Everyone does," agreed Dongwoo as he finished eating breakfast, putting the plate down beside him before leaning back on his hands.

"When are you leaving?" Asked Shinwon. "Not for another day or so, why?" Asked Jinyoung. "Just wondering, Hongseok and Yunhyeong left a few hours ago, something about Yunhyeong getting missions," said Shinwon. "We have the safe house in the city to check," said Jinyoung. "Then we'll leave," he added. "Alright," said Shinwon.

[center ~]

"You carry a lot on your shoulders don't you?" Asked Kino as he joined Jinyoung on the dock after dinner. "Is it that obvious?" Asked Jinyoung. "No," said Kino. "But I've always been able to pick up on the little things in people," he said. Jinyoung hummed in response.

"That accent you have, where are you from originally?" Asked Kino. "Europe, Poland to be more specific," said Jinyoung. "You can't really tell that I even [i have] an accent now, it's been so long," he said. "In some words it's more noticeable," said Kino. "My family hails from Norway, but it's been quite some time since I've been home," he said. "At least, the family that was the pack I joined after being abandoned," he added. Jinyoung hummed in response.

"What's something you've done, and regret doing in the first place?" Asked Kino. "I don't think I should say," said Jinyoung. "That bad huh?" Asked Kino as he looked at Jinyoung. "Yeah," said Jinyoung. "But I can talk about a time that I don't regret doing something," he said. "Oh?" Asked Kino.

"Have you heard of Seungwoo?" Asked Jinyoung. "Yes, Hongjoong and Jongho stop by every now and again to check on us," said Kino. "Since most would stop by the safe house in the city," he added.

"I was involved with his old pack," said Jinyoung. Kino blinked in surprise. "No, I wasn't a part of the pack, I was with Kris for many years before he joined," said Jinyoung. "But I was partly the reason Seungwoo had joined Kris's pack under Chanyeol, who was the general before him," he said. "What happened?" Asked Kino.

"Seungwoo was being trained as a weapon, by his parents," said Jinyoung. "His older sister was brainwashed, and believed that what they were doing was right," said Jinyoung. "He finally had enough, when they were going to bring his own [i nephew], who wasn't even five yet at the time, into the intense training sessions," he said. "He took matters into his own hands and came to us for help," he said.

"So you took care of it?" Asked Kino. "No, it was iKon that did it, but Seungwoo begged us to keep his sister and his nephew out of it," said Jinyoung. "We went through the process of declaring a territory hostile, and gave them a week to get out," he said. "I think you can see where this is going," he said. Kino nodded, his eyes wide as he listened to the story.

[center ~]

"God damn it!" Shouted Seungwoo as he fell to his knees. "Why didn't you [i leave]?" He asked, looking defeated at his sister. "I'm sorry Seungwoo," said Sunhwa. "You could've at least taken Subin out of the territory," said Seungwoo. "I don't want this happening to my [i nephew]," he spat.

"I'm sorry Seungwoo," said Jinyoung as he walked over, putting a hand on his shoulder. "You know the law we have in place," he said. "Please," said Seungwoo, a sob escaping him. "Spare Subin at least," he begged. "He's only [i five]," he said, desperate to save Subin from this.

"What do you want to do?" Asked Jinhwan as he kept his hands in his pockets, his stance neutral. Jinyoung sighed. "I don't want to do this to a [i child]," he said. "You know this," he said, taking his hand off of Seungwoo's shoulder.

"Tell you what," Jinyoung said after contemplating the options. "I'll spare the child, but he is going to be raised by another general," he said. "The kid doesn't need to be in your life until you can control yourself better," he said. Seungwoo nodded, relieved. "Call him over," said Jinyoung.

"Subin," Seungwoo called, his voice trembling as he watched his nephew rush over and into his arms. "I'm sorry buddy," he said, hugging Subin to his chest. "Don't look at mommy okay?" He asked. "These people are only trying to help," he said, trying to sooth a now crying Subin.

"Jinhwan," said Jinyoung. Jinhwan nodded, and launched an attack, the others following suit.

