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Hinata nodded, not opening his eyes. “I love you..” His heart rate began to slow and soon it’s beeping stopped.

Nishinoya giggled. “I’ll wear a clean shirt of yours! Yours are comfy.”

He shrugged, pushing Daichi’s hand away from his neck. “Don’t know.. Never happened before..” Sugawara doubled over, coughing.

Ukai rolled his eyes at Takedas reaction, patting his arm. “Good.”

His face became the brightest red it’d ever been. “Y-You do..?” He squeaked.
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Kageyama nodded. “Then you should sleep. It’s almost eleven, anyway.” He patted Hinata’s hand and picked up His bag, heading for the other bed. “I won’t leave you. I’m right here.”


Asahi laughed. “True. Very true.” He stood up and hefted Noya into his arms. “Bedtime now. And clothes. … If you want them.”


Daichi took Suga’s hand, his unoccupied fingers gently massaging the boy’s throat. “Is it your disease thing?”


Takeda blushed furiously, hiding his face in Ukai’s shoulder. “I think,” he mumbled, his voice muffled by Ukai’s jacket.


Tsukishima shrugged. “I’ve gotten really, really good at hiding me emotions over the years. It’s become second nature. But I share your feelings.” He smiled at Yama.
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Hinata made a humming sound, closing his eyes. “I’m tired Kageyama..”

He snickered, squeezing his hand. “What’s not to love?”

Sugawara pushed himself to a sitting position, groping for Daichi’s hand. “Somethings tickling my throat..”

He chuckled, leading him over to a nearby bench. It was for the bus, but he didn’t care. Then Ukai sat, pulling Takeda onto his lap. “Think You’ll be warm now?”

He blushed. “I guess,” he whispered. “But I’ve never seen you blush..”
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Kageyama smirked. “You really are something,” he whispered. “Just my words? Fascinating. We’ll have to look into this more~”


Asahi sat there, enjoying the feeling of Noya’s fingers running through his hair. “I love you,” he said, reaching over his shoulder and taking Noya’s hand.


Daichi pulled away, confused. “Are you okay?” he asked, worried. “You’re breathing weird.”


Takeda shook his head. “N-nope!” he stammered, trying to shove the image out of his head. “I’m f-fine. Just, um, a little cold still, I guess. Just an arm doesn’t do much.” He pulled his face away, but he couldn’t get himself to meet Ukai’s gaze.


Tsukishima smirked, pressing Yama slowly into the wall. “So?” he whispered against the boy’s lips. “I’m still waiting on that answer~”
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His heart rate didn’t go down, speeding up rather, just a tad.

Nishinoya wrinkled his nose at him, stepping over and combing the ‘braid’ out with his fingers.

He nodded but reached his hands up, pushing Daichi away from him. His breath was rattling in his chest making him wheeze.

Ukai was puzzled now. “You keep squeaking and stuff. You sick or somethin’?”

His hands reached up immediately, grabbing onto the front of Tsukkis hoodie.
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Kageyama glanced at the doctor. “Don’t worry; I’m not.” He met Hinata’s gaze and whispered in his ear, “The naughty little boy is making himself too excited over nothing.”


Asahi rolled his eyes. “Take it out for now though. And please, practice on dolls or something. I don’t want my hair looking like a mess.” He tugged out the hair tie and sat in front of Noya with his back to the boy.


Daichi pulled away. “You like that, huh?” His voice was gravelly and thick. He tugged on Suga’s hair again, smirking.


Takeda blushed. “S-sometimes during practice you do,” he mumbled. “Maybe you just didn’t notice—!” He voice squeaked as his imagination provided another oh-so-helpful image, and he nearly shoved his flaming face inside Ukai’s coat.


Tsukishima raised an eyebrow. “I’m gonna assume that’s a no,” he murmured. He took a mental breath, unwilling to show his reluctance on the outside, and pressed his lips carefully to Yama’s.
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The heart monitor beeped louder and the doctor looked up. “Don’t excite him too much.”

“Because I wanted to practice! You’re gonna have a braid on graduation cause I’m gonna have good braiding skills by then!”

Sugawara let out a choked sort of moan.

“I didn’t say you were a kid. I said the phrase was something a kid would say. Anyways, when do I ever call you Sensei. I hardly do that.”

His breath caught in his throat. “T-Tsukki...” Hus voice cane as a whisper and cracked in the middle.
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Kageyama rested his hand on Hinata’s chest. “Tsk tsk tsk. Can’t have you getting too excited now, can we~?” His voice carried soft flirty tones that he was pretty sure the doctor couldn’t hear.


Asahi rolled his eyes. “Then why’d you ask to braid it?” he complained. “Take it out if it looks bad.” He wrapped his towel around his waist.


Daichi easily melted into the kiss, slipping his hand into Suga’s hair and tugging lightly.


Takeda blushed. “I-I’m not a kid!” he squeaked, squeezing Ukai tighter. “You wouldn’t call me ‘Sensei’ if I was!” He blushed harder; for some reason, Ukai calling him Sensei seemed to light something in him.


Tsukishima backed Yama slowly against a store wall nearby, his hand hitting the wall beside Yama’s head. He bent down to Yama’s height. “Are you sure there’s not more to it?~” he purred, smirking.
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His face turned a light shade of pink and the monitor hooked up to him started beeping, signaling his heart rate was up.

