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Hinata raised his hand a little, waving back.
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Nishinoya shook his head, frowning a little. “It’s just gonna turn into more sexy times and I’m [i tired.]”

He chuckled, tilting his head so it leaned against Daichis.

Ukai nodded, popping his own can open. Takeda looked awfully cute when flustered, not that Ukai noticed that. He took a sip of his beer, sighing a little. “It’s gonna be weird without Hinata there.”

Yamaguchi shrugged again, ignoring the sudden sour feeling in his stomach. “If you say so, Tsukki.”
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Kageyama smiled tightly. "Good." He pecked Hinata's cheek and waved goodbye, heading for the door. "I'll be back as soon as I can, Shoyo."


Asahi tried to smile back, but he was getting anxious. "Noya... please..." he whispered as he sat up. "Please. Pull my hair again."


Daichi smiled, resting his head on Suga's shoulder. "I agree. Being alone is nice."


Takeda blushed. "Th-thank you, Sensei," he stammered, taking the can. "And I can ask them at practice." He shifted in his seat, trying to look anywhere but Ukai. Something about the older man just made him... something. He seemed to get all flustered around him, but in a good way.


Tsukishima looked away. "Maybe I should have stayed in the library," he muttered before clearing his throat and raising his voice. "Nothing of consequence. It doesn't concern you, anyhow."
Hinata nodded, smiling at him. “I’ll be okay. I got a doctor to watch over me now.”

“Time to rinse!” He giggled, pulling him down again into the water. He made sure his face stayed above though, smiling down at him.

Sugawara shrugged. “Because I want to be alone with you. We haven’t been alone together in a while.”

Ukai nodded, pulling the cigarette out of him mouth, squashing it against the table. “I don’t think Tsukishima would be willing to help him but maybe one of the upperclassman such as Daichi or Sugawara would be willing to.” He reached over, pulling the can from Takeda and popping it open. Then he set it back in front of Takeda.

Yamaguchi shrugged a little. “I know you better than you think. But by that reply I’m going to assume it was Kageyama and Hinata. What’d they say to you?”
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"At night?" Kageyama asked. "Geez." He looked down at Hinata. "I'm going to grab everything I need for school tomorrow and come back, okay? It won't take half an hour."


Asahi nodded. "Very true." He bit his lip. Noya's fingers weren't quite pulling his hair yet, but [i god] he wanted them to. "N-Noya..."


Daichi peeked out the window. "A couple minutes, probably. Not more than five." He glanced up at Suga. "Why?"


Takeda bit his lip, glancing at his papers. "If one of his classmates or teammates can get his work to him at the hospital, then I'm sure either Tsukishima or I or someone can help him. We'll get there when we need to, I guess." He picked up the can of beer and struggled to open it. "Stupid can--!" he muttered.


Tsukishima bit his lip. "True. How'd you guess?" He looked down at Yama, hands in his pockets.
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“Ten forty five.” The doctor replied, after checking his watch.

“That doesn’t mean I can’t be strong.” He tan his fingers through Asahi’s now sudsy hair.

Sugawara nodded. “How much longer till we get to your house?”

When Ukai came back he held two cans of beer in his hand, setting one in front of Takeda and one in front of him. Then he looked up at Takeda. “So regarding the team, Hinatas grades are probably not going to stay high, not that they’re high now, and I was wondering if you knew someone to talk to about that?”

Yamaguchi blinked, tipping his head back up to Tsukki again. “You only find Hinata and Kageyama irritating. Well, you find everyone irritating but them mostly.”
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Kageyama stepped a little away from the bed, gripping Hinata's hand. "What time is it?" he asked.


Asahi shrugged, sighing in bliss as Noya's fingers played with his hair. "You're just so small," he said, eyes closed.


Daichi nodded. "I wouldn't say so i I didn't think so. It suits you."


Takeda nodded and sat down, pulling some papers out of his bag and looking through them. He couldn't get his mind off of the image of Ukai with a cigarette in his mouth, because, well, [i damn.]


Tsukishima shrugged. "Usually not. This... was different. Aggravating words, in an aggravating situation, from an aggravating person."

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( here we go

Hinata snickered, patting his hand. “I love you a lot, okay?” He has barely gotten that out when the doctor came back in.

“Who said I wasn’t strong?” Nishinoya reached over to the shampoo, pouring it onto his hand then began to massage it into Asahis hair.

Sugawara smiled at his affection then chuckled lightly. “You think so?”

Ukai hummed in response, nodding his head a little. Once he reached the back he kicked a few things out of his way, pulling out a small table and setting it up. “I’ll go get the drinks if you wanna wait here.”

Yamaguchi tipped his head to the side a little, gazing at him. “Usually things people say to you don’t bother you,” he commented, then looked away from Tsukishima.
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Kageyama rolled his eyes. “You’d gone most of your life without colleyball, too,” he said, but bent down and kissed Hinata again, smiling tenderly. “I love you too.”


Asahi blinked and laughed, steadying himself on the wall. “You’re stronger than I thought, little Kohai,” he teased gently, running his fingers through his hair to get rid of some of the water.


Daichi smiled, then frowned. “That’s not good. Well, I’ll just have to spend every waking moment with you~” He cuddled Suga closer, tugging on a strand of silver hair. “This is cute,” he whispered softly. His fingers played with the silver locks, his chin resting on Suga’s shoulder. “It’s not a very common color. It looks nice on you.”


