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Tobio glanced at Hinata. His hair was a mess, like always, but a little... different. He couldn't place it. He yanked his gaze away from the shorter boy and focused on the ball.


Suga set the ball, and Asahi leapt up, smacking it past the blockers and smashing it onto the floor.

[i Boom.

Game won.]

The fifth game had just finished, with his team ahead by one. He grinned, setting down on the ground. "How's that for a great end to practice?!"
  Felix / StephenStark / 264d 19h 31m 11s
Once his feet hit the ground again, a large smile on his face, his hands folded together. He wasn’t very good at receives but he could try if need be.


Nishinoya had his eyes on the moment from the moment it had gone into play and by the time it reached the boy, he was already ready for it, putting it back up into the air, ready for Asahi to hit it.
  Raiders / 264d 20h 6m 16s
Tobio crouched into a defensive position, ready to get the ball if it was blocked. He shifted to Shoyo's other side, jaw set. He was ready.


Asahi reached for the sky, jumping up. But Shoyo's hit busted past his hands, and he hit the ground, looking back at Nishinoya, ready to jump for the next set.
  Khari / StephenStark / 264d 20h 11m 31s
Hinata ran forward and as he jumped his eyes squeezed shut, his arm swinging forward. Like almost always, his hand made contact with the ball, spiking it over the net.


At Asahis grin, Nishinoya gave an answering one, giving the taller boy a thumbs up. His grin stayed on his face as he pulled his hands together so he was ready to hit the ball if needed.
  Raiders / 264d 22h 35m 38s
Tobio set the ball. "Hinata!" he yelled, stepping back. He knew it was where it needed to be. He never missed.


Asahi crouched like a lion, ready to spring up and block the ball as Hinata hit it. They were scrimmaging on opposite sides of the net. He glanced behind him, at Nishinoya, and grinned. [i He's got my back,] he thought. [i I'm safe.]
  Khari / StephenStark / 264d 22h 41m 39s

just check the format thing if you haven't already

it's in the thread description

so yeah

  Khari / StephenStark / 264d 22h 44m 58s
i jnadsjjsjsjsjjjsjsjsjjsjskekkekk can you start
  Raiders / 264d 22h 45m 39s
fancy and
it looks pretty
cool but it's a lot
of work so let's just
start the roleplay now
  Khari / StephenStark / 264d 22h 47m 48s
i guess
i dont really
know but yeah
im being fancy with
my words and making
them all fancy and like stairs
  Raiders / 264d 22h 49m 22s


where should we begin

volleyball practice?
  Khari / StephenStark / 264d 22h 52m 29s
just putting this here so itll be on my recents dont mind me
  Raiders / 264d 23h 5m 6s

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