[center ~]

"And that's where Jinhwan got the famous scar on his face," he said. "Damn," said Kino. "I don't regret that decision at all," said Jinyoung. "Subin found out later, what had happened, but he doesn't blame Seungwoo," he said. "I didn't think he would," said Kino.

"Subin was only five at the time," said Jinyoung. "His memory is fuzzy," he said. "But after seeing what became of Seungwoo after the fact, he was glad he got out," he added. "Yeah, I can see why," said Kino.
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[center Chapter 4]

"We're here," said Jinyoung as he pulled into the driveway. "That didn't take long," said Dongwoo as he sat up, looking around the property from his spot in the back seat. "No, it didn't," hummed Jinyoung. He looked towards the front door when the door opened, and MJ stepped out to greet them. "Well, there's our cue," said Dongwoo as he got out of the truck, with Jinyoung following after him a few seconds later.

"Territory runs huh?" Asked MJ as Jinyoung walked over with Dongwoo. "Yeah," said Jinyoung. "Figured why not check out Chicago, since it's still a new spot," he said. "Come around back then, I think Jinho said he was having a barbecue," said MJ. Jinyoung nodded and followed MJ into the backyard, going through the house to get there.

"Ah, you're here!" Said Jinho as Jinyoung and Dongwoo stepped outside after MJ. "Hello," said Jinyoung. "Sorry about the mess in the house, we've been having visitors for the passed couple days," said Jinho. "No problem," said Jinyoung. "We're only here for a few days anyway," he said. "Alright," said Jinho.

"Who came over for a visit anyway?" Asked Jinyoung. "Hongseok and Yunhyeong," said Jinho. "Ah, I see," hummed Jinyoung. "They were visiting Chani and then stopped by," said Jinho. "No problem there," said Jinyoung. "We have an extra room for you two," said Jinho. "That's fine," said Jinyoung.

"Jinyoung," called Yunhyeong as he walked over with Hongseok. "Long time no see," he said. "It has been a while," hummed Jinyoung as he turned to Yunhyeong. "How's Berlin holding up?" He asked. "Haven't had much trouble," said Yunhyeong as he shrugged. "Yixing and Moonbin are doing a good job on keeping Berlin a neutral zone," he said. "That's good," said Jinyoung.

"We got visitors?" Called Kino as he walked over with Shinwon and Changgu, returning from a walk. "Yeah," said Jinho as he turned to Kino before checking the food on the grill. "Territory runs," said Jinyoung. "Kris ordered it so," he said, shrugging. "Ah, I figured," hummed Shinwon. "Not many werewolves pass through here though, they normally go to the safe house in the city," he said. "We mostly get 'shifters and vampires passing through here, or werewolves who are hunters that don't work for Kris," he said. "Makes sense," said Jinyoung. "We'll have to stop by there before we leave," he hummed. Dongwoo hummed in response.

"Anyone from Wooseok's information network stop by?" Asked Jinyoung. "Just Eunki," said Jinho. "He's the only vampire to ever go directly into a city owned by other species to pass on information, it's why Youngbin trusts him the most," he said. "Is there a reason why?" Asked Kino. "I never really understood," he said.

"Eunki keeps to hunting one human no matter what city he's in," said Jinyoung. "He refuses to hunt animals, but he compromises by hunting one human no matter where he is, if he's thirsty enough," he said. "Because of that no one knows he's actually in the territory until he shows up," he said.

"There's also rumors of him being the first vampire or something," Yunhyeong said. "I dunno how true that is but," he added, shrugging. "I'm not sure," said Jinyoung. "I've met many vampires in my time but," he said "Never had one claim to be the first vampire," he added, shrugging.

"I do know that Yeosang and his coven stop by every now and again," said MJ. "More like Yeosang and his pet," Kino said with a shake of his head. "Well, San does check on the areas Yeosang and Mingi don't hit," said Jinyoung. "He's just not a people person," he said.

