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Kageyama chewed his lip. "How do you feel about it?" he asked. "About your epilepsy. Does it bother you, or do you think it's painful, or...?"


Asahi raised his eyebrows, pulling the popsicle out of his mouth. "What is it?" he asked. "Do I have something on my face? You're staring at me."


Daichi blushed. "Fine," he mumbled. "You're cute, though. Really cute." He bent down and kissed Suga's nose. "I mean, not that you aren't someone I'd wanna have sex with or whatever--I just find you as more cute than sexy--you know what I mean?" He bit his lip, blushing furiously.


"M-more," Takeda begged. "More. Please." He was breathing heavily after just a kiss; god, he came undone easily. He hated it. Ukai probably hated him because of it; probably was going to dump him in a week or so once he couldn't take it any longer. But Takeda was excited now, and he didn't want to stop. "U-Ukai. More. Please."


Tsukishima grinned. "What, you like that? Should I do it again, shorty~?" He nipped Yama's ear.
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“Oh.” Hinata shrugged, wishing he could get out of the bed and crawl into Kageyama’s lap. As if he knew what he was thinking, the doctor fixed him with a glare.

Nishinoya nodded, licking the popsicle slowly as he stared at Asahi.

Sugawara shook his head, clearing his throat a little. “Sexy.”

Ukai grinned down at him. “That’s what goes on in my thoughts..”

He let out a soft moan, grabbing at Tsukkis shirt.
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"What? No." It was the truth; he was basically spouting thoughts as they came to him. "I just am thinking about it now. I didn't know you had epilepsy."


Asahi grinned and unwrapped the popsicle, sticking it in his mouth and sucking it happily. "Is it good?" he asked Noya, tossing the wrapper in the trash.


Daichi blushed. "I'm not," he mumbled. "I'm just me." He looked away, part of him wishing he'd kept his shirt on. The other part of him was rooting for Suga's shirt to come off, too.


Takeda shivered, melting in Ukai's arms. He pulled away, mouth open, panting breaths escaping him. "U-Ukai--" He moaned, clutching weakly at the man's shirt.


Tsukishima smiled and bent down, pulling the boy into a kiss. "I'm glad," he murmured, pulling on Yama's lower lip with his teeth.
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( aight

Hinata blinked at him. “You’ve thought a lot about this, haven’t you?”

Nishinoya took the popsicle, grinning at Asahi. “Okay!”

He trailed a finger down his now bare chest. “You’re sexy..”

Ukai grinned against his mouth, pulling him closer.

Yamaguchi nodded, shyly smiling up at him. “You are my first as well.”
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Kageyama shrugged. "Maybe we could say that everyone would stay on the court but you or something--as much as I want to be there, your safety and the game are more important than my own preference." He kissed Hinata's knuckles lightly.


((yeah IK it's a popsicle vending machine
((don't judge ^.^'
((i want them inside the building so they can walk in on UkaTake

"Got it." Asahi bought two popsicles, a soda one for Noya and a fruity one for him. "Here you go. Now hurry up and eat it before it melts."


Daichi smiled. "Sure. I don't care. And I was joking--I can just throw this in the wash at home and it'll be fine." He stripped off the stained shirt, balling it up and throwing it in the general direction of the locker room. "You good?"


Takeda caved immediately, moaning softly into Ukai's mouth as he pressed closer. He brought his trembling hand up to cup the back of his head, tugging gently on the blond curls. "Mm... Ukai..."


Tsukishima smiled. "I wouldn't choose anyone else." He kissed the top of Yama's head. "What about you? Am I your first?"
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Hinata nodded. “Maybe. I don’t know if they would let us though. They might claim we’re using it as an excuse to have more timeouts.”

“The soda pop!”

Sugawara rolled his eyes. “They’re tiny. I’ll give you one of my shirts if you want though.”

Ukai tipped his head up further, pressing his lips against Takedas forcefully.

He giggled softly. “I’m glad I was your first.”
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Kageyama nodded, eyes on Hinata. He couldn't tell how his partner was feeling, but he knew that he had to be hurting. "Maybe we can get special permission from the tournament officials to halt play if you feel a seizure coming," he suggested. "Either way, it won't change how I think of you," he said, touching his forehead to Hinata's. "You're still my cute, adorable, sweet little Shoyo."


"Yay to which part?" Asahi asked, smiling, as he found the vending machine and pulled out his wallet. "Soda, right?"


Daichi exhaled, kissing Suga's forehead. "Okay. And you owe me a new shirt, by the way," he joked, pointing at the bloodstains on his shirt.


"Figure it out," Takeda hummed, smirking at Ukai. "You're smart, right? Or can you only think about volleyball~?"


Tsukishima nodded. "First kiss, first boyfriend, fist person not in my family to get this close to me, physically or emotionally. Consider yourself lucky."
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The doctor shrugged. “I have no way of telling now. I don’t think his seizures will be bad and eventually I’m sure he will find some tells that show his seizure is coming on.”

He grinned. “Yay!”

Sugawara shrugged, looking up at Daichi. “I’m going to be fine, okay? Just don’t worry.”

Ukai leaned forward, tipping Takeda’s chin up. “I’d hope a lot..”

