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Hinata looked down at the page, frowning a little. “I don’t think I’ll ever understand this..” He griped.

Nishinoya shrugged, either not gettin or ignoring the jab. “I like soda flavored pops!”

Sugawara nodded, trudging over to the other pole. Once he got there he found that the tickle in his throat from the night before was back. He didn’t say anything, however, not wanting to worry Daichi.

Ukai looked over his shoulder then rolled his eyes. “Being a teacher seems like too much work.”

His face turned a light shade of pink and he forced himself to nod. “If you say so..”
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"...And so when you add these two numbers, they come out with a number of the same type--an even number--they're a closed set. But when you divide these two, you don't always get an even number, so it's an open set. Get it?" Kageyama said, pointing at his scribbled paper. "God, I'm bad at this," he muttered.


Asahi raised his eyebrows. "Really? That's what you wanna suck on?" He rolled his eyes. "I can think of something way better," he promised.


Daichi grinned at Suga. "Hey. Can you help me with the net? I need someone on the other side to take it down at the same time."


Takeda was in the midst of grading about a hundred papers. "Stupid essays--!" he complained, gritting his teeth. "And almost none of these get the point! The book is supposed to be about how not to go through life, not how to fall in love!" he groaned. "God, I hate this."


Tsukishima glanced down at Yama and took his hand, sticking it in his pocket like before. "For now, just expect this to happen," he advised. "I can't have you falling behind again."
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Hinata was watching Kageyama quietly as the boy attempted to teach him what he had learned that day during school.

Nishinoya walked out of the club room with the rest of he team, save for Saichi, Suga, Kageyama and Hinata. “Asahi we should get popsicles!”

Sugawara was rolling the basket of volleyballs towards the storage room then when he was done headed back to the net where Daichi was waiting.

Ukai was leaning against the desk in Takedas room. The two had gone back there after practice had ended so they could talk or whatever.

Yamaguchi was walking next to Tsukki, hands itching to wrap around his arm.
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((oh yeah that was hilarious XD
((it just never shows them like actually in school so :/

Kageyama raced to school. He changed in the locker room, found his and Hinata's homeroom teacher and told them what happened, and collapsed behind his desk.

Now, the torture began.


Asahi rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Same difference." He pulled a uniform out of his closet and changed into it before approaching Noya from behind, kissing his neck softly. "You almost ready?"


Daichi smiled. "C'mere." He pointed to his desk near the window, pulling out the chair. "Sit. I'll feed you."


Takeda blushed. "F-fine," he mumbled, resistance gone just like that. He really did have a bad endurance level when it came to sex, or even just something like Ukai's comment. He slipped out of the bed and, blushing, wound his way across the room to the closet. He dug through it, pulling out a small-ish pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. "Do these work?" he asked, deliberately holding them in front of his body as he turned around so as to hide as much of him as possible.


Tsukishima couldn't help but watch out of the corner of his eye as Yama changed, smirking softly. He quickly swapped outfits, adjusting his shirt as he turned around. "You ready?"
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( yeah did you not see the part where noya says his only point to go to karasuno was the uniforms and girls?

Hinata smiled at him, his eyes drifting closed again once Kageyama was out he door.

“It was two days ago, silly.” Nishinoya snickered, going over to his bag and pulling out his clothes from the day before.

Sugawara has changed into the clothes, sitting quietly on the bed. “Waffles are good,” he agreed.

“Because I wanna see you walk across the room naked,” Ukai responded, smiling slyly at him.

Yamaguchi shrugged. “You never know when you might need a change of clothes.” He hesitated a moment before stripping his clothes off and pulling his new ones on.
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((do they? well i don't care but fine :<

Kageyama rolled his eyes, grinning. "Don't worry, I will," he said. "We'll miss you, though." He pecked Hinata's forehead again and picked up his bag, heading for the door. He could change at school. "Love you, Sho." He blew him a kiss and ducked out the door.


Asahi shrugged. "I don't think we did. When was that, last week? Nah, probably not. Sorry." He scratched the back of his neck. "Let's get changed, and then we can get breakfast." He headed for his closet.


Daichi found some frozen waffles in the freezer and stuck them in the toaster--two for each of them. When they popped out, he grabbed the syrup and a fork and headed back upstairs. "I'm back. Now sit down. I'm gonna feed you. And I hope you like waffles."


Takeda slipped on his glasses. "Why?" he whined. "This place is a mess..." He crossed his arms, huffing playfully. "Just tell me."


"Really? Good. Smart of you." Tsukishima kissed Yama's nose and slid out of bed, pulling his uniform from the closet. "Get changed, and then we can grab breakfast on the way to school. It's not that far."
( they have uniforms you silly

He groaned at the mention of tests then shrugged. “Probably still better than school. Don’t have fun at practice without me..”