"Ugh," said Dongwoo. "There [i has] to be a better term for us contract bound animal-humans than just the word [i pet]," he said with a scowl. "I mean, the term came to light when Sanggyun was brought back," said Jinyoung. "He technically [i was] a pet though, since he's part dog, and was raised by hunters," he said. "That's true," said Dongwoo. "But what about Mingi and I?" He asked. "We're just bears, I mean come on now," he said. Jinyoung shrugged at that.

[center ~]

"So," said Jinho as he sat down in a lounge chair after getting his share of food. "What brings you here again?" He asked. "Just checking on things," said Jinyoung as he sat across from Jinho with his own plate of food. "Seeing how you are, how the territory's been, what's going on etc," he said. "Ah," hummed Jinho.

"Basically like how you guys check in with Moonbin every few months," said Yunhyeong. "Basically," said Jinyoung. "Oh, that makes more sense," said Jinho. "I was gonna say, because we don't work for Kris it's a bit awkward and such," he said.

"Kris ordered a territory check, it doesn't matter if you work for him or not," said Jinyoung. "We're just here to make sure things are still relatively peaceful," he said.

"So you check on the entire northern US?" Asked Kino. "Pretty much," said Jinyoung. "Who checks on the southern US?" Asked Kino. "No one," said Jinyoung. "Well, technically speaking anyway," he added. "The entire southern half of the US is owned by Chen," he said. "Kris and Chen aren't on the best of terms, and Chen declared the territory off limits to territory checks," he said.

"Considering that Jaehwan recently declared a new territory down south, Chen's not opposed to hunters occupying the area," said Dongwoo. "I mean, Chan, Jun and Hoshi already occupy Charleston," said Jinyoung. "If he didn't allow that, well," he said, shrugging. "Ah, you got a point," said Dongwoo.

"What happens if you declare a territory hostile?" Asked Jinho. "We basically give all occupants a week to get out and those left in the territory are killed, regardless of who they are and where they stand," said Yunhyeong. "I know I had to do a few runs like that," he said.

"Why the hell does that happen?" Asked Kino as he blinked. "It's to make sure we aren't found out," said Jinyoung. "Humans aren't supposed to know of our world," he said. "With the exception of a few," he added.

"Recently blood dens have been declared hostile, I heard," said Dongwoo. "They have," said Yunhyeong. "Some of the humans can't be saved despite our best efforts," he said. "So Mashiho declared all humans in blood dens kill on sight," he said.

"Dami got lucky," said Jinyoung. "She's one of few that managed to recover," said Yunhyeong. "Not many are able to recover from blood dens like that," he said. "Most of the time it's easier to end their suffering," he said.

"Damn," said Shinwon. "Did you ever have to do that?" He asked, turning to MJ. "Unfortunately," MJ said, sighing. "It's gotten so bad, you'd think they'd get the picture by now," he said. "Vampires will do everything to secure a meal," said Jinyoung. "Nothing new there," he said.

[center ~]

"Well," said Jinyoung as he observed the room they were given for the night. "Not bad," said Dongwoo. "No," said Jinyoung. "We have yet to declare a territory hostile," he said. "Let's try and keep it that way yeah?" Asked Dongwoo. "I hope it stays that way, we have to go to Seattle and then make our way back towards NYC," said Jinyoung as he went to lay down on one of the beds.

"Something tells me it won't end well," hummed Dongwoo. "I know," said Jinyoung. "We'll have to see what happens," he said.
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[center Chapter 3]

Jinyoung took a deep breath, coming back to the world after meditating for a couple hours after not being able to sleep. He opened his eyes and found himself back in bed, staring up at the ceiling. Dongwoo must've moved him again it seemed. Not being bothered by that, Jinyoung got up, wandering out of the room and into the livingroom where Dongwoo was sitting on the couch watching some TV. "Morning," he said. "Mornin," said Dongwoo as he nodded, turning his head to look at Jinyoung. Jinyoung wondered into the kitchen to find something to drink before returning with a bottle of water and sitting down beside Dongwoo.

"What's the plan today?" Asked Dongwoo. "Checking on the truck and making sure it'll last the trip," said Jinyoung. "And then we need to make preparations for visiting the next territory," he said. "Which territory is that?" Asked Dongwoo. "Jinho's," said Jinyoung. "Ah right, they're still relatively new," said Dongwoo. "We'd have to let them know we were coming," he said. Jinyoung nodded.