He set his head down. “I’m the first?”
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"Epilepsy?" Kageyama frowned. "That means he'll have a lot of seizures, right?" He looked at Hinata, a trace of fear in his eyes. "So... can he play volleyball?"


Asahi laughed. "Yes, we can get popsicles. There's a vending machine somewhere. But then, I wanna show you what I promised. You [i did] say later~"


"But you're literally coughing blood! And your voice sounds horrible. You need help." Daichi stumbled, cursing. "You're heavier than you look." He set Suga down on the ground, panting a little. "Are you sure you're fine?" he asked, gripping Suga's hand.


Takeda smirked, blushing a little. "How often do you think~?" He shoved his papers to the side of the desk and climbed on top of it, smiling at Ukai.


Tsukishima laughed. "Now that's something I haven't heard many people say," he teased. "But then again, no one's ever gotten that close to me."
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( okay lol

The doctor looked up. “In simplest terms he has brain swelling, though it’s going down, and he has epilepsy.”

Nishinoya chuckled, following him. “So can we get popsicles?”

Suga rolled his eyes as Daichi picked him up. “I’m fine. They can’t do anything about it.” His voice was annoyed, raspy.

Ukai reaches over, tipping Takeda’s head up. “How often do you think about me?”

Yams shook his head. “I’m okay. You’re very warm.”
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"Ah." Kageyama looked at the doctor in the corner. "Can you explain it, then, sir?" he asked, squeezing Hinata's hand.


Asahi grinned, nodding. "Later." He glanced at Tanaka and the other second years, the only ones still with them. "Oh. Sorry. Don't mind us. We can leave now..." He blushed a little, taking Noya's hand and pulling him down a separate hallway.



Daichi stared in horror at his shirt. "Is that... blood?" he asked. "Oh my god. Suga, we need to go to the hospital." He staggered to his feet, carrying Suga out of the gym. "Hang in there, okay? You'll be alright."


Takeda shrugged, embarrassed. "I don't have time to set aside," he confessed. "I'm always either teaching, or grading, or coming up with assignments, or with you at practice, or thinking about volleyball or teaching or something. I'm way too busy," he sighed.


Tsukishima smiled, resting his chin on Yama's head. "You comfy?" he asked. "You're not too cold, are you? It's pretty chilly out..."
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Hinata nodded, smiling at Kageyama. Then he shrugged. “I didn’t understand any of the fancy words that came out of their mouths.”

Nishinoya swatted at him again. “Later.”

He continued to cough, grabbing a fist of Daichi’s shirt. Several minutes later he took a shaky breath in, touching Daichi’s shirt carefully. Little flecks of dark colored drops covered it and there was a faint taste of metal in the back of his throat.

Ukai chuckled. “You should put some time aside for yourself, you know?”

Yamaguchi grinned, wrapping his arms around him. “Much better,” he agreed.
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((you are meannn

Kageyama shoved the papers away. "We can ask Beanpole about this later. Let's do something else." He kissed Hinata's forehead. "Oh, yeah, how'd the tests go?" he asked. "Everything okay?"


Asahi smirked. "Oh, I can get a lot more vulgar than that. You want me to show you~?" He'd forgotten about the rest of the team and didn't much care.


"Suga!" Daichi dropped the net and raced across the gym, gathering his boyfriend in his arms. "Suga, talk to me. Are you all right?" He held the boy against him, worried to death. "Suga, what's going on?!"


Takeda blushed. "M-maybe," he mumbled. "It's not... not super great. A lot of essays, mostly. My creative writing is better, but I haven't had much time for it lately, not with volleyball and teaching and grading..." He reached over and intertwined his fingers with Ukai's. "Not that I'd drop volleyball. Not for the world." He smiled.


Tsukishima sighed. "You're still too slow," he complained. "Hold still." He picked Yamaguchi up, wrapping the boy's legs around his waist. "Ah. Much better."
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( maybe haven’t decided

Hinata snorted. “I wouldn’t doubt it.”

His face turned red and he swatted at Asahi’s arm. “Don’t be so vulgar!”

Sugawara opened his mouth to say something, anything. He started coughing instead, ones that shook his body with the effort of getting them out.

He chuckled, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead. “You might up like a Christmas tree when you talk about writing. You should let me read something you’ve written sometime.”

Yamaguchi wrinkled his nose at Tsukki, speeding up a little.
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Kageyama laughed. "Me neither. It doesn't make any sense, does it?" He shook his head. "Sometimes I think they're trying to teach us stuff that isn't real at all."


Asahi leaned down, catching Noya's wrist. His lips hovered right next to the boys ear as he breathed, "Suck on my dick instead." He nipped Noya's ear and pulled away.


((dang it are we gonna have two players in the hospital? you're evil

Daichi began unlatching the net. "You good?" he called. "I got this side undone!"


Takeda looked up at Ukai, eyes shining. "It is," he whispered. "But there's a reason why I do it." He dug through his bag and pulled out a semi-bulging folder. "These are all the best essays I've seen, best creative works, and best poems. And these..." He pulled out a little envelope. "And these are the notes my students give me. It's truly amazing when I find someone with amazing talent as a writer. Like you and the team. This is my volleyball." His smile was brighter than it had been in a while.


Tsukishima rolled his eyes, smirking. "There's no 'if' about it, shorty. Now hurry up; your legs are too short."
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