“I don’t know how to braid!” Nishinoya said, through all of his snorting and laughing.

He pulled his hand away from his mouth, pulling his head forward to lock lips with him.

Ukai smiles down at him. “That sounds like something a kid would say.” At his mention of still being cold he hugged him a little tighter.

“Is there really a response to that? You’re cool Tsukki. Much cooler than me. Cool people don’t blush.” He didn’t mention anything about love, he couldn’t.
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Kageyama shrugged. “But the longer you stay in here, the longer I can’t have you,” he whispered. “In more ways than one.”


Asahi raised his eyebrows. “What, did you botch the braid you were so excited for?” he asked, grinning.


Daichi shrugged. “I’m fine with you being on top, of that’s what you mean. I’ll sub whenever. But for today, at least, I wanna know how far you want to go.” He brought his hand up and brushed Suga’s lips. “Show me how you love me, Su,” he murmured.


Takeda nodded, blushing. “Yeah. It reminds me of campfires, y’know? So now campfires remind me of you.” He blushed again. “I’m still cold,” he mumbled, burying his face in Ukai’s side.


Tsukishima didn’t let his eyes wander from the boy. “I’m still waiting for an answer,” he said. He slid his headphones down around his neck with the hand that wasn’t holding Yama’s. “And I’m interested now.”
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He shook his head. “The doctor said he won’t know when I’ll be able to leave until after the tests tomorrow.” Hinata have a small little smile to him. “But the longer I stay in here, the more likely I will be cured. So isn’t it a good thing I’m in here?”

Noya started to dry himself off, nodding. “Yeah.” When he was done he really looked at Asahi’s hair and burst into laughter. “A-Asahi.. Y-Your haïr..” He doubled over, laughing hard. He had nearly stopped when he looked up at Asahi, only bursting into laughter all over again.

Sugawara blushed, turning his head to the side. “Only for today, huh? What if I wanna lead another day?” His hand not around Daichi lifted, snagging Daichi’s wrist. It stayed still for a couple seconds then Sugawara slowly started to move it closer to his chest. Once it had reached his chest he pressed it against where his heart would be. It was pounding quickly.

Ukai felt his own blush spread across his face and he occupied himself with taking a drag of his cigarette, letting out the breath of smoke slowly. “Do you like the smell of smoke?” He asked, once he thought his blush had gone.

Yamaguchi felt a bitter feeling in his stomach and suddenly he felt nauseous, like his heart was trying to crawl out of his body. Tsukishima had hit right home with what he felt for the taller boy. He had also made it sound like Tsukki didn’t have feelings for Yamaguchi. Not that he didn’t already know that, Yamaguchi wasn’t very special. He was very average and wasn’t even very good on the court. Unlike Tsukki who was cool and great on the court.
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Kageyama nodded. "And you still don't know when you can get out?" he asked. He sat on the edge of Hinata's bed, holding the boy's hand and squeezing it gently.


Asahi nodded and stood up, stepping out of the tub and onto the bathmat, Noya in his arms. He grabbed a towel and handed it to Noya, setting him down. "You good?" he asked, taking a second towel for himself and drying off.


Daichi pulled away a little, meeting Suga's eyes. "I'm gonna let you take it as far as you want, okay?" he said. "Just for now. Just for today. So I know where to stop next time. Either tell me or show me. Okay?"


Takeda blushed, wanting to decline, but he was cold, and something pushed him closer to Ukai. "O-okay." He stepped next to Ukai, leaning into him. "You smell nice," he mumbled before he could stop himself. His face flamed, and he looked away, embarrassed.


Tsukishima laughed. "What do you mean, I'm 'not supposed to'? I'm a normal person. Normal people blush when they're around someone they love, right?"
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Hinata shrugged a little. “Nothing interesting. I sneezed.”

He nodded, hugging him. “Yeah..”

He smiled up at him, sliding his hand up around him.

Ukai chuckled lightly, holding his arm out. “I can put my arm around you if you want. If you don’t mind the smell of smoke, anyways.”

“Well you’re cool! You aren’t supposed to blush at that stuff anyways!”
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[i Sorry,] Kageyama thought, hoping his eyes conveyed the message to Hinata. He glanced at the doctor. "Nothing happened while I was gone?"


Asahi smiled. "Awesome." He turned around, kissing Noya gently on the lips. "You wanna get out and go to bed now?"


Daichi smirked. "Why wouldn't I want to?" He rolled over and bent down, kissing Suga's lips gently.


Takeda blushed. "I, um... I guess? I can deal with it. It's not that bad," he lied. "Besides, I normally need something warm in order to get warm. Not just more layers. You know, a heater, heated blanket, cuddles--" He broke off and looked away, blushing.


"You're basically holding my hand, and I'm not blushing," Tsukishima countered.
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Hinata smiled at him, frowning a little as what he had hope was a kiss on the lips was switched to a kiss on the cheek.

Nishinoya tied the braid back, giggling a little. “Looks great!” In reality it looked horrible. He had no idea how to braid.

Sugawara nodded. “If you want to,” he murmured.

Ukai started walking, glancing down at Takeda. “Are you cold? I can give you my jacket if you are. I don’t really mind the cold..”

He mentally cursed himself. Trust Tsukki to notice something like that. “You’re holding my hand. Anyone would blush in this situation,” he grumped.
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