"I saw you were meditating last night," said Dongwoo. "Did you move me?" Asked Jinyoung. "I think at some point you did fall asleep, so I did, yeah," said Dongwoo as he scratched the back of his head. Jinyoung hummed in response.

[center ~]

"[i Jinyoung, you got a visitor]," came Yoonsan's voice from the walkie attached to Jinyoung's front pocket. Jinyoung paused in checking the truck, going to speak into the walkie. "Who is it?" He asked. "[i MK]," said Yoonsan. "I'm across the street in the parking lot, how'd he miss me?" Asked Jinyoung. "[i I'll send him over]," said Yoonsan. "K," said Jinyoung before he hooked the walkie back onto his front pocket.

"Been a while hyung," called MK as he walked over a few minutes later. "How'd you miss me? I was literally across the street," said Jinyoung as he turned to look at MK. MK scratched the back of his head in a sheepish manner. "I'm passing through, heard you were here thanks to Hyojin updating the chat," he said.

"Heading west?" Asked Jinyoung. "Home, actually," said MK. "I would've went straight to Toronto but I came over to update you on something," he said. Jinyoung blinked, his attention fully on MK as he wiped his hands off with a rag. "What is it?" He asked.

"Don't tell anyone you know about this, but someone's after your pet," said MK. "They tried to get Mingi and Sanggyun but failed, so now they're coming after you and Dongwoo," he said. "Who is it?" Asked Jinyoung. "Some people who aren't too keen on having this merge between the vampire hunting and the werewolf hunting associations via the Treasure Box faction," said MK.

"It's a good thing you ended up joining Kangmin's faction then," remarked Jinyoung. "It seems so," hummed MK. "Just be careful," he said. "I will," said Jinyoung. MK nodded.

"Tell Seungwoo to be careful when you get home yeah?" Asked Jinyoung as he returned to working on the truck. "I don't know where Mingi is but he should be returning soon," he said. "Yeosang and San are supposed to be back soon anyway," he said. "Unless Seonghwa decided to have them stay with him," he said. "Yunho knows to be careful, Wontak already debriefed him," said MK. "Good," said Jinyoung.

"How is Kangmin treating you?" Asked Jinyoung. "Fine," said MK. "I'm getting missions when the others are busy, as I know that you guys would need me for something at some point so," he said, shrugging. "Right," said Jinyoung.

[center ~]

"Done with the truck?" Asked Dongwoo from his spot on the couch as Jinyoung entered the apartment. "Yeah," said Jinyoung. "What did MK want?" Asked Dongwoo. "Just needed to talk to me about something," said Jinyoung. "We'll be leaving in the morning," he said. "Alright," said Dongwoo.

"I learned some rather interesting news earlier," said Jinyoung as he went to sit down beside Dongwoo on the couch. "Oh?" Asked Dongwoo. "It seems Seungwoo decided to step down," said Jinyoung. "He named Byungchan his successor," he said. "Kris was okay with it?" Asked Dongwoo. "Mhm," hummed Jinyoung.

"The kid will be good for them," said Dongwoo. "He learned a lot from you," he said. "He did," hummed Jinyoung. "He's a good kid," he said. "I think he's going to change his side of the pack for the better," he said. "No offense to Seungwoo of course, but Byungchan just gives off a friendlier aura," he said.

[center ~]

"Ya'll are leaving huh?" Asked Taehyun as Jinyoung handed him the walkie they were using while in Detroit. "Yeah," said Jinyoung. "We need to get going," he said. "Tell Jinho we said hello," said Taehyun. "Will do," said Jinyoung as he nodded. "Have a safe trip then," said Taehyun. "Yeah, yeah," said Jinyoung as he turned and headed out to the truck.

"[i Hello]," said Jinho after Jinyoung called him. "Jinho?" Asked Jinyoung. "[i Yeah, who is this]?" Asked Jinho. "It's Jinyoung, I'm calling to let you know that Kris ordered a territory check, so I'm checking on the northern territories," said Jinyoung. "[i I see]," said Jinho. "[i I assume Chicago is next]?" He asked. "Yes," said Jinyoung.

