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( don’t die

Sugawara spit his toothpaste into the sink, rinsing both the brush and his mouth. Then he nodded. “I’m done.”

He ran a finger down his neck then leaned his head down, biting down gently on the curve of it. “I’m not teasing. Just having a little fun.”

His knees started to shake again and his lips parted. “T-Tsukki..!”
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((i just kinda feel a bit dizzy. my stomach doesn't hurt when i'm sitting down, but when i'm moving or something it kinda cramps a little

Daichi ran the toothbrush under the water for a second, then brushed his teeth. The bristles were stiff and new and kinda hurt, but he ignored it and finished brushing, rinsing out his mouth. "Suga? You done?" he asked, wiping his lips on the back of his hand as he put the toothbrush away.


Takeda curled into Ukai, shivering with need. "No teasing. I'm ready. Just hurry. Please. I need you. Really, really, really bad."


Tsukishima cupped Yama's chin forcefully. "I want to know what you said," he murmured, his lips brushing the shell of the boy's ear. "So? What's the big secret?"
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( then at least tell me what’s going on and stuff

He stuck the brush under some water for a moment before lifting it to his mouth, starting to brush his teeth.

He found a clean spot in the back, setting Takeda down. Then he crouched next to him, pulling his jacket off. Once Ukai had done that he pulled Takeda close to him, smiling.

“I didn’t say anything,” He said, blinking innocently at Tsukki.
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((i'll be fine
((i don't wanna make my parents worry

Daichi blushed and glanced away. "No. Not really." He didn't bother elaborating and simply squeezed toothpaste onto their brushes. "Let's hurry up and go to bed. I'm getting tired."


Takeda blushed and buried his face in Ukai's side. "Sorry..." he mumbled. "I... I need y-you... really, really bad..." He bit his lip.


Tsukishima raised his eyebrows. "What was that, Yama?" he asked. His tone was forceful, but not unkind.
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( dude please don’t die
Like legit If your sick don’t respond to the rp go get some medicine and go to sleep or some shit

He raised his eyebrow at him. “Are you allergic?” Sua asked, waiting for him to put the stupid toothpaste on the toothbrush.

Ukai snorted. “I’m going as fast as I can. You might not look like much but you’re actually pretty heavy.”

He muttered something under his breath but gave Tsukki a small smile.
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Daichi shrugged, blushing a little. "There are... [i complications]," he said evasively. Mint was a liiittle bit of a turn-on for him, so using it every night... probably wouldn't end well.


Takeda blinked up at Ukai helplessly. "Please?" he whispered, trembling. He clutched the front of Ukai's jacket needily. "I need you. Now. Before I... before I come." He blushed.


Tsukishima laughed. "You are to me," he said, nuzzling Yama's neck. He had to bend even farther to perform the simple action, but it was worth it.

((i really think i'm sick
((i feel like i'm falling head over heels into the void
((i'm not sure what void
((but i'm falling
((help dad ;.;
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He held the toothbrush out, grinning a little. “How can you not stand the mint kind? That’s the best kind.”

Ukai put the key in the lock, turning it, then took the key back out. Then he pushed the door open, picking Takeda back up, walking inside. He closed the door with his foot.

“I’m not that short!” He snapped, in defense, but there was no fire behind his snap.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Raiders / 249d 19h 31m 52s
Daichi laughed. "That works. Here, you want some toothpaste? I can't stand the mint stuff," he explained, uncapping the tube.


Takeda nodded, sliding down and standing shakily. He clung to Ukai, trembling, and pushed his glasses up his nose. "H-hurry..."


Tsukishima had to bend down to meet Yama's lips, despite the fact that the smaller boy was up on his toes. He laughed against the boy's lips--"You're so short," he mumbled, curling his hand in Yamaguchi's hair. "Adorable."
  Phoenix Valdes / StephenStark / 249d 19h 38m 27s
He plucked the toothbrush from Daichi’s hand, putting the orange one in his hand. “Cause it’s mine now.”

“Almost.” Ukai frowned, trying to figure out how to unlock and open the door. “I’m gonna need to set you down so I can open the door.”

He blushed, standing up on his tiptoes to kiss Tsukishima again.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Raiders / 249d 22h 25m 53s
Daichi picked up a navy blue toothbrush. “This one. Why?” He pulled out the toothpaste. It was one of those kid’s Crest ones, all blue and sparkly. Daichi couldn’t stand the taste of mint.


Takeda blushed even harder. “Not now. Not yet. Are we inside?” he whimpered, shaking. “Please let us be inside.”


Tsukishima smirked softly. “Me too,” he said. “Not get back up here, shorty. I wanna kiss you again.”
  To/As/Da/It/Ke (Haikyu!!) / StephenStark / 249d 22h 34m 43s
He nodded, taking the toothbrush, smiling. “Which toothbrush is yours?”

Ukai chuckled, pressing a kiss to his hair. “I don’t mind if you do..” He whispered.

His eyes opened, looking up at Tsukki. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time..”
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Raiders / 249d 22h 40m 35s
Daichi plucked a spare toothbrush, still in the packaging, from the bathroom closet and handed it to Suga. “It’s orange, just like our jerseys,” he said, smiling. “Does that work?”


Takeda curled into Ukai’s arms, hiding his face in the man’s shirt. “Hurry,” he whimpered. “I don’t want to lose it, and I don’t wanna come before…” He blushed furiously as he spoke.


Tsukishima felt Yamaguchi’s hand on his hoodie and opened his eyes, pulling away from the boy. “Someone’s excited,” he said quietly, smirking. “God, you’re adorable.”
  To/As/Da/It/Ke (Haikyu!!) / StephenStark / 249d 22h 45m 6s
Sugawara learned his head against his arm as they walked, smiling.

Ukai laughed, slipping his arm underneath his legs and another against his back. Then he stood, holding Takeda in his arms. “I’ll take you back to the shop then.”

His hands reached up, once again holding onto his hoodie. Yamaguchi needed him so badly, wanted him.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Raiders / 249d 22h 49m 35s
“Oh, yeah. C’mere.” Daichi tugged Suga’s sleeve, sliding his hand down the boy’s arm and threading their fingers together as they headed for the bathroom.


Takeda blushed. “B-But… I don’t want t-to come out here…” he mumbled, shifting. “And I’m really, really c-close…” He bit his lip, hiding his face in Ukai’s neck. He hated how flustered he got; he was sure that Ukai would dump him right then and there. They’d barely done anything, and Takeda was already far, far gone.


Tsukishima felt a shiver run through him at Yama’s moan. He needed to force that sound out again; god, it was simulating. He felt Yama shaking and pressed him to the wall, holding him upright.
  To/As/Da/It/Ke (Haikyu!!) / StephenStark / 249d 22h 55m 35s
Sugawara nodded, smiling up at Daichi. “Do have a spare toothbrush I can use or something?”

Ukai pulled away, licking his lips. “How come you need to go inside?” He whispered into Takedas ear. “Nobody is here..”

His knees shook, a low moan pouring from his mouth.
  Hi/Ni/Su/Uk/Ya / Raiders / 249d 23h 2m 52s

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