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Looking for Best Friend and Professors assistant for Gen 4 Pokemon roleplay

[h3 Rules]
~First come first serve
~Story is based on Diamond and Pearl for the DS if you don't know it I Highly suggest googling/youtubing it.
~AU where we all travel together or at least meet up along the way and team up.
~Battles may be played out and decided via coin flip {[]} please don't have your pokemon be OP
~Real Pics Preferred
~Chimchar is Mine
~Romance is allowed and encouraged
~Our characters will be 15-17 instead of 10
~If you wish to join fill out the skelly below and pm it to me with the title 'Grind'
~Any questions Ask
~Have Fun

[h3 Skelly]
Main: {Piplup or Turtwig}
Pic: {Real preferred}

[h3 Characters]
[b [u [size20 Samantha Walker]]]
Age: 15
Main: Chimchar
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
[b [u [size20 Daniella (Ella) Banks]]]
Age: 16
Main: Piplup
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
[b [u [size20 Lucas Monroe]]]
Age: 17
Main: Turtwig

[center [h3 Map Of Sinnoh]]
[center [pic]]
[ Full Pic]


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Daniella listened to her friend as she had been talking and even looked out towards the tall grass herself. It wasn't like she didn't love their small town and the life they had..but she did wonder what was beyond. And sometimes had a wanderlust and even shared Sammy's curiosity. Sammy was bound by her mother and having lost her hopes and dreams after her dad died..and Ella was bound by being fearful to leave her grandmother..though the woman didn't seem to mind leaving her.

[#f33a30 "I know we don't own the lake Sams..but just thought you might find them interesting. They almost made me think of that tv show you watch.."] The older of the two girls muttered as she gave her hand another small squeeze.

It was at the lake did Ella stop on the big rock above it and sit while Sammy went in. Some days she would join her. And then there were some days like today where she would sit and enjoy the warmth of the sun and enjoy watching Sammy have a freedom that she rarely got. Days like this, El got to see the happier and lighter side of her best friend. A side she didn't often see.

A crash caught her attention and she did glance over to the old man and the teen boy. Only the old man was in view which did make the girl curious. But she shook her head and looked back to her giggling friend. [#f33a30 "You know if you stay in there long enough you might turn into one of them."] She teased. It was her way of saying come join her so they could est their lunch that they had with them.
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Sammy shrugged at the girl's question of wasn't it time they decided what they wanted to do, though it was true kids could be considered adults at ten in this world when Sammy's father died she lost all sense of freedom and hope for that future as she didn't have a pokemon and so couldn't go into the tall grass that was the only way out of town. Sammy kept talking but slowed a bit at said tall grass and looked longingly through it smiling lightly at the Bidoofs and Starlys that moved through and occasionally poked their heads out, she wanted so bad to just bolt in and let them do what they would to her just so she could finally be free from her mom. Sammy sighed and looked at Ella before continuing onto the lake stopping at the entrance when Ella squeezed her hand and asked if the men at the lake had been there before and Sammy looked over seeing what she assumed was a grandfather and his grandson studying the lake. [#ab86c2 "No but this is a public lake Ells we don't own it and anyway their in the tall grass meaning they have pokemon they won't bother us."] Sammy said as she pulled Ella over to their usual gazing spot beside the lake and Sammy let go of Ella's hand and began stripping off her shoes and pants before wading into the shallow part of the lake and crouching down watching all the Magikarp splash around her, the Magikarp were harmless as they only had one true move that did nothing so Sammy always sat in the lake and let them come up to her. Sammy pulled out a bag of berry dyed bread crumbs and sprinkled them over the water smiling at the derpy Magikarp as they went after the food and giggled when they splashed her.

Lucas had stopped paying attention to Rowan the moment the girls entered the lake and was watching them out the corner of his eye both were quite beautiful. Lucas ended up full on staring at the younger looking girl when the two came over to the lake and she stripped down a blush forming on his face, he had never dated anyone and his mom left when he was young so he had no real experience with girls, in fact there was a time he thought he might even be gay, but watching the two girls told him otherwise as his hormones started reacting and he yelped as at that moment his Lv. 5 Turtwig named Crush leaped on him causing him to fall onto his back and look up at the creature who was giving him a look that said 'really?' and Lucas bit his lip and covered his face with his hands knowing Crush would protect him while he calmed down, though he was now super embarrassed that he had to be knocked out of fantasies by his pokemon.
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I know. Just didn't want you to feel like I was ignoring you! Love you too and sleep wells! <3)
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{{It's Fine Baby Girl you know you don't have to push yourself with me I've just been stressed so I wanted my mind to wander elsewhere for a bit I'll post my next post later I'm headed to bed. Love You <3 <3 <3}}
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Her arms crossed when she saw the marks on the other girl's arm. As far as Ella could be concerned, which shw was A LOT when it came to Sammy, her mother was one of the biggest bitches there were. The woman very much like Ella KNEW that the girl wanted to be a polemon trainer..And Ella did too but she had A LOT to learn. That was kind of something the two girls bonded over. Sammy knew so much and Daniella did so little. So it just worked out.