"[i Come on over then, where are you coming from]?" Asked Jinho. "Detroit, Taehyun says hello," said Jinyoung. "[i Alright, and thanks for telling me]," said Jinho. "We'll see you in a few hours," said Jinyoung. "[i See you]," said Jinho before he hung up.

"That conversation went well," said Dongwoo. "Of course it did," said Jinyoung. "I'm pretty sure people are expecting it now," he said. "They're not the only new territory," he said. "Right, we got the other new territory between Ithaca, Boston and NYC," said Dongwoo. "We'll take our time," said Jinyoung. "There's no set time limit, I think Kris is fine with us taking our time," he said. Dongwoo hummed in response.

[center ~]

"I always wondered," Dongwoo said after a few hours of silence. "Why do you meditate?" He asked. "It's to stay in touch with my wolf, I guess," said Jinyoung. "You've been together for centuries, are you not getting along with your wolf?" Asked Dongwoo. "I am," said Jinyoung. "But I don't want another repeat of what happened before to happen again," he said. "The thing with that village huh?" Asked Dongwoo. Jinyoung nodded.

"I still don't get it," said Dongwoo. "Why was I given to you anyway? Yedam could've kept me around," he said. Jinyoung hummed, adjusting in his seat slightly before changing lanes. "It's hard to understand my brother's reasoning behind things," he said after a few minutes. "I never understood it either to be honest," he confessed, sighing. "But I'm sure it was for a good reason," he said.

"Yeah, but," said Dongwoo. "He could've let me go," he said. "[i You] could've let me go," he said. "Why then, do you choose to keep me around?" He asked.

"...I don't know," Jinyoung confessed as he sighed. "I don't know why I continue to keep you around," he said. "I could let you go right now, and I wouldn't be sad about it," he said.

"But you won't," said Dongwoo. "No," said Jinyoung. "I won't," he said. "Then why?" Asked Dongwoo. "Like I said, I don't know," said Jinyoung.
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[center Chapter 2]

Jinyoung gripped onto the steering wheel as he stared ahead, trying to ignore everything around him and focus on just driving. "Jinyoung," said Dongwoo. "Are you okay?" He asked. Jinyoung took a deep breath. "I'll be fine," he said. "Want me to drive?" Asked Dongwoo. "No no," said Jinyoung. "I'll be fine, we're almost there," he said. Dongwoo hummed. "Okay," he said. Jinyoung let out another deep breath as he continued driving, relaxing slightly in his seat.

When they finally got to Detroit Jinyoung parked in front of the cafe owned by Taehyun and got out with Dongwoo following after him. Jinyoung made sure to lock the door before heading into the cafe.

"Hey hyung," said Sandeul as he was cleaning the machines. "Hey," said Jinyoung. "Taehyun in?" He asked. "Yoonsan, is he in?" Asked Sandeul as he looked towards the camera on the ceiling behind him. "[i He is, Taehyun you got a visitor]," came Yoonsan's voice on the walkie sitting on the counter. "[i I'll be right down]," came Taehyun's voice.

"Northern territories run I assume?" Asked Hyojin as he stood at the register. "Yeah, pretty much," Jinyoung said with a shake of his head. "I'll have the usual," he said, going to pay for it. "Can I have a piece of cake?" Asked Dongwoo. "Sure," said Jinyoung. Hyojin nodded and rung up the order, handing back the change and handing the order to Sandeul before going to get a piece of cake and handing it to Dongwoo. Dongwoo nodded and went to sit down while Jinyoung waited on his drink.

"What brings you to my city?" Asked Taehyun as he entered the cafe. "Territory runs," said Jinyoung as he shrugged. "You know how Kris is," he said. "Right," Taehyun as he sighed. "Well," he said, motioning for Jinyoung to sit down. Jinyoung went to sit down after getting his drink from Sandeul. Taehyun sat across from him.