Takes a blushed—the sight of Ukai with a cigarette in his mouth was strangely alluring. “Drinks? Y-yeah, sure,” he said, following Ukai. “And I don’t care about a mess. I live in one every day.”


Tsukki thought back to Kageyama’s crude teasing and gritted his teeth, looking away from Yama. “Nothing. Just something someone said. Not a huge deal.”
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Hinata nodded, widening his eyes at the last bit. “Oh no. What shall I ever do without your kisses? It’s not like I haven’t gone my whole life without them before now.” Hinata let out a snicker, squeezing Kageyamas hand tightly. “I love you Kageyama.”

Nishinoya nodded eagerly, his eyes opening. “Yeah!” He turned around in the bath, facing Asahi. “Turn around, turn around!” He let out a soft snicker, waiting for Asahi to turn around before pulling him back with no warning. He dunked his hair under the water, though made sure his face didn’t go under. Once he had done that he pushed Asahi back up to a sitting position.

Suga hummed quietly, reaching back to gently poke Daichi’s cheek. “If I’m cute hat makes you handsome, eh?” The boy let out a soft chuckle then sighed. “My disease. It doesn’t have a cure. Not one the doctors have found anyways. It’s the reason I have the silver hair.” He paused, thinking for a moment. “I’m supposed to be dead by the end of summer.”

Ukai thought for a moment before beckoning Takeda with his finger. “We can go talk in the back, I suppose. If you don’t mind it being a bit messy and crowded.” The male began to walk towards the back then paused after a moment of walking. “Do you want any drinks? I have some drinks if you want.” From his pockets he pulled a pack of cigarettes, lighting one and sticking it into his mouth.

“Ah, Tsukki..!” Yamaguchi had looked away and now looked back up at him. “You never did say why you were so rude the other day.” His eyes were wide and innocent, completely trusting of the other. Honestly at this point he didn’t know if he had feelings for Tsukki. Yama looked up to Tsukki and thought he was cool, yeah, but he figured that it was just friendliness. However, the thought of Tsukki keep secrets from him, made him feel upset, since Tsukki was his best friend.

( when Kags poked fun at him about him and yams but yams wasn’t there
Kageyama grinned. "Good. Now first thing's first--that means doing everything the doctors say, okay? And don't get out of bed, or over-exert yourself, or do anything to set back your progress. Or else no kisses for a week."


Asahi grinned. "Great. You wanna wash my hair now? I know you love playing with it."


Daichi smiled, cuddling Suga closer. "You're so cute," he whispered happily, his arms wrapped around Suga's waist.


Takeda bowed once more and scrambled over to Ukai. "Where do you wanna talk, Sensei?" he asked, adjusting his glasses.


Tsukishima nodded. "Yup."

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Hinata nodded, smiling. “I’ll do my best, Kageyama.”

He nodded his head again. “Mhm!”

Suga relaxed, nodding a little. It’s not that he wasn’t ready or anything but he still wasn’t used to the fact that Daichi liked him.

Ukai couldn’t help but let out a small laugh at Takedas flustered state. “Don’t worry. I got nothin else to do but wait. You don’t need to apologize or bow. You’ve done enough of the bowing here already,” he added the last part as a mutter.

Yamaguchi looked up at Tsukki with surprise. “Tsukki! You were in the library?” He fought the urge to grab Tsukkis arm, because he knew Tsukki didn’t really like it when he did that.
Kageyama smiled softly. "You need to get better," he scolded lightly. "I don't want you to get hurt even worse."


Asahi shrugged. "'Kay." He turned the water on, ducking Noya's head back under the stream and rinsing out the conditioner. "You good?" he asked as he pulled Noya back up.


Daichi laughed quietly. "I'll only make them come true if and when you're ready," he promised. "Relax."


Takeda burst into the store, panting. His glasses nearly flew off his face. "Ukai-Sensei!" he exclaimed, bowing. "I'm sorry I took so long to get here! The busing was slow, and my mother needed me to do a chore before I left, and I almost forgot my bag..."


Tsukishima saw Yamaguchi walking by and hurried out of the library, his bag over his shoulder and his headphones around his neck. "Yama!" he called, jogging lightly. "Wait up!" He pushed his glasses up his nose as he caught up with the boy.
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Hinata reached a hand up, pinching Kageyamas hair between his fingers. “I love you too.”

“Before, I think. I can’t remember.” He held his breath again, a little confused.

His face turned red and he shifted in his lap a little. “T-Thats nice for you.. I guess..”

Ukai was in his shop, leaning on the counter. His eyes were narrowed as he watched the door. Ukai had called Takeda only thirty minutes before, calling him over to talk about Hinata and the team.

Yamaguchi was quietly on his way home. He hadn’t really wanted to go home after visiting Hinata and Tsukki had disappeared somewhere so now he was alone.
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Kageyama let out a breath, immediately bending and kissing Hinata as soon as the doctor left. "I love you," he murmured against the boy's lips, smiling softly.


Asahi bit his lip. "Was that before or after sex?" he asked. "Hang on a sec." He scooted around so that Noya was closer to the faucet. "Hold your breath again."


Daichi grinned. "Mine went [i way] farther," he whispered sexily in Suga's ear, teasingly brushing the setter's inner thigh.

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