[#f33a30 "I don't get why that woman is ALWAYS in a mood. I mean she doesn't have to be. Besides...isn't it kind of time to think about what we want to be doing?"] Came her soft words as the two of them left the house and Sammy led her towards Lake Verity and began her usual fangirling, which she was more than content to listen to.

It was as she listened did she notice an old man and a boy who looked anout their age. [#f33a30 "Sammy...have they ever been here before? Usually when we come here it's just us."] The slightly older girl said quietly, motioning in the direction her eyes had wandered over to.

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Sammy smiled when Daniella opened the door and asked if she was ready. [#ab86c2 "Yeah sure, but can I use your first aid kit first?"] she asked sliding past the girl to get into the house. When Ella asked if Sammy was okay and if she needed to kill anyone Sammy chuckled wishing slightly that Ella would kill her mom. [#ab86c2 "No, No I'm fine mom was just in one of her moods..."] Sammy said as she pulled her sleeve up and began cleaning the blood off her arm reveling the clear hand-mark and piercings where her mother had grabbed her Sammy bruised so easily since her mom forced her to train to be a housewife instead of becoming a pokemon trainer, her days with Ella were her only moments of freedom everyday. Once she was all bandaged up Sammy put away the first aid kit and grabbed Ella's hand leading her out of the house and towards Lake Verity fangirling about Dialga and Palkia two legendary pokemon rumored to have been seen over Sinnoh at least according to a program she had watched last night.
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Meanwhile down at the Lake a 17 year old boy stood next to an old man jotting down notes as the old man rambled and took soil samples he was Lucas Monroe and the old man Professor Rowan an expert on Pokemon who had just returned to Sinnoh after a small sabbatical.
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The girl was almost always up early. The sun was her own personal alarm clock it seemed and she always loved the sunrise and all the oranges, pinks, and fading purples that came with it. A strange child for not being all like "grr lemme sleep" and she knew that. But she had always been considered to be a bit strange. The only person who seemed to understand her at all was her best friend, Sammy. And she couldn't have been more thankful for the other girl. Until she had come along, Daniella had only her grandma who understood her. Long story short, her parents died when she was two and her grandma had taken her in and raised her.

She didn't know how much time had passed and squeaked when a knock came to the front door. She was NEVER good at keeping track of time when she got lost in her thoughts. Her grandmother had left for a bridge tournament for the weekend and so was trusting Ella on her own.

She was quick to get changed into a white top and short blue jean shorts and pulled her long red hair up into a ponytail. It was when she had her boots on did she grab her keys and stuff them in her pockets and run to the door, throwing it open and smiling brightly when she saw her best friend. [#f33a30 "Morning, Sammy! Are you ready for the trip to the lake?"] She asked with a tilt of her head.

Green eyes caught the sparkle in the other girl's eyes and she hugged her tight. [#f33a30 "What happened this time? Are you okay? Do I need to kill someone?"] Came her words. She couldn't help fussing when it came to the other girl.
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[i [#0cc000 “Sammy.... Sammy my precious baby it's Daddy. Can you say Daddy?”] [#fb00ff “Steve she's 5 weeks old all that's coming out of her mouth is crying and puke tch...”] [#ab86c2 “Da...da.”] [#0cc000 “Oh that's it you did it my super smart baby Mommy was wrong my baby is the best in the universe.”] [#fb00ff “Great... Isn't that just wonderful...bah”] [#0cc000 “I think Mommy's in a bad mood Sammy why don't you and me go for a walk now my love can you say Pokemon.”] [#ab86c2 “Po..n”] [#0cc000 “Ah yes good start soon you'll grow big and strong then you will have a Pokemon of your very own and go on a grand adventure just like Da....DA! DA! DA! DA! DA!”]]
Samantha rolled over in her bed and slapped her alarm off groaning as she sat up the world was still dark. Samantha stood up and headed to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day after lighting some incense on her father's shrine who had died when Sam was 8. After her shower Sam headed downstairs to get started on chores as she had plans to be with her best friend Daniella today and didn't need her mom nagging on her for not finishing her chores before she left.
It was well past 10am when Sammy's mom finally deemed the house clean enough for Sammy to leave and the girl almost bolted out the door when her mom grabbed her arm. [#fb00ff “I want you home at 5 sharp you hear me?”] her mom hissed and Sammy nodded flinching at her mother's grip and glare. Sammy's mother glared at her and dug her nails into the girl's skin until Sammy could feel blood running down her arm then her mother let her go and slammed the door behind her. Samantha cradled her arm to her chest for a second before making a break for Daniella's house the girl had been her only friend since Sammy and her mom moved to Sinnoh 6 years ago. Sammy batted away the tears starting to form in her eyes and knocked on the door praying Daniella hadn't gone ahead to the lake without her.
  Samantha Walker / V1rg081tch / 69d 11h 12m 13s

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