"I heard Byungchan was in town," said Jinyoung. "You just missed him," said Taehyun. "Left an hour ago," he said. "Well darn," said Jinyoung. "I was supposed to pass a hello to him from Seungwoo, since he's back," he said. "Ah," hummed Taehyun.

"How's things been here?" Asked Jinyoung. "Fine," said Taehyun. "Sandeul's been fine here," he said. "Any troubles with the vampires?" Asked Jinyoung. "No," said Taehyun. "They've kept their word," he said. Jinyoung nodded.

"I gotta say though," said Sandeul as he worked on cleaning the machines. "Things have been relatively tame here compared to back home," he said. "I do miss travelling around with you though, Jinyoung," he added. Jinyoung chuckled, shaking his head. "Besides Dongwoo, you've been the most loyal," he said. Sandeul grinned. "I'm just looking out for the one who practically raised me," he said. "Yeah yeah," said Jinyoung.

"How long are you two around for?" Asked Taehyun. "Not too long," said Jinyoung. "A couple days at least," he said. "Unless you want us gone now?" He asked. "No no," said Taehyun. "We have an extra apartment open upstairs I think," he said. "So you'll be staying there for the duration of your stay," he said. "Alright, thank you," said Jinyoung.

[center ~]

"They've been nice," said Dongwoo as he sat down on the couch. "Taehyun tends to be nicer to certain people, you know that," said Jinyoung as he walked over and sat down beside Dongwoo with a bowl of popcorn to share. "We got a drama to watch," he said. "Right, that one about the twins," said Dongwoo as he nodded. Jinyoung quickly pulled it up on the tv before pressing play, settling down after the intro started playing.

"You know," said Dongwoo as they were inbetween episodes. "Been and Jin remind me of Xion and his brother somewhat," he said. "I can see that, yeah," said Jinyoung as he nodded. "Woodam too, reminds me of Hwanhee," he said. "They share similar pasts, but I wonder," he hummed. "If they are real people?" Asked Dongwoo. Jinyoung nodded. "I wouldn't be surprised," said Dongwoo. "Twins are rare in our world, I wouldn't be surprised if there was another set of twins out there," he said.

"This last episode was rather eye opening," said Jinyoung. "We got to learn about Jin's past, yeah," said Dongwoo as he nodded. "He had his reasons for doing what he did," he said. "But sometimes I wonder if it was even the right thing to do?" He asked. "He thought his twin was killed off, what would you have done in that situation?" Asked Jinyoung. "I guess you're right about that one," said Dongwoo. "Sometimes some people's actions are justified, sometimes they are not," said Jinyoung.

"Like what happened between you and your brother?" Asked Dongwoo. Jinyoung sighed. "That fight wasn't meant to happen," he said. "You [i nearly] got killed by him," said Dongwoo. "Why does it matter?" Asked Jinyoung. "You weren't even supposed to be given to me," he said. "I was given to you anyway," said Dongwoo. "I think I have some right to be worried about you," he said. "You say that because you want to stay alive," said Jinyoung.

"Oi," said Dongwoo. "That's not entirely true," he said. "I'd happily die for you, if I could," he said. "Under those other hunters, I was nothing," he said. "Under you, I have a reason to risk everything," he said.

"Can we just continue this drama?" Asked Jinyoung, refusing to speak anymore on the matter. "Yeah yeah," said Dongwoo. Jinyoung nodded and moved onto the next episode.

[center ~]

"I'm sorry," said Dongwoo as they got ready for bed after their drama marathon. "For what?" Asked Jinyoung. "Bringing up that fight," said Dongwoo. Jinyoung sighed. "It's okay," he said. "I know I shouldn't be so hung up on something like that but," he said, shrugging.

"Your brother betrayed you basically," said Dongwoo. "Yeah, pretty much," said Jinyoung. "And yet you continue to trust him?" Asked Dongwoo. "We've been through thick and thin for each other," said Jinyoung. "Even before that fight, he made sure that I was okay on going to my death," he said. "You wouldn't believe it but," he said, shrugging. "I was walking to my death that day, and ended up winning a fight I wasn't supposed to," he said. "What happened?" Asked Dongwoo.