He snickered. “I can just wear my uniform from yesterday. Unless you washed the one I left here the other day.”

Sugawara nodded, slipping over to the closet. After a moment he picked out what seemed to be Daichi’s most worn uniform.

Ukai handed him his glasses, though his face held a smirk. “You’ll have to get up and find the closet.”

Yamaguchi nodded. Unlike most of the team, being the paranoid shit he was, he was always prepared.
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"Yeah, and I wanna say goodbye, Shoyo," Kageyama said. "I won't get to see you until school's over." He gently and quickly kissed Hinata's lips, aware of the doctor in the room. "Good luck with the tests. Love you."


Asahi smiled and tilted Noya's chin up, kissing his lips gently. "I love you. Now, do you have clothes you can wear? Because mine are gonna be way too big."


Daichi nodded, smiling. "Go ahead and raid my closet. Take whatever you want--except the grey hoodie. That one's my favorite." He slid off the bed, heading for the door. "I'll bring breakfast up. BRB."


"Okay." Takeda glanced around. "Um, where's the closet?" He shifted in the bed, looking to the side. "And where are my glasses, too?"


"Don't we all," Tsukishima muttered wryly. "But it's time for school. You got something to wear?"

((i love how it's like the same thing with five different people XD
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Hinata opened his eyes, smiling once he saw Kageyama. “You have to go to school..” he let out a small chuckle. “I don’t..!”

Noya sat slumped over for a moment before nodding, lifting his head up to look at Asahi. “Okay.”

“Hm... I’ll borrow some of yours.. I didn’t bring any other than my clothes from yesterday..”

Ukai nodded, a slight blush on his face as he imagined Takeda in his clothes. “Hm... Seems good..”

He let out a small groan as Tsukki pulled him out of the bed but he stood, stretching. “I wish I could sleep longer..”
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((and you are correct

Kageyama stood and shook Hinata gently. "I wanna say goodbye before school starts, dumbass," he said affectionately, kissing the boy's cheek.


"Almost seven," Asahi said. "School starts at eight. C'mon, get up." He pulled Noya to a sitting position and kissed his forehead.


Daichi smiled. "Good. We have to go. You got clothes, or do you wanna borrow mine? They might fit."


Takeda nodded. "I can just wear a hoodie of yours and jeans or something, and I'll be fine." He leaned over and kissed Ukai gently, careful not to let the sheets slip down his legs.


Tsukishima rolled his eyes. "You have to. We have school, Yama." He groped for his glasses and found them on the nightstand. He slipped them on, smiling. "There. Now I can see you better. And now let's go." He tossed back the covers and pulled Yama out of bed.
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( I see you got bored and lengthened your replies like I do haha

Hinata groaned, tilting his face more against the pillow. “Leave me alone. Let me sleep five more min...” he trailed off, falling asleep in the middle of his sentence again.

Nishinoya stretches his legs out, opening his eyes a little. “Wha’ time’s it?” He mumbled.

Sugawara blinked up at Daichi, rubbing his eyes. “I’m awake.”

Ukai had been awake for a while, watching Takeda. Once the smaller male was awake he sat up, smiling. “I got some clothes. Bet they still won’t fit but I’m sure we can find a way to help that.”

Yamaguchi yawned, curlin into a ball. “Don’t wanna.”
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Kageyama moaned a little, blinking. Light slipped through the blinds, effectively waking him up. "Hinata? You awake?" he asked, pushing himself up in the hospital bed. He rubbed his eyes sleepily. "I have to go to school," he realized, grumbling.


Asahi shifted, opening his eyes. He smiled down at Noya, curled in his arms. "Morning~" he hummed, brushing Noya's hair out of his eyes. He pecked the boy's forehead. "Wake up. We've gotta head to classes, sleepyhead."


Daichi blinked. His alarm was ringing. "Suga?" His voice was lower than normal and slightly husky. His morning voice. "Are you up yet? We gotta get to school." He shook his boyfriend's shoulder.


Takeda woke up slowly, looking around. He blushed, remembering the last night's activities and where he was. "U... Ukai?" he asked, looking at the man next to him in the bed. "I have to get to school, and, um, I think I need some clothes..." He blushed. "Since, you know, mine got really messy last night..." They were both naked, had gone to bed like that, and Takeda pulled the sheets around him as he sat up.


Tsukishima yawned, stretching. "It's morning. Time for school, Yama. You up?" He nudged Yamaguchi gently, kissing the boy's neck tenderly. "C'mon, let's go already."
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Cause your boy name is Stephen

I gotta go soon so u wanna start?
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((yepyep ^^
((i'm a girl today and i wanna think of a girl name
((what should it be?
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( can we just skip to the next day cause I have ideas and we all know what’s gonna happen when Ukai says yes
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