"I did something I swore never to do again," said Jinyoung. "I slaughtered an entire town," he said, sighing. "Why did you do that?" Asked Dongwoo. "I lost my temper," said Jinyoung. "Something that you know doesn't happen so easily with me," he said, going to lay down on the bed with a small huff. "Ah..." Said Dongwoo, finally understanding the reason he had been given to Jinyoung as he went to lay down on the other side of the bed.

"Do you get it now?" Asked Jinyoung. "Sort of," said Dongwoo. "I may need some time to process it but," he said, shrugging. "I'll give you time to process it," said Jinyoung. Dongwoo hummed in response.
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[center Chapter 1]

"You know, Seungwoo's supposed to be back," said Dongwoo as he walked over to Jinyoung who was leaning against the porch railing looking out into the front yard. "Really?" Asked Jinyoung. "I knew Kris didn't want him gone for too much longer but I expected them to be back a few weeks from now," he said.

"They got the alliance formed, so Kris wanted Seungwoo back here," said Dongwoo. "I guess that means someone's going to be doing another stateside run soon," Jinyoung said with a deep sigh, moving away from the railing to face Dongwoo. "It's not Byungchan, I already know that," he said, shaking his head. "He does the Europe runs mostly, so I guess it's us," said Dongwoo. "Most likely," hummed Jinyoung, moving around Dongwoo to head inside to grab his phone to see what was up in the group chats. Dongwoo followed after him.

"Where is everyone?" Asked Jinyoung. "Sunwoo's out with the other pack," said Dongwoo. "And Gongchan's in Toronto to check on the information network," he said. Jinyoung hummed in response.

"Well," said Dongwoo. "What are you going to do now?" He asked, as Jinyoung turned to look at him. "I don't know yet," said Jinyoung. "But I guess we'll make a trip into Toronto to see Yuto," he said. "I bet he'll be [i thrilled]," Dongwoo said with a chuckle, earning an amused snort from Jinyoung. "Let's go then," said Jinyoung before he left with Dongwoo.

[center ~]

"I swear I better not be in some kind of trouble," said Yuto when he saw Jinyoung enter the Starbucks with Dongwoo behind him. "No no," said Jinyoung. "I heard that Seungwoo was back is all," he said. "Ah, he stopped by earlier," said Sejun as he was cleaning the machines. "Wooseok's with our pack now," he said. "So he was introduced to Yuto," he said. "Oh, that bear 'shifter," hummed Jinyoung. "Interesting," he said.

"You know him?" Asked Dongwoo. "He's part of Youngbin's information network," said Jinyoung. "Sandeul talks about him sometimes," he said. "Ah," said Dongwoo. "The usual then?" Asked Yuto. "Please," said Jinyoung as he went to pay for the drinks. Yuto processed the order and handed back the change. "It'll be a few minutes," he said.

"Where's the dogs?" Asked Jinyoung as he went to wait for their drinks. "Hui and them? It's some sort of anniversary today, so they're spending it somewhere out in the forest by Chani's place," said Sejun as he started on their drinks. "I wish I was able to go but it's something they wanted to do themselves," said Yuto. "I see," hummed Jinyoung.

"Where's MK and them been?" Asked Sejun. "Busy, Sunwoo's been taking them out on tracking missions, I have a feeling they'll be sent into Europe soon," said Jinyoung. "Hongjoong keeps saying how hard it is to go east," hummed Sejun. "Even Yunho's having trouble," he said. "Damn, something needs to be done soon," said Jinyoung. "MK has managed to get passed Austria but he's been radio silent for a few months now," he said.

"You see Gongchan today?" Asked Dongwoo. "No," said Yuto. "He hasn't stopped by yet," said Sejun. "I assume there's other places for your information network guys to meet up," he said. "Yeah," said Jinyoung. "But I expected a few people to stop by," he said. "Nah," said Yuto. "Not when Hui or Chani isn't here at least," he said. Sejun handed them their drinks before going to clean the other machines, and Jinyoung drank his coffee while Dongwoo went to sit by the windows to watch the traffic outside.

"A rare slow afternoon," said Jinyoung. "It's good, we mostly get traffic in the mornings," said Yuto as he shrugged. "It also means that we can keep an eye on those entering," said Sejun. "We don't want any incidents happening with the vampires," he said. "Right," said Jinyoung as he nodded, looking at his phone when he got pinged for an email.

"God damn it," said Jinyoung as he sighed. "I was right," he said, and Dongwoo looked over in curiosity. "We gotta look at the northern US territories," said Jinyoung. "Damn," said Dongwoo. "We'll keep things going here," said Sejun. "Yeah, I know you will," said Jinyoung. "But Seungwoo's here so I'm not [i too] worried," he said.

"Best timing too, Byungchan's in the states right now from what I've heard," said Sejun. "I'll see you around then," said Jinyoung. "Have fun," said Sejun. Yuto waved. "Come on Dongwoo," said Jinyoung as he took a big gulp of coffee before leaving the store. Dongwoo followed after him.

[center ~]

"You're leaving as I return then," said Sunwoo as Jinyoung entered the house. "Pretty much," said Jinyoung. "How's things on your end?" He asked. "Just fine," said Sunwoo. "Changyoon's getting tired of all the tracking missions we're being sent on but," he said, shrugging. "MK's radio silent, I'm sure their side of the pack needs cash right now," said Jinyoung. "They do, but it doesn't mean they won't complain," Sunwoo said with a chuckle. Jinyoung shook his head in amusement.

"Did you see Seungwoo today?" Asked Sunwoo. "No," said Jinyoung. "But I'll stop by to welcome him back," he said. "Did Gongchan see him?" He asked. "Yeah, said hi, all that jazz," said Sunwoo. "Cool," said Jinyoung before he went to pack. "I am happy I don't have to pack, I just need my damn passport," Dongwoo said with a sigh as he went to look for it. Sunwoo shook his head in amusement before going into the kitchen to find something to eat.

[center ~]

Wooseok opened the door when the doorbell rang, blinking when he saw who it was. "Oh! Come on in," he said, moving to let Jinyoung and Dongwoo inside. "Seungwoo around?" Asked Jinyoung. "Yeah, he's taking a shower," said Wooseok. "He'll be out in a few minutes," he said. "Can sit and wait in the livingroom if you want," he said.

"We're actually in a hurry," said Jinyoung as he scratched the back of his head. "I'm needed to check on the northern territories in the states, only came by to welcome you back before leaving for the states," he said. "Ah, I see," said Wooseok.

"Mingi around?" Asked Dongwoo. "No, Yeosang is in Europe trying to go farther west," said Wooseok. "Mingi's with him," he said. "Darn," said Dongwoo. "Radio silence is a pain, I know," said Wooseok. "Wooyoung's frustrated because Jongho and Hongjoong are also out there," he said.

"Well, either Wyatt and Yuto #2 go out or Changyoon and Seungyoon get sent out to find them," said Jinyoung. "Wyatt and Yuto #2 are following a lead in Asia right now, I think," said Seungwoo as he came downstairs after getting dressed. "I dunno, I never pay attention to what's going on," he said. "I see," said Jinyoung.

"What brings you to my pack house?" Asked Seungwoo. "Just stopped by to welcome you back is all," said Jinyoung. "Ah," said Seungwoo. "Thanks, I guess," he said. "Stone faced Seungwoo is still stone faced Seungwoo it seems," Jinyoung said with a teasing grin. Seungwoo shook his head. "Only outside the pack," he said. "As per usual," said Jinyoung.

"When you reach Detroit say hi to Byungchan for me," said Seungwoo as Jinyoung prepared to leave. "Will do," said Jinyoung. "It's good to have you back kid," he said. Seungwoo chuckled lightly. "Yeah, it's good to be back," he said. Jinyoung waved before he walked over to the Jeep with Dongwoo, getting into the driver's seat while Dongwoo sat in passenger.

Seungwoo waved to them as Jinyoung started the jeep and backed out of the driveway, driving off towards the states.
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